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Voltron Terminology: Season Three

A list of places, objects, phrases, and new characters introduced in Season Three. All spelling is from the subtitles. Might be missing one or two. Good luck, content creators!


Puigsaved by Lance and Hunk in s3ep1, attacked again later by the Galra General Ladies. Call themselves the Puigians.
Ulippa System – Throk is transferred out here. The planet/system has ice worms.
Va’Kar quadrant – the Paladins set a course to this place during their search for Lotor and the comet.
Planet Kythra – a tribal desert people, featuring the same large feathered ears as the aliens who rescued Matt. Pronounced “keeth-ra”.
Tando people – live in the Valurian quadrant, and wear flappy loose pants.
Paglium quadrant – the yellow and blue lions were spotted here between season two and three.
Planet Thayserix – planet made of dense gases with unusual magnetic poles that cancel the sensors. Atmosphere has areas full of Red Syntian Nitrate, which is a highly combustible gas that goes BOOM when you shoot through it with “amplified emissions of light.” (In summary: lasers bad. Ice guns okay.)
Daibazaal - original home of the Galra. The comet that Voltron was made from crashed here.
Rygnirath - home of the original Yellow Paladin, Gyrgan
the Dalterion Belt - home of the original Green Paladin, Trigel
Nalquod - home of the original Blue Paladin, Blaytz

Terms and Objects

Red Syntian Nitrate – a highly combustible gas found in parts of Thayserix’s atmosphere. See above.
Skort pantaloons – flappy loose pants traditionally worn by the Tando people.
Bogwaggle-cape – can be trained to sing theme songs. Coran had one back in the day.
Nanothermite titanium-boron – the bomb that broke Matt out of galra prison
Tel-Galax exploration shuttle – one of King Alfor’s deep space vessels. The team come upon it half-suspended between realities. Note: This ship in particular is Commodore Trayling’s ship.
Non-cogs – a term used by trans-reality Alteans that refers to people controlled by the hokril.
Hokril – a device that plugs directly into one’s brain via the back of the skull. This device saps the fighting force from a person – from “enemies”. Used by the trans-reality Alteans to bring “peace”.
Klygarg – a computer or database of some sort. Transmissions can be logged on this device, which needs a password to activate.

Note: the comet that Voltron was made from, as well as Lotor’s new battle-ship, is never specified by name. The ship (and Voltron) are said to be made from the “ore” produced by the comet – but the comet itself currently has no specified name.


By King Groggery the Infirm! – used by Coran as an exclamation. Fun fact: King Groggery the Infirm is also on the Altean currency that Coran tries to bribe the mall-directory!Unilu with in Space Mall (Season 2.7).
By the ancients – another one of Coran’s exclamations.
Hold your gazurgas, everyone! – thank you, Coran.
And I’m the Phoblan of Gargalax – Shiro’s taller captor uses this as a sarcastic statement of disbelief, similar to “sure, and I’m the King of France.”
By willow! – Gyrgan exclaims this at least twice.


Guns of Gamara – really, Sven?


Lotor’s Generals
Ezor – awesome. ‘ribbon-hair’ Galra
Narti – blind with a kitty. Also has tail.
Zethrid – big fluffy ears. Always down to fight.
Acxa – the Galra Keith met in the weblum. Note: the subtitles spell her name differently almost every time.

Original Paladins
Zarkon, from planet Daibazaal – original Black Paladin
King Alfor, from planet Altea – original Red Paladin
Gyrgan, from Rygnirath – original Yellow Paladin
Trigel, from the Dalterion Belt – original Green Paladin
Blaytz, from Nalquod – original Blue Paladin

Commander Throk – attempts to undermine Lotor
Commander Trayling - was in charge of the exploration shuttle the Paladins discover.
Sven – ……….
General Hira – the pink-haired Altean met in the trans-reality. Refers to Allura as ‘Empress.’
Her companion with the spectacles is never named.
Moxilous – a “non-cog” controlled by the Alteans in the trans-reality
Vakala – tiny alien on the ice planet fake!Shiro/Kuron lands on. Their companion, the larger alien, is not named.
Subject Y0XT39 – approved for use in Operation Kuron.
Note: Shiro’s fugitive number is 117-9875. (Season 1.10)
General Raht – assigned by Haggar to keep an eye on Prince Lotor.
Honerva – Haggar’s original name
Kova – Honerva’s cat. Same species as the cat that Narti uses to see through – possibly the same cat? Maybe season 4 will tell us.

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A Summary of Power Rangers

- Good use of Kanye West songs
- Bumble Bee (transformers reference)
- Original Power Rangers theme
- Altogether good soundtrack
- Alpha the sarcastic droid

Trini - Yellow Ranger (aka unkillable lesbian aka badass dork)
- Hates people
- Casually gay
- Could kill everyone in the room
- Loves with all her heart
- Doesn’t die like wowowow
- Pure
- Loves her new family of misfits
- A real badass angel who deserves kisses from girls

Kimberly - Pink Ranger (aka sinamon roll aka my bi baby)
- Best friends with Yellow
- More than likely bi
- Loyal and friendly
- Awesome hair cutting skills
- Has done bad things but is trying to make up for it
- Cutie pie
- Awesome and brave
- Will fight anyone for her new family (especially Blue)

Zack - Black Ranger (aka edgy emo boi aka a real softie who loves his mom)
- Emo af edge lord
- Sarcastic and reckless
- A sweetheart really who’s not afraid to cry
- Loud but kind
- Loves his lesbian bff
- Takes care of his mother and loves her to bits
- Loves innuendos and being the class clown
- Scared to be left alone but finds a place with his new family

