the blue bird of happiness


Since @excessively-english-little-b decided to do art of all of xeir identities for “Anything Else” day, here are birds for all of mine! It’s a mess. 

At the top are this year’s pan and bi birds, the lilac-breasted roller & glossy starling (I use both labels fairly interchangeably). I think have the Lesser Green Broadbill, as I am demiromantic. Then we have the Purple-crowned fairy wren, as I am genderfluid - then we got the genders I go between. Anna’s Hummingbird for Woman (full stop); the Green Jay for Cassgender; the Yellow-Green Vireo for Agender; and the blue-gray Gnatcatcher for Demiboy! Oof, that’s a mouthful. 

Happy Pride!

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5: Did you eat my pop tarts? + 6: Is that my shirt?

a good old friends to lovers au, because i love ya!

Robert felt completely blissed out, as he woke up, stretching languidly across his bed. If he was being completely honest, it had been a while since he’d woken up with that pleasant soreness that was always the result of a fairly spectacular night of sex.

It’s not as though he’d lost his edge, whatever Aaron might say, cheeky grin fixed in place. No, it was more because he’d been so busy lately, with the business, the house renovation, helping Aaron with Liv, helping Victoria out with her food truck - he’d hardly had a spare second to himself, let alone a few hours to head out and take on Hotten’s nightlife, and bag himself a one night stand.

Still, it’s not as though last night didn’t make up for it.

Robert couldn’t help the self satisfied grin on his face as he sat up, duvet falling away to his waist. Everything about his room still felt new, if he was honest - he’d bought a wreck of a cottage on the outskirts of the village, a year or so ago now, a pet project for himself that had turned into nothing short of a money pit.

It was done now though, and it was home. Robert felt like he hadn’t had one of those in a long time, life always connected to someone else, whether it was exes, or Chrissie.

Thirty, and this was the first house he’d bought with his own money. Robert Sugden, proud owner of Primrose Cottage. The name wasn’t exactly his choice, but turns out when you bought an old historical property, there was a few terms and conditions and things that couldn’t be changed.

Thankfully, that didn’t extend to the inside, Robert thought to himself, eyes adjusting to the bright morning as he looked around his room, sleek built in wardrobes and cherry wood furniture (all of which Aaron have given him shit for buying, claiming there was no need to spend that much money on a bedside locker) all making for a room right out of a house catalogue.

He worked hard, in his own defence - Robert deserved a little luxury in his own home.

Stretching out a little more, Robert tossed the covers off, walking unashamedly naked across his bedroom to grab a pair of boxers, hitching the material up over his narrow hips, not bothering with a t-shirt.

It was summer, after all.

He could hear the kettle going before he was even halfway down the stairs, the noise of the kitchen coming to life music to his ears. The worst part about living alone, was getting up in the mornings to a quiet house.

Maybe he should get a cat.

Reaching the end of the stairs, Robert padded across the open plan living room, heart thundering in his head as he watched Aaron moved around the kitchen with remarkable familiarity, making two mugs of tea, a half eaten bowl of cornflakes on the side.

“I don’t like waking up to an empty bed,” Robert drawled, crossing the last of the space between them in a few short steps, pressing his chest to Aaron’s back, enjoying the way the other man jumped a little at the contact.

“I didn’t know if it would be weird,” Aaron admitted, leaning back into Robert’s embrace as he relaxed slightly, carton of milk in hand.

It was strange, how natural it all felt. He and Aaron had been friends since Robert had moved back to the village at twenty five, fresh off the back of a disastrous relationship with Chrissie, not a penny to his name.

Aaron had been his best friend though it all, through Robert’s months working between the pub and the B&B, through him going back to night school and getting his A-Levels, to Robert setting up his own business, Robert coming out. Aaron had been his best friend through it all, the only person Robert could ever talk to about the mess that was unfolding in his head.

He’d never imagined a life without Aaron, but it would be a lie to say he hadn’t imagined this, once or twice, laid awake at night and wondered what it would feel like to love Aaron, to be with him like this, as though it was the most normal and natural thing in the world.

