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I See You

Title: I See You

Song: Put The Gun Down by Andy Black 

Paring: Jared x Reader

Warning: This is an angsty song, BUT I ended this with an important message

Always Keep Fighting. Know that you are seen. Know that you are heard. Know that you are loved. Know that you are enough.

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Chores suck, there’s no way around it. But music, music always made it better. Pressing play, you turned back to your mountain of laundry as you started to sing.

Here’s where it starts, another night alone in the dark

Hate is running through my veins

Steady now I’m takin’ aim

The darkness of day, all the skies are turning to grey

I can’t turn the voices out

How’d they get so goddamned loud?

Oh, cause there’s a side, another side of me that can’t get out

A darker side that no one knows about

Throwing your head back you belted out the chorus

Can anybody hear me?

Can anybody see me?

Cause I think I lost my way

Put the gun down, just put the gun down

Will anybody watch me?

Is someone gonna stop me?

This could be my last mistake

Put the gun down, just put the gun down

“Wait…you can sing?”

The voice behind you made you jump as you spun around to see Jared leaning in the door way. “Don’t stop babe! Keep going!”

Laughing you grabbed Jared’s hands, bringing them around your waist as you continued.

When does it stop?

Cause I’m living cold and shut off

Even when I clench my fists, it’s slipping through my fingertips

Oh, cause there’s a piece, there’s a piece of me and it’s missing now

Yeah, there’s a piece of me that’s breaking down.

Swaying back and forth Jared joined you in the chorus

Can anybody hear me?

Can anybody see me?

Cause I think I lost my way

Put the gun down, just put the gun down

Will anybody watch me?

Is someone gonna stop me?

This could be my last mistake

Put the gun down, just put the gun down

Jared pulled you tight, nuzzling his face into your neck as the two of you danced. Leaning back, he cupped your face, trailing his thumb across your cheek.

“Y/N, you know that I see you right? That I hear you? Most importantly though, that I love you?”

Smiling you gave him a tender kiss. “Of course I know that. That’s why I’m okay, it’s why I’m so happy. Your love, your understanding, that’s how I know I can do anything.”

Jared pulled you in for a tight hug, pulling you up into his arms as you wrapped your legs around his waist.

“It’s not just me you know,” Jared brought his head back, his eyebrows coming together as he tried to figure out what you meant. “Everyone that you guys talk to, everyone you inspire. They know they can do anything because of you.”

Jared tried to kiss you but you pulled back. “I’m serious babe, you guys save lives. You give people the courage, strength, and acceptance they need to save and change their own lives. You should be proud of yourselves. You’ve given me so much love and support, but I hope you recognize just how much you give to everyone else in this family too.”

Jared pulled you tight, holding onto you with everything he had. “Moments like this, this is what gives me strength to Always Keep Fighting.”


A Low Budget List of Altar Supplies

This list was submitted by Solardata, and has some really good ideas. Go at it, fellow LBW!

Broom: make your own! I have both a large and small besom I made. You can even find scented yarns to tie with (though I’ve found a tightly pulled rope to be best).
Wand: a stick! Or you can get creative with cutting down a dowel and decorating it.
Censer: you can get a stick incense holder for $1 at the Dollar Tree. Same with a cone incense holder for $1 at some walmarts. Falling that, a small bit of folded aluminum foil works for me and my cone incense when needed (just make sure it’s stable and flat!)
Cauldron: a metal bowl might be suitable? I actually found a metal cauldron at a thrift store for $2, but it took a lot of looking (and I very rarely use it in my work honestly).
Athame: typically black handled, you can get a black handled paring knife at Walmart for 88 cents. It doesn’t 100% fit the description but it works if you don’t have much money.
Chalice: thrift stores. I got mine for 69 cents at goodwill.
Pentacle: draw one on paper, or you can get a piece of wood or metal from a craft store and draw/engrave/burn it on that.
Book of Shadows/Grimoire: tumblr! Or if you want a physical copy, a lined notebook or blank sketchbook works.
Bell: craft stores. You can get all kinds of bells there, choose whatever feels right.
Bowls: again thrift stores. I got my offering bowl for 49 cents.
Snuffer: mine was a gift, but I’ve seen some at thrift stores for $2 and less. You can snuff any fire with something fireproof and that which blocks oxygen to the fire. I used to use tops to old jar candles, depending on the size of the candle.
Mortar & Pestle: mine was $2 at goodwill (after months of looking through thrift stores). A makeshift mortar & pestle could be a small ice cream scooper & a bowl. Other than that, there’s a $6 - $10 white set on Amazon if I remember correctly.
Candles: birthday candles are 24 for $1. Seek out pagan shops for other candles, my local one sells chime candles for 30 cent each. Thrift stores also have candles for cheap sometimes… Just make sure to cleanse them and look for non burned candles. Thrift stores also have fancy shaped candles sometimes. Also, white candles are catch-alls and can be substituted, so don’t think you need every color of the rainbow off the bat. Walmart sells 50 white tealights for about $3 where I live.
Candle holders: my only advice is for birthday candles, which is metal sewing bobbins. For chime candles I have chime candle holders, and for taper candles and votives, you can find holders at thrift stores and dollar stores. Walmart also carries votive glass holders for around $1 each.
God image/goddess image: print out a picture from the Internet or copy a picture from a book at the library or friend’s house. Walmart sells picture frames 5x7 for about $1 (though I prefer hobby lobby’s predone frames more personally, but they cost a little more)
Knot magic: you can get embroidery thread for 15 cents or so at craft stores, and it comes in a variety of colors. Baring that, you can also get cord by the yard at craft stores for cheap too.

Note: a lot of craft stores have 40% coupons on their websites, so you can save even more.

I’m trying to keep you safe

(Not my gif)

Imagine Steve being protective  of you  when you ask to accompany him on a mission.