Billy - Blue Ranger (aka badass angel aka pure badass angel who blows shit up)
- On the spectrum and very open about it (thank you Power Rangers for doing that)
- Has an inside joke with Red
- Good and pure and wholesome
- Extremely smart and amazing
- Loves country music.. like really loves it
- Thanks people all the time for being his friend
- Cares deeply about everyone (including his mother)
- The actual human representation of all things good in this world

Jason - Red Ranger (aka likes slapping bad guys aka loves and cares about everyone even cows)
- Has a connection with Beefcake the cow
- Not possibly straight
- Loves Twenty One Pilots
- Selfless and honestly does love his dad even if his dad can be a dick
- Actually pure and tries to help his loved ones
- Best friends with Blue
- Slaps people for his new found family
- Protective and won’t take your shit

Altogether Power Rangers was awesome, wholesome and deserves all the awards. They didn’t kill there lesbian and they were respectful with everybody differences. 100/10 would recommend.

calciite answered your question “ok, i am thinking of making su redesigns today. who should i go for…”

how abt blue diamond? :00

good suggestion, thank you! i forgot i commented on her design earlier. this isnt 100% bc i tend to draw instinctively but this is more what i would enjoy from this character (which would also need to be changed presentation-wise)

i think her grief and sadness over pink diamond’s death shouldve been saved for a later, more built up review. starting a character off immediately sympathising her when it’s already establish this is a dictator and an enemy doesnt really come off v well to me.

i muted her colours a lot, bc i enjoy the idea of BD being washed out and miserable and that translating into her design. her eyes are smaller and i tried to make her face shape a little more distinct. i also imagine her hair being really flowly, and doing the ghibli thing when she’s angry bc how sick and awesome and intimidating would that be man…


(Well after seeing @inalandofmythandtimeofmagic  as patton! (Aka my new faaavourite thing)<3 I heard she required a Logan? Here’s my shitty attempt at @thatsthat24 Logic.) (Yes I tagged him.. why not ‘-’)

Logic’s not sure what to where for this ‘Meeting’. The blue? (He knows its Pattons favorite..) or the Black? (His personal favorite) Jacket or no?. He cant afford to take so long on such minor decisions! He refuses to run late. 

Let’s just hope he looks nice either way…

( Also new hair? it might not be obvious.. its blue now though.. I feel so me??… that sounds weird but wow I’m actually happy. ) 


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okay everyone, get ready for some linny college au headcanons:

  • okay, we all know that luna’s That Fine Arts girl who’s been on campus since forever. Who is she? Where did she come from? No one knows but she’s awesome.
  •  She probably spent her first day on campus, walking around, randomly chatting with strangers about their cute dog, looking like a mannequin that came from a thrift store.. It’s cool. She’s nice. She’s fun to talk to, and by her second day, she’s dyed her hair a bright, bubblegum blue. People have loved her ever since.
  • And, ofc she’s rooming with the beautiful and definitely very terrifying journalism student ginny weasley. The girl has six brothers and is always ready for a shouting match if you say a single bad word against them. 
  • She and Luna really hit it off and got together on their first month and haven’t let go of each other ever since. They’re constantly seen around campus, holding hands, being beautiful together. Sometimes, Luna takes a sharpie and draws flowers on Ginny’s skin. Ginny returns the favor but she’s utterly shit at drawing. Luna loves the flowers anyway.
  • Their first date is at a cheap burger place because hey, they’re college students and broke. Ginny makes a face at the questionable food in the diner and Luna kisses her with ketchup stained lips.
  • They can always be seen at night, as well, lying on the grass, still holding each other’s hands, stargazing. Ginny would point out her favorite stars and tell stories about them. She has a story attached to every single one, you see.
  • Friday movie nights are WildTM  . Luna’s picks are either those so bad they’re good rom-coms or the most terrifying case of horror movies known for the existence to the existence of man (i.e. the first time she got to pick, she and Ginny watched “The Human Centipede”. The next time she picked, which was nearly two months later because bloody hell Luna what is wrong with you?! She very unironically put on an Adam Sandler movie. 
  • Ginny is into old films, Casa Blanca, Gone With the Wind, The Godfather, which proves to be problematic, because Giny, darling, I love you, but I am not sitting through three and a half hours of Dr. Zhivago.
  • No one wants to have game nights with them and they are eternally banned from Monopoly. Suffice it to say that Ginny is the most competitive af in existence and Luna has this way of talking to you and before you knew it you were handing over all your money, and would she also like your properties?
  • They’re absolutely that Couple who everyone is jealous of. Look at them, heads bent together in math, giggling to each other. And what, now they’re feeding each other chocolate?
  • They have a monthly tradition of dressing up in matching outfits. Ginny’s okay with anything so Luna’s usually the one who picks out the cloths. This has resulted in hilarious (and adorable) couple pictures.

cheschire-kaat  asked:

I know you're not really into FT anymore buuuuut... can you do a Jellal shitpost? your art is my life

Story time! The curious, 8 year old niece of my boss was at my workplace one day and she saw the FT pins (made by the awesome Grace) on my bag.

She asked whether they were related because (1) they had blue hair, and (2), they both had letter J as the starting letter of their names. I smiled bc they certainly could be in an AU scenarios (ehem the blue-haired squad siblings) but I wasn’t going to give her a crash course on fandom terminologies so I simply said, “No, it was just a coincidence.”

