the blackboard quotes

“You had papers?” he said. Vimes handed them over.

“It says here "His Grace”,“ the dwarf said, after reading them for awhile.

"Yes, that’s me.”

“And there’s a sir.”

“That’s me, too.”

“And an excellency.”

“‘fraid so.” Vimes narrowed his eyes. “I was blackboard monitor for awhile, too.”

—  Terry Pratchett - The Fifth Elephant

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Yearning to learn masterlist

Yearning to learn ~ Mini writes ~ Part eighteen

Seung hyun got out of his car and slammed the door, he took a long drag on his cigarette before throwing it away, half smoked. He flared his nostrils and clenched his jaw as he headed inside the building, he barely slept at all the night before. His mind was to preoccupied with both the revelation of his past coming back to haunt him and the urge he was fighting to call you, he didn’t want to burden you with this, you weren’t at that point in your relationship, if you could call it that, yet.

He saw your friends hanging around in the halls, he noticed you weren’t there, which wasn’t that unusual. You were like a free bird, pulling away from the flock and doing your own thing. It was that habit of yours that first caught his attention, you were different to the rest.

He never overheard you talking about the awesome party you went to on the weekend or who you hooked up with or what boys you thought were hot. Instead your time seemed to consist of studying or just plain having your head in a book, your eyes focused as the fictional story you were reading pulled you into the pages.

The first half of his day was long and hard, he found it difficult to focus on his class. The things that kept him awake the night before, followed him into the next day. A small smile spread on his face when he realised what his next class was, it was yours.

Seung hyun sat at his desk and watched as the students piled in one by one, his body tensed a little after the last one entered, you weren’t amongst them. He reluctantly started the class, his nostrils flaring as he approached the blackboard before writing a quote on it.

Through the entire class, his eyes kept darting towards the door, silently pleading to himself for you to walk in at any moment. But you never did, he sat back in his chair, his hand rubbing at his lip. He stared absently off into the distance as he allowed thoughts of why you didn’t come to fill his mind, were you sick, did something happen or did you not want to see him any more. His jaw clenched so tight that the corner of his jaw twitched as one particular scenario came to mind, Jiyong had gotten to you.

Seung hyun grabbed his things and rushed off in a huff out of the room.

I remember George and I going to see Blackboard Jungle. George was fifteen at the time and you had to be sixteen to go and see it. But I was sixteen, so I was all right. George’s mum was saying, ‘You’ll never get in, you’ll never get in,’ and we were saying, ‘Don’t worry, we’ll get him in.’ We went out in the back garden and got a bit of mud. George had the buddings of a little moustache so he rubbed mud on his moustache. We went along to the picture house and we got in. ‘Sure, he’s sixteen’… we spoke a bit deeper. The only reason we were going was because a Bill Haley song, ‘Rock Around the Clock,’ was in the film, that one song.
—  Paul McCartney in an interview with Paul Gambaccini, November/December 1973