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HEY <3 headcanons of boys in the situation and how would you imagine your second kiss with guardienne? (The first is Grr haha) ps: I love your blog

I agree ! When I saw the kiss I felt so betrayed ! I just… close my laptop and went eating… Hope you like it ! Thank you sweetie !


You were talking with Nevra. He was watching you, you were talking about your last mission with Chrome and Kareen. You were saying that you didn’t felt very strong like them. He smiled a little. You both were sitting on a banch, where familiars were enjoying themselves around you. The “ Stealing kiss” accident was behind both of you.

He was watching your lips moving as you were talking. They looked so… He turned your head towards his’s, holding your chin with his hands. He was string into your eyes. You looked at him in confusion..? 

This time.. I will not force you.. Stop me if you don’t want that..” he said as he approached his lips towards your’s. 

You remembered how he stole a kiss from you, which erased your existence on Earth, but right now.. You wanted this kiss, time had pass since this incident and you trusted him again.  It was hard to recover from this betrayal but… You closed your eyes as you felt his lips on your’s. He stroke your cheek as he moved closer , tasting your lips.

Ahem..!” you both turned your away toward the voice, to see Kareen who was smiling. “ I have to tell this to everyone!” she said before running away. You tried to stop her, but Nevra hold your waist and made you sitting on his laps. You asked him if it didn’t bother him? Wouldn’t he lost all his “lovers”? He  kissed your cheeks before purring. 

If Kareen tell everybody, thaht mean that your are mine~


Ez was eating honey with you, at the cantine. ‘With you’, rather you were watching him eating. He was teasing you about how poor you were with your maanas, that you couldn’t even brought yourself something. You sighed, such a spoiled brat… You jocked about how he will take pounds. He laughed and stood up, walking in front of you with a smug smile.

I didn’t know you wanted to see my body that bad.” he said as your eyes widen. What was he saying ?! You stood up, even throught you were smaller than him, you didn’t turned your gaze away. He wanted to play ? Let’s play!

Oh please, if I wanted to see a nice body, why would I stay with you dear~ <3 ?” you said with an angelic smile. You moved closer to his ears and whispers. “ But maybe you’re the one who wants to see mine…” you breathed into his ears which made him turn red. You laughed as you back away, but he took your head in his hands, and kissing you fiercely.

Your eyes widen,wha… Ezarel’s face wasn’t like.. this time before, he seemed more.. relaxed.. You gave in , in his kiss. This kiss was sweet.. Jus like honey.. You kissed back, and you felt him smilling in the kiss. 


You were both ready to fight. 

Miko send you in a dangerous mission, that was why she choose Valkyon to eb with you if needed. You had smiled at him saying you would do good work. Well there you both were, in front on two- no three blackdog. You were scared, of course, how could you not ? Even Valkyon was… 

One Blackdog attacked you, you fought against it as Valkyon was trying to deal with the two other one. You were fighting with all your strengh. You coudln’t lose, if not, Valkyon would have to deal with three blackdog ! And… You… 

You were back, against back. Val told you that normally, warriors from his guild would come to helped you, but you needed to keep fighting. You looked up at him and he fell into your gaze… Without thinking, he took you in his arms and kissed you, like it was the last time.

You kissed him back with all your emotions and feeling for him. It’s felt like heaven, but just for couple of second beforea blackdog ran towards you. You broke apart and fought against him. Now, you both have to live! And as you thought that, an arrow fell into a Backdog’s heart.. You smiled at Valkyon, who smiled at you. Both of you were injured, but you never felt this good…

Touch (Ezarel)

A/N: This is the first one-shot I make about Ezarel so I´m kinda afraid it´s not good enough…To be honest I had this idea when I was on vacation but I never thought it until the end so now I think that the end of the one-shot is stupid?! I don´t know…you all, read if you feel like it and I do not take insurance for anyone´s mental state after this, because I write weird stuff. u.u

I do hope you enjoy reading it ^^

He hated being touched by others. He didn´t like the feeling of it and that´s why everyone was always careful to not touch the elf. Everyone except guardienne. She tried to avoid it, she really did, but there were times that she touched him by instinct,just like when she hugged him a few days ago.

Since then, Ezarel passed nights without sleeping, remembering what happened between them. The heat from her body still lingered around him, making him go insane. Why did he feel so different when she touched him? She should be just like everyone else, and yet, her touch felt so welcome, to the point of making him want to touch her, feel her.

“Ezarel? Are you alright?” Guardienne asked him. “You are all red, do you have a fever? Do you feel hot?” Tip toeing, guardienne placed her hand in the elf´s forehead, making him slap her hand away.

“S-sorry! I did it again…” She said, leaving him alone.

He regretted. Why did he even slap her hand in the first place, when he was liking her touch? Why was he so afraid of it? Why did it matter if she touched him without asking first?

With questions without answers, Ezarel went to the alchemy lab to finish some potions that Purroy asked him the previous day. Trying to focus on the work in front of him he started mixing some chemicals, until thoughts of moments ago passed through his mind.

“What am I even doing?” The blue haired man asked himself.

“Doing what?” Looking at the door, he saw Alajea looking at him curiously.

“None of your business” He said colder than usual, surprising the mermaid.

“Did something happen between you and guardienne?” The curious girl tried once again.

