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Happy Anniversary Everybody!

Can you believe it?  Me neither…it’s already been a year since me and Dipper’s amazing summer ended in Gravity Falls.

I could write a bajillion books filled with all the nostalgia and fun memories I’ve been thinking about over the past year (I’ve already started on my first trilogy!), but even that wouldn’t be enough to cover all the incredible things I feel when I think back on all our time back in that crazy town.

And I’ll admit, one of those things I feel is sadness!  There’s a lot of stuff that Dipper and I miss, and I’m sure all of you guys miss it too!  But the good news is that Gravity Falls isn’t going anywhere (unless a giant space monster comes outta nowhere and sucks it up or something), and I wanna give a big shout out to those of you still sticking around for the ride!

And just in case you don’t believe me, here’s a bunch of big awesome stuff just around the corner!

First of all, Dipper and I found this crazy cursed coloring book a few weeks ago, and now we’re gonna share it with you this July! (Sorry it’s taking so long to come out, Grunkle Ford wanted to make sure we cleared all the magic dust stuff off of it so, y’know, you don’t get cursed too.  Dipper says it’s not too fun.)

But yeah!  July 18 this thing goes up on the shelves, but you can totally pre-order it now if you want!  Yay pre-ordering!

Second, today is the last day in the history of ever that you can get your exclusive Gravity Falling merchandise!  Whether you want us all on a shirt, a mug, or a big giant cozy blanket to hide from that space monster eating Gravity Falls that I talked about earlier, it’s all available until 3 AM EST/12 AM PST tonight!  After that, it’s gone for good!!!

So hurry!  Right now!  Immediately!  Pronto!  Tick-tock! Other word that means fast!  Get it while you can!

And last of all, get ready for more fun, adventure, and epic Soos beatboxing from The Mystery Shack askblog itself! (Seriously, Soos says he plans to type out an entire answer in beatbox language one day.)

We’ve got lots of fun stuff around the corner, and wanna give a special shout-out to all our followers for being so patient while we get it ready.  Stay tuned, you lovely set of amigos!

And for now, that’s all until next time.  It’s been one heck of a year full of changes, but one thing hasn’t changed: We still love Gravity Falls as much as you do.

See you soon!


cartoons-behind-blogging-deacti  asked:

Ford and Dipper would so study Milo and Murphy's Law. Bill would try to use it for his advantage, Stan would have him as a Mystery Shack "special" tour, Mabel would bedazzle Diogee. Melissa,Zack, and Milo would hang out with Wendy,Soos and the twins. But Bill would do anything he can to have Milo as a puppet.

THANK YOU. I was starting to think the Gravity Falls crossover trend was dead. 

I mean, c’mon, like Bill would pass up the chance to take over a kid who’s a walking Weirdmageddon. 

Bad End Friends

Ice cold, demonized,
Full of lust, button-eyed
Fire, virus, loneliness
Efficient and foreboding, it’s
What you’d never want to happen
Made real, their hearts are blackened
They became what they once fought
Their struggles now are all for naught
Say goodbye to your good friends
Since they all met their bad ends

I’ve become a bit obsessed with the Bad End Friends AU. Check out the blog @ask-bad-end-friends for more info on it.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any recs for sterek matchmaking fics? By any of the hales or Lydia? Please and thank you~ P.S this blog is glorious and your recs are wonderful ^_^

😌😌thank youu love 😘 hope you will like those 😇

Maybe Someday (I’ll Be Home For Next Year)

Summary: AKA, the Grandma Stilinski fic. Derek Hale meets a Mabel Stilinski while living in New York. He learns that she has a grandson. There are miscommunications, scarves, stealth-matchmaking plans, and cookies. Many, many cookies.

Read Here!


Matchmaker, Please

Summary: When the Sheriff said that he wanted to set Stiles up with one of his deputies, Stiles thought he’d be meeting some chubby, doughnut-loving desk sergeant. He definitely wasn’t expecting Officer Hale.

After significant efforts on the Sheriff’s part, Stiles takes Officer Hale on their first date.

Read Here!


Matchmaking wars

Summary: The pack tries to get Stiles and Derek together. Only… they are already together.

Read Here!


Right Where I Needed You

Summary: Stiles passes up a bright future in magical medicine to move back to Beacon Hills to study under Dr. Deaton and become a werewolf specialist. Talia Hale doesn’t care why Stiles has come back to Beacon Hills, she just wants him to marry her sourwolf of a son. Setting them on a collision course shouldn’t be that difficult, but when do Stiles and Derek make anything easy for anyone…including themselves? Now Derek’s pack is infected with a possible magical/biological weapon, can Stiles find a cure before it’s too late?

Read Here!


