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I got a Lime Crime velvetine…which is quite out of character for me lmao. I used to follow the Doe Deere Blogazine back when Lime Crime was newly created, then a couple LiveJournal communities I followed at the time enlightened me about how horrible Doe Deere was. I grew more interested in indie makeup a bit later and that’s when I really started following Lime Crime drama. It’s fascinating yet awful and I’m not shy about how I boycott them.

Why buy from Lime Crime now? I’ve always wanted an olive liquid to matte lipstick because it’s one of my favorite colors, especially for lips. I noticed they came out with one and it pisses me off that no other company (not even indie brands) had created one first lmao. I’ve always been curious to test how velvetines perform as a product as well. When I saw it on sale during Black Friday from another retailer than the risky official webshop, I thought, why not?

The shade name, Trouble, is very fitting…I’ve lowkey always wanted Lime Crime to release a lime colored lip product to reflect the name and this olive shade is the closest they’ve come so far. The first time I put it on, it really felt like rose petals (as the website says it was inspired by) when I gently pressed my lips together. It’s lovely until 10 minutes into wearing it when the slightest touch causes it to ball up and crumble away. I like liquid lipstick to be transfer-proof so I don’t get it on clothes, but this is so sensitive to touch that I can remove it with my finger. I mean, you wouldn’t want to touch something like lip gloss either, but this is supposed to be touch-proof and transfer-proof.

It’s satisfying to know that after trying a velvetine, it’s as crappy as I imagined. It reminds me of Sephora cream lip stains and NYX soft matte lip creams (which are both mostly subpar products in my experience but still better than this) merged into one, right down to the smell. Don’t get me wrong, I was actually hoping it might work out since I love the color. I guess it’s a product where I’d overlook the performance in favor of the color when I wear it - it’s not like red where I can find a better one (though hopefully I can some day!)