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New Books: The Black Pullet & The Magus

My mom sent me an Amazon gift card for Christmas and this is what I spent it on :D

[The Black Pullet: Science of Magical Talisman]

First surfacing in France in the 18th century, The Black Pullet is a guide to the construction and use of magical talismanic rings. With the use of these rings, people attained extraordinary powers. Perhaps the most wonderful secret revealed is the power to produce the Black Pullet, otherwise known as the “Hen with the Golden Eggs.” Unlimited wealth was granted to the person who achieved the creation of this incredible Hen.

[The Magus: A Complete System of Occult Philosophy]

The Magus, or Celestial Intelligencer; being a Complete System of Occult Philosophy is a handbook of the occult and ceremonial magic compiled by Francis Barrett and published in 1801. This book facilitated the modern revival of magic by making information from otherwise rare books readily available. It may have influenced novelist Edward Bulwer-Lytton and occultist Eliphas Levi. More controversially, it has been identified as an influence on Joseph Smith, Jr., founder of the Latter Day Saint movement, in Reed C. Durham, Jr.’s speech “Is There No Help for the Widow’s Son? ” Reproduction of 1801 Edition.

I really wanted this copy of The Magus. All the copies I’ve found online are fine, where the actual text is concerned, but the plates of the talismans and other drawings are always pretty subpar (at least, for me). This copy of The Magus really was worth the price for me - the plates are reproduced very, very cleanly. I’m extremely happy with it.

Likewise, this copy of The Black Pullet has very nicely reproduced illustrations. They’re not as clear as the illustrations in The Magus, but they are definitely clearer than the online versions of The Black Pullet I’ve managed to find.

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Hello. I am more of a student of High Magic, but I do have a significant knowledge of witchcraft mostly for green/healing purposes. I often find witches that "borrow" serious aspects of more "serious" paths, from Thelema to the Kabbalah and such, and they are extremely defensive when I try to point out the personal danger of misunderstanding knowledge as well as the disrespect for some of those traditions. Can you discuss that a bit more? Some witches just think their craft is the only right! S2

Forewarning, this is going to be a very long post. 

Many witches aren’t aware of the origins of their own craft. Unfortunately, trying to talk to them about it can make them defensive, as their teachers or sources might have once told them otherwise. 
A lot of the witchcraft that floats around today draws its lineage back to Wicca. The style of magic that they practice, often more ritualized than they know, does not consist merely of witchcraft. This is where people get defensive. 
Witchcraft, as it is known in folklore and history, is a kind of folk magic that often involves malefic intent. Even if one removes malefic intent from this, it is still majorly based in folk magic. 
When Wicca was created, Gardner (with a ton of help from Doreen Valiente) mixed folk magic with high magic. The major source that his high magic comes from is Solomonic in nature. His ritual tools, now known as the tools of Wicca, are interpretations of tools described in the Key of Solomon. A black handled knife, tempered with the blood of a black cat, would be used to draw circles and command spirits. This would change (and become much less macabre) in Wicca in becoming a general knife for magic and non-physical cutting. Though in Wicca, the white handled knife is for cutting, the Solomonic traditions hold it to be the knife to use in all other acts of magic, besides drawing a circle. Wands, swords, cups, and metal symbols are all commonly found in high magical traditions. But Gardner didn’t hide the origins of these things. He openly said that he borrowed from Sorcerers.
Another thing to keep in mind is that Gardner was, as many other high magicians at the time, a Freemason. Though Freemasonry itself has little involvement in magic, the Freemasons themselves often take it upon themselves to study the Geometry of the Universe.  When he left Freemasonry, he took the rituals and symbols with him, and neatly tucked them inside of Wicca. The rituals Gardner described and performed bear an uncanny resemblance to the rituals used by Freemasons. 
These things, over time, were forgotten by many who were drawn into the religion in search of witchcraft. The history behind it was lost, hidden, or forgotten. As time moved on, people left Wicca, but kept the style of magic it taught to them. Eventually, as it grew, more people pulled in more influences that were not originally associated with witches. Eastern spirituality, New Age beliefs, Kabbalistic and Thelemic techniques, etc. Now people are practicing a mixture of magical practices, ranging all from high magic to folk magic, but know it all as witchcraft. This unique combination birthed out of Wicca has come to be labeled Modern Witchcraft. 

