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Langst. Last words.

He didn’t feel it. Not at first, he was too emersed in fighting off the two galra soilders in front of him to feel it. All he felt was adrenalin, anger, fear, it was driving him. It wasn’t until after they were both dead did Lance see blood. At first, he figured it was the Galras, but then he panicked as pain shot through him. He yelped, his hand clutching his side.
“Oh-Oh fuck..” He slowly pulled his hand away. It was indeed his own blood, seeing his wound made him want to spill his stomach. There in his side, was a gaping hole. He could stick 3 fingers through it if he wanted, which on course he didn’t. Then he swayed, everything was spinning, black was spotting his vision.
“Ugh Lance! The battles over, where are you!” Keith groaned into the com. Lance tried to speak, but nothing came out. He wanted to scream and cry, but nothing came out. No sound. Tears welled in his eyes as he struggled to breath.
“Lance, we’ve been calling you for ten minutes! Where are you?!”
“Lance stop fucking around, be serious for once in your life and do something right.” Pidge scolded. They wouldn’t care, he thought to himself. If he died, Allura would just pilot blue. Everything would go on like he was never there. He was useless, he was weak, a mess up, a fuck up, an idiot! He’d never done anything right! He’d only fuck things up for everyone else! He let out a silent sob, this was it, this was the end. He was going to die and he had let everyone down. He struggled to take a last breath before he stilled, eyes blank and tears still streaming down his cheeks. Lance was gone.

“Guys…” Hunk spoke nervously, “I-I think somethings wrong with Lance. He’s not answering his comm.”
“Yeah I know he isn’t. He’s just fucking around.”
“No seriously, I have a really bad feeling.” He spoke again, now wandering away from the group. “Lance?! Lance buddy where are you?!” He got nothing, the rest of the team followed, calling out his name.
“Lance?! Lan-” Hunk stopped before breaking into a run. The team looked at eachother with confusion. “Lance! Lance!” He sounded panicked. The rest of them followed suit and watched as Hunk crumpled next to his lifeless friend. “O-Oh god no no.” He lightly hit lances face. “Lance, Lance c'mom wake up. Lance please! Lance!” Shiros eyes widened at the boys lifeless body. This…this is where he had been? This is why he wasn’t answering? Guilt started to settle in Keiths, Shiro, and Pidges stomach as Hunk wailed, holding Lance into his chest.
“I…” Pidge started before kneeling next to him. She broke down, holding his hand.
Keith stood next to Shiro. “I assumed he was just playing around…”
“We all did.” Shiro whispered back.
It hit then awhile later what the last thing that Lance would’ve heard was and that made them feel even worse.

Varsity Jackets and Peaches - Part 2

hope u guys like!!!!

words: 9k

warning: homophobic slurs, swearing, and heavy sexual content

Summary: Dan Howell hates him. He hates that black haired boy that wears a varsity jacket and smells like peaches and oh goes by the name Phil Lester. He takes joy out of ruining Dan’s life and he hates him. Well he hates him until a round of spin the bottle commences and everything changes between the two. 

read part one here

  “I’m actually going to punch you in the face, Lester.”

“Bring it, Howell.”

Dan lifted his arm and he grunted when feeling Phils fingers wrap around his wrist. He glared and struggled  

“I hate you.”

“I hate you more.”

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Hi! I saw you said in a tag earlier that D&P dressed up for their date? Where did you see their outfit? Can you share a photo?

hahahaha i think i’ve rebranded into a meetingphan spon blog lol. if i ever reference fan photos then you can pretty much assume i’m talking about @meetingphan on twitter! they’re a side account of @updatedphan and they collect all fan photos in one place. 

this is probs the best pic tho bc it’s full body and … ugh… . … just look at them. they both put on nice shirts and phil’s in his black shoes and i feel like they def put in effort to look slightly fancier esp compared to the day before when they were both in tshirts and shorts and im emotional about it :( art museum date complete w dressing up and matching starry aesthetic instas :(  



Iron Fist: Hi!  I’m Danny Rand!  I survived a plane crash when I was a kid and now I want my company back.

Me: Oh, looks like you’re a hobo now.

Iron Fist: Yep!  But no worries! If I tell my friends Ward and Joyce that I’m Danny, they’ll believe me!

Me: This would be easier if you just told them stuff you personally knew about them that they didn’t tell anyone else.  You’re wasting a full hour of my time here…


Me: Um…

Iron Fist: NOW HE’S DEAD!

Me: What?!

