the blackboard quotes

sagas on my blog:

  • that time someone anonymously messaged me about sticking tic-tacs up their nose and i watched in horror as all of my followers lost their senses apparently and decided to start putting mints places they shouldn’t go and suffering for it
  • the hunt for the secret page
  • zoomed in faces of celebrities
  • guessing vague movie descriptions
  • Fandom parties and Viclockians
  • captain patch-it
  • one time i made a harry potter post that was so inspirational someone quoted it on a college blackboard for inspirational quotes
  • the cult dedicated to my hair
  • that whole month i discovered raúl esparza
  • pretty much any popular post i’ve made (also the talk dirty to me hannibal fanvid)
  • yes, yes my url is an eddie izzard reference, yep, yeah.