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My favourite gay couples:

Ian and Mickey (Shameless)

Connor and Oliver (How to get away with murder)

Brian and Justin (Queer as folk)

Blaine and Kurt (Glee)

Simon and Kieren (In the Flesh)

What are your favourite couples?

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lol at that anon. glee and more specifically klaine helped me accept who i am and my own sexuality, and i know i wasn't the only one. "gay shows" help me see the representation i've never had.

Kurt and Blaine are Glee’s legacy.  They showed LGBT+ youth that gay kids can have everything they want- friends, a career, a loving relationship, marriage, and kids. That there others out there just like them.  That it does get better. 

Further, Klaine showed so many others, who perhaps had not been exposed to many LGBT+ people in their communities that in fact Kurt and Blaine were people just like them. They laugh, they cry, and they love just like every other human.

Because of Klaine, and in large part because of Chris and Darren who played these characters with heart and soul, we saw that Kurt, the boy we grew to love over a season and a half, could have a crush on a beautiful boy, get his hopes up when he learns that Blaine knows his coffee order, just to have them crushed. And then to have said boy say “I have been looking for you forever” after which they shared a first kiss that was in my opinion one of the best first kisses ever portrayed on TV because Chris and Darren wanted to tell this story in a true and genuine way:

In an article published by AOL Entertainment,

“On last night’s ‘Glee,’ the New Directions won regionals after hitting the stage with a pair of original songs – a first for the series – but that isn’t what anyone is talking about this morning. After months of hints and winks, fans of FOX’s hit musical finally got what they’ve been waiting for: The characters of Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine (Darren Criss) kissed for the first time. And it wasn’t a peck. It also wasn’t overtly sexual or desperate, it wasn’t rushed or clouded with turmoil, and it certainly wasn’t played for laughs, the way many kisses between men are on TV. It was perfect.

“It’s hard to overstate the significance of the kiss between Kurt and Blaine on ‘Glee’ last night,” Michael Jensen, editor of Logo’s tells PopEater. “Even better, it wasn’t the sort of kiss we saw back in the 1990s where the guys pecked each other on the lips – or worse, the camera cutaway – but this was a real kiss that hinted there is much more to come in this relationship. If we still needed proof how far gay characters have come on network TV, 'Glee’ just gave it to us.”

“’Glee’ has raised the bar of what it means to be inclusive on TV, and viewers are tuning in by the millions, sending a clear message to networks that Americans not only accept gay and lesbian characters, but they are beginning to expect them,” GLAAD President Jarrett Barrios tells PopEater. “It’s stories like Kurt and Blaine’s that continue to remind gay youth everywhere that there’s nothing wrong with being who you are.”

Glee then went even further and tackled the issued of Kurt and Blaine losing their virginity, a story line that paralleled Finn and Rachel. Making the statement that Klaine’s first time was just as beautiful, just as relevant, just as significant, and just as full of love as the heterosexual couple on the show. And Chris and Darren’s scene was perfection:

Thanks to Glee, we saw Kurt and Blaine navigate high school, long distance relationships, angst and heartache. The show often got it wrong, but when it got it right, it do so spectacularly. And never as amazing as our Klaine engagement:

And while the wedding certainly left a little to be desired, Glee still allowed our beloved Kurt and Blaine to declare their love to the world and state their vows, at at time before same sex marriage was legal across the country. A time when they had to cross state borders to tie the know and make it legal. And while the creators of Glee left a lot to be desired, as always, Chris and Darren took what they were given and displayed nothing but love and happiness that they were finally husbands:

In 2013, Klaine was named the Greatest TV Couple of all time by Entertainment Weekly (X)  The article that accompanied their win described their relationship as:

a timeless, groundbreaking TV love story

On the morning of the finale, in an article entitled “The Gay Legacy of Glee” Klaine was described as follows:

In season two, Kurt met Blaine Anderson (Darren Criss). Not only did he get a boyfriend, but a bonafide, epic love story that’s spanned the remainder of the series. Blaine’s dreamy debut,  is the kind of hearts-aflutter teen romance usually reserved for straight kids on TV. They’ve made-out, broken-up, lost their virginity, gotten engaged, broke-up again and eventually got married. They’ve evolved into the central relationship and one of the greatest young love stories in mainstream television. (x)

Another article, written in the Fall of 2016 entitled “The Cultural Significance of Glee” stated:

This character [Kurt] attracted many people in the LGBTQ community in which many found comfort in the character, knowing that they are getting some representation.

