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Somehow, I can’t imagine Hatty and Connie’s first meeting went very well. 

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Am so pleased you loved Mad Max: Fury Road! I would love to hear your thoughts on how the female characters are portrayed compared with in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Also wonder if you have seen Anita Sarkeesian's tweets proclaiming that Mad Max isn't feminist, which I couldn't disagree with more.

There were a few different parts to your ask, anon, so this ended up turning into a loooooong reply.

The main appeal of Mad Max for me personally is that it’s an amazingly well made action movie without any of the—pardon my French—unselfconscious dickwaving that makes the majority of action movies alienating for me as a female viewer. In fact, the film very clearly addresses how destructive toxic masculinity is. I wish I could say ‘big whoop’, but unfortunately this level of self-conscious criticism in mainstream films is incredibly rare, especially in the action genre. So just off the top of my head, here’s some of the things I feel Mad Max does differently from Age of Ultron (and the majority of other action movies out there) with respect to women and gender. (Mild spoilers under the cut.)

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I have created A Thing (AKA read your shelves 2017)

I’m not really a member of the booklr community but I am a book person who is also garbage at actually reading books. so I’ve made myself a challenge for the summer, and I thought I’d share it with tumblr so maybe other people can take inspiration or join me or whatever. I’m counting “summer” as being this week until the week my classes start in August, but anyone who follows this challenge can set parameters whenever they need to as long as they hit the first week of May till sometime in August

the rules
- “summer” begins the first full week of May and has to end after the first full week of August
- each week has a book. you cannot read that book before that week (for anticipation’s sake). if you don’t finish that book that week, it adds to the next week
- books must be owned or loaned (AKA Becky I still haven’t read any of the books you’ve loaned me so yeah this is so I actually do that)
- no book buying until the end of summer (this goes for used books as well. free books are acceptable (gifts and/or BookBub deals))
- can read other books, but must prioritize weekly challenge books!
- no rereading books until the week’s challenge book is finished

my books
- April 24 - 30: Witch’s Business, Diana Wynne Jones

- May 1 - 7: Six of Crows, Leigh Bardugo
- May 8 - 14: Crooked Kingdom, Leigh Bardugo
- May 15 - 21: Shadow and Bone, Leigh Bardugo
- May 22 - 28: Siege and Storm, Leigh Bardugo
- May 29 - June 4: Trigger Warning, Neil Gaiman

- June 5 - 11: The Pinhoe Egg, Diana Wynne Jones
- June 12 - 18: The Bookman, Lavie Tidhair
- June 19 - 25, Camera Obscura, Lavie Tidhair
- June 26 - July 2: The Great Game, Lavie Tidhair

- July 3 - 9: A Face Like Glass, Frances Hardinge
- July 10 - 16: In the Land of Time and Other Stories, Lord Dunsany
- July 17 - 23: The Princess Bride (part 1), William Goldman
- July 24 - 30: The Princess Bride (part 2), William Goldman
- July 31 - August 6: Perdido Street Station (part 1), China Mieville

- August 7 - 13: Perdido Street Station (part 2), China MIeville
- August 14 - 20: Black Widow Forever Red, Margaret Stohl
- August 21 - 27: Steelheart, Brandon Sanderson

bonus round
Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, Susanna Clarke
Les Miserables, Victor Hugo

Planned Cosplay Couples

Haruhi and Tamaki

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Haruka and Michiru

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Rei and Nagisa

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Wolfram and Yuuri

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Pokemon (various)

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Hiccup and Astrid

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Milo and Kida

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Anastasia and Dimitri

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Flynn and Rapunzel

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Hercules and Meg

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Thumbelina and Cornelius

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Marshall Lee and Prince Gumball

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Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable

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Sam and Danny (Danny Phantom)

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Jed and Octavius

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Clint and Natasha

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Buttercup and Westley

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Sydney & Adrian (Sydrian/girl!Sydrian from Bloodlines novels so there’s not really a gif for this yet- or, well, I could be wrong. Okay.)

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Steve and Tony

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Merlin and Arthur

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Dean and Cas

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Wolf and Virginia (The 10th Kingdom)

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Buffy and Spike

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Still debating which characters from:

  • The Legend of Zelda
  • Kingdom Hearts
  • Avatar: the Last Airbender
  • Percy Jackson
  • Harry Potter
What the hell! I really need to stop reading fanfictions.
—  They always remind me that that’s all I’ll ever be. A fan.

did you know there are three canonical brides in various disney parks’ haunted mansion attractions.

the beating heart bride is the original bride who was there until 2006 & 2007 in anaheim and orlando respectively. she is still in tokyo disneyland’s mansion.

melanie ravenswood is the bride in phantom manor, disneyland paris’ take on the attraction. phantom manor’s backstory is superb and levels more complex and dark than its mansion counterparts and i long to experience it myself one day. 

the black widow bride or constance hatchaway is what replaced the beating heart bride in anaheim and orlando. imo she is extremely hokey and the CG screen overlay looks really dumb and not even one iota scary. two thumbs down. however she is said to be the old woman in the stretching room portrait which is the one neat thing about her.

beating heart bride is still the scariest to me!

