the blinking

soooooooo, when is the Stranger Things 2 trailer tappin this ass?

Modern AU Newsies Mini Golf Headcanons

–Davey keeps score. Not because he’s the most honest, but because he’s the most fair. (He conveniently doesn’t notice when someone’s score gets over 10 swings, looking at you, Kid Blink with your rotten depth perception)

–Crutchy is actually really good at mini golf. He’s used to balancing and swinging a stick around.

–every single time someone hits their golf ball within three feet of the hole, jack shouts, “no way!” Every single time.

–Mush is the congratulator. He cheers loudest and longest. (“Yay, blink! You got it in 8 putts that time!” as if that’s something to be proud of)

–whenever Davey bends over to put his golf ball down for his turn, jack smacks him on the bottom. Davey gets mad every time. Then on the 10th time, Davey smacks Jack’s bottom first. Jack likes it way too much, so Davey doesn’t do that again

–not a single Newsie gets a hole in one. Ever.

–Spot says he got one once. Tries to beat up anyone who says otherwise.

–Race: *snickers* Spot aint never got no hole in one
Spot: *coming up from behind* You want to say that to my face?
Race: Nope! *walks away really quickly. Hides behind Les*

–Spot always hits the ball too hard and it ends up going back to the starting point way too often. Race starts to laugh until Spot gives him a stern look. (“I’ll give you something to laugh at, Higgins.”) Spot’s score gets so bad, he starts interfering with Race’s putting, knocking Race’s ball backwards

–Denton plays too! He honestly thinks he’s a pro golf champion. Everyone backs up when it’s his turn, because he swings like a mad man, it shoots way up in the air, and inevitably lands in the pond. Oh, but he yells “fore”, so he thinks it’s ok.


this guilt will CHOKE you, this secret that you’ve been keeping will haunt you to no end. that weight in your chest will remain forever, the skeletons in your closet will remind you that this is not who you are. there is no longer a ryan kleinman &. there is no longer a jared kleinman. not anymore.

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