As far as traditional witches go, it changes, depending on the tradition or lineage your talking about. Even the kind of ‘traditional’ matters. 
You have all the followers of the Cultus Sabbati, the most popular of traditional witchcrafts, who are essentially witches working high magic (often going by the term ‘sorcerer’). Their witch imagery comes from the same place that all traditional witches pull from, but their ecstatic techniques are often quite their own. What isn’t their own was pulled from old grimoires. 
Generally speaking, most traditional witches interested in working high magic will pull their knowledge from classic grimoires. Agrippa, Goetia, The Key of Solomon, The Grimoirium Verum, The Red Dragon, The Black Pullet, etc. 
Then you’ve got the other half of traditional witches. Their practices are mostly based in folk magic and the witch lore found in the Early Modern Period (mainly from Europe and America). High magic is sometimes included, but the majority of their practices are spells and charms, rather than complex rituals and long evocations. That isn’t to say that they may not dip into ceremonial magic from time to time. Nor does it exclude spirit work. Folk magic still offers a plethora of ways to do spirit work without dipping into high magic. 

Why is there such a sharp division between high magic and folk magic? It’s mainly due to the practitioners of both in the past and their relationship to wealth. High Magicians were the ones employed in the courts of kings, queens, and temples. They worked rituals with gods and spirits and stars to find prophecies, ensure a happy afterlife, appease forces, and generally work in the Universe in favor of the king or queen. Remember John Dee? These high magicians were wealthy, and their art costed a pretty penny. Their grimoires and objects of power were sold at extremely high prices, passed from hand to hand through time. That was though, after they had died. 
Folk magicians worked magic that the everyday person had to worry about. How does one stop and start storms, ensure good health, bring luck, curse enemies, make animals come home, etc? They worked their art to both harm and heal. Charms made of string, glass, bone, wood, parchment, and cloth were used to bring desired effects. Because witches were thought to be of lower wealth, the majority of witch workings described in folklore are of folk magic. Those folk magicians who had access to grimoires (which were very few) sometimes used them in concert with folk magic. 

I noticed your use of the word ‘serious’ when talking about high magic. Be very careful there. It is true that high magic often takes a much more solemn tone, but folk magic is not to be dismissed. The witches in Scotland, described as being able to destroy entire fields of crops with storms, were thought to do so with folk magic. The witches in the Ancient Near East who fed images of their enemies to dogs to do them harm were also practicing folk magic.
“High” and “Low” are not indicators of power. It is the relationship between Heaven and Earth. 

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What are some of the "many texts on necromancy"?

Greek and Roman Necromancy by Daniel Ogdan
Forbidden Rites A Necromancer’s Manual of the Fifteenth Century by Richard Kieckhefer 
De Nigromancia by Roger Bacon
The Necromantic ritual book -Leilah Wendell
Ars Falcis
The Graveyard Wanderers 

While it isn’t strictly necromancy I recommend
Solomon’s and Agrippa’s work (the 4th book of occult philosophy included)
The Black Pullet
Conjuring Spirits by Michael Osiris Snuffin
Blood magick by Seth
Lesser Albert/Petit Albert

As Always


“[Fig. 6] will enable you to discover the most hidden secrets; you will be able to penetrate everywhere without being seen, and not a single word in the universe can be uttered without it coming to your ears, whether you wish to listen to it yourself or to have brought back to us by your agents when you order them to do so…repeat these words and place the talisman near your ear while you hold the ring tightly in your left hand: Nitrae, Radou, Sunundam.”

Fig. 7 “Place this ring on the little finger of your left hand and hold the talisman to your ear, and the most discreet man will divulge to you his most hidden thoughts. Here are the two words: Noctar, Raiban, and if you add a third word, which is Biranther, your greatest enemies will not be able to prevent themselves from loudly publishing their projects against you.”


Two planetary rings of Necromantic power.

Ring of the moon:

Cloth: White
Metal: Silver
Herb: Mullein
Stone: Quartz (clear)
Day: Monday on a Full moon.
Hour: 8 pm.
Use: Allowing for better spirit communication.
Names of spirits:

Ring of Jupiter:

Cloth: Blue
Metal: Tin
Herb: Mandrake
Stone: Amethyst
Day: Thursday
Hour: 8 am/pm
Use: Authority over all spirits.
Names of spirits:

The rings:

1) First acquire socketed bands of the metal required, ensure it can hold your stone in place.
2) Etch the characters of the planet along the inside of the ring.
3) On the day and hour of the planet, place your herb in the socket and then the stone, securing the herb in place.
4) Bury the ring[s] on the grave of a child who lived for no more than nine years as they will be keen to serve.
5) After 31 days, dig up the rings put them on, evoke the spirits of the rings with the cloth and leave.