“Absolutely not y/n”. Steve said crossing his arms. “ Why not Steve”, I don’t want to be alone.” you sulk. “ Come on you’ll have Nat and Tony to chill with.” Great.” you say rolling your eyes.” Y/N you know why I can’t let you go.” he said firmly. “ Yea because you’re worried about my safety.” you sarcastically. ‘Y/N,”  you know how much i care about you , you know thatI love you.”he said sternly.” So i don’t want to loose my girl.” Okay doll” he says cupping your face pulling you into a kiss.” Okay.” you sigh kissing him again.

Black Mamba

Paring: Joker and Harley Point of view: Harley Quinn Disclaimer: Gif not owned/posted by me. Basing: “Black Mamba” By glass animals


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Everything started out fuzzy, but warm. It was inviting to be awaken to something soothing instead of the cold places you were used to. For a minute, it felt like home. With eyes opened, reality set in, but this time it was pleasant. You were surrounded by a room larger then anything you ever were used to. Feathers from pillows circled around in the air, your pale hand slowly creeping up to grab one for yourself. You felt like a bird, finally free. You were now free to do whatever you liked. For who knows how long, that is. The time was around eleven thirty and you know what that meant. A glass of water sat on the table next to you. You couldn’t help but smile. “Thoughtful.” You whispered, taking a sip. Your legs slipped out of the bed as you tossed a shirt on, spending some time playing with those damn buttons that just drive you mad. On your way out, you peeked in the mirror, your makeup was smudged from the eventful night- Perfect. Your feet padded against the flooring as you heard the soft but harsh sound of the one you wanted to see most. 

“What it’ll be now, Mister mole. Whisper sloth in curls of smoke. Take a seat back, or play pharaoh, Dance with me and shake your bones.“ 

You crept in the room, the warm smell of a cigar sweeping your senses. With a curled smile you ran your hands around your boyfriends back from behind and gave him a hug, your arms loosely around him.

“Take a break, puddin.” You sighed. 

The joker was on the phone, whispering the cruelest threats that we’re sure to make your skin crawl. But not you, you had been used to this kind of behavior. It’s what you lived with. You waited patiently, running your hands down the jokers arm as he finally hung up the phone. A wide grin plastered your face as you moved from him to the other corner of a room, with a turn of a switch and a light drop, Your record player was playing some music for the two of you. As the music poured around you, you crept back to your love, whispering softly in his ear. 

“Dance with me." 

"Harley..” He sighed, starring at the work ahead of him. 

 "Dance with me.“ You pestered on, taking a chance as your hands swiped almost every item on his desk onto the floor beside you. "Oops.” You flashed a grin. 

The joker stood. There was no tell if he was upset or intrigued. His arms quickly snaked around you and spun you, your back pressed against his chest, he held you for a minute, swaying. You and the joker were twisted people but after being apart for so long and you thinking he was dead, you were just being grateful to have each other back again but, if anyone were to know how sentimental you two were being, they would be dead in a second. 

“Are you ready to get back in business, sugar?” He asked. 

“Slow down, it’s a science, he’s been waiting to bring you down.”


 "Not yet. Id like to take a bit off.“ You grinned, just being happy to be held again by the man you loved. 

Suddenly, you were spun around and your back was slammed on the desk. With wide eyes you peered up at his devilishly ones. 

"I don’t have time for kiddy games. You either do this with me, now. Or I’ll send your black and red bimbo ass back in that cell where your belong.”

 You gulped hard, this was it, back to his games. He was always the one who’d play games. 

“Yes, Mr.J.” You nodded. He lips suddenly mashed with yours, rough as he was. His hand snaked up and held your head still before pulling away. 

“That’s my girl.” He grinned before starting away, letting out a wave of laughter. - 

“Snake eyes with a sly smile, He can hold you and snake you child.”


The clouds filled the city below you, rain was pouring down on every building and car below it. Every light was still on in the city even if it was two in the morning, the city never sleeps. Your mind drifted to the times with your new friends, or whatever you’d call them. You weren’t sure if friends was a correct statement. You sighed, feeling a bit bad as the fact that they had to sleep again in their cold cells for who knows how many more nights while you had…all of this. In an instant, your thoughts were swept away as a hand grasped your throat from behind, your air supply suddenly being decreased. 

 "What’s that? You miss your buddies? You wanna go back with them and play? You don’t want to be with me, the one who you truly belong with. Well guess what sugar-“ the joker leaned into your ear as you fought for air , "we’re made for each other.”

 You gasped in response, Your mind flashed with scenes just like this one, all with the same man. 

 "I just don’t get it. I’m so good to you. I saved you. Gave your worthless life a purpose. And you act like a caged animal, you look at me like I’m the monster. Well you know what? The real monsters are locked in their cells, exactly where you should be.“ 

The joker grabbed you by the hair and suddenly slammed your head down on the brick windowsill in front of you, your vision became blurry as this act was repeated until everything suddenly became dark.


"leopards laze each on plush pillows. Slender capes of red and Chrome. Paperback dreams in their deep doze, Twitch their toes to the Black mambo.”


Your head pounded as your awoke, unlike the warm greeting yesterday night had brought. Although, you woke in the same bed as yesterday. Surrounded by plush pillows and light seeping in through the windows. You groaned at the headache rising in your head and bile in your throat. You turned on your side to peer out the window but something else caught your attention. A glass of water on your bed, like the night before, followed by two horse pills, that should help. But, that’s not what had caught your attention. Across the room lays a desk of makeup as colorful as a rainbow, a mirror surrounded by lights was propped up on it. You squinted your eyes to read the drawing in something that looked familiar, The red writing was dripping down the mirror to the desk and it simply wrote, “Harley Loves Mr.J.”