the blue one i actually think looks really awesome

this is one of my first “successful” digital arts but i’m kinda ‘eh’ about it what do you think???

!!!!! definitely very successful !! the first thing i actually noticed was how you coloured in the shirt, theres like a very subtle two tones goin on that looks really damn good !! its also a really nice blue, overall i think the colours look nice…. there’s not much colour but it all goes nicely !! and the way you’ve coloured too, like the white you’ve left in some places looks very… painterly!! its stylistic and i love it. also your linesssss! they’re awesome, they look really smooth like woah. also, a rlly cute expression, very :O i think this is awesome !! you obviously have really great potential for digital art if this is one of the first ones you deem as ‘successful’, keep drawing pls <33