the blue spotlight is the worst

Phantom of the Operating System

This body has been sifted through,
and spoken of by many different tongues.

Food and drink,
red devils said.

Natural nutrition,
a blue marble said.

Somnambulist to simple glares,
green thorns said.

Impressive spotlight,
the yellow suns said.

Unseen voices call it a temple.
Unwashed spouts call it a church.
I prefer it to be a cathedral.

Dragged day by painstaking day,
a relic of a time before
when it was just considered “new.”

In every wall,
there rung out shrieked praises.
In every corner,
there heard was silent suffering.
In every window,
kaleidoscopes replaced stained glass.

The blinding specters
found reverance in the spots
of negatively bright light
and tore open those spaces
to summon their worst incarnations.
Black knights rode in on white horses
and horseshoes are branding irons
set on searing emblems of bad luck
into these alabaster skins.
Bad omens arise
in their downward curves.
There is disapproval
of a dead hope
and its scent fills the room like incense
for spiritual backbone
looks to be a forthcoming torch to burn.

This chord
in a hymn of harmonious hatred
could only last so long  
before “so long” itself
just distorted into “song.”
came in rhythms threatening
to bring history back to dust.

an obsidian angel
had lent its voice up
from down in a personal hell
and it rattled me
right down to the scaffolding.
“I don’t think you’re entirely a monster at all.
I think… We may HAVE monsters.
We have demons that we carry.”

And “it” became “we”
and a legion
of earth-stricken saints
had brought grace in their choruses.

These black larks
taught me love through melody.
These black marks,
cast upon the face of regret,
taught me that intrinsic in love
is to simply just be.

Dedicated to anyone who feels they are a bad person because of their mistakes and shortcomings, especially me. Also to any and all my online friend/ mutuals, for being there for me. I hope I’ve done likewise and love and care for you all. This is inspired by something @findastone said :)

Two Weddings and A Baby?

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Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,537

Warnings: None?

Song: None

A/N: I’m kinda really proud of this one! I hope you all enjoy it! Special thanks to @iwantthedean for being my beta for this!!! 

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