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april fools day is in a few days, and i wanna make this clear. this blogger does not engage with “jokes” or “humor”, or even “fun”. if i see that shit on my dash, consider yourself blocked

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I can't fully express how off point you are with some of your memes. You're obscuring young people's understanding of history

I gladly invite you (or anyone) to link me to every post from our archive that you feel to be historically inaccurate, including your justification. I’ll be the first to admit that not all of our memes are perfect. This blog is a collection of content that is either created originally, submitted by you guys, or found online. I’m just one person, be it the creator or the cultivator, but still one person. Simply a full-time student who can’t operate with the same intensity and vigor as an entire fact-checking or editing department – although I wish I could. 

Humor is subjective in nature, so I’m not at all surprised to hear you say that “some” of the memes feel off; not every joke told is found funny. Further, you have to realize that our history memes are admittedly vague and short; we can only fit so much historical context into the joke. My job is not to paint a historical reference in every detail and provide readers with a full history education, for that is well beyond my scope.

With that being said, I find your charge of “obscuring” our youths’ understanding of history to be unfair. For a reader to even understand our memes, they must first understand the history, the facts of the past, which drive the very humor of our content. Sure, it’s fair to say that we do more than simply reinforce our followers’ past knowledge. I’m sure it’s possible that people may learn details or context that they didn’t know before. People may also see a history meme that they don’t have the full pretext to understand, and subsequently go about researching the topic further. Many even message me that our memes work as memory devices, which aid them greatly during tests. 

My point is, you seem to be demanding too much of a Tumblr blogger set out to make history jokes. People should definitely use a different source of information, besides a Tumblr blog ran by a student, to build their understanding of history. People shouldn’t take everything they read at face value, and should put all information – especially that of which resides on social media – under intense scrutiny. And maybe, just maybe, the history memes aren’t all that bad. 


hair and skin brighter than my future tbqh

I feel like asexuals would make great sidekicks for pansexuals. Or pansexuals would make great sidekicks for asexuals. Really, the pansexuals could go either way.

Every Silent Hill game in 'Local Man' terms
  • Silent Hill Origins: Local man loses truck, rescues burning child, remembers father's death
  • Silent Hill: Local man crashes jeep, loses child, helps ghost kill god
  • Silent Hill 2: Local man kills wife, meets stripper, adopts a child
  • Silent Hill 3: Local girl has bad dream, loses father, kills god
  • Silent Hill 4: Local man locked in apartment, finds corpse in walled up room, saves neighbour from ghosts
  • Silent Hill Homecoming: Local man with memory loss kills local judge, comes to terms with accidental drowning of brother
  • Silent Hill Downpour: Local man arrested, escapes from crashed prison bus, frees caged birds
  • Silent Hill Shattered Memories: Local man realizes that he is actually a ghost, local woman comes to terms with father's death
  • Silent Hill Book of Memories: Local blogger hasn't finished game, can't make decent joke, gives up and moves on
  • Silent Hill P.T: Local man trapped in never ending hallway while Swedish radio plays, wonders whose baby is in the sink

There was absolutely zero excuse or reason for those bloggers and critics to have been attacking Zack Snyder with the extreme vitriol that they were then, and there is absolutely zero excuse or reason now. Let it sink in that bloggers were just making jokes about Zack’s dead mother, were saying he deserves bad things to happen to him, saying that the man who runs the DCEU beside his wife, always praises women and expresses the importance of mothers as a focal point throughout the DCEU, hates women. Let it sink in that while he was dealing with the suicide of his daughter, one popular blogger unrepentantly made a claim (later saying it was a joke) that he hates his dead mother, who he is still to this day heartbroken over, who he credits as his hero.

Those bloggers and critics who go to that extreme inhumane length, because Zack’s only crime in their eyes was not making superheroes joke every second, because he was uncompromising in the themes he set up in the franchise. He never hurt anyone. He doesn’t abuse his actresses. He doesn’t degrade female characters or women irl for fun, and doesn’t give up on actors at their lowest. His only crime was being his own storyteller and doing what is his own right- being a director. And instead of these bloggers leaving it be, they chose to hound this man for years.

This man knew they would use his daughter’s suicide as another jab to create false narratives about Justice League, the DCEU, and the man his self. His words. He knew that there would be articles falsely blasting him continuously so he grieved privately and only just released the statement now that Joss will be handling post-production of Justice League. Again, this man’s tragic loss of his daughter by suicide, has to be officially announced because bloggers would take advantage of the situation to be disgusting as usual. That’s on y'all’s conscious. Not whiney trolls in the comments section but you actual popular bloggers and critics who sit on your keyboards acting holier than thou and senseless over comic books and movies.