Iron Fist: OH NO!  Joyce drugged me now I’m in an insane asylum!  CONSTANT FLASHBACKS OF MY PARENTS DYING!

Me: You played these like 3 times now.

Iron Fist: Really?  Well it’s time for me to tell the Doctors at this insane asylum here about it.

Me: Can you please talk about Kun Lun…

Iron Fist: Also, my father’s best friend died and came back to life and now leaves in this penthouse he can’t leave or else the Hand gets mad.  He’s also a dick to his son and obsesses over me with cameras.

Me: That’s…kind of cool, but he’s the obvious villain.

Iron Fist: Also, I found this girl name Colleen Wing who owns a dojo and call her from the asylum.  We seriously connected I approached her talking in Chinese and she’s Asian.

Me: That sounds kind of racist…

Iron Fist: Now that I escaped prison, I’m going to approach Hoggarth to sue my company to get back in business!

Me: Wasn’t she a horrible person in Jessica Jones?

Iron Fist: Never mind that!  Now the case has been dropped cause villain wants me in the company and forced his son to let me be 51% shareholder!

Me: So the legal stuff didn’t matter?

Iron Fist: Matters as much as the fucks I give about this company!  I’m pretty much telling them to do things for the people, close down plants, and I never show up at meetings!

Me: Why did you want to be the head of the company so badly if you don’t give a rats ass about it?!

Iron Fist: Oh!  We need to stop the drugs!  Colleen is helping!  Also Claire is here!

Me: WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?!  And why does Claire feel so out of place?!

Iron Fist: Oh, Colleen is also in illegal fight clubs.

Me: That’s kind of cool

Iron Fist: GREAT! Cause it’s only a plot element for 2 episodes!


Iron Fist: Now we’re fighting the Hand lead by Madame Gao!

Me: Wait, wasn’t she a competing group against the Hand in Daredevil? Why is she part of the Hand now?  And why isn’t she speaking Chinese? 

Iron Fist: Now we have this Russian chemist who we need to rescue his daughter by going through fighting challenges

Me: That’s actually kind of cool.

Iron Fist: In fact, I beat Bride of Nine Spiders in a 5 minute cameo!

Me: WHAT?!  Bride of Nine Spiders is another Immortal Weapon!  She’s pretty much another defender of Kun Lun and is equal to the Iron Fist!

Iron Fist: VIIIIIIILLLAAAANNNNN!  Anyways, we got Russian guy’s daughter back!

Me: Great.

Iron Fist: But then Russian guy dies.

Me: We don’t see the daughter again.

Iron Fist: You don’t see the daughter again.

Me: Figures.

Iron Fist: OH! I have sex with Colleen!

Me: Didn’t you swear to celibacy an episode ago?

Iron Fist: Now we’re going to China to bust Gao! 

Me: This looks nothing like China.  This looks like a Warehouse in NYC with Chinese signs slapped all over them.

Iron Fist: WOAAAAAH!  Now Claire, Colleen and I are fighting off Hand Ninjas!

Me: How the hell is Claire beating fully trained Hand Ninjas?!

Iron Fist: Now we captured Gao!  But Colleen is poisoned!

Me: I feel like the hero being injured in a Netflix show for an episode is par for the course…

Iron Fist: But have no fear!  Now her sensei appears and tells me to use the Iron Fist to heal her and now we’re going to his compound.

Me: This sensei guy feels like he came out of nowhere.


Me: There’s only 5 episodes left!

Iron Fist:  BTW, Ward is now going insane cause I bail from his business meetings and his dad is forcing him to hide bodies!

Me: Christ, what an asshole-

Iron Fist: And now Ward killed his father

Me: Oh, sort of saw that comi-

Iron Fist: But now his dad is alive again and is wondering the street terrorizing children and sticking his hand in boiling hot dog water.

Me: …okay, I’m laughing my ass off at this stuff and I don’t know if it’s meant to be funny.

Iron Fist: 


Iron Fist: So yeah, he’s gone off the deepend, and now Ward is CRAAAAZY!

Me: That’s kind of interesting.

Iron Fist: Back to me!  Now I’m in a college campus and Gao is captured!

Me: Hurray!

Iron Fist: But it turns out that this campus is really ran by the Hand!

Me: What?

Iron Fist: And Colleen Wing is part of the Hand too!

Me: WHAT?!

Iron Fist: See, there are separate factions of the Hand, both named the Hand, and the Gao side and Colleen side hate each other.

Me: I need to lie down.

Iron Fist: As I escape, Colleen’s pupil got injured!

