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Poirot’s chief personality characteristic was undoubtedly his overweening - but lovable - egotism. On rare occasions he would present an appearance of modesty, but it was patently so forced and false that it fooled no one. Some of his own evaluations from one story or another: “Hercule Poirot… is of a cleverness quite exceptional;” “impossible to deceive Hercule Poirot;” “me, I know everything.”
- Russell H. Fitzgibbon, The Agatha Christie Companion

Tabby Genetics Guide

hi hi, so i noticed some people have trouble with identifying/understanding how the tabby gene works, so i thought i would make an easy guide for you!!

*Note - all red cats are tabbies. There is no such thing as a “solid” red or cream cat. If a red/cream cat appears solid, it is because they are a ticked tabby.

There are, in essence, 2 tabby patterns - Mackerel (tiger stripes) and Classic (blotched). The other tabby patterns seen in cats are gene modifiers that affect the tabby gene and change it. 

Most dominant to most recessive - 





Ticked Tabbies

The color on the hair shafts alternates, giving these cats a “salt-and-pepper” look. The ticking gene “masks” the regular tabby gene on the body, which is why ticked tabbies still have stripes on their face, tail, and legs - these are called residual markings.

Agouti Tabby

If a kit inherits 2 copies of the ticking gene (meaning both parents are ticked), then they will NOT have the residual markings. These cats will have a light underside and dark back/body. This is most evident in breeds like the Somali, Abyssinian, and Singapura!

(this kitty has the black ticking along her spine, forehead and tail, but doesn’t have any tabby stripes!)

Charcoal Tabby

The charcoal tabby is a wild variation of the agouti gene that causes a random distribution of black on the pelt. Charcoal tabbies are most common in the Bengal & Savannah breeds, and they have very distinct facial markings. NOT to be confused with smoke tabbies. The tabby gene usually shows through the ticking, although the ticking is still evident.

Spotted Tabbies

The spotted tabby gene “breaks up” the tabby pattern into spots. These spots follow the fur direction and can vary in size. Since this gene “modifies” the regular tabby gene, these kitties still have horizontal stripes on their legs, tail and face. This tabby type is pretty common and is seen most in the Ocicat, Egyptian Mau and British Shorthair!

Rosetted Tabby

There are many different variations of the rosette gene (arrow, pawprint, donut, cloud). This is a spotted tabby with the agouti gene, which causes the hairs in the center to be lighter and ticked. These markings look like leopard spots and are almost exclusive to the Bengal breed. 

Mackerel Tabby

This is the most common and familiar tabby type. This is also the “default” tabby type. These kitties have “tiger stripes” on their body. Stripes can vary in closeness and size by individual

Broken Mackerel Tabby

These mackerel tabbies stripes break and sometimes form “spots” or bars, but don’t be fooled - this is still a mackerel tabby. These tabbies are also very common

(see how the stripes break up into spots on the shoulder and near the stomach??)

Braided Tabby

In the Toyger breed, the mackerel tabby gene has been modified to create thicker and more wavering lines to resemble a tiger. This is called “candle-flame” or braided. 

Classic Tabby

This is the recessive form of the mackerel tabby, and is also pretty common. The classic tabby markings will spiral and create big blotches of pattern on the body.  An ideal classic tabby has a “bulls-eye spiral” on their side and is most often seen in the Maine Coon or British Shorthair!

Marbled Tabby

Sometimes also called a Clouded Tabby, these cats are a modified version of the classic tabby. Agouti (ticked) hairs appear in the center of the tabby stripes, usually in the bulls-eye, which gives them a two-toned tabby look. This is evident in breeds like the Bengal and Sokoke! 


Lynx Point 

This is a colorpoint cat with the tabby gene. Colorpoints have partial-albinism that causes the cooler parts of their body to develop color, such as the face, tail and legs. These tabbies can come in any of the other tabby patterns ^ and paired with the colorpoint gene. These cats will display tabby markings where there is pigment.

Torbie / Tabico / Caliby

This is a tabby-tortie, or tabby-calico. These cats are also sometimes called patched tabbies. They can come in any tabby variation ^ . These cats display two or 3 colors (black & red, blue & cream, chocolate, cream & white etc) and also have the tabby gene. These can sometimes be hard to identify against regular tabbies because the colors can blend and mix to be almost indistinguishable. They will carry the same tabby marking all over 

Smoke Tabby

This is a tabby cat with the smoke gene. The smoke gene is a variation of silver, where the roots of the hair are pigmentless. These cats usually have a dark face mask and darker paws and tail. They can come in any tabby pattern

(black smoke tabby vs black silver tabby)

wc clan color headcanons


Thunderclan cats are mainly black tabbies, torbies, red or solid black. Most common pattern is classic or mackerel, although ticked isn’t unusual either. White cats are rare (white in general). Silver/smoke cats are very rare and almost non-existent in pure TC cats.


Riverclan cats are the biggest carriers of the silver gene. Silver tabbies and smoke cats are the most common, with colors including black, blue and chocolate. White is considered very beautiful in riverclan and is pretty common. Spotted or classic tabbies are the most common pattern.


Shadowclan cats are torties and dark tabbies. Again, like TC, white is very rare and not exactly desired. Tabby pattern is extremely varied, and tortie cats are considered pretty. Silver tabbies are rare, but smoke cats are not unheard of. Colors are mainly red, black, and chocolate. Pale colored cats are uncommon. 


Windclan cats carry the rarest colors. Lilac, Fawn and Cinnamon are common as well as the silver gene, and they are the only clan to have shown Caramel or Apricot cats. Black or blue tabbies are rare, and most cats are spotted or ticked tabbies. White is ok, but it’s not the most desired trait a cat can have, and solid colored cats are rare. Cats with long legs and handsome faces are considered attractive, not so much emphasis put on their coat color.

fibbonocci  asked:

okay so hear me out... ronan making the most disgusting smoothie ever made, like, meatballs basil yogurt banana cocoa powder etc. and giving it to gansey without telling him what it is, but bc gansey is so focused on his work he drinks it no question and actually enjoys it, when he finishes it he asks ronan for the recipe so he can make it again. ronan throws up a little in his mouth.

IM SCREAMING. This content is exactly why I come on this hecking site.

But imagine this turns into a game with the Gangsey. 

Ronan grabs Noah and returns to the kitchen and they get to work. They take crackers and put them on a plate and cover them in ketchup. They add cumin, chocolate syrup, and salsa. When Ronan goes back out to the main room, Gansey is sitting so close to his computer that his nose is almost touching the screen. Ronan doesn’t say anything and puts the crackers down. Gansey mumbles a simple “thank you” before eating it while Noah and Ronan watch him. 

Gansey doesn’t even fucking flinch.

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