Make it a lesson to dial back the vitriol altogether. Remember he is only just a man making films. He’s not a monster or a robot with no feelings. You don’t have to like his work, you don’t even have to pretend to like his work for the sake of faux concern suddenly. But what you can do is be quiet. Stop the cruel nonsense. Do better. Be better. And while you are at it, you can consider mental health and what you can do to promote it instead of trying to get likes and clicks by contributing to bandwagon hate because that’s what’s “in” these days.

for some reason i clicked on the notes of that post about the robot that uses facial recognition to tell if you’re gay, and i got like 5 seconds of scrolling before someone was like “haha do bisexuals break the robot” and i can’t stop thinking about what a disservice it is to young bi people to shove them into these kinds of politics. how deeply alienated these kids must be feeling from their own community. bisexuals deserve better than 40-year-old bloggers telling them that #radical praxis is making jokes about homophobia just because someone neglected to say the word “bisexual”

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Ok, I am white and a women. Sorry. Wait, I am also Hetero. I feel uncomfortable posting that. Sometimes heterosexual love hearing of others not,like us. Please love us too. I love your posts but feel so sad being straight

Please stop letting people blame white people. Some of us love everyone and hurt when when we see miss treatment. I love you Rosi

if that’s the way you feel, i sincerely suggest you unfollow me. this is without an ounce of hatred in my heart, because i believe you do not understand what you’re asking of me.

if you cannot already understand the kind of frustration that drives people like me to make half-hearted jokes on the internet about white people when you must already know or have been exposed to the way people of color and lgbt+ individuals are treated in their day to day lives, then i cannot explain it to you in any way you might comprehend it.

you say here you’re white and heterosexual, and that you love hearing of others unlike yourself, but a part of being an ally is being one unconditionally. poc and lgbt+ people have reasons to be angry, bitter, and every right to express that.

poc do not blame white people. white people are to blame. we are not the architects to our own oppression. we do not worsen it by drawing attention to it. being uncomfortable with the part you might have played in this ingrained, systematic oppression is part of learning that. 

if you feel sad being straight because a blogger you like sometimes makes jokes about straight people, i want you to imagine what it feels like for me every time my parents change the channel when homosexuality is mentioned. what it felt like for me when my father broke down in tears when i told him i liked girls. when i didn’t speak to my mother for six months because she forbid me from seeing my girlfriend. when she tries to show me pictures of hot male actors and set me up with young men she meets, all with the underlying tone that she’s really asking is whether or not i’m “fixed” yet. checking to see if i’ve “gotten over” being gay. 

when my parents took me to a psychiatrist not because i was starving myself, or because i was depressed, or because i had panic attacks so strong and so often it was affecting my heartbeat, but when i came out to them.

please educate yourself.

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all the other su bloggers: *makes jokes and has fun* ackee: *makes one joke* everyone: "umm, actually!!"

If i said she’s gay i wouldn’t get annoying asks lecturing me about how she’s “”””actually””””” straight but the minute i say “she’s black” people have a problem

Best Friends (MLFluffMonth Day 19)

|| Alyanette, aged up, sequel to this ||

“Why are you asking me?” Marinette inquired, focusing more on her stitching than the blogger behind her.
“I assumed you’d know what to do!”
“Alya, there’s a lot of things I know, but that is not one of them. Now try this on.”Alya grumbled, but took up the dress and slipped into the bathroom. “How does it fit?”
“Fine.” Alya said stepping out of the bathroom.
“I made it so it’s easy to take off.” Marinette grinned and rested her arm of the back of her chair.
“Gross. You’ve spent too much time around Chat.”
“I’ll take that as a compliment. You can change out of the dress now.”

A few minutes later and Alya was carrying the dress, dressed in what she came in with. “Thanks for making my wedding dress Marinette.”
“Well if I didn’t then how could I annoy you about it.”
“Uh huh.”
“Yeah uh huh. But what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t make it?”
“A bad one.” Alya sat down and sighed. “You still haven’t helped me with that.”
“Foreplay, condom and stop if it doesn’t feel right.”
“Hah! So you did know!” Alya yelled. “Wait. How do you know?” Marinette smirked.
“What do you think me and Chat do when he visits?”
“Too much information Marinette.” Alya said making a gag motion.
“I’m joking.” The blogger sighed. “Maybe.” Marinette chuckled as a pillow was thrown at her. “And that’s just common sense unless pain is your thing.”
“Marinette, I love you, but don’t think you and Chat are no longer under suspicion.”

Day 19! This was fun to write.

some blogger: makes a joke about not having any money
another random blogger: hey :-) so you might not have heard about this :-) but there’s a website (insert link) where you can take surveys :-) to make some extra money :-) I’ve literally made $10k and I’ve only been doing it a month :-) (posts a photoshopped image of their PayPal) see :-) here’s proof :-)

There’s no way to invoke the “vaginas are gross and smell bad” trope without invoking misogynist understandings of what vaginas are and how they act and look and how they should smell. This is true for everyone from gay men pointing out that they are not interested in them sexually (which is 10000% fine! and can be noted without making misogynist jokes) to asshole bloggers mocking cis feminists broadly or individually.

