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Look Away

I totally wasn’t inspired by @hellohaechan‘s Jeno basketball au

Not at all

Anyway just a little oneshot I cooked up in my spare time; RIHY 2 will be out probably sometime this week? Maybe the next week if I’m really busy or really lazy

Also this keeps happening to me with my irl sort of crush so this is kinda based off personal experience lmao

Pairing: Mark x Reader

Genre: fluff (bc do i really know how to write anything else)

Word count: 4.4k

You’re pretty sure the star basketball player and campus heartthrob, Mark Lee, thinks you hate him for some unknown reason. 


Every single fucking time you catch his eye, you look away on reflex.

Little does he know that you’re actually head over heels for him.


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Sehun scenario - No more running

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requested by anon

genre: angst, fluff

Summary: Two years after finding out you are pregnant. You and Sehun decide it's best to just part ways so he doesn’t have to be tied down to a family at a young age. But when en he sees you and your child together, he refuses to let you slip away again.

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NCT 127 Reacting to S/O Having Kissing Scenes in a Movie

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Prompt:  Heya! Can I request NCT 127 reaction to their s/o having a lead role in a romance movie and she has too many kissing scenes with the other lead role?

Author’s Note: Finally moved into my dorm room and got time to work on this request! (I swear I can only find gifs of all of them dancing). Writing stuff like this honestly makes my day because I’m already starting to feel the homesickness that comes with boarding school and writing makes me happy.


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This boy was so eager to come on set with you when he finally had some time off, but his excitement wore off once the director made you redo a scene over and over again. You were fine with the kissing with the other lead, it was Taeil that made it just the slightest bit uncomfortable. He wouldn’t say anything during the scene, he would just be watching you with an expressionless face. Once it was over, he’d sort of cling on to you.

I’m a WAY better kisser than he is, right?


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Ok, he looks super fluffy and unassuming, but BOY IS HE SHOCKED WHEN HE SEES YOU FULL ON MAKING OUT WITH THIS ACTOR AT THE PREMIERE OF YOUR MOVIE. Like you had warned him that he was gonna see you kissing another man, but he didn’t think it would be like this. And the fact this was the 4th scene (oh yes, he counted) with y’all making out, you sure as heck didn’t warn him about this. He looks over at you and leans in.

So… I’m gonna assume you were imaging it was me when you were kissing him like that.


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There’s a piece of me that wants to say he’ll be hella jealous. But then there’s a large piece of me that believes Johnny would be totally unfazed by this. Like he would totally take this as an opportunity to “help you” with your acting just so he could make out with you (real original Johnny boy). I mean he’d obviously roll up to the movie set with you like he’s the shit (he is) and give the other lead the whole once over look scaring the shit out of him just a little. 

You know I’m always available to help you practice for certain scenes, babe.

Is this just an excuse to make out with me, Johnny Seo.

Well if you put it like that…


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Well, Yuta is jealous to say the very least. Oh and he’s vocal about it too. Like. Really vocal about it. He’d be in an interview and the host does not hesitate to ask his opinion about the heavy makeout scene with you and the lead actor of the movie. He’d sit up a little straighter, his face would go slightly blank before his signature smirk, and he’d lightly kick Mark who giggled just loud enough for him to hear.

I’m obviously a better kisser than he was, so I’m not worried about anything. We made up for it later on. *wink wink*



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Oh sweet little Doyoung would be jealous but in his own way. I feel like he’d be a bit like Taeil in the sense that you’d take him on set with you and right after you film the scene a couple times with the kissing, he’d cling to you like a koala. You’d know he was jealous because when you were asked to prepare to film another scene with kissing, he’d press his lips to your neck or hand or wherever he could get to and whine just a little.

Do you have to go jagiya? You can just film it with me!


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So, I’m also getting the whole totally-cool-with-it-let-me-help-you vibe from our lovely Jaehyun. But I think along with that, he’d still be the slightly jealous type. He knows that it comes with the job and everything, but he still doesn’t totally love the idea of you kissing a guy you’d only met a few days prior. However, to make him feel better, you suggest to him that you practice the scene with him a couple times to make sure you get it right, knowing good and well that the only “scene practicing” y’all would do is the making out. But you’re cool with it and so is he.

