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“During the Hour of the Wolf, Lord Cregan Stark of Winterfell briefly served as Hand of the King and dispensed justice after the death of King Aegon II Targaryen. Aly agreed to marry Cregan in exchange for allowing Aegon’s prior pardon of Lord Corlys Velaryon to stand. She had four daughters, Sarra, Alys, Raya, and Mariah Stark.”

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Hi, Butterfly! Excuse me if you have already answered this question but I was wondering if you know anything about the 'typical looks' for the houses of Westeros? Besides the Targaryens with Valyrian features, the Starks brown hair and grey eyes, the Lannisters and Martells, I can't find much about the other houses...

Sure, GRRM often likes to give the Westeros houses “typical looks”. A list:

  • House Targaryen: silver-gold hair, purple eyes, “aristocratic” features - high brow, sharp cheekbones, straight nose, pale skin (variants: platinum silver hair, golden hair, different shades of purple eyes, blue eyes)
  • House Baratheon: black hair, deep blue eyes, square jaw, sharp cheekbones, very tall (variants: blue-green eyes)
  • House Lannister: curly golden hair, green eyes, tall (variants: white-blond hair, sandy blond hair, yellow hair)
  • House Stark: dark brown straight hair, grey eyes, long face, lean build (variants: blue-grey eyes, “almost black” dark grey eyes)
  • House Tully: thick auburn hair, blue eyes, high cheekbones, fair skin (variants: different shades of auburn hair, wavy-curly hair)
  • House Tyrell: curly brown hair, brown eyes (variant: golden-brown eyes)
  • House Martell: straight black hair, dark eyes, olive skin (variants: brown hair, curly hair)
  • House Blackwood: black hair, black eyes, tall
  • House Bolton: pale eyes, almost colorless
  • House Borrell: webbed fingers, known as “the mark”
  • House Crakehall: big, big-boned, robust and strong
  • House Dayne: violet eyes (hair may be dark, or pale blond)
  • House Florent: big ears
  • House Frey: “chinless” pinched faces (for those that take after Old Walder, which is most of them but not all)
  • House Manderly: very overweight (not the young girls though)
  • House Piper: red hair, short
  • House Redwyne: freckles, orange hair
  • House Reed: brown hair, green eyes, very short
  • House Umber: very big and tall, strong

I think that’s all the notable features from the various houses that I can recall. (If I missed anything, please let me know.) Some houses don’t seem to have typical looks, btw – there’s not a consistent description for House Greyjoy, for example; Euron and Asha have black hair, and other Greyjoys have black eyes, but there’s also blue eyes in the family and “greying” hair, and Theon’s only “dark”. And of course there are always variations besides the one I listed, especially when houses marry – for example, Robb, Sansa, Bran, and Rickon have the Tully look of their mother, and Shireen Baratheon and Edric Storm have the Baratheon look but with big Florent ears. I hope that helps!

It has been as though there were deep inside me some great festering wound, as if I had rolled some great stone over it (to pretend it wasn’t there) and thus I went on half alive. And now that I know you still love me and are waiting, the wound is purifying and draining. I am alive again.
—  Robert Lowell, from a letter to Caroline Blackwood c. January 1954

Betha Blackwood was a member of House Blackwood who became queen consort to King Aegon V Targaryen. Betha was known as Black Betha because of her dark eyes and hair. She was a spirited woman also considered stubborn or willful. While Betha and Aegon had married for love, Betha assisted in arranging politically advantageous betrothals for their children. The youths resisted Betha’s and Aegon’s plans, however, and the children instead married for love as their parents had done.

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Janet Montgomery as Betha Blackwood

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This tree was bare and dead, though.

“The Brackens poisoned it,” said his host. “For a thousand years it has not shown a leaf. In another thousand it will have turned to stone, the maesters say. Weirwoods never rot.“

“And the ravens?” asked Jaime. “Where are they?”

“They come at dusk and roost all night. Hundreds of them. They cover the tree like black leaves, every limb and every branch. They have been coming for thousands of years. How or why, no man can say, yet the tree draws them every night.” ― Jaime I, A Dance with Dragons.


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