Me: Why do I get the feeling he’s going to disappear from the story…

Iron Fist: Now Colleen and I are on bad terms.

Me: Ugh, this is boring.  How is Faramir doing?

Iron Fist: Oh, he just shot the old black guy who was the head of Rand because he booted Joyce, Ward and Danny from the company.


Iron Fist: Also, this guy hijacks a Burrito car and makes shurikens

Me: Seems like an asshole.

Iron Fist: Well that asshole is my best friend and now he’s helping me fight the Hand!


Iron Fist: Yep!  And he’s saying I’m doing a shit job leaving Kun Lun!


Iron Fist: Anyways, we now must stop the Colleen side of the Hand leader!

Me: Who I don’t care about.

Iron Fist: Colleen Won, but we won’t kill him.

Me: Why fight with a sword if you don’t kill?!

Iron Fist: Oh, but my best friend killed him.

Me: I feel like that’s his only purpose in this story.

Iron Fist: Now me and my friend are fighting!

Me: Please stop.

Iron Fist: Now I hate my best friend!  Oh, the dead body is gone too.

Me: Of course

Iron Fist: OH NO!  Now Faramir has taken control of the company again!

Me: Is nobody going to question how a dead man took over a company?


Me: How are you losing to Faramir?!  He’s fighting with a pole and has no Kung Fu skills!  How are you losing so badly to him?!

Iron Fist:  LOOK!  The dragon!

Me: Those are just red eyes…

Iron Fist: Ward shot his father!  Now the day is saved!  Better burn his body.

Me: I feel like Ward is the only character with a solid character arc.

Iron Fist: Which is why Joyce is now conspiring with my best friend and Gao as a future villain!

Me: Why though?

Iron Fist: Now Colleen and I are going to Kun Lun and…OH NO!  Kun Lun was invaded because I was not guarding it as the Iron Fist!


Iron Fist: Still, bet you were disappointed to not see Kun Lun.

Me: Honestly, with how much talking you did about it, I was doubting it even appearing.

Iron Fist: So what do you think.

Me: I felt you were leading me somewhere but it turned out to be shit.

Iron Fist: Oh, you don’t like me cause I’m not Asian.

Me: Your whole show could be a multiracial trans rainbow of diversity, and it would still suck.  Give me back my 13 hours.

Hotel Room (SR)


Request :: Reader and Reid have to share a hotel room during a case and they both don’t like each other but through the days of staying together they fall for each having to share a room and bed ;) (fluffy fluff maybe)

Warnings: None

your pov:

The case was frightening. We traveled to Wilmington, North Carolina. There were a few child abductions the children all ended up thrown on the side of the road all in critical condition. 

The leads were all dead ends and the day had just begun. “Y/L/N, Reid go to the hospital to see what they have determined.” Ugh Reid. He was always sassy to me. I don’t even know what I did to him to not like me. “JJ and Emily you go to the Hotel get everyone checked in and then we’ll all regroup. Rossi you’re with me.” Hotch Pronounced. I rolled my eyes seeing Reid already head out the door to the black SUV. “Come on Y/L/N we don’t have all day.” He rolled his eyes setting himself down into the drivers side. “Well sorry. You stormed off without me.” I told him slamming the door as I got in. “No need to slam the door.” He said starting up the car. I groaned and sat quietly, not even worth commenting back. 

“All the children were left in critical condition but they were left to make a full recovery. The were starved, and beaten but no signs of sexual assault.” The doctor explained quietly to Reid and I. Reid turned towards me, “So they tortured the children long enough to terrorize them but then lets them go. All the kids say they don’t remember seeing the unsubs face.” I nodded my head and furrowed by eyebrows in thoughts. “And why would they leave victims. Why not just kill them off so they can’t speak about what happened to them?” Reid shrugged his shoulders. “We should get back at the station.” He said rushing out of the Hospital without me. “Ugh Spencer wait up. You have longer legs!” I said trying to catch up to him. He just kept walking until we both made it back to the car. 

“Come on everyone needs rest.” Hotch demanded. “Everybody is already checked into the hotel. We had to double up rooms. Rossi is with me. JJ and Emily already have a room and Reid and Y/N.” Hotch said as we walked towards the cars. You’ve got to be kidding me. It’s already enough that I have to deal with him at work but having to share a room with him is too much. I sighed and rubbed my temples. 

