the black spiderman


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“Hey Nat,” you called from the couch.
“Hey kid,” she called back as she set her duffle on the counter.

Moments later, Nat walked into the living room with a couple Gatorades. You grinned as she tossed you one. Peter, your boyfriend, turned around to introduce himself only for his mouth to drop open. Nat smirked.

“Got something to say?” she asked.
You chuckled. “Peter, this is my older sister, Nat. Nat, this is Peter.”
“I, um, you’re uh-uh-” he paused to clear his throat. His voice came out a bit higher, “Y-Your sister is the Black Widow?”
You nodded. “You knew my last name was Romanoff,” you added with a smirk, “Not exactly subtle.”
“Ah, don’t give him a hard time, Y/N. He’s a fanboy at heart.”

The two of you started to laugh as Peter just stared at the two of you in shock. It was another few moments before it subsided into a smirk of his own. 

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This is so messy I apologize

Tom Holland is officially now the greatest Spiderman of Spiderman’s in my book.

View Tom Holland’s lip synce performacne here

if i learned how to relate to rich white girls going to private school or a white boy with fucking spider powers i know damn well you can relate to poor kids living in the bronx

If you ever feel sad, just remember, even spider man is afraid of spiders😂😂

The signs as Marvel’s jawlines and cheekbones of fame

Warning!!!!! These gifs may be the fucking death of you

Bucky Barnes: Cancer, Libra

Steve Rogers: Scorpio,Capricorn

T’Challa: Virgo, Pisces

Loki: Aquarius, Aries

The suit….not Tony, just The Suit: Leo, Taurus

Ultron (I mean … damn cheekbones): Sagittarius, Gemini

‘Spider-Man’ Spinoff: Silver Sable, Black Cat Movie Finds Director

Gina Prince-Bythewood, who wrote and directed The Secret Life of Bees, will direct Silver and Black, Sony’s Spider-Man offshoot that centers on characters Silver Sable and the Black Cat.

Silver Sable, created by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz in 1985, is a mercenary who runs a company that hunts war criminals. The character has been both antagonist and ally to Spider-Man.

Black Cat, an acrobatic cat burglar whose real name is Felicia Hardy, has a long and tangled romantic history with Spider-Man in the comics. The character was cut from scripts for the Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy, and a “Felicia Hardy” (played by Felicity Jones) briefly appeared in Amazing Spider-Man 2, though no Black Cat connection was ever made explicit.

Note:  This deal will make Prince-Bythewood the first black woman to direct a superhero movie, the second woman of colour (following Lexi Alexander) and the 4th woman overall to direct a live-action superhero feature film following Lexi Alexander, Patty Jenkins and Anna Boden (co-directing with Ryan Fleck).