the blobbers!

Karamel Blobber Bouquet

I wanted to add to the amazingly positive community we have going here with some love for my fellow blobbers! Do you guys remember those ‘One of those things’ memes we all tagged each other in? I had this idea back then and wrote down your answers but haven’t gotten around to it yet but today seemed like the perfect day!

Here is a special bouquet from me to all the people that tagged me or responded to my tag in that meme chain! Your favourite flowers/colours :)

I know I’ll be missing lots so please tag your friends and send flowers to all the blobbers you love!













Music Meister will save Karamel & Westallen 2k17

After tonights episode of the Flash and after this coming Mondays episode of supergirl, Music meister will be Karamels’ and Westallens’ biggest shipper. He will save their relationship by the musical he creates in the AU and everything will be fine. Hold on tight my fellow blobbers, we are in for a bumpy ride!!


I don’t   d  o    r  o  m  a  n  c  e  …
Anastasia, what are you   d  o  i  n  g    t  o    m  e  ?