So, like, when do we start?


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Shocked little Sicheng bean wouldn’t know what on God’s green Earth to do when he finally watched the movie with you. Because he was on tour when it premiered, he didn’t get the chance to see it then. And although you warned him about the kissing scenes, he was not prepared for the multitude of them. Granted, it was a relatively pg13 movie so it wasn’t heavy make out scenes, but the fact that you were so good of an actor that you looked at the other lead with such love before each kiss. You could see the gears turning in his head and you gave him a light peck on the cheek.

Don’t worry, I thought of you the whole time.


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So Mark is 18. Therefore, you wouldn’t be much older of younger (depending on the reader) than him so the kissing scenes are not super intense. Rather, it’s more on the line of quick pecks to the lips than straight up kissing. Mark, although initially taken aback, is confident enough in y’all’s relationship that he isn’t worried about you during the filming of the movie.

As long as you don’t leave me for him, I’m good. Besides, who else would wake up at 3 in the morning to watch cartoons with you if you had a bad dream?


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Our dear Donghyuck is 17 so it would be the same as Mark. You, as the S/O, would not be having serious kissing scenes in this movie. But this savage little shit would just straight up come for the lead actor DURING the movie premiere. Boy would make comments on how the actor obviously didn’t have experience “like he did” when it comes to how you like to be kissed. You’d have to slap him on the knee several times because although it was hilarious, it was also true and you didn’t want him to hear what your boyfriend was saying.

Just look at the way he’s holding your hand while kissing you. How did you not cringe while doing that?


What? I’m just being honest!

BTS Jealousy AU - Reaction To Other Guys Hitting On You

*Requested by Anon*

Part 1 of 7- Namjoon (feat. Jimin)

Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | …

You grew up together with Namjoon, and you both ended up going to the same college. You barely got in, while Namjoon was there on a full scholarship for his academic achievements.

You’ve been on a few unofficial dates–to the movies, out to lunch, and once to the amusement park, where he lost his voice screaming–but nothing really serious, yet. You don’t know if your relationship would ever progress from being best friends, but little do you know he has had a crush on you ever since childhood. He just hasn’t mustered up the courage to ask you out officially.

One day you’re both studying in the college library, when Jimin suddenly sits down in front of you. You glance at him over your computer screen, and he flashes you a flirty smirk.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you around here, do you come here to study often?” He whispers.

Namjoon glances at him briefly, earbuds still firmly placed in his ears.

You whisper back- “I don’t usually, but there’s just this Econ midterm coming up that I’m totally screwed for.”

“Oh Econ 101? I’m also taking that class, do you have Professor Min?” He replies.

Namjoon slowly takes one of his earbuds out of his ear, still not paying your conversation any mind.

The name ‘Professor Min’ strikes fear in your heart as you remember the sheer amount of information you’re supposed to recall before the midterm, seemingly stuff you can’t recall ever learning in the first place. “Yeah… Unfortunately…” You reply.

“Oh sweet, we should study together for the exam! Unfortunately… or fortunately… None of my friends are in his class.” He says.

By now Namjoon is subtly monitoring your convo from the seat next you you, his signature blank poker face masking any emotion. Suddenly growing weary of Jimin’s advances towards you, but not knowing if it’s his place to intervene.  

“Uhh yeah, that would probably be helpful! I really don’t know what I’m gonna do about this midterm” You grimace.

“Call me. We can set up a time.” Jimin smiles as he gets up and slides a piece of notebook paper towards you, his name and cell number written neatly on it. Walking away, he flashes you another winning smile and waves.  

You go back to trying to figure out the seemingly impossible questions before you, and after a few problems one of them completely stumps you. You turn to Namjoon and ask-

“Namjoon-ah, do you know how to do this question?”

“Why don’t you ask that Jimin guy, he seems really eager to help.” He shoots you a sideways glare, pouting as he turns back towards his computer.


