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I was just reminiscing and it reminded me of something. ..


When I was in High School, halfway through the year we had a new Chemistry teacher. I walked into his class and I had never been so scared in my life. He was so tall that he pretty much towered over us and all the kids in the corridors. He was really scary and I’m not even joking. I hated him.

However, over the next few months I got to know him better. He was married, had a dog and children and was actually kind and funny. He had a passion for building things (mostly toy planes), but there was something else that really caught my attention…

He was Swedish.

This tall, blue eyed, glasses-wearing, white/blond haired, slightly awkward, intimidating man was freaking SWEDISH.

It gets better though. A friend and I had made the mistake of telling him we were learning Danish and Norwegian and from then on he sometimes called us the “Norwegian and the… *makes a face* Dane”. At the end of the year, his last piece of advice to me when I graduated was to “stay away from Denmark”.

And that, my dear followers, was how my Chemistry teacher was in fact undercover APH Sweden.


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Liam’s POV

Not to sound like a stalker or anything… But I may have followed the new girl out to the lacrosse field. I mean come on, she’s new and it’s Beacon Hills. I was thinking about her safety.

Which is why I’m strategically hidden in this position so she won’t see me- I mean so her potential attackers won’t see me. My being here has nothing to do with the short shorts she’s wearing. I mean come on, I didn’t even notice them, I mean she has on a banging pair of Nikes. Those Nikes were only noticed because she was kicking footballs, not because I was checking out her legs. Because I wasn’t.

She’s pretty small height wise so she’ll be a good addition. And her legs aren’t as skinny as the other girls so it’ll be harder for her to fall over. Not that I go around checking out girls’ legs or anything.

I watched her practise flawlessly for a while before she doubled over in pain, clutching her ankle. She either sprained it, broke it or just twisted it. Either way, it’s wicked painful I know this because I’ve had a broken ankle that didn’t heal instantly.

I decided that stopping her tears was more important than hiding, I left my hiding spot and walked over to her.

Your POV

So there you were, on the grass clutching your ankle as excruciating pain shot through it. I mean, you had no idea how the hell you were going to move from that spot, you kinda required your ankle to move and all.

Then all of a sudden, this freaking blonde-haired, blue-eyed freaking all- American high school movie cliche guy appears out of nowhere.

“Hey, relax,” he said taking your hands from your ankle.

“You try relaxing when the freaking hounds of hell have latched on to your leg.”

“Believe me, I’ve broken my ankle before. I know what you’re going through.”

“Gee, I suppose going to ankles anonymous will help the healing process but I really don’t need a support group. I need a couple shots of morphine.”

“I’m Liam,”

“I’m Y/N, the girl who’s in intense pain at the moment.”

“Right, I heard human contact helps pain,”

“Yea, I’m not sleeping with you. But good try,”

“No,” he chuckled before taking your arm.

“Gee, hand holding how- oh wow,” you gasped when you felt the pain subsiding.

“I’ll help you to the nurse, it’d be a shame if you missed try-outs.” he said helping you up and supporting your weight.

“Just so you know, as twisted as this is, I knew you were watching,”

I was not,”

“Please, you were practically burning a hole into my ass.”

“Gee, I’d hate to do that,” he smirked. “But I’d love to take you out sometime,”

“If I can walk by Saturday you can call it a date.”

“I guess we’re gonna go see that new horror movie on Saturday.”

“I’ve been dying to see that, it’s supposed to be even better than the original.”

“You’ve seen the original?” he asked sounding shocked.

I have the entire trilogy on blu-ray,” you smirked.

“Oh we’re definitely going out this Saturday,” Liam said knowing he’d found a keeper.

Sugar We're Going Down (Part Three)

Pairing: Niall Horan/Harry Styles

Summary: Niall is not going crazy. He might be hearing strange noises, and he might be seeing things moving on their own accord, but he is not crazy. Or maybe he is. He doesn’t really know what to believe anymore; all he knows is that his new flat wasn’t all that he had expected it to be.

Or: Ghost!Harry AU, and Niall needs healthier eating habits.

Inspired by this post:

“AU where harry is a ghost haunting niall and niall is super freaked out at first at all the noises at night and doors opening by themselves until he wakes up to all of his food completely ruined except the only bananas he has and a message on his wall written in ketchup that says, “I’M WORRIED FOR YOU EAT HEALTHIER. X”

Word Count: 2,900+

Part One

Part Two


  Niall stared blankly at the television screen, barely noticing the football match that was playing before him, preoccupied with his own thoughts.

  “Harry? You there, mate? I need to talk to you!”

  Niall had been shouting the same question for the past six hours, and he’d been met with the same response every single time.


  Complete and utter silence.

  Sighing loudly, Niall pushed his upper body off of the couch, reaching for the bottle of beer that was resting on the coffee table, its brown body twinkling in the dim light. As the blue-eyed boy took a swig, his fingers gripping the neck of the bottle tightly, he happened to catch sight of a familiar, leather-bound book, its cover open to reveal worn, crumpled pages.

  Niall nearly choked on his drink, barely managing to swallow the amber liquid before he had set the bottle down, racing towards the book—Harry’s handbook—as if his life depended on how quickly he could cross the room to it.