When we got to the hotel everyone was tired and racking their brains trying to help spare the children of the horror. “I’ve got the keys.” Reid said holding them up carrying his luggage. I nodded my head and followed behind him, waiting as he opened the door. “Um I’m going to go take a shower. This case makes me feel icky. I need to wash it all off. I shouldn’t be too lon-” “Just take a shower it’s fine.” I sighed and rolled my eyes. I walked into the bathroom and looked into the mirror. I washed off my makeup and ran the shower until it went warm. I removed all of my clothes feeling the relief of my bra being gone. I stepped into the shower letting the warm water cascade over me. I washed my body and hair quickly shutting off the water. I dried myself off and stepped out bringing my toothbrush and toothpaste out of my bag. After my teeth were minty fresh I pulled the oversized FBI t-shirt on with some socks. 

I opened the bathroom door and stepped out feeling the cold room flush my senses. “The bathroom is all yours.” I said into the room. I looked over to the bed seeing there was only one king sized bed. I groaned and saw Spencer already asleep on the bed. I looked towards the couch. I pouted just knowing the pain my back would be in. I walked to the closet pulling out the extra linen. I then pulled a pillow from the bed and set up the couch. 

I smiled and nodded my head feeling that the couch was now worthy of my presents. I turned out the light and made my way back to the couch when I noticed Spencer still had on his glasses and shoes. I quietly moved towards Spencer taking off his glasses and untying his shoes trying softly as I could. I pulled the blanket over him as best as I could. I yawned and walked back to the couch laying down snuggling myself under the blankets drifting to sleep. 

I felt a hand on my shoulder shaking me. My eyes snapped open seeing Spencer standing over me. “Yes?” I asked closing my eyes again. “It’s time to wake up.” He said going to the mirror to fix his hair. I groaned and sat up stretching feeling my spine pop all the way down. I winced and pulled my legs out from under the covers. “You okay?” He asked still looking in the mirror. I tilted my head confused as to why he asked if I were okay. “Oh um yeah this couch isn’t really comfy.” I commented standing up. “You didn’t have to sleep on the couch. You could’ve slept in the bed with me.” He told me turning around. He gave me a small smile. I was taken aback seeing him actually smile at me. “Uh yeah okay. I’m going to get ready Reid.” I said walking into the bathroom to do my business and put makeup on. 

After I applied the last bit of my makeup, I walked back out into our room to get clothes. “I’m almost ready.” I mentioned. He simply nodded his head and turned back to his book. I walked back into the bathroom to change. “Reid are you ready?” I questioned him. “Yeah. Let’s go.”

We stopped out in the lobby for some coffee and a bagel and then headed out the door to meet everyone at the station. “Thanks for taking care of me last night.” He said quietly. “What?” I questioned confused. “You took off my glasses and shoes and covered me.” He told me smiling. “Oh yeah well, you’re welcome. I guess I’m the mothering type.” I said looking out the window thinking about Spencer’s odd behavior. 

The day dragged on the same but this time we had the unsub in custody. All we had to find now are the kids. “We’re not going to find anything if we are all tired we need to get rest and have a clear mind. “No. I’m staying here and making that son-of-a-bitch tell me where they are. They are children.” I said getting angry. “Y/N you need rest. You’re barely keeping your eyes open.” Hotch said. “No I’m staying here. I need to find them. They are just kids.” I said frowning. “Y/N you need sleep. We all do.” Spencer said softly placing his hand on my shoulder. I shrugged off his hand and stormed outside. 

I got into the passenger side of the car and waited for everyone else to pile out of the station. Rossi, Hotch, and Spencer came out together huddled up talking. Then JJ and Emily. Hotch drove JJ and Emily back to the hotel while Rossi drive Spencer and I. “Y/N I know you want to help those kids but you need some sleep. You can’t do this on your own you need to let all of us help.” Rossi said starting up the car. 

The drive was silent. I stared out the window into the dark town noticing the small details of the shops and the happy people that walked those streets not even worrying about if their children are in danger or not. I closed my eyes and pressed my head against the cool glass thinking. “I wonder what happened to her.” I heard a whisper from Spencer. “Who knows. We all have our secrets.” Rossi answered. The flashbacks of the case I had flooded my mind. The children. I couldn’t save all of them. Hell I even almost got killed trying to save every child that was in the damned fire. I felt a tap on my shoulder. “Wake up Y/L/N we’re at the hotel.” I heard Rossi’s voice say. I slowly opened my eyes and nodded my head. I opened the car door and stepped down letting myself take in a big breath. 