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Beauty Is the Mystery of Life.pdf

Beauty Is the Mystery of Life
by Agnes Martin
When I think of art, I think of beauty. Beauty is the mystery of
life. It is not in the eye, it is in my mind. In our minds there
is awareness of perfection.
We respond to beauty with emotion. Beauty speaks a message to
us. We are confused about this message because of distractions.
Sometimes we even think that it is in the mail. The message is
about different kinds of happiness and joy. Joy is most
successfully represented in Beethoven's Ninth Symphony and by
the Parthenon.
All artwork is about beauty; all positive work represents it and
celebrates it. All negative art protests the lack of beauty in
our lives. When a beautiful rose dies, beauty does not die
because it is not really in the rose. Beauty is an awareness in
the mind. It is a mental and emotional response that we make. We
respond to life as though it were perfect. When we go into a
forest we do not see the fallen rotting trees. We are inspired
by a multitude of uprising trees. We even hear a silence when it
is not really silent. When we see a newborn baby we say it is
beautiful – perfect.
The goal of life is happiness and to respond to life as though
it were perfect is the way to happiness. It is also the way to
positive artwork.
It is not in the role of an artist to worry about life – to feel
responsible for creating a better world. This is a very serious
distraction. All your conditioning has been directed toward
intellectual living. This is useless in artwork. All human
knowledge is useless in artwork. Concepts, relationships,
categories, classifications, deductions are distractions of mind
that we wish to hold free for inspiration.
There are two parts of the mind. The outer mind that records
facts and the inner mind that says "yes" and "no." When you
think of something that you should do, the inner mind says "yes"
and you feel elated. We call this inspiration.
For an artist this is the only way. There is no help anywhere.
He must listen to his own mind.
The way of the artist is an entirely different way. It is a way
of surrender. He must surrender to his own mind.
When you look in your mind you find it covered with a lot of
rubbishy thoughts. You have to penetrate these and hear what
your mind is telling you to do. Such work is original work. All
other work made from ideas is not inspired and is not artwork.
Artwork is responded to with happy emotions. Work about ideas is
responded to with other ideas. There is so much written about
art that it is mistaken for an intellectual pursuit.
It is quite commonly thought that the intellect is responsible
for everything that is made and done. It is commonly thought
that everything that is can be put into words. But there is a
wide range of emotional response that we make that cannot be put
into words. We are so used to making these emotional responses
that we are not consciously aware of them until they are
represented in artwork.
Out emotional life is really dominant over our intellectual
life, but we do not realize it.
You must discover the artwork that you like, and realize the
response that you make to it. You must especially know the
response that you make to your own work. It is in this way that
you discover your direction and the truth about yourself. If you
do not discover your response to your own work, you miss the
reward. You must look at the work and know how it makes you
If you are not an artist, you can make discoveries about
yourself by knowing your response to work that you like.
Ask yourself, What kind of happiness do I feel with this music
or this picture?
There is happiness that we feel without any material
stimulation. We may wake up in the morning feeling happy for no
reason. Abstract or nonobjective feelings are a very important
part of our lives. Personal emotions and sentimentality are
We make artwork as something that we have to do, not knowing how
it will work out. When it is finished we have to see if it is
effective. Even if we obey inspiration we cannot expect all the
work to be successful. An artist is a person who can recognize
If you were a composer you would not expect everything you
played to be a composition. It iss the same in the graphic arts.
There are many failures.
Artwork is the only work in the world that is unmaterialistic.
All other work contributes to human welfare and comfort. You can
see from this that human welfare and comfort are not the
interests of the artist. He is irresponsible because his life
goes in a different direction. His mind will be involved with
beauty and happiness. It is possible to work at something other
than art and maintain this state of mind and be moving ahead as
an artist. The unmaterial interest is essential.
The newest trend and the art scene are unnecessary distractions
for a serious artist. He will much more rewarded responding to
art of all times and places – not as art history but considering
each piece and its value to him.
You can't think, My life is more important than the work, and
get the work. You have to think the work is paramount in your
life. An artist's life is adventurous: one new thing after
I have been talking directly to artists, but it applies to all.
Take advantage of the awareness of perfection in your mind. See
perfection in everything around you. See if you can discover
your true feelings when listening to music. Make happiness your
goal. The way to discover the truth about this life is to
discover yourself. Say to yourself, What do I like and what do I
want? Find out exactly what you want in life. Ask your mind for
inspiration about everything.
Beauty illustrates happiness: the wind in the grass, the
glistening waves following each other, the flight of birds – all
speak of happiness.
The clear blue sky illustrates a different kind of happiness,
and the soft dark night a different kind. There are an infinite
number of different kinds of happiness.
The response is the same for the observer as it is for the
artist. The response to art is the real art field.
Composition is an absolute mystery. It is dictated by the mind.
The artist searchers for certain sounds or lines that are
acceptable to the mind and finally an arrangement of them that
is acceptable. The acceptable compositions arouse certain
feelings of appreciation in the observer. Some compositions
appeal to some, and some to others.
But if they are not accepted by the artist's mind, they will not
appeal to anyone. Composition and acceptance by mind are
essential to artwork. Commercial art is consciously made to
appeal to the senses, which is different. Artwork is very
valuable and it is also very scarce. It takes a great deal of
application to make a composition that is totally acceptable.
Beethoven's symphonies, with every note composed, represent a
titanic human effort.
To progress in life you must give up the things that you do not
like. Give up doing the things that you do not like to do. You
must find the things that you do like – the things that are
acceptable to your mind.
You can see that you will have to have time to yourself to find
out what appeals to your mind. While you go along with others,
you are not really living your life.
To rebel against others is just as futile. You must find your
Happiness is being on the beam with life – to feel the pull of