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Hey everyone! So, guys its my blog’s first birthday and I hit more than 870 followers too, so it’s a time to celebrate, I want to thank you guys for being so supportive and friendly, so the celebration begins on 25th September, that’s Monday. So what’s gonna happen -
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Thank you guys for being so nice to me, hope you enjoy the celebration.


KAWAII ANIMAL CROSSING GIVE AWAY by Crossing Art ♡♡♡ ^// 3 //^

Hiii everyone~ 

I finally got home from my Japan trip and as I announced: Here is my second give away with a lot of kawaii Animal Crossing goods :D (And believe me- it´s really hard to find Animal Crossing stuff in Japan! O_O”)

These are the cutest things I found and I want to share them with you- my awesome followers ! :3 Thank you so much for following me and my art ♡


So now to the prices you can win ^// v//^

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☆ K.K. slider charm

☆ Digby charm

☆ set of sticky notes and a pad of paper with a sanrio design

Second Price ♡

☆1 pack of Amiibo+ cards (3 cards in japanese but they work on all systems)

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☆ set of sticky notes and a pad of paper with a sanrio design


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Wish you all the best of luck <3 Thank you all so much!


GUYS WHAT?? Ok so, I’ve made a 500+ milestone post, then a 2.3k post but?? I never expected 5k ?? Is this real?? I can’t thank you guys enough for all the support, so in order to express how much I appreciate everyone of you, I’m going to be holding blog rates until August 6 yay~ I’m also looking for new studyblrs to follow so yeah ! Enjoy~ 
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The format is below the cut.

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I’m John, and I’m here to make specifically nature themed aesthetics for LGBT people of all kinds! Just send in an identity/flag and a nature related theme and I’ll make an aesthetic for you! You can also add in other, non nature related modifiers to it, but keep in mind that this blog is mostly nature-themed. (eg. royal trans boy and sunsets, genderfluid and beaches, lesbian mabel pines and forests, etc.) The ask box will be opened shortly, and I’m excited to see your requests!

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Nickname: My parents have a laundry list of them for me :P Though they call me “Fritz” the most, and I’ve only realized now I don’t really know how that came to be.

Zodiac: Virgo

Height: 6'3"

Last thing I googled: The Brilliant Green’s first album, so I could download it on Soulseek.

Favorite music artist: I’m only supposed to choose ONE?!

Song stuck in my head: “Hey Jealousy” by Gin Blossoms

Last movie I saw: Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie

What am I wearing right now: Blue moisture-wicking tank top and Croft & Barrow sports shorts.

Why did I choose my url: Came from my first name and the last name of a character in Recess (Gus).

Do I have any other blogs: No, I like things to be organized, so I post all my shit on just this one blog :P

What did your last relationship teach you: Never

Religious or spiritual: Spiritual? IDK

Favourite color: Any shade of blue.

Average hours of sleep: My circadian rhythm is so fucked up it’s hard for me to pinpoint an average.

Lucky number: Not sure.

Favorite characters: Oh, YOU ASKED FOR IT. *inhales* Kanna Kamui, Tsuyu Asui, Ochako Uraraka, Star Butterfly, Mabel Pines, Demencia, Sucy Manbavaran, Peridot, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Tomoko Kuroki, Leni Loud, Patamon, Lumpy Space Princess, Marceline, Chloe Price, Tohru, Kobayashi, Luna Loud, *MASSIVE exhale* Is that enough?

How many blankets do I sleep with: Depends on the weather. Most of the time I only sleep under a sheet, or if I’m REALLY hot (which is 98% of the time) none at all. Only on really cold times do I sleep under multiple.

Dream job: Musician/cartoonist


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happy birthday, mabel and dipper! no matter how old you get, you’re still the mystery twins! i wonder what adventures await you in the future!

mabel: @dasheranne
dipper: @pinesmoke

musicarus  asked:

Were you serious about the dekubowl dating sim thing because if you are then lemme see it first thing plz

Ok I feel bad for not answering this ASAP yesterday(?) but yes I am 100% serious about this game. I’ll most likely be talking about all the dev stuff and boring day to day making a game stuff on my dev blog cynicalghostproductions and my twitter @captainmabe if you wanna hear me bitch and moan about writing games. I’me working in conjuction with everyone in heronetwork, as this is a group project vs. one of my solo ones. But yeah, it’s legit yo.

Friends With (Tax) Benefits, 1/?

One of the few things we have stuck to on this blog is that “Thou Shalt Not Post AU/AU’s”.

And then one day, Mod S asked Mod Z “but what if Mabel died while having the kids and Dipper and Henry got friend married?”

And then Mod S started writing things and then OH SHIT THIS IS A THING NOW HELP.

And then Mod S went to Mod Z and went “um….can we post this?”

And then Mod Z went “eh, maybe we’ll start posting au/au’s, as long as they kind of go along with the general rules of this universe?”

