the blue project

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New art project I’m calling “Cuteness and Vexation”

These will be available as prints soon! And maybe T-shirts if I can get the design right. More are in the works, including non-birbs, so feel free to make requests! I can’t guarantee they’ll get done, but they will go on my list!

if noah saved gansey when he was ten and then didn’t reappear until they were teenagers, what did he do all those years? was he just floating around henrietta, peeking in on the kids who would soon become his best friends? did he get to see blue punch a boy for calling her a name in seventh grade? was he there to be a silent comfort to adam who would spend nights crying and shaking in his room? did he play games with the lynch boys secretly and silently making a smaller ronan giggle and smile? was he there to help gansey find some hidden answers in a that textbook he’s been looking through for hours? did noah know about his friends even before they knew about him?


agent washington throughout the seasons
everyone suffers at least one bad betrayal in their lifetime. 
it’s what unites us. the trick is not to let it destroy your 
trust in others when that happens. don’t let them take that from you.