I still have my first Articuno card and it became my fave Pokemon the moment I saw it

Articuno reminds me of the saying “blue bird of happiness”
Articuno is that bird!

I started drawing Pokemon in school and Articuno was a big go to for me, it probably helped me very much in learning to draw!

My first animations (now lost to time) were in a gif editor and were looping animations of Articuno long before my debut on youtube!

I met my first internet friend irl through a fansite and they also were an artist I admired and they went by the username Articuno (I still see them at conventions sometimes)

I missed out on a holiday bc I wanted to get a event Articuno from a local Pokemon event (which I went to with my gran)
Bc I didn’t go in the holiday I avoided being in a car crash that happened! (No one was hurt but yknow)

And finally thanks to Articuno in Pokemon I’ve started talking and socialising with new people and I think I may be gaining some confidence?

So yeah Articuno seriously represents so many positive things in my life it’s why I get so dang emotional about it!

Once I find a good tattoo artist I plan on getting Articuno as my first tattoo bc Of how much it means to me

Anyway I’m done being sentimental

Psst I got Cute pet names for the skellies.

Sans: Sofa spud, for alliteration! and it’s more fun to say than couch potato.

Papyrus: Pasta prince, for his love of pasta.


Edge: Prickles, like that most tsundere of plants has.

Blueberry: Blue bird of happiness, pretty self explanatory.

Stretch: Pooh bear, for his love of honey.

the tortoise’s two cents: I approve of all of these. <33

ESPECIALLY Sofa Spud and Pasta Prince because alliteration is the way to my heart.

Ok freaking YES i totally made Femio Carabosse, the Evil Fairy from The Sleeping Beauty 

this is by far my best Femio XD sinful enough? 

you can find my other The Sleeping Beauty stuff here: 


 "HOW TO BE HAPPY“, is 32-pages long and contains a mix of advertisements, product testimonials and medical and mental advice for women. The cover shows Lydia E. Pinkham (Born 1819, Died 1883) with her Great Grandaughter and Great, Great Grandson. Contents include:

- Avoid Pain
- Are You Happy?
- Nerves and Hot Flashes
- The Blue Bird of Happiness
- She Was A Real Woman
- Was in Bed Three Months
- The Message Of The Blue Bird
- From Mother of Ten
- Little Stories From Everyday Life
- Health Is The Foundation of Happiness
- Seven Rules of Health
- Two More Women Helped- At the Age of 55
- Mill Worker Depends Upon Vegetable Compound
- Mother and Daughter Take It - Works Every Day Now
- "My Nerves Were Bad”
- Working Women Depend on Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound
- Work In Harmony With Others
- One Woman Tells Another
- Ask Your Friends
- Her Pimples Are Going Away
- Happy Middle Age - At Change of Life
- For Women in their Fifties
- After Childbirth
- “I Was Very Irregular”
- The Happiness of Wedding Bells
- From Mother of Nine
- Don’t Be A Worrier
- “I Feel Twice as Strong”
- How A Toilet Goods Agent Keeps on Her Feet
- The Happiness of Motherhood
- Healthy Mothers Have Healthy Babies
- Get Out Of Doors - Take A Walk
- From Busy Mother of Ten
- Mrs. Gallagher Does Her Washing Now
- Had Hot Flashes
- Learn To Save Your Strength
- Weak After Childbirth
- Let The Children Help You
- Did You Ever See A Kettle That Holds 5000 Gallons?
- Keep Up Your Courage
- From A Registered Nurse - Doctor Recommended It
- Nature Yields To Nature’s Remedies
- The Most Common Ailment In The World - Don’t Suffer From Constipation
- Glowing Health Brings Beauty
- 98 Out of 100 Women Report Benefit
- “It Does More Than You Say”
- Be Cheerful