TLDR: Here is the thing we’ve been working on forever and we may be posting a few more au/au’s in the future


Multiple universes, a new one branching off for every decision made.

Universes so much in number that not even a top hatted dream demon could keep up with every one of them.

(Dipper tried once when he was 22 and a bit bored and the resulting week long headache that had resulted was decidedly Not Worth It)

Here is one universe, where a certain deal between Henry and Stan and Dipper was never made (why? perhaps Dipper missed a detail, perhaps none of them stopped to think about what being pregnant with triplets would mean, perhaps there was no warning signs….there is no knowing now)l.

End result being, here is Dipper Pines, 27 years old, and watching his sister give birth to her triplets.

There was blood in the OR.

Far, far too much blood.

And Dipper had to choose, make the impossible decision.

Did he save his sister, or her newborn daughter?

(“Dipper Pines, if you love me, don’t worry about me. Save my girl. Please.”

He could never say no to Mabel. Even if it meant losing her.

There was a lot more that was shared between the two of them in the Mindscape before he returned them both to the hospital, felt Mabel leave even as he focused on saving Willow, but what the last conversation between the twins was shall remain strictly between the two of them.)


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The Shack is Back!

Greetiiiiiiiiiings, everyone!  And yes, as I’ve informed Grunkle Ford very recently, kids in this dimension do say greetings, so I can say it as much as I want! Greetings, greetings, greetings!

After our super long hiatus, we are finally back!  And to make up for lost time, we’ve planned so much awesome stuff for all of you.  Stuff that’s so awesome, I can’t present it all by myself!  Take it away, my trusted amigos!

Oh, heh, I guess I’m the first of Mabel’s “trusted amigos” or whatever…

But yeah! Uh, first things first, I’m happy to let you know that we’ll be answering a new question for you guys every day this week!  Hopefully from then on out we can get back to a regular schedule, but at least that should make up for our recent radio silence!

So yeah, like, stick around for lots of cool stuff all through Saturday! 

Oh, and, uh, as they say on that Owl Trowel infomercial that keeps coming on our TV for some reason: “Wait, that’s not all!”

Geez, okay, that was cheesy.

Eh, alright, guess it’s my turn…after that stunnin’ infomercial performance from ol’ Dipster back there. Nice work.

But, meh, the kid’s right, that isn’t all.  We’re just gettin’ started!

So y’know how it’s been nearly a year since those kiddos finished up their summer and headed back home, huh?  Well, t’celebrate the anniversary of that amazin’ last day–and kickin’ some triangle butt–we’re puttin’ a super exclusive item back on the market!

For those of you who didn’t get a chance t’grab a piece of “Gravity Falling” merchandise last year, we’re bringin’ it back for a super limited time, only available ‘til February 15th!  After that it’s gone for good, and I mean it!

So grab yourself a shirt, phone case, notebook, you name it, folks!  Your money is my happiness!

I mean, happiness.  Your happiness is my happiness. Or somethin’ like that.

Oh, hey dudes!  Last amigo on the case: It’s me, Soos!

Oh, yeah, my announcement.  Well, y’see dawgs, mine is super under wraps and all that mysterious stuff, but I still can give you, like, the vague details.

Three words:  Art, contest, and keep-in-mind-your-favorite-post-from-TheMysteryShack-cause-that’s-gonna-come-in-handy-in-the-future-dude!

But yeah!  While those three mystery words aren’t gonna make much sense t’you for a good while, just keep ‘em in mind!  Or like, on a sticky note or somethin’.

Dude, have y’seen those neon sticky notes that glow so bright it’s like your eyes’re on fire?  Man, I love those things, dude!

And last of all, thanks to everybody who stuck around and waited so patiently for us to come back!  We know waiting can be like a trudge in the lame-sludge, so it means so much that you all are still with us and excited for more askblog adventures!  Plus, now I finally have some people to share this glitter pizza with!

Hehe, it’s good to be back!

–The Mystery Shack Crew–

anonymous asked:

16, 21, 26, and 45

16. Favourite Anime?
Your Lie in April. This anime ruined me. I need help ;-;

21. Favourite Animal?
Foxes :3 (and dogs and cats if we’re talking about the plain ol’ house pets)

26. Favorite Tumblr Blog?
I have too many favs ;-; but shout out to my friends and acquaintances @shippingsquad @mrevaunit42 @nerdymetalhead @artgirllullaby @staryu-l @thefandombytes @mizuka-11 @weather-art @marionette-j2x @cartooniste2z @xxinfamousxx321 @ladyxgilex @anime-girl-blr @theodora14pines @pokemonnrd @toffeetheimmortalmonster @mabel-butterfly

45. Name One Movie That Made You Cry.
I have not watched many sad movies lately, only sad animes but… I watched Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda and it was super sad