The couple [Klaine} became one of the most popular couples on television. The couple go through the same obstacles than any other straight relationship would have, creating the image that there is no difference between a straight or gay relationship. The couple broke up twice, causing an uproar of extremely upset and mad fans. By the end of the of show’s seasons, the two end up marrying each other. The couple known as “Klaine” has been “leading TV’s gay-teen revolution”(Entertainment Weekly). The actors have claimed that they have received hundreds of letters from fans both gay and straight saying that the couple has changed their views positively and helped them to keep an open mind. The phenomenon that is “Klaine” definitely has a positive reaction on the majority of viewers. While these two characters are not the only gay men on the show, they have been the most impact.

Kurt and Blaine made a profound impact on society and greatly influenced how people saw members of the LGBT+ community. And that they play a significant part in enabling LGBT+ youth to know that they were not alone.

For everything Glee got wrong, it will always have its legacy- Klaine.  And that is mainly thanks to two extraordinary men who fully committed to their roles, Chris and Darren. 

And for anyone to minimize this, to state that Chris is not proud of what he and Darren accomplished on screen, clearly knows nothing about him.  And that is heartbreaking.

“Show and Tell” - Kurt/Blaine

<3 Happy Valentine’s Day, lovelies! <3</p>

It’s time for the return of my precious mess baby, drunk!Kurt, so look here for some schmoopy husbands. This is based on a one-word prompt: “stumbling.”

1500 words | AO3

This has been… a night.

He’s far too warm. So is Blaine, but Blaine is always like that, always warm and cozy because Kurt married a furnace, and that’s okay because their little vintage apartment has radiators that work on a spotty basis at best, and–

“Kurt? You okay?”

Kurt sighs and presses his cheek against the side of Blaine’s face. Warm, warm, warm. “I’m okay,” he slurs, and though the sound of it (”Uhm-kay”) tells him exactly how drunk he is, he doesn’t care, because they’re at the threshold of their apartment and Blaine’s holding onto him just fine. He’s so hot, and a little sweaty, but that’s okay too, because they have the best times together when they’re hot and sweaty, and it’s Valentine’s Day, so–

“Are you sure?” Blaine pauses his attempt to get his keys out of his pocket and tightens his grip around Kurt’s waist. He reaches up and pushes Kurt’s bangs out of his face where his coif has finally fallen out of its hairspray.

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Can you rec some drunk klaine fics? Or one of them looking after the other while they're drunk? :) X

Drunk History by @skivvysupreme

In which Kurt gets drunk AF and tells the story of how he and Blaine got together.

Show and Tell by @skivvysupreme

It’s Valentine’s Day, and Kurt is so in love with his husband that he can’t even deal with it. Being drunk ought to help, right?

Blame It On The Strawberries by @lilinas

Kurt and Blaine are at a party. Blaine gets drunk. And we all know Blaine is a horny drunk!

Seeing-Eye Kurt by @lady–divine

After the fiasco of Rachel’s basement party, Kurt gets the honor of taking a drunk Blaine home. But drunk people usually say exactly what they feel, and Blaine has something sweet to say to Kurt.

Living In The Same World by a-simple-rainbow

Drunk, Kurt Hummel makes a humiliating mistake: A quick flick of his eyes, over the man’s shoulder and towards the door reveals another man standing there. This second man is taller and bigger. Muscles stretching out a tacky imitation of a police uniform as he holds a boom box under his arm, standing right behind the (Oh god) actual police officer. (AU, policeman!Blaine)

The Curious Case Of The Drunk Dial Gone Right: A Memoir By Kurt Hummel by Dahlstrom

Inspired by “accidentally called your number while drunk asking for a ride and you actually came AU.  

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I love this so much.  Blaine FINALLY finds someone who’ll listen to him and talk to him like an adult.  A 5 minute conversation that gives him real support, which he’s been missing all season long.  And I’m still disappointed that they didn’t go back to that store to pick out their wedding rings together so Blaine can show Kurt off.

wooo it’s a drunk!Kurt special!!!

@neverhaveieverbooks on AO3 commented on the Valentine’s Day fic and said they went back and reread my “Drunk History” fic, because drunk!Kurt (which I appreciate a lot, thank you!)


