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Satan Emoji Reviews

The fuck is this bullshit? Purple? The horns are too large and off the sides of its head? and what’s with that gradient? Apple you can suck my ass. 0/10

Now this is a quality satan. Classic red color with some striking yellow eyes. Expression portrays complete disgust which is what I feel at Apple’s emoji. At the same time he’s a blobby boy and I feel like I want to hug him but he’d eat my hand off. 100/10

what the FUCK is this GARBAGE? jesus christ it’s all shapes that were premade in paint! awful! the only reason it’s better than Apple’s is because it’s red. 1/10

Now this one is unique. At first you may think it’s a child DRESSED as satan, but notice the lack of headband, oddly colored hair, beady eyes, and fangs. No, no, boys what we have here is a good ol’ fashioned antichrist child. A beautifully impish little lad. Not satan but creative. 9/10

Bitch looks like he took a swim in buffalo sauce. Disgraceful but let’s be real satan probably would. 8/10

Love! Him! Look at that devious face! He looks young and fresh, he is a baby. Evil satan baby has my heart. 10/10

it’s PURPLE…. however it has a delightful shiny exterior. not a perfect surface, a blob boy. 5/10

this one is so shite that I’m not even going to say anything about it. Instead I’m going to tell you my review of Fuller House. Overall I found the storylines and episodes to be lacking greatly, but sheer nostalgia kept me watching. I cannot deny that the episodes where everyone comes together again made me very emotional. Could use some work but I am weak and will keep watching new seasons. I give Fuller House a 7/10

Very plain and basic, but the solid colors and cell shading is a nice choice. Not as mean as he could be but still pretty pissed. 4/10

An ugly little man. He’s trying too hard. He’s the guy who shows up at parties but won’t stop talking about his new vape pen. “Please, I’ve heard about your Sex on the Beach flavored vape juice 10 times. Let me go.” You say, but he’s not listening. He tells you he’s going to do a cool vape trick, but he just blows vape in your face. It smells like pineapple pizza. “Let me try again I’ve got it this time.” he says, messing up again. He continues to do this until the Google satan shows up and slaps the vape pen out of his hand. Emoji One Satan starts sobbing hysterically. 5/10

this one looks like that one little fuckhead from Scary Godmother. God I hate that kid. I had a nightmare about him once where he was just slamming all my doors in my house. He also ate a box of frozen corndogs in my kitchen and didn’t close the freezer. What a douchenozzle. 1/10



Megg and Mogg in Amsterdam by Simon Hanselmann (nominated for outstanding story and outstanding series) @girlmountain @fantagraphics

Simon Hanselmann’s Megg and Mogg is a low-key stoner comedy, frequently hilarious, often tragic and always poignantly insightful about the inertia and malaise of its self-destructive principals.  When Megg and Mogg travel to Amsterdam (followed by the uptight and unwelcome Owl), their relationship starts to deteriorate in this New York Times bestselling collection of brilliant stories (originally serialized on Vice).

For fans of Boy’s Club, Ernie Pook’s Comeek, Blobby Boys, Octopus Pie, Girls, Broad City, Trailer Park Boys

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Here comes trouble! Alex Schubert's Blobby Boys 2 this Spring.

“There’s an almost Axe Cop-like, written-by-a-child feel to the story, only with some adult cynicism mixed in. Schubert’s bold, machine-precise image-making, in which every character and object looks like something that could be a logo for something, is hard to describe, but easy to appreciate.” — J. Caleb Mozzocco, Comic Book Resources