I followed behind the rest of the gang taking my time. Spencer and I arrived to our room and walked in. “You can take a shower first. I think I’m going to take a bath, it might take a while.” I told Spencer. He nodded his head and grabbed his pajamas and shampoo closing the bathroom door. I took off my shoes and laid back onto the bed placing my arm over my eyes. I laid in silence feeling the guilt in my stomach. “Y/N, Y/N.” I heard Spence say louder. I shot up and placed my hand over my chest. “I’m sorry Spence, I was just thinking.” I said taking short breaths to calm down my startled brain. “It’s okay, the bathroom is all yours.” He told me nodding to the door. I thanked him and gathered my clothes and makeup wipes. “Y/N?” He said before I entered the bathroom. “Yes?” I questioned back. “If you ever need to talk I’m always here if you need it.” He said giving me a warm smile. His smile made my heart flutter. I looked down and nodded my head. “Thanks Reid.” 

When I stepped out of the bath I dried myself off loving the feelings of the warm water on my skin. I placed the same shirt on myself as the night before and added some shorts knowing I was going to sleep in the bed with Spencer tonight. I brushed my teeth and flossed. “I’m ready for bed.” I announced as I walked out into the main area. He placed his book down on the bedside table. “Do you feel better?” He asked. I shrugged my shoulders and lifted the covers slipping underneath trying to warm myself from the cool room. We laid in silence for a few minutes before I spoke up. “Spencer why don’t you like me?” I asked quietly. “What?” He sounded confused. “It’s just before this case you always were short with me. What changed?” “I don’t know.” He replied, turning his back towards me. I frowned and did the same reaching up to shut off the lamp.  

My heart raced and my body grew warmer. I was back inside the burning building the unsub caught on fire leaving two, four year-olds, two five year olds and two six. My mind raced on how to get them out looking in every angle. Seeing that we were all blocked with fire. I screamed for help. “Please, please help. Get the children out leave me!” I yelled as I was pulled out before anyone else. “What the fuck are you doing there are kids in there! They need help!” I screamed and fought back trying to go back in. “Y/N you can’t go in there. Y/N. Y/N.”


I shot up in sweats. “I’m good I’m good. I’m fine.” I explained placing the palm of my hand on my forehead. “You don’t have to tell me what happened but I wish you would get help. What ever you are going through I’m sure it wasn’t your fault.” Spencer said as he placed his hand on my back. I laid back down and let out a huge breath. “I’ll be here if you need me.” He said softly turning on his side to face me. I just simply nodded and closed my eyes again trying to sleep. 

I guess Spencer though I was asleep. I felt his hands run through my hair brushing it out of my face. His touch gave me the chills. He felt so right. His touch felt soft and delicate like he was afraid of hurting me. I acted like I was stirring in my sleep to flip over onto my side so he could continue brushing through my hair. I felt his hand ghost over my hip softly landing on my waist pulling his arm around my front to pull me back into him. His body felt right pressed against mine. The feeling of his hands on me ignited a spark throughout my body. “I know you’re not asleep.” He said whispering in my ear making me shiver. “How did you know?” I said turning around to look at him. “Your breathing.” He simply commented. “Look Y/N I really like you. That’s why I was short with you. I thought I couldn’t have you so I tried to push you away. But in reality that only made me want you more.” He said rubbing his thumb over my cheek. I placed my hands on the back of his neck and pushed him down to my lips to kiss him softly. “That was stupid of you Spence.” I told him against his lips. He nodded his head and pulled me close into his chest, holding me tightly. “I promise you we’ll find the kids. I have a feeling.” He said rubbing my back. I rested my head in the crook of his neck and nodded. “Thank you Spence.” 

Method to the Madness ~ Part One

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Fairy-tale & AU Series Index

Previous Part || (Update days: Tuesdays, Thursday, Saturdays)

Word Count: 2.5K

Genre: Mafia!au & Demon!au

Please excuse any errors! It’s a bit short, but it’ll get longer as time goes on!


I started at the schedule book, trying to understand where these words came from. I don’t remember writing this! But it looks like it’s written with my pen, and it’s my handwriting. I glared at the book, letting out a sigh of confusion. I closed the book before turning around in my spinning chair to my computer. I began to look through some files, doing the work which was set for me.


I looked up to see Bora approaching me. Her eyes were wandering around as if she was looking for something. I also looked around, curious as to what was going on.

“What is it?” I asked, looking at her for answers. It’s gonna be something stupid, I know it is. Bora works in the marketing department of the company. She only sees values in looks and money. She comes to visit when Mr. Kwon’s handsome and successful nephew comes to visit.

Though I’ve been here for a short time, I’ve figured out how things work. She must want someone’s attention.