“Stranded” - college!AU meet-cute, where Blaine gets sexiled from his dorm room and Kurt stumbles upon him in the hallway (this one’s a two-parter, with its sequel, “Recovered” linked at the end of the fic)

“Boystown” - written for the Klaine Road Trip 2015, in which Kurt and Blaine have a night out in Chicago’s LGBT+ neighborhood

“Show and Tell” - Valentine’s Day with married!Klaine

“Drunk History, vol. 206″ - married!Klaine, with Kurt telling Elliot the story of how he and Blaine met


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So I'm just watching "Thinking Out Loud" video and can you imagine this: Blaine as Ed, and Kurt as choreographer who came up with this dance. They have a late in night rehearsal and you can literally touch the tension between them. And then there's that one move, too close, too intimate and BOOM! they're kissing and oh I gave myself feelings *___*

Kurt still thinks it’s a prank as he opens the door to the studio.

There is no way that he has actually been called to choreograph Blaine Fucking Anderson’s latest video.

Not to look down on him and his dancing studio, it’s just a fact:

Stars of Blaine Anderson’s status don’t go to Brooklyn’s choreograph for a music video–they go to big names, famous dancers and acclaimed professionals.

Not … him.

But it is Blaine Fucking Anderson standing in the middle of a beautiful factory-turned-loft, wearing a somehow loose but fitting shirt–there is some kind of black magic at work here–and snug sweatpants that leave nothing to Kurt’s vivid imagination.

A blond man approaches Kurt, and he reads enough gossip magazines (shush, it’s a professional occupation) to recognize Blaine Anderson’s occasional lyricist and best friend, Sam Evans. “Mr. Hummel!” the man exclaims, shaking Kurt’s hand enthusiastically. “So glad you could make it.”

Kurt shakes his hand back and can’t help but smile at his energy. “I wouldn’t dream of being anywhere else,” he replies, looking behind Sam at Blaine who is warming up with a look of focus.

Damn he’s attractive–no wonder he has so many fan groups.

Not that Kurt doesn’t have his own little group of followers on the different social media, but they do not compare with Blaine’s.

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Author Spotlight: neverhaveieverbooks day 2

Day two is fic recs and this one includes a Hamilton crossover. Kind of. I mean they don’t go back in time.

Day 2: Fic Recs!

1. I Don’t Know How To Say No to This, a Glee/Hamilton crossover. This story follows Blaine’s auditions for a part in the Broadway hit Hamilton. As Kurt and Blaine become busier and busier with their own career tracks, things start to get difficult.  

Favorite Quote:  “Kurt, I’m working out ten hours a day, I need the right balance of carbs and proteins and I really won’t care if the living room has been vacuumed recently if I collapse during the Battle of Yorktown.” 

This fic was fun to write.  We incorporated lyrics and themes from the Hamilton soundtrack.  We wrote it because we couldn’t imagine Kurt and Blaine not being as obsessed with the show as everyone else is. We also wanted to explore how they would cope when they had conflict with their different careers. 

2. The Boys of Summer, a 12-chapter story written for the tumblr 2016 Klaine Summer Challenge. Our most popular fic, written partly to see if we could do the whole challenge and partly to talk about Kurt and Blaine in the summer, since Glee never did that. 

Favorite Quote:   “Kurt and Blaine swung their swings higher and higher until they were breathless, laughing and giddy with all of it. Kurt let memory swirl with anticipation in his mind and watched the oak trees advance and recede with each push of his legs. And then they walked back to Kurt’s house, hand in hand, buckled themselves into the fully loaded car and Kurt headed toward the entrance ramp to the interstate to take them both back to New York.” 

Tom lives in New York and had tons of ideas for what they would do, and where they would live. Jen wanted to work in pieces of history from the show—remembering prom, Kurt’s work at the nursing home, Blaine’s issues with his brother, Cooper. We tried to add things we would have liked to see if Glee had continued as a show, like meeting Blaine’s Nana, singing in their New York apartment and meeting their new neighbors.  

3. Sleigh Bells Ring, Are You Listening? written for the 2016 tumblr. Klaine Advent Challenge. 

Favorite Quote: “I used to take ballet, you know. Before my mom died. I always wanted to dance the role of the Mouse King.” “Aww, that’s adorable. But why the Mouse King and not the Nutcracker Prince?” “Are you kidding? The Mouse King gets to die on stage. Much better part.” 

Writing a chapter a day for 24 days in a row in December was a challenge. So we decided to make each chapter a snippet of a conversation between Kurt and Blaine, similar to the way that each door of a real advent calendar opens to give you a tiny picture or a single sweet.  We wanted to make it clear who was talking without having to identify the speaker and we had fun coming up with the problematic gifts they exchange in the last two chapters. Exhausting, but worth it! 

Gay Cyclops. (Sebastian Smythe x Reader)

Originally posted by the-flash-world

My request! Y/N is Sebastian’s girlfriend. Or was. They had an unhealthy relationship. And to chop it all off, he cheated on Y/N with a girl from another show choir from a school not too far away from Dalton. To make things up for her, he buys her the necklace she had always wanted from Pandora which was way too expensive to afford. But thanks to Sebastian’s wealth, he got it just in time. Along with the help of Blaine Anderson, the once gay cyclops - who has better things in mind.

Tags: swearing, fluff

Some angels are destined to fall. Their wickedness and vanity causing them to fall from the sky and be destroyed with their wings ripped or damaged.

Sebastian Smythe felt like that. He was an angel with broken wings. Everyone misunderstood him. The bully, the evil villain of Lima, Ohio, the prince with the wannabe Disney prince haircut. The New Directions came up with so many aliases for him. Most were hurtful. He knew he didn’t deserved to be treated unfairly but after what he did to his now ex-girlfriend Y/N, he had second thoughts.

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Glee Klaine AU__   Looking for: Mon Chéri

“Looking for: Mon Chéri” is a new reality TV show created to help Kurt finding a boyfriend. Three single and good looking men are opposed to try and win his heart. The contenders are: the British Adam, the Badass Elliott and the Sweet Blaine. The guys have to perform in front of Kurt and then go out on individual dates (movie theatre, coffee date and homemade dinner).

Adam and Elliott try too hard to impress Kurt with extravagant shows and self centered conversations but Blaine remains himself. Kurt is struck by his moving performance and his expressive eyes.

These are the reasons why eventually Kurt chooses Blaine.

AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: Fearlessly Day 1

Our first new look SPOTLIGHT. 

We’re spending the next five days spotlighting fearlessly , an author whose specialty is hitting the real feeling and romance of a good angst-fest. Find her @fearlesslygleefics

DAY 1: Meet the author

Why Klaine? 

I think first I need to answer: why Glee? … I remember being intrigued by the previews; it was a show about musicals, where people actually sang on every episode. I’ve always loved music and musical theatre, so naturally I started watching Glee when the pilot aired. The motley crew of characters were so unique, and at the same time so relatable in one way or another, that I became instantly hooked.

As season one continued, the character which spoke to me the most, not necessarily because I related to him exactly – but more so because of how strongly the actor was committed and invested in him, was Kurt. Chris’s portrayal of Kurt was outstanding and, from the moment I noticed him in the pilot, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him. I liked him because he was snarky and funny and didn’t take any crap from anyone (“One day, you will all work for me.”). But, he was also soft, sensitive, compassionate, and he loved his dad so fiercely. It was hard not to love that character. I fell for him completely.

… Keep reading for how Fearlessly fell for Blaine, what to expect in her writing, how to keep an angsty story from leaving your readers heartbroken and what Fearlessly likes about her own writing (always the toughest question)

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What Our Colors Don’t Show

Author: @Kurtswish

Rating: M

Status: Complete

Word Count: 41,721

Summary:  Since first getting his mark Kurt dreamed of finding someone to really connect with but years in New York have left him still yearning for that connection. Is it really possible that he could find his soulmate in a club where for once he can proclaim his dominant status for all to see? The colors show who you are, but what’s hidden by the symbol, that is supposed to be who you are for.

Tropes/Genre: soulmate!Klaine, D/s, Dom!Kurt, Sub!Blaine, fluff, romance, angst, college!Klaine

Lynne’s review: This is a really sweet, heartwarming tale.  Even if you’re not really into the D/s genre, I think you’ll enjoy this one. The angst is very minimal. It’s very well written, beautifully crafted and executed.  Her characterizations are wonderful.  Truly a great read!

Read at: AO3 or Tumblr or

the most unrealistic and unexplainable thing that happened is that Blaine 👏🏼 Got Into 👏🏼 NYADA 👏🏼 On His 👏🏼 First 👏🏼 Try 👏🏼 And 👏🏼 Kurt 👏🏼Didn’t. 😒😒