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The Fury of Red

Very few actors have the stage presence of James Spader. He is the Blacklist. Whether it’s dialogue or just a look nobody does it better. There is however a young actor on that show that has the potential to be on Spader’s level given time. Love him or hate him Ryan Eggold is creating characters with depth and dimension. Comparing a similar aged Spader in Stargate and Eggold in Blacklist might add clarity to this post. Master vs apprentice. Yoda bs Luke. Whatever the endgame I am enjoying the ride.

anonymous asked:

Based on your most recent post, my bet would be that: A) Red and Kirk were never close but B) they became enemies because of Katarina What do you think?

I am not sure dear Anon. I have a lingering feeling that their relationship was a close one. I think crazy thoughts all the time, and on my craziest I thought they are brothers, cousins, relatives or childhood friends, but it went sour because something involving Katarina. Could be personal, or it could be they were fellow intelligence officers and the cabal somehow figures. On occasions I have thought Red was involved in creating the cabal, possibly with noble objectives, and then things went wrong. I think Kirk was opposed to it, or maybe was a part of it.

But then again, I think Red met Katarina through Rostov. Katarina and Rostov were US intelligence agents, running an undercover operation posing as a married couple, possibly as sleeper spies returning to the USSR. (her US toys speak of her at least growing a part of her childhood in the US) Red and Katarina fell in love and got married. When Katarina was home she used the name Carla Reddington, a dark haired woman. She and Red had Jennifer.  When she was Katarina she was a blonde. 

There has to be a reason why a notorious Soviet agent has never been seen by the CIA agents in charge of the OREA section, and the only 3 men who have met her, besides her father are Peter, a CIA officer; Red, a NIA officer; and Rostov an unknown. Why Liz’s name is lost to history, the daughter of a notorious Soviet agent? Why she is dismissed by the Americans as a myth, a pinko Mata Hari? Why her picture in Red’s apartment is a blonde, but her toys are American and her childhood painting is a dark haired child?

 I think Katarina got pregnant at an inconvenient  time, possibly after an affair with co-worker Rostov (marital therapy). By the time Liz was born, in Russia,  Katarina and Red were back together. Eventually Red, losing confidence that Katarina can extricate herself and Liz from her assignment  alive and thinking them both doomed, Red takes Liz away. Katarina follows them, giving up her cover, and triggering the KGB sending Velov, head of the Zarubin group, to track and either kill or apprehend Katarina because she is a traitor, a double agent. Katarina is in hiding with her 2  daughters: Jennifer, the daughter known in the US as the child of Carla and Red Reddington, and Liz, the child known in the Societ Union and unknown in the US from Katarina Rostova and Konstantin Rostov) in the remote cabin in the mountains, the same location where present day cabin is. And the reason why Carla is so upset to be there.

Katarina gives Liz one gift only on Christmas Eve (January 6th, 1990) while they wait for Red, who is late: a ballerina music box that is later seen burning. Red is late because he runs out of gas and has to walk. He arrives to find Rostov had tracked Katarina, and is there with goons from the cabal, looking to take Liz and the fulcrum back. Katarina puts Liz and Jennifer in the closet. 

Part of the memory extinction was to change the gender of the voices, and to mix the arguments.

Red and him fight. Liz shoots Rostov. Red is left face down in the snow, sustaining severe burns in his back and back of the arms. I suspect he is also taken prisoner. Possibly Rostov too.

Katarina manages to escape, but she knows the cabal is after her, and Velov is after her on orders of the KGB. So with limited means, she devices a stratagem to keep her daughters and herself safe: 

She drops Liz (the child known to be Katarina Rostova’s daughter) with Sam, an old friend or even her brother. And as Carla Reddington she goes back to the Tacoma Park house and reports Red missing, possibly insinuating he took secrets with him. This triggers a security protocol, she expresses fear, and is interrogated and eventually put in protective custody under a new name, Naomi, in Philadelphia with her daughter Jennifer (known to be the daughter of Carla and Red Reddington. As soon as she is safe, she stages Katarina’s disappearance by leaving her clothes folded on the beach. 

I think Dom knows she is alive, but has to basically never see her again and live as she had died to keep them safe.

Katarina Rostova has disappeared, presumed dead. Carla has  disappeared in the new identity.  Rostov is the one that does not believe she is dead and the one who decides to use Velov’s pursuit of Katarina to find her: he creates a false trail and leaves a picture in Prague. But Red is not dead. I suspect he was taken prisoner, and he thinks or is told Katarina and her children are all dead.

For some time Red thinks them dead, until he finds them. He finds Carla and they agree that the best way to keep the girls safe is to go on with the status quo: Reddington is a criminal, a wanted officer turned traitor, Katarina drowned, Liz is presumed dead, or never having existed, and Carla was relocated, and thus also disappeared. So Red has thought them all dead, thus he is able to tell Ressler he knows about love and loss, yet he has not endured the death of a daughter.They are alive, yet he lost them.

now crazier even: I think Alexander Kirk, AKA Konstantin Rostov is really Fitch son and he also was taken prisoner, making Red and Katarina and Fitch think he was dead. I think Fitch blamed Red for his supposed death, for having stolen the fulcrum, and that is the reason he chooses him as the pansy for the Kursk bombing. either he is dead in which case it does not matter or if he is alive, he will pay for the death of his son.

Rostov emerges as Alexander Kirk, and his name may have been known, because he ditches the Rostov name, but his face must have been pretty much unseen as he continues to buy mining operation, and is openly in Russia until 2002 when the Kremlin turns on him.

Kirk learns Liz is alive in 1991, when he escapes from prison, and is been dreaming of the reunion ever since.Kirk blames Red for Katarina’s death,  and Red blames Kirk for having brought the cabal men to the house and thus created the circumstances in which she had to disappear, effecteily making him lose her.

I think in Cape May, Red hallucinated of the time when he could have stopped Katarina. When he could have devised a plan to keep them all safe, and still keep his family.

I find interesting that Red, Rostov, the Hargraves are not the cabal or their associates. They are all the competition.

I know is a crazy theory.but….who knows


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