the blue one is new

Going to the gym is dull - why not show it’s true colors.

Call it ‘out of necessity’ but the original color selection of these base game short-shorts is not just sub-par, it’s downright fugly. That’s right - I am not afraid to point the crooked finger of truth and taste. Another item you just don’t care one iota about and I have chosen to recolored it. Kudos me.

It’s got it’s own catalogue entry too:

Not holding my breath until you DOWNLOAD




01.07.17- My first spread post! January, weekly, and next week’s spreads. Back into the “swing of things” and copying this semester’s notes into small MUJI books. I’m starting to use my Leuchtturm 1917 and I LOVE it so far, along with my mildliners which I’ve been longing for!! Here’s to a productive year!

first part of a short strip that I didnt know how to continue, but u can call it “Pink Diamond’s Introduction”. This is not the gemling AU but a story more like the one of the show and I have the headcanon that White is the one who introduces the new diamond, Blue is immediately curious and finds her cute so YD is like “oh my gosh blue staph and act as a diamond!” haha

I dunno if I’ll keep Black is this version of the show, but Red is in this one :D


My father built Voltron, but he knew Zarkon was a better leader in battle, so he became Voltron’s right hand. Lance, when you accepted Keith as the new leader of Voltron, it proved that you value a strong team over your own need for glory, just like my father.