Image credit to BTS and original poster~


rainbow-pegacorn  asked:

is there any way you could compile a list of all the new things/information we've gotten from reputation so far? i know the release date and all but some people are saying tha there are going to be 15 tracks and are coming out with quotes from taylor and i don't really know where it's all coming from so i would really appreciate something clear. no pressure though, i understand if you can't! thanks :)

I’ll try my best:
-Taylor released ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ (tilted stage, karma, old taylor is dead, snakes and all). Co-written with Jack Antonoff and Right Said Fred. They wrote ‘I’m Too Sexy’ which is why the hook is so familiar to fans. Taylor credited them and sent them flowers. Others also speculate the song samples Peaches 'Operate’ which is in a Mean Girl’s scene ('Regina George in sheep’s clothing’ - Tweet from a certain someone).
-There is new merchandise available on (including snake merch) but a lot (if not, probably all) is already sold out…
-Committed to getting tickets into hands of fans and not scampers/boys, Taylor is collabing with Ticketmaster’s #VerifiedFan to help people get beat access to ticket (in North America). Once you register on the website, you 'improve your place in line by participating in boost activities’ until registration closes on November 28. For international fans, you can sign up for tour updates and such…
-The album 'reputation’ (yes, lowercase) contains 15 tracks. Target’s Twitter responses to fans imply there is no deluxe edition. Only available at Target (right now only in the U.S.) is a unique and exclusive 72-page Volume 1 mag that includes 14 photag portraits, 20 personal pics, 23 pics from the creation of her latest MV, 2 paintings by Taylor, 1 Target Exclusive poster, Poetry by Taylor and 16 pages of Handwritten Lyrics on her Watercolour Paintings. So all her art, lyrics, etc. There is a Vol. 2 which is different and separate from Vol. 1. You must purchase two albums to get both. Getting one only gets you one. Bonus: a standard jewel case completes the collection. For international fans, it’s currently unavailable but it seems Target is trying to set this up on their intl website. Some countries (i.e. Phillipines, Spain, Australia) are missing still, hopefully will be smoothly running asap.
-A ton of photos of her from the album shoot has appeared on her website and online.
-She’s also collabed with UPS for Taylor Swift Delivery. There’s a video of this (with her doing the signature, eery blank space smile).
-A preview of the MV of 'Look What You Made Me Do’ aired on GMA and is on her YouTube channel. The video will drop on Sunday during the 2017 VMAS.
-Taylor posted on her Insta: 'There will be no further explanation. There will just be reputation’ and liked a post about how the volume mags with the albums details what she’s been up to, almost so she can avoid doing interviews and we can all get what we want.

Mornings and Matrimony (Logan/Wolverine x Reader) (2/3)

A/N: Hey, thanks for the love on part one. @heyjess-marie, I googled how to tag people just for you! Everyone hates author notes, but I had to make one quick point–there will be some specifically gender-neutral language in here (bc Logan’s attractiveness is universal). Sorry if that makes it vague or impersonal at times, but I’ll try my best!

Logan carries you on piggyback through the halls of the mansion, something he can usually only be talked into when you are sick or injured. More than a few students stop to stare at the spectacle. No one looks more perplexed than Scott Summers and Storm in the kitchen.

“Morning,” you say, as you hop off Logan’s back to rinse out the coffee mugs. “Any plans for the day?

“Um…just teaching, I think. Tactics lecture at three,” says Scott, still pretty weirded out by your chipper start to the day.

“And you?” asks Storm.

“Well,” you say, “I have to run a workshop at quarter past eleven, but that’s a few hours away. In the meantime, Logan and I are gonna go get married. Catch you two later.”

You see your future husband (!!!) smiling at you in your peripheral vision as you turn and walk out together, leaving your friends in a state of shock. Your own shock is beginning to wear off. It gives way to a warm, fluttery feeling in your core, like you’re leaping from a great height with no fear of what waits at the bottom.

“Wait!” calls Storm. “That was  a joke, right? Sometimes it’s hard to tell with you guys.”

“Not this time, kid,” says Logan.

Storm seems to momentarily forget how words work. Scott had followed her out, and how a few more people join the confusion.

You smile reassuringly at them, especially (your faves). “I don’t suppose any of you would like to come along…?”