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What are your main problems with dd/lg fetishes?

this is generally the thing i would be like “dnt get me started on…” but im gonna get started on it because i love to be angry i guess. so im gonna start with some of their lesser crimes here and work my way up

> this is kind of an internet exclusive thing, but the dd/lg communities on here seem to have a genuine problem with keeping their kink stuff confined within their own circles and tend to drag people into it who dnt consent. like some 16 yr old humor blogger makes a joke abt eggs or whatever, they aren’t consenting to see someone add on “teehee daddy always makes me eggs after he gives me cummies! i love you daddy! @youaredaddysproperty-eateggs97” which I guess seems like a nonissue but there are a lot of people who find this kind of stuff triggering and dnt want it added onto their posts that literally have nothing to do with kinks (for fairly obvious reasons but ill get into that a little later). it’s not “what two consenting adults do in private” if you’re interacting with random, often underage outsiders who want nothing to do with it on a very public forum.

> rlly widespread misappropriation of lgbt+ terminology, rhetoric, culture, etc. ive honestly lost count of the number of messages i get on this blog since i started using the kinkshamer69 url about how shaming kinks is just as bad as homophobia and even though it would be easy to dismiss it as trolling because of the sheer ridiculousness of that statement, this kind of discourse is unironically promoted in dd/lg communities. some people even go so far as to “come out” to their families about their dd/lg kink and interpret their (rightful) discomfort or disgust as oppression, or like, whatever. there are actually people in those communities who think that negative reactions to their shitty kinks is oppression. i don’t fuck with people who think that being told to keep their weird sex to themselves is a real problem in general but dd/lg is a lot more loaded than just “weird sex”

> whipping out the no true scotsman fallacy whenever someone calls the community out on its bullshit. youd see this a lot in bdsm communities too (which dnt necessarily go hand in hand with dd/lg but there are a lot of similarities) when 50 shades of grey was getting attention, a lot of critics who practiced bdsm would say “yah christian grey is abusive and real doms aren’t abusive”. dd/lg is kind of similar in the sense that things like abuse, rape apologism, and pedophilia are widespread and whenever it’s brought up, or worse, people on the receiving end of this are asking for advice on what to do with it, you just hear things like “a real daddy wouldn’t do that” which is completely unhelpful and just a poor attempt to dissociate yourself from issues within your circle instead of making meaningful efforts to fix these problems. but like, at the end of the day, both bdsm and dd/lg are different variations of a sexualized power imbalances and abuse is taking advantage of existing power imbalances. so yeah, these things kind of feed off one another and i think a lot of these people know that when the focal point of your relationship is a power imbalance, that becomes a really easy thing to exploit, and therefore they just kind of dodge the issue instead of reevaluating their lifestyle

> and finally, the worst/most damaging problem with dd/lg is that there is almost always some basis in pedophilia. the terms “daddy” and “little girl” directly imply an adult man and a child, if not a father and daughter. people always wanna argue that it’s no different from calling a partner “baby,” but baby is established as a pet name and is very commonly used outside the context of literal babies, when daddy and little girl aren’t. the entire basis of the kink is, unambiguously, the infantilization of one of the parties involved. you honestly could not make the argument that it isn’t, that’s how cut and dry it is. in more intense cases, the “little” is straight up dressing and acting like a child. one of the worse posts I’ve seen on this site was a christmas list for lgs which included things like dolls, dress up clothing, crayons & finger painting sets, and even things like pacifiers. there’s a popular post on here in which the op was talking abt how her daddy dom had bought her a disney princess training potty, thank god I’ve only seen it reblogged critically. the ideal lg is said to be 100% dependent on their caregiver and doesn’t to engage in any adult activities and there are women in the community who actually aspire to do that to the best of their ability. it doesn’t just stop at people being turned on by the idea of their partner being childlike, there are a lot of people who go so far as simulate child sexual abuse. it’s fucked up. i shouldn’t have to explain any further why that is fucked up

so tl;dr my problem is that these people are pedophiles and rape apologists who wrongfully insert themselves into the experiences of the lgbt+ community, flood the internet with their shit, and derail when people call them out on it

#abuse cw #rape cw #csa cw #ddlg cw #long post

Innocent tumblr blogger: *Reads a Winter’s tale*

Innocent tumblr blogger:*reads about the bear*

Innocent tumblr blogger:*is perfectly aware of the number of jokes that have been made at the bear’s expense*

Innocent tumblr blogger: *Can’t resist it and makes a joke anyway*

Average bear:

There are so many neo-nazis on this site. There are white supremacists on this site that literally support the KKK. There are hate blogs toward LGBTQIA people, and hate blogs towards disabled people. Blogs that dedicate themselves to suicide-baiting and harassing mentally ill people. And those blogs never receive even the slightest bit of criticism from the anti-SJWs/”egalitarians” of tumblr; anti-SJWs all either ignore or support those blogs, but they lose their shit when an SJ blogger makes a harmless, toungue-in-cheek joke about straight people or whatever. That’s just one of the several reasons why I don’t believe them when they say that they care about real equality.