the blogger

hello nuggets, I’m kelly. I’m 16 years old, canadian, swiss-living. For most of my life I’ve been travelling around the world and living in different places due to my parents’ jobs, that’s why I speak english, french (québécois), and mandarin! In my free time, I usually sing (horribly) and pretend I’m living in a fantasy world. 

if you want to know more, don’t be afraid to send me a message ♡ I follow back those who ask and I always queue off my followers to over 50k so that you guys can gain followers as well! xxx

Meet the Aro Day!

So, this is me (feat. my kinda messy room) and these are some facts about myself:

1. I live in Hamburg, Germany but I will be moving to London in September to study English and Drama
2. I have just recently discovered my aromanticism but that’s because I just never heard about it before
3. This is also why I love this day, I hope that many people who are as confused as I was will learn about aromanticism and maybe discover that they are fellow aros aswell
4. I identify as lithromantic, allosexual at the moment, though I am still questioning my sexuality
5. My biggest dream is to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest one day which is really silly, but who cares c: