the blue pig


Police confiscated vinegar used to neutralize pepper spray and claimed it was a chemical used against them, they faked an injury (that is obviously paint, and the officer would have been in riot gear, not a uniform)
Released personal info on the people arrested, arrested journalists and legal observers, and broke a restaurant window and blamed protesters…

These arnt the best or really good tbh but i wanna make myself some rodent and one not quite a rodent shhhh  stickers

(please dont use these for anything)

I made a pattern out of my piggy piece! I’ve added to both online stores(links below) because they offer slightly different products. 

I’ll definitely be making more soon! I’m probably gonna get a dress of each one I make eventually…


some sERioUS rvb headcanons

hear me out man but 

- Simmons freakin loves guinea pigs and had one as a kid named Newton and he was small and cute and Simmons’ best friend for like six years and then died and Simmons was super saD

- Doc is obsessed with small animals and babies ok

- Grif has a soft spot for young girls bc they remind him of kai

- simmons can freakin speak klingon fluently cmon this is practically canon

- simmons originally lived in north dakota

- Simmons’ dad had a snake and whenever simmons was bad he’d lock him in the closet with the snake and that’s why he’s terrified of snakes

- idk why grif is scared of bats tho

- donut calls doc doccy occasionally