Anyway I thought it was the end of our conversation but she noticed the items on their heads and asked why Juvia had a bottle of water on her head. I told her it’s because she had water powers and she nodded, saying she’s awesome since she could probably make floods and waterbend and all. So her next assumption I should’ve expected, but I was brought to a brief silence when she said:

“So this guy has blueberry powers?”

At this point I smiled awkwardly at her as I tried to come up with an explanation.    I recalled that the Erza pin had a strawberry on her head so I guess Grace placed a blueberry on his head (plus I think as a homage to his love for colors…bc SCARLET AND BLUE). But I wasn’t going to explain that to her so I said, with a deadpan voice…


And then I proceeded to tell her that in fact, his signature move is named:

With a slow nod she bought it and turned her attention to my Umbreon keychain instead.

Tldr; because of a certain little girl I had an excuse to draw Jellal and visualize a pun I’ve long to do


Request: Snape x reader where the reader is a metamorphmagus and she is bullied and Snape helps her.

Note: I changed the cut lip to a cut head, it just sorta happened. Also, the gif has nothing to do with this story, I just really wanted to use it :P

Originally posted by theartofnotwriting

Being a metamorphmagus was pretty awesome, you had to admit. You could change your hair whenever you wanted, change your eye color every day of the week, heck, you could change anything about yourself anytime you wanted. Something you couldn’t quite control yet was your emotions. When you were happy your hair was a beautiful brown, when you got mad, it changed to red, if you were feeling down it was blue. It caused unneeded attention to you at the worst possible times.

Your first year at Hogwarts you went in thinking people would think it’s awesome that there is a metamorphmagus in our year. But you were quite wrong. Only a few people actually wanted to be your friends. Then there was a group of Gryffindor girls who loved to bully you. Despite all they’re harassment you still found the best in the day and chose to always be optimistic.

They would go to unnecessary ends just to make your day hell. Today was one of those days. You were on your way to your favorite class: potions. You had a natural ability and love for potions, and you were one of the few who didn’t hate Professor Snape.

“Hey weirdo!” One of the girls started. “What’s up with your new hair? Can’t you ever make it pretty?”

You kept walking and even smiled at the bullies, kill ‘em with kindness right? Wrong. This only provoked them more.

“You’re such an abomination! You ugly git.” Another girl said as the group started narrowing in on you.

“I am not.” Tears were starting to well in your eyes. You tried to get out of the circle you now found yourself in the middle of.

“I bet your parents are embarrassed of you. They probably don’t even want you.” One of the girls asked in a harsh  tone.

As you tried to walk away one of the girls tripped you and you fell hitting your head on the cold floor. Your vision was blurry now from tears. As you were trying to get up one of the girls kicked you in the head. You screamed out in pain.

“Oh shut up.” A girl said.

Footsteps were now coming down the hall. “What is going on?” Professor Snape’s low voice was coming quickly to where you and the bullies were.

The girls scattered before he got too close.

“Ms. Y/L/N? Are you alright?” Snape offered his hand to help you up.

“Just fine Professor sir.” You said touching your head where you’d been hit. There was a good amount of blood on it.

“Come with me, I’ll fix that.” He said nodding in the direction of his classroom.

“No sir I’m alright, I can just go to Madame Pomfrey. ” You said smiling weakly.

“You’re coming with me and you’re going to tell me what was going on.A fool could tell you’re not ‘alright’.” He said rather sternly.

You nodded and walked with him to the classroom.

“Sit.” He commanded.

You sat down on the chair behind his desk and waited for him to come out of the supply room.

“Where they bullying you Ms. Y/n?” His asked from the supply room.

“Sir, I’d rather not talk about it.” Their words making yiu tear up again.

Snape came out of the supply room with a few bottles in his hand and a cloth. “I will have a talk with them.” He said.

“Your abilities are nothing to be ashamed of and you should not have to endure bullying because you have a gift.” He said cooly.

You smiled at him, “thanks Professor, but they don’t see it that way, they think I’m…that I’m an abomination.” You lowered your head down and started at the floor.

“You are in no way an abomination y/n. Now look at me, this will sting.” He said as he put the cloth on the cut on your head.

You winced in pain. After a few seconds the pain was gone and Snape took the cloth off your head.

“That was a deep cut y/n, which one did it?” Snape asked putting the bottles back in the supply room.

“It could have been worse….it has been worse. So if you will sir, just let it go, I’m fine, I’m not hurt anymore.” You said as you stood up.

“If anything like this happens again you come directly to me. Understand?” His voice low as usual but there was almost a hint of concern in it.

“Understood sir.” You said and smiled at the tall man again, “thank you professor, I hope this doesn’t ruin your heartless reputation.”

“Watch it Ms. Y/l/n.” He said and disappeared back into the supply room.


The next day in potions class the Gryffindor girls were talking after they had finished their potions. Snape came over to them and said, loud enough for the entire class to hear, “By the way, you 5 have detention with Mr. Filch. For a month.”

“What for?” The ring leader asked.

“Because I said so, do you want to make it two months Ms. Brighton?” He asked smugly, he then looked over at you and gave you the smallest hint of a smile.

Types of Reaper76 interpretations + my reactions:

Scenario 1:

Gabriel, aloud:
 lol, what up farm boy, where you goin’, I’m way tougher and cooler and more badass than you.

