the blue line at california

Mind the Gaps by hjl on Flickr.

Palo Alto Baylands, walkway behind the Interpretive Center. This was a year ago, it’s semi-permanently closed now for repair or replacement.

With the Samyang 14mm – manual focus but it’s pretty sharp and about $2K less than the Canon version.

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NHL Playoffs 2016 recap

So let’s recap. The NHL playoffs of 2016 will include the following:

- No Canadian based franchises
- Niether Boston or Montreal
- Will have two teams from Florida
- Three teams from California again
- Cameras on the Blue line at arenas
- Both New York City teams
- both Pennsylvania teams
- Detroit for the 25 time
- five teams that missed last year are in this year - Will not include Edmonton for the tenth time


…Take it!
Arbitrary Dapper Dans of Disneyland vs. Disney World juxtaposition for no apparent reason (1/1because all of my Disney world pictures are gone )
(By colour)


i got off work and went over to my friends house to hang for a sec and we were sittin outside chillin and all of the sudden we see this bright ass light flying across the sky. it looked like the most powerful search copter ever lol except it was totally silent and really really powerful, it lit up the whole sky while trailing behind this bright blue light streak. the light faded and then formed this mushroom type shape in the sky, and then the white light faded and all that was left was this blue line.. and the weird thing is EVERYONE in california had access to seeing it, from redland to san diego and places in between.. there’s a said meteor shower to be happening during this time but i honestly don’t think it was a meteor that was a straight up ufo like hey aliens yall can take me anytime im ready to biggidy bounce off this earth its cool