the blue moose

Forget Me Not: Boston Manor

I absolutely loved this lyric edit I did, and this is my favorite song right now.
I’m not sure whose original artwork the watercolor flowers are, but credit goes to them.


Pearl: Why is it so hard to keep things in order? What if I would give as horrible treatment to your clothes miss fancy pants? Or mess up with Blue’s drawings? It wouldn’t be so nice would it!?

Yelena: If by horrible treatment you mean moving stuff from its usual place then go on. I don’t much care if my clothes are in the closet or in the bottom drawer…

(Shit, I forgot to draw the flowers in the first panel )

My Red VS Blue OC, Moose. His real name is Chaska, and Caboose calls him Sir Sparkle Pants due to the fact that he has sparkly glow-in-the-dark starts super glued to his armor. Which is teal by the way, darker than Tucker’s aqua.

He’s pretty much a moose- he charges headfirst into situations without thinking them through, is large and chubby, will attack you if you don’t give him food…

Chaska is actually a Major General, who fought in the alien wars, but after that was over, they needed something to keep him busy, so they stuck him with the blue team so the trouble he caused was minimum. Hahahaha….ah….