Gabriel, thinking: shit why is he so HOT why are his eyes so BLUE why is his hair so BLONDE

Jack, aloud: you’re not so tough or cool or badass, you’re just older than me and from LA, we still do cool things in *smudged writing on hand* Bloomingworth

Jack, thinking: oh my god he’s so HOT, he’s so ridiculously HOT, if I don’t leave soon I’m going to blush and swoon and faint - 

me: *looks into the camera like I’m on The Office* I don’t want this

Scenario 2:

Gabriel, aloud:
 no, dude, Jack’s my best friend, he’s awesome, sure he’s kinda naive and oblivious, but he’s really cool.

Gabriel, thinking: oh god, I’m so in love with him, why is he so amazing and hilarious and funny 

Jack, aloud: Gabriel’s the coolest person I know!  I would follow him anywhere, into any battle, into any war, he’s incredible - 

Jack, thinking: also I’m like really in love with him, he’s so big and strong and his smile is nice and - 

me: well this is definitely better, mutual respect and admiration and friendship are good traits for the start of a romantic relationship, so I can enjoy this a lot more - 

Scenario 3:

Jack, aloud:

Gabriel, aloud: this is dumb as all hell.  LET’S FUCKING DO IT.  

Gabriel, thinking: FUCK YEAH I LOVE HIM

Jack, thinking: FUCK YEAH I LOVE HIM


Stay With Me (Part 4)

Summary: Directly after the events of CA:TWS, Bucky meets a girl with extraordinary abilities and together they may have a chance to recover from their troubled pasts.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 2369
Warnings: Mild language (like, really mild, barely worth mentioning type mild)
A/N: Okay so this part is a bit longer than I intended but I couldn’t help myself because I’ve kinda missed this series, I hope you guys like it! Reader’s thoughts are italicized.

one | two | three | four

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In truth, this was the first time you met Bucky, the man behind the Soldier, but this wasn’t the first time staring into the most intense pair of steel-blue eyes you had ever seen.

Your voice cracked as you let the tears fall to your cheeks, “You still can’t remember me, Bucky?”

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Freak//A Carlos de Vil Imagine

Anon said: Carlos from descendants imagine? Shy kid at Auradon with powers bumps into the villains and when she thinks they’re going to yell at her like everyone else does (because they bully her) she cowers before they can open there mouths, squeaks a ‘sorry’ and runs off. Carlos gets curious and then whatever you want to happens


You walked down the hall as quickly as you could, keeping your head down and trying to draw as little attention to yourself as you could. Just get to your next class (Y/N), you told yourself. Just get to class with no problems and you’ll be fine.

You were so busy trying to keep your head down, that you didn’t notice the group from the Isle of the Lost coming down the hall and you smacked right into the biggest one. 

You shrank away from them and squeaked out a quick “sorry” before running off.

“What’s with her?” Carlos asked.

“I don’t know. She seemed even more afraid of us than most people. When she ran into Jay she looked at us like we were going to tear her limb from limb,” Evie said, watching your retreating form disappear around the corner.

“I bet Doug would know,” Mal said. “We should ask him.”

They found Dopey’s son after lunch. 

“Hey Doug,” Carlos said. “Who’s the girl with the (H/L) (H/C) hair and the (E/C) eyes?”

Doug thought for a moment. “Does she look like she’s afraid of everyone?”

Jay nodded. 

“Yeah that’s Rapunzel’s daughter.”

“Why is she so scared of everyone?” Evie asked. 

Doug sighed. “She has powers.”

“So?” Mal asked. “Fairy Godmother had powers and I do too.”

Doug shook his head. “Not like yours. She has healing powers like her mom, but she also has control over fire, water, earth, and air. Everyone’s kind of freaked out by her, so they make fun of her. They tell her that she’s always in the way and they call her a freak. “

“That’s so sad,” Evie said. “Aren’t these people supposed to be the good guys?”

“Yes, but they react poorly to change and people who are different. I’m friends with her, but I’m the only one,” Doug said sadly. “She’s the nicest person I’ve ever met and she cares so much about everyone, despite the fact that they’re horrible to her.”

“Hey Doug!” came a voice from down the hall. Everyone turned to see you waving at your friend, but when you saw the villains’ kids, your face paled and you turned around. 

Doug ran down the hall after you and gently grabbed your arm. “(Y/N), please come meet these guys. They’re nice, I promise.”

You looked at them. They all looked really intimidating except for the one dressed in red, white, and black. He was bouncing on the balls of his feet, peering around the big one.

“ugh, fine.”

Doug dragged you back to the group of people and introduced you. The big one was Jay, the one with the purple hair was Mal, the one with the blue hair was Evie, and the one with the white hair was Carlos.

Doug was right. They were really nice. And they all thought your control over the elements was awesome and Evie wouldn’t shut up about your healing ability. 

Over the next few days, you hung out more with the kids from the Isle of the Lost. They were really fun to hang out with, and you had started to develop a crush on Carlos. He was funny and sweet and you liked spending time with him most of all.

One day, you were in the library bent over one of your textbooks, trying to figure out the equation that you had been assigned. You got so annoyed and frustrated that the air around you began to swirl and churn without you realizing it. 

“Hey look,” you heard from across the library. “The freak is freaking again.”

You felt the tips of your fingers begin to heat up and you clenched your fists, trying to calm yourself down. 

A hand touched your shoulder, squeezing it gently. Carlos sat down across from you. “Don’t listen to them (Y/N),” he said firmly. “You aren’t a freak.”

You laughed drily. “Sure.”

“No, I’m serious,” he said. “You’re awesome. It’s so cool that you can do what you do.”

“Really? You’re not just saying that?”

He nodded. “I mean it! Well, I also kind of have a crush on you.”

You smiled. “Really?”