The cloths:
Take a silken cloth of the color of the planet and write the names of the spirits of that planet in fine red ink.

To evoke the powers of the rings, put the ring on, hold the cloth over your heart, pronounce the names of the spirits.

Henry C. Agrippa - Four books of occult philosophy.
Unkown - Munich manual of demonic magic.
Scott Cunningham - Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal and Gem Magic.
Unknown - The black pullet

A Game of---wat
Patience Gibbs/Aveline de Grandpré
A Game of---wat

Patience: Tell me your name.

Aveline: Aveline de Grandpré.

Patience: From New Orleans? So you are real after all. What is it that you want if it is not my charm?

Aveline: Only you. Charmless.

Patience: Is it a game of flats you fancy then?

Aveline: A friend sent me– Connor. He will offer you safety and training.

Patience: Mademoiselle (Miss), get my charm back, and you can take me as your game pullet.

Aveline: Then let’s go.

Because I saw this floating around.

you must understand that the elements are inhabited by very perfect creatures. The immense space between heaven and earth has inhabitants far more noble than the birds and the gnats. The vast seas have many other hosts than the whales and dolphin. It is the same in the depths of the earth which contains other things than water and minerals, and the element of fire, more noble than the other three, has not been created to abide there useless and empty. The air is full of an unnumbered multitude of beings with human form—a little proud in appearance but in effect docile and great lovers of the sciences; subtle but obliging to the great Mages and enemies of the foolish and the ignorant: these are the sylphs. The seas and rivers are the habitat of the Ondines, the earth is full practically to the center of Gnomes, guardians of the treasures and the precious stones. These are the ingenious friends of man
—  the black pullet

“Here next is the talisman and its ring. They have the property of destroying everything, of commanding the elements, of calling down the thunder, hail, the stars, earthquakes, hurricanes, water spouts on land and sea, and of preserving our friends from all accidents. Here are the words which one must pronounce (the numbers indicate each thing which you wish to operate): first, you pronounce: Ditau, Hurandos; second, Ridas Talimol; third, Atrosis, Narpida; fourth, Uusar, Itar; fifth, Hispen, Tromador; sixth, Parenthes, Histanos.”

       ~La Poule Noire

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can you tell me about any spells or rituals for gaining entry to someplace you might not be entirely allowed?

Here are some that I think might be useful:

Spells to unlock doors:

PGM XIII 734-1077?
“To open doors by use of the Name: “Open, open, 4 quarters of the cosmos, for the lord of the inhabited world comes forth. Archangels, decans, angels rejoice. For Aion of Aion himself, the only and/transcendant, invisible, goes through this place. Open, door! Hear, bar! Fall into two parts, lock! By the name AIA AINRYCHATH, cast up, Earth, for the lord, all things you contain, for he is the stormsender and controller of the abyss, master of fire. Open, for ACHEBYKROM commands you!” [Say ACHEBYKrom 8 times; [it is] the name of Helios.”

PGM XXXVI. 312-20
“Charm to open a door: Take from a firstborn ram an umbilical cord that has not fallen to the ground, and after mixing in myrrh, apply it to the door bolts when you want to open a door, and say this spell, and you will open it immediately.
Now this is the spell: ‘Open up for me, open up for me, door bolt; be opened, be opened, door bolt, because I am Horos the Great, ARCHEPHRENEPSOU PHIRIGX, son of Osiris and Isis. I want the godless Typhon to flee; immediately; immediately; quickly, quickly.’”

Both of these come from the Greek Magical Papyri (PGM) Translated by Hanz Dieter Betz

Ldsahrj6tur (lock breaker):
Lay this sign on the lock and blow into it. [The runes read Troll oll taki i mellu, taki i djofu[ll] so braki, which translates: All trolls reach into the lock, the Devil reach into it, so that it will break.]”

From The Galdrabok: an Icelandic Grimoire by Stephen E. Flowers, Ph.D.