“Why do you want to know?”

“I saw her crying and the only thing she said was your name…” The man’s eyes widened. He really messed up this time.

“Where’s she?” He asked the girl.

“She went towards the beach…”

“Alone?!” Ezarel didn´t think twice and run out of the room.

Going to the beach alone wasn’t a wise decision in these days as not that long ago a blackdog appeared not far from there. What if another one appeared? She doesn’t know to how protect herself that well yet…

Running like there was no tomorrow, the blue haired man arrived at the beach, looking around for the human girl. Ezarel spotted her under an arch of rocks. Getting closer to her, the elf tried to think on something to say but nothing was good enough. Instead, he sat besides her and took her hand in his.

“…Ez…”She didn´t finish talking, this was too good to be happening. Was this a dream? If it was how she wished for it to last forever.

“Are you stupid? Coming here all alone, when not that long ago we killed a blackdog not to far away from here?” He said, trying to show how irritated he was, however, his voice failed him, only letting guardienne noticed that he was worried about her.

“I´m sorry…” She said, only making Ezarel feel more guilty than before.

“You- I- sorry. It´s my fault…”He said with difficulty, after all, it wasn´t in his nature to apologize about this kind of matters and yet here he was.

“…Ez can I…hug you?” She asked, surprising both of them. Where did she have the courage to ask him that? She knew he would reject her…right?

“…alright…” With eyes wide open, the girl stood there just like a rock, looking dumbfounded at him.

Ezarel, getting irritated by that look decided to take action and embrace the girl with his arms. Closing his eyes he felt her scent in his nose and he must say that he liked it a lot. Her warmth creeped by his whole body and he felt shivers of excitement like never before. Only her could make him feel so good while being touched and for the first time, the elf decided to make her his, only after pranking and teasing her a lot, of course.

Oilell X Ezarel- Comission~

A/N: Well, here´s another comission page, this time for @foresthuntermajrach about her guardienne Oilell and the blue princess, Ezarel! Thank you for comission me and I do hope you like it :D

Their first kiss was full of love. It had a very sweet, honey taste that simply intoxicated them to the want of more as their bodies burnt in the flames of passion and love. She had felt those “butterflies” dancing in her stomach, just like the many books Oilell had read, described.

Those were the sweet memories that invaded her mind as she kissed Ezarel, feeling the taste of blood in his mouth as droplets of it fell on her clothes.

“You do know that we´re in the middle of a battle, right? Quite bold to kiss me now, don´t you think?”

Looking around, Oilell saw how badly injuried her friends were from the battle that seemed to have no end. The enemy was wining; everyone was hurted. They would die if everything keep going on like this. She couldn´t let that happen. She wouldn´t let them die, not now, not ever.

“I know, but…I couldn´t stop myself from doing it Ezarel. I needed to. Ez?”

“What?” He asked as he picked his bow up and aimed to the head of one of the blackdogs infront of him.

“I love you.”

“Why are you saying that now? We won´t lose!” Taken aback, the elf said as he tried to concentrate and aim towards his enemies.

“I know that we won´t lose, that´s why I´m saying it now. I love you, Ezarel and I will always be with you.”

“What-“ Ezarel´s eyes widdened as he saw Oilell pushing him from the place he was and creating a fire barrier to not let anyone approximate from her.

“Now, it´s between me and you all!” Spreading her wings, Oilell closed her eyes as she let all her power release from her body and soul, sending balls of fire towards her enemies, burning them to ashes.

Half of them were gone now but she needed more. More power was needed.

As she let her body be consumed by the fire that surrounded her, Oilell´s skin changed into red feathers with orange high-lights; her feet into claws so sharp that would kill anyone in seconds. She was the almighty phoenix that was admired and feared by all.

Flying above her enemies, Oilell threw flames stronger than any other that Ezarel had ever seen. This was her other form. A form that showed why she, even in her human form, always looked like royality.

One by one, the elf saw how precisely and quickly Oilell killed all their enemies, not giving them any mercy. It only took around five minutes for all of them to be dead on the floor, lifeless.

As the flames calmed down, Ezarel dashed towards Oilell as he saw flames consume her phoenix body. He had a very bad sensation seeing that. He wasn´t liking it at all.

“OILELL!” Screaming her name, Ezarel looked up into the sky, watching the love of his life burn. She had used all her power, she couldn´t keep going on.

Suddenly, a bright light that blinded anyone appeared from the phoenix body and once the light was gone and Ezarel looked up again….

No traces of her were seen as he looked around with his trembling legs that just wanted to collapse on the floor, not being able to keep going on.

And finally he colapsed, bringing his knees to his head, forming a perfect ball, trying to process everything that happened.

She was gone. The only person that could really understand him; the only person that he could always trust; the woman he loved was gone. 
Upon this realization, Ezarel let his tears fall down, together with the blood of his cuts, mixing together the endless pain he was now feeling.


He heard her voice. He knew he heard it.

Looking up, Ezarel saw a couple of red feathers fall on the floor, infront of him. Once on the floor, the feathers lighten up, forming an egg right infront of his eyes, confusing him for a minute, until he was able to think again as his blue eyes shined as he picked up the egg with his hands.

Was it possible? Was it really her?

Only time would tell him.