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So one of the PLL writers posted about The Bride who wore Black. It is indeed a noir film:

“After trying to commit suicide, the widow Julie Kohler pretends to her mother that she will leave her town. Actually she stays, chases and assassinates the five men that accidentally killed her beloved husband in the stairs of the church immediately after their wedding ceremony.”

So I truly believe Melissa is Black Widow. And here’s why;

1. Her motive is simple. Revenge for ruining her marriage with Wren and then the murder of Ian.

In the moment Melissa realized Ian was still alive. She was going to find out who pushed him off the bell tower, but was too late when she found him dead. Her search begins with Alison. She had to find out if she was still alive. Her act of depression took over soon after Ian’s death, that’s when she had enough of Alison and her sister for ruining her life and evidently the killing of the love of her life.

2. Revenge is sweet. Her 1st taste of blood

While on the hunt for Alison and taking out her anger on Spencer and her friends. She discovers that Garrett didn’t kill Alison like he said he did. He was spilling secrets to Spencer on the Halloween train. And Melissa couldn’t let Garrett tell Spencer all of his secrets, if he had more time I’m sure he would spill some secrets regarding Melissa. Remember that Melissa spent all that time with Garrett, she later revealed that she told Garrett too much.

3. Jason and Melissa go way back.

Even they had a little kiss before they knew they were related. Which makes me think that Melissa used that as leverage to keep him quiet about a few things. But also to make him help her kill Garrett. Yes I know we know Melissa and Wilden were both the QoH’s on the train. But did we ever see a stab wound on anybody else in the next episode besides Jason? Nope we didn’t. There fore I think Jason didn’t have a choice but to help Melissa and Wilden to toss Garrett off the train. But he had no idea that Aria was in there. Later on, Jason was almost killed. Why? Because before we knew who took that photo of Wilden, Cece and Alison he had proof that the photo even existed. We found out Melissa took the photo and it was never discussed again.

4. Wilden, he and Melissa knew each other. Did they have the same agenda or was he working someone else?

We still don’t know who killed Wilden. But for good reason, he is dead. Did Melissa find out who he was taking orders from? Did she not like the fact that she had no idea who was controlling the situation? Hmm

5. Jenna, they both have motive for taking revenge on the girls and mostly Ali.

We know her and Melissa came to some sort of agreement to work together the night of the lodge fire. But in the end, Jenna’s final threat to either keep quiet about Alison being alive or making sure the girls didn’t find out was Melissa’s way of letting Jenna know that she was in charge.

6. Mrs. D. So many secrets and affairs, it’s hard to keep track of the truth. But was it enough to shut her up for good?

We know Mrs. D saw who hit Bethany and Alison. Melissa buried Bethany alive. Peter thought he was protecting Spencer by keeping Jessica quiet. But really she was protecting Melissa from exposing the truth. From exposing that Mrs. D knew who Bethany was and why she was killed and Bethany taking Ali’s place. Now we know Melissa buried Bethany before Ali was even buried. But since the timelines don’t match up, I doubt either one of them were telling the truth.

7. Mona, she created monsters and made plenty of allies. And even her own Army.

Melissa was one of her allies. Sure they had something in common. But was it enough for Melissa to work with the same person who “blackmailed” her into being the black swan as a distraction in 2x25? Hmm I doubt it. Melissa is smart, she tied her way into letting Spencer know that she only worked with Mona to make Spencer see that Ali is more dangerous than ever. How so? Still need to know how Melissa did that.

Maybe Mona and Melissa became friends, they have enough reason to stand together. What if Mona trusted her enough, but not enough to tell her that she sided with the girls in the end. They had proof that Alison knew Bethany and then that would lead to them connecting that to Melissa. So she decided to come up with a lie, making Spencer believe that Melissa was protecting her by burying someone alive who she thought was Alison. And then she got out of town just after her confession, how convent and surprisingly great timing. Because not soon after, Mona is dead, Alison is in jail for Mona and Bethany’s murder and Melissa isn’t even around to be a suspect anymore. I mean she did essentially kill Bethany right? Yet Ali gets blamed for both murders, leaving Spencer in the clear. Hmmm


I don’t believe Melissa killed all of these people, but she is connected to them in some way. Maybe I’m wrong, of course the obvious choice is usually wrong but I like to think if Melissa isn’t Black Widow. Then she is either related to BW or is even Big A.