the bliss chronicles

fic: and I'll be yours until the stars fall out the sky

fandom: the lunar chronicles

characters/pairings: cinder, kai, kaider

summary: cinder is not stealthy

notes: i wrote this before winter came out, so no winter spoilers, but i still think it can fit in, timeline wise, even after finishing winter


Cinder stumbled into the room, dead tired and tried but failed to enter the room stealthily or at least soft enough that the other occupant in this room could stay asleep.

She slid into the bed with a sigh, the sheets soft and warmed by the already sleeping body in her bed, trying to move as quietly as possible. She didn’t want to wake Kai.

She froze as the bed dipped, and Kai snorted at her. “I guess I should be glad that you’re so terrible at sneaking around,” he mumbled, staring at her with sleepy eyes.

“This isn’t what this looks like…” Cinder insisted but Kai pulled her close, wrapping his arms around her waist. His breath feathered over her neck and she shivered slightly as he spoke. “And besides, I’m at a disadvantage,” she countered, gesturing to herself, and her cyborg limbs.

“It seems to me that my wife is a hypocrite,” Kai started, pressing soft, sloppy kisses to her neck and her toes curled. “It looks like my wife is probably working herself to the bone again,” Kai continued, pressing more kisses to her neck and his nose brushed the side of her neck.

“It looks to me,” and his hands roamed as he brought her tight against him and he kissed higher up her neck, “that my wife needs more reason to come to bed at night.”

Higher he kissed and the more giggly the couple became until Kai was straddling her to kiss the corner of her mouth.

His calf pressed up her thigh and she knew it must be cold, she pressed her thumbs soothingly into his hips, “Is my leg too cold?” She breathed and he laughed, shaking his head.

He brought her hands up from his hips, kissing them, then kissing her knuckles and finally brushing his lips against her palms before she could catch his face and hold his face in her hands for a moment.

Her lips quirked in a smile as she asked, “And how are you, my husband?”