  The handbook was opened to the last page, although the Irish boy was nearly certain that the book had not left off at that page before. The particular page in question was ringed with a light tracing of what Niall assumed to be dried glue, as it appeared that the paper had been attached to the handbook’s cover, hiding its contents.

  Poring over the words, Niall felt his jaw clench as his eyes scanned the cream expanse of the paper.

  “One of the strangest, and most unheard of phenomenons to have ever occurred in the world of the departed is the return to the living world—a reincarnation of sorts. Although the causes of such a restoration is unknown, there are many theories regarding the subject. The theories are just that—theories, as there have only ever been three known cases in the world of the undead. However, it is believed that those who hang between the balance of the living and the dead, but have no reason to remain—no unfinished business or wrongdoings to fix—are more likely to be subject to such an anomaly.

  “It is believed by many that these souls, who often question their existence in such a form, can find themselves returned back to the living world, under different circumstances, to be given a second chance at their lives. The exact reason for such a return is unknown, although in all known cases, the returned have found a love to call their own, so it is believed that fate returns those who have found a love—but only true love, their soulmates—so they may try once more to do what had not been done when they were alive.

  “It is often warned that souls should not immediately leap upon such a theory, as occurrences are few and far in between, and such an incident is unlikely to happen…”

  Niall tore his eyes from the book, feeling his heart race as his hands clenched the leather bound cover like a lifeline. Swallowing hard, the blond pushed himself in the direction of the door, determined to leave the apartment—if only for a while, to clear the jumble of a mess that was his head.


  Was that even possible?

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A thing about 5SOS

There’s so much 5SOS hate on my dash right now so I’m just going to throw my own 2 cents in here.

I’m not a huge fan of 5SOS. I’m not. I’m also really bothered by the fact that these guys are pop punk yet they’re mainstream. Because traditionally, those two things don’t mix. Punk bands aren’t supposed to be liked by the majority. Punk bands aren’t supposed to be stereotypical “pretty boys” (even though 5SOS can’t help their looks and we really need to stop judging them for being attractive because they can’t control any opinion of them). Punk bands aren’t supposed to be marketed the way 5SOS is being marketed.

But none of this is their fault. 5SOS did not choose to be your definition of attractive. 5SOS did not choose to have the amount of attention they got. They did not choose to fall out of the idea of a “punk band”. That’s what they wanted to be and that’s what they are.

Hating *any* artist for being mainstream or not fitting into “definition” of a genre is just wrong. It’s wrong to hate a country artist for not singing about getting drunk. It’s wrong to hate a Rockstar for not doing drugs. And it’s wrong to hate a punk band because they ended up getting way better reception than anyone imagined.

So yeah, I will admit, I was a little bothered by it at first too but only because with my experience, their fanbase didn’t match the punk attitude. I’ll admit, I was a little irritated that they didn’t seem to follow a lot about what 5SOS stands for. I have a friend that cares far too much about her reputation in school and how she looks for the day, and that’s the opposite of what punk rock stands for. But we need to get over this mentality. All of us. That’s just like saying someone can’t like metalcore because that’s “depression music” and they aren’t depressed. It’s ridiculous.

Not to mention that 5SOS give A LOT of credit. They are helping out other fellow punk bands. They’re introducing some people to 90’s pop punk with constant credits to classic pop punk like Green Day and blink-182. They help introduce new people to bands like MCR and All Time Low and Fall Out Boy. And sure, maybe it irritates you that “fake punk rockers are coming into my lane” but it’s music. And music is for everyone. And if that blonde - haired blue-eyed rich white girl likes blink-182, likes 5 Seconds Of Summer, yet is a sucker for Katy Perry at the same time, then she can freaking like blink, 5SOS, and Katy. Leave it alone. Music is perceived by everyone differently, and people can actually like what they hear without fitting into a certain sterotype.

So I don’t know how much sense that made or If I really helped anything but..I wanted to put my 2 cents in.

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I have never once heard a song about girls with blue eyes. I was always self-conscious about my blue eyes and longed for brown eyes because of Brown Eyed Girl. I never had a cute little song about me. My eyes weren't brown. My eyes were blue and I looked like a clown because of it. I grew up being told is have to dye my hair blonde to be pretty because "only blondes can be pretty with blue eyes". I felt ugly and like I'd never be appreciated because I looked like some kind of freak.

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So, we just got TWO news of whitewashing in one week. One, Joseph Fiennes is playing Michael freaking Jackson in a comedy about 9/11. Two, a blonde-and-blue-eyed English European actor Charlie Hunnam is playing a Mexican-American drug lord. I mean sure, Edgar Valdez is known as 'La Barbie' for having blonde hair and blue eyes, but does that still really excuse a European Caucasian actor portraying him?

What the actual fuck?! First of all why did no one think of Wentworth Miller to play Michael Jackson? Or really anyone else that’s actually black jfc. Also there’s plenty of latinx actors who are white passing and I’m sure they could have dyed their hair why did it have to go to an English white guy? Like in this one instance I wouldn’t have minded even a white latinx actor because Edgar Valdez sounds like a white latinx dude you know? Also I’m so disappointed in Charlie Hunnam gdi. 

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