He nodded and grabbed your hand from where it was laying on the table. “Really. You’re gorgeous and you’re nice and I don’t know why no one can see that.”

You squeezed his hand. “I like you too, Carlos.”

He grinned. “Do you wanna go out some time?”

You nodded. “That would be lovely.”


So a few days back, I reached 500 followers … WHICH IS AWESOME! Thank you all for following me, I wish I could show gratitude to all of you. 

My 500th followed was @twistedrainbows8908 and they asked for a short fic with Murdoc comforting 2D before a concert! I tried my best and I really hope you like it <3


“Where the hell is he?” Murdoc yelled as he walked back and forth in their backstage room. They were supposed to be on stage in thirty minutes and obviously that pain in the arse, blue haired boy was missing.

Russel looked unimpressed at the temper tantrum Murdoc was throwing, “Maybe on the toilet?”

“Toilet?!” Murdoc exclaimed loudly, throwing his arms in the air. Noodle snickered, mumbling something about the bassist in Japanese. In rage, the bassist walked towards the hall, “I’ll get that little shit out of there.”

“What’re you doing in here?” Murdoc barked at him as he held onto the doorway. 2D looked up at him, looking slightly paler than usually and it made Murdoc’s face soften as he knew what was up. He watched him hug his knees as he sat on the dirty bathroom floor, taking a deep breath.

“I just wanted to have some water by myself a-a-and suddenly I couldn’t breathe,” 2D whimpered, sniffling quietly. Murdoc chuckled at the fact that the boy hadn’t even considered that there was a ton of plastic bottles of water in their backstage room. He held out a hand for him.

“Come on, up you go, you absolute loon,” Murdoc said, already having lowered his voice, “Did you get your water?” 2D shook his head and pulled himself up, breathing quickly and Murdoc saw how obvious it was that his mind was racing.

It happened from time to time, 2D spacing out completely and panicking before shows. Usually it had happened to Noodle when she was little, mostly due to how young she was, but now it had become more and more frequent with Stu. There was no real reason behind it other than irrational fear of failing and singing horribly, which they both knew was impossible.

“Calm down,” Murdoc said, placing both his hands on 2D’s shoulders, looking him in the eye, “You’ll do fine. The girls will love you even if you sound like a dying cat.”

2D gave a weak chuckle, reaching to brush tears away, “Please don’t say that, it’ll bring bad luck or somefink.”

Murdoc grinned and squeezed his bony shoulders, “You know I’m right though, are you alright?”

2D took another few short breaths but winced, “Hurts my chest.”

“Breathe with me, can you do that, numbnut?” Murdoc pulled him to stand just in front of him. He placed a hand on his chest, “Deep breath, come on now.”

2D matched his breathing and Murdoc smiled proudly, “That’s a good lad. Feeling dizzy still?” He put a hand on his forehead.

“A little bit,” 2D sniffled again, breathing turning less ragged. He looked tired and leaned into him, Murdoc grabbing his lanky figure in his arms. He held him awkwardly for a moment but eventually relaxed.

“You need some water and some sweets before going out there,” he mumbled, rubbing his back, “Tell me when you’re ready to go. There’s no rush, we can arrive late like real divas.”

“Just give me a second, Muds.”

“As long as you need, Stu.”

BTS’ Reaction: You Dyed Your Hair Without Telling Him


Jin would be shaken. How did someone look so good in bright pink hair?

Originally posted by rapdaegu


Yoongi would just stare. He’d think you looked amazing, though.

“Do you think you can keep up with it?”

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Hoseok would be UNBELIEVABLY excited, beaming.

“It looks awesome!!!”

Originally posted by syubto

Rap Monster/Namjoon

Namjoon wouldn’t really say anything, he’d be silent, before acting offended over the fact you didn’t tell him.

“Why didn’t you tell me? We could’ve matched.”

Originally posted by rapnamu


OH, THE HAPPINESS. THE JOY. It was his suggestion, so seeing you randomly do it made him happy. 

“You actually did it! It looks GREAT!”

Originally posted by itschiminie


Taehyung would be really confused as to why you randomly decided to dye your hair blue, but, eh you looked good.

“You look great!”

He didn’t question why, in case that made you think he hated it.

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin


Jungkook would be shaken up. How did you look better in pink hair than even Jin did?… okay maybe that was an exaggeration…

“You look better than Jin!”

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(Anon: Hey, I love your account! Could you please write a imagine where Harley and the Joker fight over you for your attention? Thank you, if it’s no trouble :) )

Harley grins widely at you, lipstick in hand with her lips still bare of colour. You stood with a phone pressed to your ear, nodding and humming every once and a while. You nod and quickly said ‘see you soon’ and hung up. You look at Harley and gave a smile, “Yes, Harls?”

“I was just wondering if we could have a girls’ night out tonight?” she asks, then pressed her red lipstick onto her plump pink lips, getting it perfect on the first try. You open your mouth, then closed it and pouted. “Aw, sorry, girl. I can’t. I have plans already.”

The look of sadness that crossed her features practically broke your heart, but she nods understandably and said, “Oh, eh, that’s totally fine! With who if you don’t mind me asking?”

“J,” you say simply and grinned at her. She stiffens. She narrows her eyes for a second before she beamed, hopping on her feet, pearly whites showing. “Well! Thanks!”

You look at her confused. What? “For what?” you ask, but she already was heading towards the door. She looks over her shoulder. “Nothin’ to worry bout!”

Okaaaay, that was weird. You shrug and brushed away your questions, saying it’s just how she normally acts.