What a beautiful ragtag orphan procession it is, strolling up the steps to city hall with light feet and light hearts. But the happy couple do not seem to recognize anyone except each other and the withered old man at the front desk.

Logan does the talking. “Mornin’. I’ll make this quick. Gorgeous over here and I are getting married. Right here, right now. The sooner that happens, the sooner we can all be out of your hair.”

The poor old man looks bewildered, but when one is faced with a beautiful ragtag orphan procession of mutants asking for a marriage license, one comes up with a marriage license in a timely manner.

Realizing the surreal importance of where you’re standing, you take a look around. For an un-romanticized government building, there’s something tastefully homey about the room you’re in. The high, exposed brick walls and dusty blue furnishings do not claim to be anything more than they are, which somehow makes the scene even more perfect.

“I need some identification. For the paperwork,” says the old man, interrupting your musings.

You hand over yours, and Logan follows suit. Obviously his is fake, but any ID good enough to get across the Canadian border is good enough for this.

“What else do we need?” Logan asks you. You notice his hands beginning to twitch with impatience. Close to 160 years on this earth, and he can’t wait another minute to be yours.

“An officiant and a legal witness,” you say. “I’ll find an officiant. You pick the witness. It can be anyone over eighteen.”

You dash off to the nearby offices until you find the one you’re seeking. Inside is a bored-looking woman whose name plaque identifies her as Carla. Carla the officiant. Perfect.

You knock on the door frame. “Hi Carla. Will you marry me…?”

Carla looks as bewildered by you as the old man at the front desk had been by the procession.

“…to my fiancé?” you finish.

“Oh. Right. Obviously. When’s the wedding?

“Within the next five minutes.”

Dragging the officiant behind, you find Logan again. Storm is standing nearby as the selected witness. One blank line awaits your signature. Go time.

Logan takes your hands in his warm, calloused ones. His unwavering gaze meets yours.

“You know I love you, right?” he murmurs, just out of earshot for everyone except you.

“I love you too,” you whisper back.

No organ plays. No wedding bells chime. Rather, it seems like the entire town has gone silent to observe this moment.

“Okay folks,” says Carla, smiling invitingly, “I’ll make it short. Do you, Logan, take (Y/N)–”

“I do,” he says, unable or unwilling to wait even to the end of a sentence.

“And do you, (Y/N), take Logan–”

“I do,” you say.

“Congratulations. By the state of New York, I pronounce you married.”

There’s no need to say “you may kiss,” Logan takes one hand to cradle the side of your face, leaning in to meet your waiting lips. Every part of Logan is rough except his kiss. It hungers, sure, but not for satisfaction or conquering. It hungers for you, the essence of who you are, the reality of your future together.

And God, do you kiss him back exactly the same.


A/N I actually woke up at 3:30 in the morning and can’t go back to sleep because it was witching hour and Hakyeon was staring at me..loljk, but srsly, I was unable to go back to sleep until I wrote this down..and I still can’t get over how Hakyeon looked too beautiful in that picture. *cries happy tears*

Word Count: 3,175 Words

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Sickening Sweet (Kim Taehyung Scenario)

A/N this is pure fluff… I have no regrets.

I wrote this because I couldn’t stand writing my finals paper so here I am trying to write a cute but short scenario for yall. ALSO my finals end next week so I will finally be able to write scenarios for you! send in some requests~!

Click… Click…Click….

The sound of your fingers flying over the keyboard almost echoed the room. You were attempting to finish up your final paper before sleep overtook you.  The only other sounds in the room were your low mumbling and the television on low, which your loving boyfriend was watching. Taehyung was exhausted from dance practice but refused to go to sleep without you. However, he can see it is going to be a while by the pace of your typing.

“Baby,” he whined while stretching, “it’s late! Let’s go to bed, you can finish in the morning.”

Fingers still tapping you spared the adorable boy a glance, seeing how tired he was, you couldn’t help but think of how much he resembled a puppy. So much so that you may have written puppy in your paper without notice.

“Go to sleep Tae.” returning to finishing the paragraph,”I’ll be in soon.”

“No. It isn’t the same without you” Tae pouted. You couldn’t help but giggle at how sweet your boyfriend was. Sighing in defeat he finally got up, heading down the hall.