“I heard from Yeji that some very handsome gentlemen came to visit Mr. Kwon.” She muttered. I stopped for a moment, also confused as to what she was saying.

“Ah! Yes, they said they had some business with Mr. Kwon.” I answered, trying to turn my attention back to the computer.

“Are they really that good looking? Yeji tends to exaggerate.”

I kept my eyes on the computer screen as I nodded, “Yes. They’re very good looking.”

A smirk pulled at lips, and she flipped her long black hair, pushing some behind her ear. I was expecting her to leave when another voice soon joined in.

“Are they still here?” This time softer. I inwardly groaned knowing that Yeji has now joined. They always gather around like this.

“Are you here to gawk over some men? Don’t you have things to do?” I muttered.

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Insecurities (Newt Imagine)

Hello darlings! So here’s a little imagine I wrote playing with the idea of Newt’s harder times fitting in during his time in Hogwarts. It’s a quick little idea, but I hope you enjoy it!

“Newt!” You smiled calling out to the tall amber haired boy on the opposite end of the courtyard. A quick glance from your friend and a slight bend of the wrist in what you barely passed for a wave were all you received as he continued to slowly make his way down the stone halls toward his destination. You felt your smile fade as his usually cheery greetings blurred into the grey stormy skies above. What was that all about? Raising your wand to cast an umbrella like shield above your head, you stepped out into the soggy courtyard to make your way over and find out.

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anonymous asked:

hey y'all, im looking for this fic where dan started wearing thigh highs n shit around the flat and Phil gets v turned on and theres a specific part I remember where dan wore panties (ugh I hate that word) that were black with green polkadots and they said something like touch me and eventually there was smut? thanks dudes!

Here By My Side, A New Colour To Paint The World (ao3) - So one day, Phil walks in on Dan wearing a dress. And after a very confusing discussion, it comes out that Dan enjoys wearing girl’s clothing in private. Phil lets it be known that he’d be fine if Dan wore it around him and slowly, Dan starts opening up and letting Phil into his private world. But what Phil doesn’t expect is to start seeing Dan in a whole new way.

- Emily

sugar sweet (and stuff)

i deleted my ao3 last week for personal reasons but i don’t want my fics from there to be gone forever! so i’ll upload them directly to tumblr for lack of a better alternative

genre: fluff
warnings: none
rating: T? there’s some vague mentions of sex but it never gets there

This kiss was slow and comfortable and felt like home. Akira did everything he could to take it all in, to burn this moment into his mind forever. He tried to memorize the clean scent of Isamu’s well-cared-for skin and every freckle on it.

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Random Drabble #5: Payback

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Title: Payback

Random Matchup: Mingyu | Your Brothers Best Friend

Pairing: Mingyu x Reader

Genre: Fluff

A/N: God I just love Meanie so much I had to make you Wonwoo’s sister sorry, not sorry lol 

Send me two number between 1 and 26 and I will make a drabble from it.

“Y/n!” you heard your older brother yelling as you set down your luggage. Looking up at the door to your brothers small home as he swung it open, him practically running towards you arms open.

“WONWOO!” you smile as you both embrace each other excitedly. “I have missed you so much, brother.”

He chuckles as he rests his chin on your head, “I have missed you too little sis, I can’t wait to have you living with me again. It’s been too long.”

You and Wonwoo have always been close, he always took good care of you since you were young since your father left your mom when you were a baby, she had to work hard to get the bills paid so once he was old enough Wonwoo pretty much raised you while she was away.

Then she got sick, Wonwoo was 18 and you were 14. She passed away not too long afterwards. Your grandmother took you both in until Wonwoo went off to college, and he picked the farthest one away from you.

At first, you were angry, how were you supposed to deal with everything by yourself. He didn’t have the money to come back for holidays so it had been a long three years that you had been apart. Of course, you skyped and snap chatted but you missed him.

As soon as you graduated high school you applied for the college he went to, and luckily you got accepted. So here you were at the house he and a few of his friends had bought to live in. He was hesitant at first because you would be the only girl, but you both knew you couldn’t afford to live in the dorms, nor did either of you really want you living there, so finally he agreed.

You nuzzled your head into his chest, “It really has.” He looked the same, but slightly taller even though you had grown quite a bit since he last saw you in person.

“You look too old, you have grown into a woman, I am worried,” he said has he takes a step back and looks at you. “My friends better keep their hands off you. Ah! Speaking of which you probably want to meet them, follow me!” he said as he helped you with your bags.