“Mistah J!” Harley calls out, stomping over to where Joker was, ignoring the frightened looks of their men. Joker spins on his heel with a big grin on his face. “Haaarley!”

“Mistah J! You know today’s my turn to hang with (Y/n)! Why would you make plans with her!” she fumes, pink and blue wisps of hair flying around and her arms flailing around. You see, ever since you got into Joker & Co., it turned out you’re really an awesome person to hang out with so ever since then, Joker and Harley have a schedule to follow on who get to spend time with (Y/n). It wasn’t just that, they both have developed crushes on you, so it didn’t help when the other gets to spend time with you.

He just grins maliciously, “Well, I did ask her if she was free and she was, so I guess that’s on you, sweetcheeks,” he explains, unbuttoning his jacket wih his milky white fingers. Joker’s talking did not help with Harley’s red face and clenched fists. She then narrows her eyes at him, does the two finger ‘I-have-my-eyes-on-you’ gesture.

The Next Day

“Hello there, (Y/n),” Joker drawls, sliding up to your side, holding a joker card between his index and middle finger. You put down your cup of coffee and grinned at him. “Heya, J.”

“Are you free tonight?” Joker asks, sliding his tongue over his teeth while grinning widely at you. You frowned, shaking your head. “Sorry, J. Got a girls’ night out with Harls tonight.”

Joker suddenly stops smiling, and he raises his eyebrows. It was his turn today. What the hell? “Can’t you cancel? I made reservations at your favourite place,” he tries, no bite or desperation in his voice. You shake your head again. 

“Again, I’m sorry. I already cancelled Harl’s hanging out time last night. So, I’m gonna have to go,” you explain, hearing a beep from your phone and you pick it up, unlocking it to see a gif of dog trapped in a box from Harley. You grin and look up at Joker’s expectant face. “Well, gotta go, boss. I’ll see you tomorrow, yeah?”

Harley didn’t even have to turn around to see Joker’s pissed off face since she could already picture it in her head. Her hair was in rollers, her hands occupied with painting her nails red and black. Joker stomps up until he was right behind her. 

“What’s wrong Mistah J? Got your reservations cancelled?” she asks oh-so-innocently, an evil smirk on her face. She could hear him growl. “It was my day.”

“Well, yeah. I asked her first, right? So I guess that’s on ya,” she teases, repeating his words from the previous day. She spins around in her chair, an eyebrow raised and a triumphant smirk on her pale face. His lips were pulled back in a snarl and his fists were clenched. His eyes were dark and menacing. Harley’s seen this look too many times to be scared of it, so she shrugged it and playfully pouted at him. “Aw, is someone upset I have (Y/n) tonight?”

Joker just breathes deeply and pinches the bridge of his nose, shutting his eyes and walking out of the room.

That Night - 2 A.M. 

Vibrations from your phone wakes you up from your peaceful slumber, and your roll onto your back, grabbing the lit phone from the side-table. You blinked from the sudden change of light. You squint and gave a look of disbelief as you read the latest notifications on your phone.

Pink and blue

Heya gurl! Let’s hang tmr! -   2:12 AM

Heellllooooo? -   2:13 AM

Baaabe? -   2:13 AM

Green haired man

(Y/n), you and I. We’re blowing some stuff up tomorrow. -   2:12 AM

Are you awake? -   2:13 AM

Hey -   2:13 AM

You sigh and shake your head, turning it on silent and placing it back, falling right back to sleep.

You sip on the orange juice in your hand, the other scrolling through your phone. Suddenly, Harley pops out of nowhere with a big grin on her face. You scream bloody murder, nearly dropping your phone. She just giggles. “Sooooo… Ya got my texts last night?”

You halt, glanced at her and at your phone. Then, shook your head. “Sorry. I was busy sleeping. You know, what people need most.” 

“Also, I’m quite busy today. I got lunch with someone later,” you say and directed your attention back on the phone. 

In your peripheral, you see her frown and narrow her eyes, like she did the other day. She jumps, grinning and raced down the corridor, probably to disturb someone else. 

You hear a set of footsteps. You know that walk. It was the Joker. You wait for him to get to you. Once they stop, you looked up and locked gazes with him, “Hi.”

“Hello. (Y/n), did you get my texts yesterday?” he asks, getting straight to the point. You shrug and shake your head. “Nope, sorry.”

“Oh, that’s a shame,” he says, voice filled with fake pity. You rolled your eyes and smirked. “Also, I’m busy today, so I wont be able to hang out with you today. I got lunch with someone.”

At that, Joker’s eyes darken. But they lit up almost immediately afterwards. He nods and walked away into the same direction Harley went.

Your phone vibrates in your hand.


Where are we meeting for lunch again? 

The moment Harley’s and Joker’s eyes met, they both narrowed. “Stop hogging her!” they both shout simultaneously, then leaving each other confused.

“Wait, you’re not hanging with her?”

“I thought you were having lunch with her?”

A moment of silence with them just staring at each other passes, and a look of realisation crossed upon their faces. They both sigh, looking at each other once again. “I’ll go look for her,” they both say in unison… again.

You smile across the table, beaming at your mother who ate her lunch happily. “So, how is work?”

You shrug, pouting a bit, “Eh, it’s fine. My employers are nice people. We’re all close friends now,” you say, grinning at the thought of Harley and Joker. Your mother nods, grinning at you. “I’m so proud of you. You finally have a stable job.”

You inwardly cringe. More like criminal work. “So, tell me about your boss. Does he like you? Do you think you’ll get promoted soon?”

At that, you chuckle, “More like… bosses.”

