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why has no one put together a compilation of some of the best Tom Levitt moments in Smash yet (even though every moment is a great moment) ??

like honest to god, the whole series is up on the NBC website for free until september 2018.

c’mon, christian borle stan tumblr, do your thing. give the people what they want.

and please, i beg of y’all — do NOT forget to put in this iconic moment :

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last day of christmas break for me 😬 gonna miss watching countless of videos about this gorgeous human being all day 😭

Cost of Freedom (18/52)

Summary: In which Kaito learns what they need to do next. And Aoko comes to a decision. Prison ! AU

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Twenty months ago:

“This case isn’t something you can work on long term, you know. You can’t do it, silver bullets only have a short range.”

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falsettos-on-ice  asked:

How do you rate each role christian borle has played on the 1-10 daddy scale

Marvin: 1/10. Constantly tired, never wants to do anything. Dead inside.

Tom Levitt: 1/10. That awkward gay guy you flirted with once and now can’t look in the eye.

Max Detwieller: 2/10. Rich. Loses points for pedo ‘stache

Black Stache: 4/10. The jacket is a nice touch. Would be nicer without the mustache.

Emmett Forrest: 5/10. Scruffy at first, but have you seen him in a tailored suit??

Willy Wonka: 6/10. Blood kink is distracting.

Smee: 7/10. BICEPS!!!

Shakespeare: 11/10. The ultimate daddy

fingers play around inexplicably maintained curls of the head in his lap, his other hand fiddling with a pencil. all evening james had been stealing glances at the map splayed out on his desk, though his attention remained focused on the man draped across his legs, reading silently from a book james had lent him. amidst the chaos and excitement that characterized their piratical lifestyle, it was easy to forget about nights like these– when the rest of the crew had either drunk themselves stupider or were on lookout with nothing to report, where he and tom could enjoy a rare moment of peace alone. 

a part of him wondered why tom even had his own bunk if he spent most of his nights in the captain’s quarters, and, in what he thought was a stroke of genius, his eyes darted to a chest in the corner that, among other things, contained a box holding two matching golden rings. lacking any of his usual showmanship, he merely cleared his throat to get his lover’s attention, waiting a moment before he spoke. “darling, how would you feel about getting married?”


you just know that both james and sirius would go through the stupid facial hair stage and compete to grow mustaches and beards and both would look equally as terrible. sirius would try to make interesting designs and totally have a pointy goatee during sixth year and james would just grow a full-on mountain man beard and remus and peter would hide their heads during meals because “no you look like bloody idiots why don’t you just shave?”

All of Black Stache’s crew has a pirate nickname, and S is no different. Over time, she comes to be called “Pet”; both due to her uncanny ability to catch rats and mice, and because of her close relationship to the captain. The others often tease her about being “captain’s little pet”, which eventually stuck.