anonymous asked:

did JB make a comment somewhere about Tom coming back? 😨🤢

In this article posted today he does mention Tom: LINK

However I did not get bothered by this. Why? Well first of all JB confirmed AGAIN that Tom is definitely DEAD. And he said it is possible that Tom could come back (in answer to the flashback comment). And just because he says it could happen, does not mean it will. JB does not like to shut anything down 100% and often makes comments like this that never come true. One thing making this less likely is that Ryan has a new television series he is starring in.

Now one scenario I wouldn’t mind seeing Tom in is a flashback scene showing Tom doing something nefarious, like maybe he was the one who facilitated the 2nd memory manipulation on Liz. We know from Krilov that it was a “he” who did it and we know it was not Red who ordered this. So that leaves us with: Tom, Cooper, and Dembe. I think there is a good chance it was Tom….

Again no worries from me here. Thanks for the question #Anon


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