“They are both nice, in their own way. They are really nice…” you trail off…

The sight of Harley and Joker in full gear, guns and all, looking at you through the window made your heart stop. Your mouth gapes, eyes full of disbelief. Your mother looks at you confused, “Dear? You were saying something about them?’

You snap out of it and look back at her. “Oh yes.”

Both Harley and Joker get a text at the same time, and they get the same exact message. 

No hanging out for the next two weeks.

They both frowned and looked back into the window, seeing you glare daggers at them, while holding the butter knife in your hand tightly, until your knuckles turned white. “Do you think we should run?”

“Yes. I do think so.”

(Gifs made by me)

High School AU HCs: V

Last but not least, V! And with that, the high school hcs are completed. I’m posting this in replacement for a request I couldn’t write it (it was up for me to choose between rfa quoting Taylor Swift or watching Beauty and the Beast, I haven’t watched the new movie and I know probably 3 Taylor Swift’s songs, so I couldn’t really write this, I’m sorry for the person who sent me that). 

Anyway! Hope you like this! 

  • You two dated when you were in your freshman year.
  • Eveybody teased you about dating the principal’s son, he is such a catch! Either you or he liked this idea of him always being seen as just somebody’s son, not like an actual person.
  • And that wasn’t even the biggest problem, this relationship stopped working when you became an activist against the principal and joined a protest group.
  • He was trying to stay neutral, and that bothered you, you couldn’t stand the fact that he couldn’t make up his mind, so you broke up with him.
  • He changed a little after that, dedicating himself to the art class like it was a religion.
  • He could be seen in amateur exhibitions and cultural soirées, a lot of your friends used to go these gatherings too.
  • So you spotted him talking to one of your friends. He looked… as good as you remember, then he saw you and smiled softly. You felt your stomach doing back flips.
  • But then you remembered his indecision, his father trying to cut the cultural programs and ignoring a series of “incidents” involving some jocks and pics of girls being leaked, your felt your blood boiling.
  • But yeah, it was hard not to pretend he didn’t look handsome with this blue hair, and his paintings were awesome.
  • “Good to see you, it’s been a while…” he greeted shyly. Should you answer him? Should you ignore him?
  • “Cool paintings.” Neither, you looked at his pieces, analyzing them. “That one looks really good.”
  • “Thank you.  I painted these thinking about that date we had in the movies. Remember? When you bought those M &M’s and ate just the blue ones?” “They taste better, don’t try to convince me otherwise! Plus, I like blue.”
  • “Yeah, I know.” And he runs his fingers through his hair, probably on purpose, but you couldn’t tell, so you just rolled you eyes.
  • “And this one?” “I… don’t really need to explain, do I?” it was a demon in a suit, controlling these puppets with sportive jackets, you giggled.
  • “You should expose this during the next student body assembly, I heard  the principal will be there.” “You know I can’t do that, MC.”
  • “Of course you can’t. That’s the thing with people like you, Jihyun. You think you’re so revolutionary with your art,  but you’re never really… commit to your statement, right? It’s easier to keep your privileges as they are.”
  •  “You’ve always thought you were better than me, didn’t you, MC? Do you think I like being known as the principal’s son? That I wouldn’t like people to know me as a person with doubts and… problems?”
  • “Yeah, but here’s the thing, Jihyun. From what I remember, there’s nothing much behind the principal’s son thing.” “When did you become so mean?” “When you chose your father over me. Goodbye.” And you walked away.
  • The assembly day has arrived. You were nervous, you knew it was a risk exposing the protest group like this, Gosh… this was a mistake… telling Jihyun he was shallow was a mistake, you didn’t mean that… wait! Why are you thinking about Jihyun right now?
  • The assembly begins, as soon as you start inflaming the audience saying command words, a huge banner of that demon’s painting rolls down behind the principal’s pulpit.
  • Of course you ended up in detention after that, but you weren’t expecting to find Jihyun there too. He crossed a very dangerous line and not even being the principal’s son would make him get away right now.
  • “Hey…” you knew you had no right to talk to him right now. “Hey, I believe you are a regular here, would you care to make me familiarized with the place? I’ll probably show up a lot more here.”
  • “Aren’t you mad?” “That those jocks didn’t get expelled for the leaked pics? Yeah, sure!” “No, I mean… at me. I was really rude that day and… I guess I still didn’t process my feelings for you.” “You should start painting, I heard it’s a great way to express unresolved feelings.” You’re not sure if he’s being passive aggressive or just really playful.
  • “Seriously, I’m not mad. You gave me… clarity, you always do.” You feel your heart flutter, he’s so mature, so sweet, so handsome and cool…
  • “MC?” you don’t care about anything, you just lean closer and kiss him. You kissed him before, but somehow it feels like the first time.
  • You blush after you pull away and he chuckles, he missed this, he missed you two. “So… wanna sneak out and go to the movies?” you ask him. “Can we just sneak out?” he looks so confused, it’s so cute…
  • “Oh, I have so much to teach you!” “Teach me, then. Oh, and the M & M’s are my treat, okay?”
  • Yes, he always learned so much from you, he was glad he was getting a second chance.

Super rough doodle of Lucina, still getting used to my Surface.

I’ve gotten quite a few asks now explaining the flaws of Awakening and why older fans have problems with it, which to the credit of this continuing-to-be-awesome-audience I have here, none of which were rude at all which is amazing for the internet.