Walking into the house, it is fairly clean much to your surprise. You expected it to be like one of those movies where the guy’s clothes were everywhere and the place, in general, was trashed.

You could hear music being played somewhere down the hallways as you followed Wonwoo to your new room.

“I apologise if it isn’t clean, our previous roommate, Seungcheol had a tendency to be messy,” he said as he chuckled, opening the door to a small bedroom that would work perfectly for you. A small desk huddled in the corner and a twin size bed waiting to be slept on.

Setting down your bag on the bed you turn to your brother. “It doesn’t look messy to me, this will work fine.”

Wonwoo nodded and opened his mouth to speak when suddenly someone else spoke up.

“Yah, Wonwoo is your sister here yet I’m starving..,” a tall man mumbled as he looked over at you his eyes grew wide for a moment before he smiled sheepishly, “ah, sorry you must be y/n.”

Wonwoo rolled his eyes. “Aren’t you always hungry, introduce yourself correctly don’t be rude to my sister.”

The man smirked, rolling his eyes as he turned back to you. “I am Mingyu, I am 20, and I am majoring in music.” He stopped and chuckled, “Actually, all of us that are living here are majoring in music, just different parts of it.” He leant against the doorframe as he looked at Wonwoo and then back at you.

“Nice to meet you Mingyu, you already know my name, I am majoring in dance, sorry to ruin the trend.”

He smirked, “You dance? Your brother failed to mention that about the many amounts of things he says about you,” he said as he looked over at Wonwoo who was shaking his head.

“Mingyu, enough. Quit flirting with my sister, remember I will end you,” Wonwoo says as he pretends to get into a boxing stance, which caused Mingyu to laugh.

“You really can’t be intimidating,” Mingyu laughed more when Wonwoo tries to punch him, but Mingyu moves out of the way and your brother misses.

As you watch the two bicker back and forth you remember how much Wonwoo always talked about Mingyu when you skyped. He said that Mingyu was his best friend and was like the brother he never had. Seeing them in person made you realise that they really were close, which made you happy to know that Mingyu had found someone he could be close to like that.

“Don’t you think you should introduce your sister to Woozi and DK too?” Mingyu said as he looked at you, his eyes roaming your body before focusing on your face.

Wonwoo smacked Mingyu in the face causing him to look back at him. “Quit eye fucking my sister!” Wonwoo hissed at Mingyu, soft enough that he thought you couldn’t hear but you did.

They both turned to look at you as Wonwoo smiled widely. “Let me go introduce you to Woozi and DK, our other two friends,” he said as he grabbed your hand and led you out to the hallway, Mingyu following you and closing your door.

You glanced back at him to see him looking at you again, his eyes darting up to meet yours, a smirk spread across his lips as his placed his finger on his lips as if to tell you not to tell Wonwoo he had been staring at you again.

The first half of your first year was already over and Christmas was just a few days away. Most of the campus was empty of students as most have gone home to see their families for the holidays.

You walked into the empty buildings as you made your way to the dance studio to find it empty as usual. You had really been enjoying having it to yourself with no one else to interrupt your practice. As you sat your bag down you shot a quick text to your brother letting him know where you were at just in case he needed to find you.

An hour later you were dancing to a hip hop song that you loved. Hitting the moves in sync with the beat when you noticed someone dressed in black skinny jeans, a white hat and a hoodie with the hood pulled up walk in. You stopped and turned, “Ah! Sorry, did you need the studio?”

The person walked closer and shook their head, “No I just came to watch,” they said.

You tilted your head to the side, “Mingyu?” You said as you realised that voice instantly.

He sighed and nodded. “Keep going I just wanted to watch is all, I have never gotten the chance to watch you dance.”

You nodded and turned around and kept dancing for a while longer before laying on the floor exhausted. “Ugh that last one wore me out,” you said with a smile.

He chuckled as he stood up and walked over and looked down at you. “It doesn’t look that hard.

You rolled your eyes. “Like you would know Mr Music Major.”

You both laughed together when he sat next to you, “I was surprised you told me you were here. I didn’t know you wanted me to know that kind of stuff.”

“What?” then you stopped and thought about it, “agh! That was meant for Wonwoo! I am sorry!” you said as you covered your face in embarrassment.

He laughed, “I figured, I was just teasing you. I texted Wonwoo and let him know I would pick you up and bring you home safely,” he said as he smirked looking down at you before he laid down on his side and faced you.

“Jesus, did you really word it like that?” you said as you turned your face to the side to look at him.

