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i was thinking about amazonian telepathy and i don’t think i can use this anywhere so

There were responsible ways to deal with being bored during League debriefs. Rather than do any of them, Diana adjusted her legs so that her knee touched Batman’s. A ragged tear in his suit meant that it was skin-to-skin contact.

She reached out tentatively.

Black Canary’s hair looks cute today, she ventured, an idle thought to share. She was careful not to go searching for any answers he did not give. She expected him to say nothing, and break contact.

Doesn’t matter, came his answer, so terse a dismissal it almost startled her. He didn’t move his leg. It seemed unlike him, but this form of communication did tend to be more honest.

How unfortunate, to imagine this was what he thought of their occasional conversations.

I’m sure she put a lot of work into it, Diana tried again. The bright blonde locks had been curled into ringlets before being drawn up into a ponytail.

Not for me.

She frowned. That doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate it.

Don’t need to.

You’re being awfully rude.

It’s fine.

If I’d gone through such trouble, I’d want you to notice.

Not for me.

It will be, Diana decided. I’ll do my hair just like that, to spite you, and it will be the cutest.

Batman said nothing. Then he leaned back just a little, only enough to see where their knees touched. He glanced at Diana, then away. Was that you? he asked finally.

Of course, she said.

How long have we been having a conversation? he asked.

Since I pointed out the cuteness of Black Canary’s coiffure? she said. Batman did not respond. What did you think was happening?

Intrusive thoughts.

She tried to look at his face sidelong, though she didn’t know why. Looking at him directly would make it no easier to decipher his minimal expressions. Do your intrusive thoughts often sound like me making observations about other women?


Can you two keep it down? asked J'onn. Some of us are trying to pay attention.

No you’re not, Diana accused. You just heard gossip and wanted in.

We’re not gossiping, Batman said. Don’t make me break truce.

I had also noticed Black Canary’s hair, J'onn said, ignoring Batman.

Isn’t it cute? Diana asked.

Batman sighed.

Do you think I could pull it off? J'onn asked.

Batman had a sudden coughing fit.

impressions from reading a fuckton of enjoltaire with very little les mis background
  • enjolras calls grantaire ‘r’. yes, the letter
  • grantaire calls enjolras apollo? why??? is it because of his luscious blond locks??
  • hello my name is Grantaire Dark’ness Cynic Icy Way. they call me that because of my ice blue eyes and jet black hair that is the color of my soul.
  • enjolras fights everything while grantaire goes ‘why’ unless grantaire’s the one enjolras is fighting
  • Combobulated and Coconut are Idiots in Love
  • eponine Knows All. do not fuck with her.
  • if marius is a puppy cosette holds his leash in one hand and a camera in the other
  • pining
  • joly bark and music are in some sort of threesome?
  • feuilleton
  • vague and apparently necessary references to French politics
  • enjolras’s red coat
  • did I mention the pining
Feysand Headcanons

- After the war, Feyre and Rhys have their first child; a girl. Seems fitting. She’s got Feyre’s jaw line and nose, Rhys’s violet eyes, and i’m thinking Mor’s gorgeous blonde locks (which Feyre and Rhys are amazed at, since she’s kind of a distant relative).

- She’s got her mother’s mouth. Her first word was “prick”, shouting it out happily and completely unaware after hearing Feyre say it to Rhys. Cassian laughed himself to death.

- She’s got her father’s wit, and a mixture of Mor and Feyre’s unbreakable spirits. She burns with Nesta’s fire, and has Amren’s dark sense of humour. Sometimes the things she and Armen laugh over make Rhys’s eyes go wide as he just sits there, a little teeny tiny bit disturbed.

- In fact, the girl wears a necklace from Auntie Amren made out of part of the blood ruby. Amren wears the other chunk of the ruby around her own neck.

- She’s got a MEAN, like N A S T Y, right hook that no one wants to be on the receiving end of. Cassian and Az are indescribably proud of having taught her to fight the way she does (with help from Rhys, of course). She’s, honestly, more Illyrian than Fae.

- One night at the Illyrian camp some of the boys are trash talking not only all the females training, but her. “The High Lord’s daughter, bet she can’t even throw a punch. Bet if she tried she’d break her thumb.” So she gets up and not-so-accidentally starts a bar fight, and kicks everyone’s ass. Feyre isn’t so happy (well she pretends not to be but really she’s grinning ear-to-ear at Rhys when her daughter’s not looking), and Rhys is very very proud of his daughter, grinning super wide when he finds out. The only person to rival Rhys for proudest is Cassian, who gets a little too over excited and flies to the camp and fist pumps, “that’s my niece! she kicked ass!!”

- Feyre and Rhys are super proud parents, especially when she stands up for anyone being picked on or belittled by the older Illyrians.

- She loves gardening with Aunty Elain, even if she’s not that great at it, and Elain always laughs softly and helps her fix it with an infinite amount of patience.