Even without experience in the series I know Awakening isn’t flawless by any means, and I do totally get why older fans have problems with it (Especially now that it is the one that gets all the love lately, like in FE: Warriors). I’m a fan of a lot of unpopular entries in series (I mean I just posted art from Castlevania 64 for crying out loud lol) so I can very much empathize with the feeling of the things you love being ignored. But hey they did just remake that older game for the 3DS so maybe some more love will come to the older series in time.

All that said, none of that changes that I had a ton of fun with Awakening, and Lucina is still one of my favorite character designs in games~ (Doesnt help that I’m a sucker for girls with blue hair). But if I play them and find the older games are even better - freaking AWESOME. Do you know how sweet it’d be to go “wow this thing I really enjoyed WASN’T the high point!?”. I’m so down for that!

(Because, ya know… Fates sure isn’t the high point. Like, I love the combat and the level design is more interesting than Awakening which had FAR too many “giant open field” levels, and Conquest especially does fun stuff with missions and the pair up system is nowhere near as overpowered as it was in Awakening… but wow is the writing weak. Which wouldn’t be so bad if it didnt DIRECTLY conflict with the gameplay. “OH NO! ____ HAD TO DIE TO PROTECT CORRIN FROM THE ENEMY!” Battle starts. Same enemy can’t actually hurt my Corrin and I can 1 shot them. Without grinding. YEAH SEEMS LEGIT, FATES!)

What the General Audience Knows About The Characters from the The Lego Ninjago Movie (as of now)

The Green Ninja is Lloyd, but his dad calls him Luh-Loyd. He looks really serious and wants to know more about his dad. Everyone hates him. And he’s blonde and has green eyes and has a REALLY COOL DRAGON I want that set.

The really tall black Lego dude is ‘Garmadon!’ (Mocking the baby that said his name). He’s like the city’s greatest villain? He has an army of sea people things, and he can fight too. He’s really creepy. Oh yeah and he’s Lloyd’s dad. Hahaha, that’s awkward.

The Sensei dude is Jackie Chan.

The girl ninja looks really cool-what was her name? Nya? Yeah-she talked about what high school ninjas need to survive, whatever. She rides a motorcycle in school which is awesome!

There’s one with super curly brown hair, I think he wears a scarf? Yeah he’s voiced by that guy in Silicon Valley.

The dude with weird tall anime-ish hair looks mad all the time. Oh yeah! Michael Peña is voicing him!

There a stupid ninja who is dressed in all white, like what Ninja ever dresses in all white? That’s dumb. And his eyes glow blue. Is he a robot or something?

Lloyd’s mom is pretty cool. She seems like a happy person. Isn’t she voiced by Olivia Munn?

….wait - there’s one more ninja?

so, i’m on HoDA today and… is this supposed to be Vengeance Anders? It’s the hair and general idea of his gear (but his gear is still like his canon gear mostly sooo) and he’s crackly for Justice but… what’s with the blue/purple skin? Is that just supposed to be off because he’s glowing blue? but then he’s awfully pink..I swear this game is so fucking OFF on all of it’s art (super light zev and fenris) and ideas (really… slave fenris? reanimated leandra?). the only awesome thing was that Isabela/Qunari loading page…

Jeremy hcs (and a few Michael ones)

•Literal twig, weighs only 95-105 lbs usually (it’s because he barely eats tbh)

•He’s not anorexic, he just forgets to eat. Michael always has to remind him.

•terrified of water

•voice cracks when nervous/excited/flustered/literally all the time

•cat person

•went through a space phase, isn’t totally out of it tbh

•Brooke showed him alternative music and now it’s his favorite. He showed it to Michael and now they are a force of old and new alternative and they annoy everyone else who doesn’t like it because they will bLAST it whenever they can.

•gets a lot of cute little gifts and things for Michael like Player 1 and Player 2 heart bracelets that they never take off (Jeremy’s has the paint chipping to almost a point where they’re unreadable but Michael’s is perfect because OCD)

•normal sleep schedule? What’s that?

•has worn makeup more than once (he doesn’t talk about it though, even though he didn’t necessarily not like wearing makeup. Only Michael knows about it.)

•He never meant for the blue/red aesthetic thing to happen but he just really liked blue and Michael liked red and now Michael makes him keep the theme because OCD. Jeremy keeps it because he knows how much Michael likes it.

•this isn’t Jeremy but if you haven’t noticed, I hc Michael with OCD

•his favorite color is actually purple but the blue thing like I said

•had the biggest panic attack when his mom left, he stayed at Michaels for a while because his dad didn’t know what to do and was a mess too (he’s gotten better at calming him now though)

•The squip still can talk in his head. It never fully went away. Whenever he does something uncool, the squip knocks him for it, which is why Jeremy’s self-esteem is still really low. (No one knows about this, not even Michael)

•Jeremy’s always wanted to be a game developer and his first job is at Game Stop with Michael but they don’t last long together because they talk too much and oh god the flirting.

•Michael and Jeremy go to the same college like they planned and yes they do room together, and yes, the squad comes over as much as they can and squeeze into their tiny dorm. They all go there because wow their dorm is super awesome. There’s game merch and music posters and it’s all really neat and just wow everyone loves it.

•Jeremy tried to dye his hair once. It didn’t go well. It was…crispy. Blue, but crispy. He had to get it cut, which he hated because he loves the side bang look.

•Jeremy sleeps over at Michael’s a lot but Michael stays with Jeremy a lot too because his parents aren’t exactly great to him. (I might do Michael hcs and expand on this bc ooh I have a lot to say about it)

•Jeremy really likes cucumber sandwiches. He just does.

Gosh I can’t get the enter button to work so just where the bullet points are is where a new one starts