You have to admit you felt bad, and you were exhausted, but if you stopped now you would lose the motivation of actually writing this damn paper. Cursing your teacher to high hell you began typing again.

It had only been about fifteen minutes before you saw a hot mug with tea being put next to your computer. Looking up you saw your sleepy boyfriend smiling, before he sat on the ground with you. Rubbing your shoulders he softly hummed as you typed.

“I know you’re tired but I have faith in your babe.” He kissed your check before continuing, “I made your favorite, nice and sweet just like you.”

You couldn’t help but giggle, Taehyung always found your sweet tooth fascinating. He was surprised the one time Jin had made a cake, the members had all thought it was too sweet, but you ate it just fine. He always observed you added a LOT of sugar to your coffee or tea. Putting the cup to your mouth you took a sip.. before spitting it back out.

“Tae, sweetie. I think this might actually be too sweet.” You said while laughing. Quickly hitting save you closed your computer, still giggling. Finally looking at your boyfriend to say it was to tell him it was time for bed, you saw it. His signature blank face.

“What do you mean too sweet? How is anything too sweet for you?” he said while looking at you as if you had two heads.

“Well youre too sweet for me Tae, but I can put up with you.” You say as your quickly kiss his cheek as he blushes.

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A Person To Call Home ((Klance))

I’m stuck in shipping hell and that’s okay. Majorly inspired by by @thesearchingastronaut because I have so many feelings about these losers.


If you’d ask Keith what the word ‘home’ had meant to him months ago, he would have given you his signature blank stare. He had had a shelter, a place to sleep–the bare necessities to be considered a ‘home’, but lacking the warmth and comfort. There was really nothing to describe, nothing that meant anything.

Until he met Lance.

Home became the feeling of being held in his lean arms, wet face pressed into his chest and hidden away from the world for just a moment. Home was breathing in his scent, a sort of cologne he insisted on always wearing, and the natural smell of sweat from training and mission work.

Home was his dark honey hair, just long enough for Keith’s hand to ruffle and smile softly at how it would stick up much to Lance’s pretend whining. Initiating contact was still new to him, and doting the tiniest of affection set his heart afire at how it was received. Appreciated. Reciprocated. Keith found that he liked it, little by little, and there was something so nice about it, a newfound warmth spreading all the way to his toes. He smiled more, laughed more.

Home was Lance’s voice. Once, it had done nothing but piss Keith off, the blue paladin having spouted nonstop bullshit about their supposed ‘rivalry’ and snark. Now, he knew the kinder, truer side that he had been hiding behind his cocky persona. Lance spoke softly, kindly, always concerned for him and their fellow teammates. He worried more than all of them combined, and missed his own home. His smiles were sweet, and made Keith’s heart skip beats when witnessed as if for the first time, every time. Each one meant something, from a silly goofy grin of catching the red paladin off-guard (rarely), to brimming with an emotion that Keith was recognizing as love.

Lance loved him.

He would tell him so, albeit in a soft voice with chestnut cheeks blushing and ocean eyes sparkling true. When they were close together, bathing in the other’s warmth and presence, or too far for comfort in the heat of battle. Always in a hushed voice, would Keith repeat it. Quietly, at first, then stronger with each whisper of Lance’s to say it again in amazed wonder, as if in a dream he couldn’t believe was real.

He was always so cold, but he would counter that Keith was simply just too warm. Yet whenever they touched, it was like a harmony. An awkward jumble of notes under an inexperienced conductor, but growing more accustomed with time. Slow, gentle hands would explore one another, fingertips brushing over the history of old scars and minor cuts. Bruises and scrapes from training under Shiro, a bump from when they had accidentally knocked heads one morning. A mark that too much eagerness had accidentally created.

Home was exploring every inch that was Lance, and finding that to be so.

Keith’s favorite were his lips. They were soft, and he unused to such gentleness pressed against his cheek with a hand carded in his dark locks. Sometimes just quick a peck when the blue paladin had the jump on him, or simply because he could now. Sometimes slow and drawn out, one kiss leading to another that found their way to his own lips.

