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“Don’t you talk to me about victimisation. Let me tell you something son, me and my best mate we went through basic training together ok? First year out they sent us on this particular job, the two catholics are you with me? We go straight over a pipe bomb, I end up in intensive care; him they bury. The log book goes missing nobody says a word… don’t you talk to me about victimisation.

I noticed some RP blogs follow me back and I just want to direct them to my RP blogs because that’s why I follow ‘em. These are the ones that I will definitely be returning to at some point if they are on hiatus.

Fandomless/The Blood Series (my book series) RP blogs


Fandomless/Multi Fandom RP blog


Dynasty Warriors 6 RP blog


RWBY OCs RP blog


Tumblr is suddenly suffering Medium-envy

*Or so Tech Crunch says here, anyhow.

“Starting today, Tumblr is rolling out a series of updates to its online blogging platform designed to make the service more attractive and useful for content creators, and specifically for those writing long-form content. The move comes at a time when publishing platform Medium, co-founded by former Twitter CEO Evan Williams, is growing in popularity thanks to its simple and clean user interface – something which clearly Tumblr is now trying to target with these recent changes.

"Also new today, are upgraded mobile apps for Tumblr users that introduce improved support for push notifications and messaging, among other things.

"The company teased some of the changes on its staff blog yesterday, highlighting a feature that shows an animation of a rich text editor, but hinting that there was “much, much more” on the way.

"As the screenshot below shows, the new Tumblr editor now allows for making formatting and style changes during the composition of a blog post through a pop-up interface where you can do things like bold, strikethrough, italicize, link and more.

"It’s not necessarily more useful than the current implementation where these buttons are at the top of the writing window, but it’s a step forward in making Tumblr’s “Compose” interface a more beautiful writing environment – and one which is somewhat reminiscent of Medium’s own formatting tool, which also appears as you highlight the text on screen….”

(((If you really dig long-form typography for some weird reason, maybe you ought to leave the brucesterling tumblr and go read Bruce Sterling essays on Medium.)))