“To Pass Through a Locked Door
Where the lock is filled with rust
And all the keys have long been lost,
And time has warped the heavy door
Against the place it fit before,
And no one can remember now
What joys or sorrows it could show,
Then you must tap its silent boards
Once, twice, and thrice, and say these words:
Whatever lies
Beyond this door
Let me enter
Without fear,
Or else with lever,
Saw, and axe,
I’ll serve the wood
Until it breaks.”

From Crone’s Book of Magical Words by Valerie Worth

Characters to be engraved on the inside of the ring.

"With the talisman and the ring (Figure No. 12) you will be able to open all locks, no matter what secrets have been employed to shut them; you will not need a key. Simply by touching them with the ring and pronouncing these three words: Saritap, Pernisox, Ottarim, they will open of themselves without difficulty.

This comes from the grimoire The Black Pullet

A Spell to Turn People on Their Heels:

‘Away from here, away from there
Away to take you anywhere
Out from Iron, out from stone
Out from here, away,

Spells to Become Invisible

“On Midsummer’s Eve gather some fern seeds between eleven and noon. Whenever you carry it you will be invisible. But you must take care not to lose any of it, else you will not regain your proper shape.”

From Witches’ Potions and Spells by Kathryn Paulsen

PGM VII. 619-27

*From the Diadem of Moses: Take the plant snapdragon and hold it under your tongue while lying asleep. And rise early and before you speak to anyone recite the names, and you will be invisible to everyone.
But when you say them over drinking cups and give it then to a woman, she will love you, since this spell has power over everything: “ARESKILLIOUS THOUDALESAI KRAMMASI CHAMMAR / MOULABOTH LAUABAR CHOUPHAR PHOR PHORBAO SACIHI HARBACH MACHIMASO IAO SABAOTH ADONAI.”

From the Greek Magical Papyri (PGM) Translated by Hanz Dieter Betz

 Characters to be engraved on the inside of the ring.

"The talisman and the ring (Figure No. 10) will make you invisible to all eyes, even those of the spirits. Only the Great Being could be witness to your steps and your actions. You will penetrate everywhere into the bosom of the seas, into the bowels of the earth, you can likewise survey the airs,  and no action of men can be hidden from you. Say only: Benatir, Cararkau, Dedos, Etinarmi.”

From the grimioire The Black Pullet

“This inscription is to be written on the wand with India ink.”

“Then he took a wand six feet in length having at one end the head of a serpent and at the other the tail. On the wand were plates of gold the same as the head and tail on which were engraved the characters as illustrated in Figure 1. He formed a circle by uniting each end by a golden chain which he passed through two links; he put it on the ground and placed himself in the center.”

~La Poule Noire

“Do you feel, my son, do you feel this heroic ambition which is the sure stamp of the children of wisdom? Do you dare to desire to serve only the one God and to dominate over all that is not God? Have you understood what it is to prove to be a man and to be unwilling to be a slave since you are born to be a Sovereign? And if you have these noble thoughts, as the signs which I have found on your physiognomy do not permit me to doubt, have you considered maturely whether you have the courage and the strength to renounce all the things which could possibly be an obstacle to attaining the greatness for which you have been born?” At this point he stopped and regarded me fixedly as if waiting for an answer, or as if he were searching to read my heart. I asked him, “What is that which I have to renounce?” “All that is evil in order to occupy yourself only with that which is good. The proneness with which nearly all of us are born to vice rather than to virtue. Those passions which render us slaves to our senses which prevent us from applying ourselves to study, tasting its sweetness, and gathering its fruits. You see, my dear son, that the sacrifice which I demand of you is not painful and is not above your powers; on the contrary, it will make you approach perfection as near as it is possible for man to attain. Do you accept that which I propose?”

One last shot before I pack everybody up and finish the boring parts of convention prep work. Down to the wire!!

Doing different sizes of chickens just to mix things up (I think they will be priced the same since they take the same amount of time to make).

In the photo:
Adult Hen - Brown (larger size, three feathers on wings, glass eyes)
Young Hen/Pullet - Black/Brown (smaller size, three feathers on wings, glass eyes)
Bantam Hen - Brown/Tan (smaller size, two feathers on wings, black eyes)
Bantam Rooster - Black/Green/Purple (same as hen, yes he is crowing!)
Jillions of chicks - chick color

I’m working on a simple blind-bag/gachapon game concept with some of these, where you can pay a “grow-up” fee and redeem a chick to get a surprise chicken! Lots of chickens not shown in my photos. Come try it out first at AC, booth K01. :)