Though he would never admit it aloud, Keith’s heart always ached and craved for more. Often would his dark eyes close after each kiss, savoring the unsaid affection behind them all. Those moments when Lance would playfully tease him after having made him blush were rare, as the red paladin would silence him with a kiss of his own. It turned out there was a way to quiet him, and never ever would Keith say it was cute.

It was…not cute. Not cute in any way. Not in how Lance’s deep blue eyes would widen in surprise, the sudden kiss unexpected from his boyfriend that always followed his lead, unsure of how to proceed. Not in how his voice would squeak and crack, words nothing but stuttering gibberish from the one that seemed confidently full of them. Certainly not in how his skin color would flash straight to scarlet, and how his hands would fly immediately over his lips as if to preserve it.

Lance was cute. He wasn’t. Shut up, Keith.

Home was finally sharing a room after little debate. Home was knowing neither would have to sleep alone, something Keith had been accustomed to, and now hated when separated and vulnerable to night terrors. Home was having his fingers interwined with Lance’s, having his entire body protectively curled around him, and sometimes the other way around. Neither minded. Home was that safe, secure feeling in knowing that everything would be okay. It was sleepy whispers of assurances that the other was there, of arms drawing the other closer, murmuring inaudible things before a light kiss to messy hair. It was mumbled ‘good mornings’, of smiles lighting the start of a new day.

It was Keith waking up first, and observing the drooling young man tangled up in his sheets, somehow looking peaceful despite the chaos. It was realizing that this.

This was home.

It was understanding that this was what Lance had meant by homesick, of understanding the pain he endured and hid behind a smile and awful joke. To have something similar to this, and to lose it–to not know if they’d ever be seen again, Keith doesn’t know how he manages.

What Lance doesn’t say, is how he does manage. Of a new home he’s found in raven-colored hair and dark violet eyes, a solid rock to keep him grounded and focused. A half-sided rivalry that had transformed into something so much more. Something wonderful.

A person for both to call home.

Demon Child

Summary: “Who do you think I am? You think raising an infant and likening them to my image is going to be difficult? Don’t be so small-minded!” And to Yako’s surprise, things turn out to be much better than she had expected. 
A series of drabbles about Neuro and Yako’s family life.
Chapters: 1/? (ao3 |
Rating: PG
Pairings: Neuro/Yako

Chapter 1

It all starts with the wildest declaration Yako has ever heard him say to date.

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I’ve painted a picture perfect
without the sorrow
that taints my heart
my soul is screaming
through the canvas
but only if you look closely
behind the bright colors
even the ink in my veins
sings sad songs
written down
as my signature
on blank white spaces
of my painted hell
—  Celtic-Poetry, my paintbrushes telling lies without meaning

I’d just like to say a huge thanks to @anamicenas @scarletstar98 @sircoconutsama @boomheadshot98 @letsbananalol36 for the constant words of encouragement and support. It means a lot!

Summary: Shikamaru is forced into having a bachelor’s party by his friends. ShikaTema.

Seven women clad in various forms of outrageously gaudy lingerie-like uniforms were gyrating all over the dance floor. More than several have made their way over to him, swaying seductively and giving him come-hither eyes. Assorted colored spotlights littered all over the area, giving him a slight headache.

His friends were displaying various degrees of expressions. Chouji wore an anxious look, his eyes flitting about the room, touching on the girls then rapidly ripping away. Naruto was in constant laughter, clearly enjoying himself. In his vicinity, Kiba was hooting by intervals and playfully reaching out towards the girls, actively interacting with them. Sai had on his signature pleasantly blank smile. Shino was merely watching with an inscrutable face along with Sasuke who could rival his expression. Lee was randomly shouting “How youthful!”

And he was smack dab in the center of it all. Keeping from falling asleep. Maintaining a carefully bored look. Why?

Apparently his friends insisted on throwing him a bachelor party which was something he really did not care for.

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halloween’s coming up :) have fun with these! they’re somewhat close to the originals used in the movie, but a lot of parts i just made up. Q’s is the most accurate (numbers and everything), save the picture. (feel free to blank out the signatures and sign it yourself haha)