- There isn’t a thing in the world she loves more than her family, especially her younger siblings.


Seven loves to play with Yoosung’s hair. 

Because it’s longer than his, and it’s fun, and despite being bleached, Yoosung’s hair is SOFT. 

When Yoosung is at Seven’s house, and using his huge TV for gaming, that’s when Seven sneaks up on him. 99% of the time, Yoosung sits on the floor in front of the couch, and is too engulfed in what’s happening on the screen to notice Seven coming over and sitting behind him on the couch.

Seven takes advantage and reaches forward, pulling the clips out of Yoosung’s hair. He grins widely and starts combing his fingers through the blonde locks, messing up his bangs and hair. He hums happily and does all sorts of fun hair styles. 

Pig tails. Pony tail. Clips his bangs back, ruffles his hair so it’s flipped every which way. No matter what it’s adorable, and Yoosung doesn’t even look up from his game to see what’s become of his hair. 

Seven grips lightly at Yoosung’s hair and just tugs and scratches and plays and Yoosung loves it. It feels so nice. 

Once Seven pulls his hands away, Yoosung finally reacts with a whine. 

“Don’t stop~ It helps me hyper focus! And I have to focus on this next part cause it’s the boss level. Don’t let me down!” 

And Seven just perks up and starts to run his fingers in Yoosung’s hair again. 

“Aye, aye Captain Yoosung!” And he leans his head down to press a kiss against Yoosung’s hair. Because he just loves his scent. And that his hair is soft. He just loves everything about his cute, sweet heart. 


ღ  youngjae lockscreens  ღ

The first boy you fall in love with is the starting quarterback. His blonde locks grace the top of his head like a halo and other girl’s mouths involuntarily drop when he walks by, and yet he chooses you. After the football games you get into his rusty pickup truck, but he doesn’t drive you home; always his house first. You say nothing when his hands go too far up your skirt and when his team loses he gets angry, really angry, and you might leave his house with a bruise or two but it’s okay because you love him, right? You were only sixteen.
The second boy you fall in love with smokes cigarettes and wears old leather jackets. He listens to classic rock on a stolen record player in his room with black walls. His fingers strum the chords of that angry electric guitar as you watch from a table in the back of the bar. He thinks he knows everything about the world, everything about you, but he really only talks about himself. He’s mysterious and confusing and yet you think maybe he’s the one. You utter I love you in the darkness of his room one night, but he pretends not to hear. You were seventeen.
The third boy you fall in love with reads alone in the library during lunch and twiddles his thumbs when he asks you out after chemistry class. He comes to your house that night with roses and introduces himself to your father with a shaky voice. He brings you to a movie and takes an hour to muster up the courage to hold your hand. His warm fingers intertwine with yours and suddenly it’s bliss. He walks you to your doorstep and after a terribly awkward silence, he leans in and places an innocent peck on your lips. Overtime, he makes you realize you were never really in love, not until him. You’re eighteen, and you finally got it right.
—  hard to know what love is when you’ve never really had it
Little Sister [1]

Characters: Sam Winchester, child!sister!reader, Jessica Moore

Words: 2100

Summary: Let’s just say that Sam being surprised was an understatement of what he felt when he finds you in his hall, looking a whole lot different than you did the last time he saw you.

A/N: *Me trying to write something that isn’t angsty for once*

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The apartment was completely quiet as Jess stared at her reflection in the bathroom mirror, taking in her tired eyes and her ruffled blonde locks. Why couldn’t she sleep? All she had done so far was listening to the howling wind outside the bedroom window. 

She sighed, and continued washing her hands under the water tap. 

A few minutes later, the tall woman walked across the hall towards the bedroom, where her boyfriend was asleep. But then, she heard a soft sound from the direction of the front door. Jess froze in her step, even holding her breath as she intently listened, debating if she should just ignore it or not. After a moment of silence, she continued making her way over the room, when the sound was heard again, this time more evident.

It was a knock, for sure.

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For the sentence thing "Oh shut up its not like you died". Thanks

“Oh shut up it’s not like you died!” Ladybug complained as she regarded the incredulous looking leather clad hero before her.

“I was EATEN by the akuma!?!? My boots are burned from her STOMACH ACID!!!” Chat shouted as he flailed his arms about for emphasis.

“Yeah but you’re still alive aren’t you?” Ladybug shook her head in agitation, arms folded over her chest.

“MY HAIR IS SINGED!!!” Cha squeaked pulling at the charred blonde locks of his hair.

“Chat Noir if you want me to stop throwing you at akumas as a distraction just say so!” Ladybug explained.

“Okay, I want you to stop throwing me at akumas to cause a distraction,” Chat said pointedly. Ladybug’s eye widened as she looked at the cat in disbelief.

“Wait you’re serious?” She asked incredulously. There was no way in hell she was going to stop throwing Chat around.