“Not exactly, but close to it,” he said as his eyes roamed your body again before he looked back up at your face. “You’re a really good dancer, actually you are an amazing dancer.”

You rolled your eyes, “Yeah right. I am not that good, there are people here who are leaps and bounds better than I am.”

He frowned as you went to sit up when suddenly he pushed himself up and on top of you, pinning you in between his legs.

He leant over and looked at you as he let his hands hold him up his eyes looking at your face, before looking down at your lips, as he bit his own bottom lip. “Don’t say that, you are an amazing dancer y/n.”

Your words were silent as you nodded, looking up at him.

He chuckled as he watched a slight blush spread across your cheeks as he leans his face closer to you whispering softly, “I know your brother said I couldn’t like you, but you make it really hard not to with that dancing of yours.”

“I am sorry?” you said it as a question, still curious as to why he was acting like this suddenly.

“You should be,” he said darkly, biting his lower lip again making your head spin.

You would be lying if you said you weren’t attracted to him, the both of you have been stealing glances at each other for months, grazing each other as you passed one another in the hallway. Waiting for the other to make a move.

But you knew it would never happen, mostly because of your brother, god dammit why did he have to be so protective of you.

Looking up at him you wanted to kiss him, so bad, but held back, knowing it wasn’t a good idea.

Both of you stayed like this in silent for a moment longer before he sighs and stands up. “We should probably get you home, but promise me you won’t tell him about this okay,” he said with a wink as he held out his hand to help you up.

“Uh, yeah. I won’t tell him,“ you say out loud. ‘you know what, fuck it’ you thought as you bit your lower lip before starting to speak again "but only if you promise not to tell him about this.”

You take his hand and stand up, adrenaline causing you to crash into his chest, kissing him quickly before stepping away and walking over to your dance bag, smirking back at him.

This time he was silent, his mouth open as he watched you grab your dance bag.

You laughed as you walked back over to him and whispered in his ear, “Payback.”

He smirked as he nodded, “Are you sure you really want to start this game? What if your brother catches us?”

You shrug. “Then he will accept it and deal with it,” you say as you walk out the door.

Mingyu follows you as you both stay silent until you exit the building into the cold air. He smirks over at you and finally speaks, “Fair enough, let the games begin.”


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Love me like you do (Part 3)-Balem series

A/N: As promised, here is the next installment. ❤️ Feedback always welcomed! I’m not sure how long this will be….it came out to be six parts, but now I wanna extend it and make Balem suffer for some ass lmao



It took a moment for Mr. Night to leave, and you watched him carefully until the large doors closed. With the softest of footsteps you creeped over to the door, placing your ear to it. There was nothing but silence on the other side, and ignoring the voice nagging you to stay put, you tugged on the handles, furrowing your brow when they didn’t budge.

“No, no, no! Ugh! Come on!”

You kicked the doors in annoyance, running a hand through your hair as you whined loudly. There didn’t seem to be an escape route anywhere near you, and as you glanced around the room you felt your stress levels increase. No matter where you looked, nothing around you appeared to be familiar. The bed was large, gold and black sheets tucked neatly around it, and large silk curtains hung from the bed posts. A far cry from your simple twin bed back in your apartment, not to mention the large bath at the edge of the chambers, marbled, and of course lined with gold. It was almost too perfect in your opinion, and if you had to venture a guess, this room belonged to the only man who seemed worthy of it.

“Every woman’s dream bed.”

You muttered, running your fingers over the many pillows that laid against the headboard. You had to wonder how oddly that man slept in order to need so many pillows. Or was it meant for decoration? Either way, it seemed excessive, though you couldn’t deny how comfortable it looked. With a sigh, you turned towards the windows, at least you guessed that’s what they were. Long black curtains hung over the far side of the room, blocking one long wall, and you curiously walked over to them. You pulled the curtain back, eyes widening at the view before you.

“Dear god…”

There stood towers along the horizon, dark, smoky, and ominous as they clashed with the dusty orange color of the sky. Bright lights aligned the tips of them, some red, others yellow, and if you squinted you could make out a few people running along the ramps, and bridges. It looked like the oil refineries back on earth, and if you didn’t just witness the many odd creatures, and high tech weapons, you’d actually think you were back home.

“Where am I?”

You bit down on your lip in thought, worrying it between your teeth as you tried not to lose your mind. Crazy at seemed, the only realistic option was that this was an entirely different planet, and you were just kidnapped by some space overlord. You supposed, as far as fairy tales went, this could’ve gone a lot worse.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?”

With a start, you jumped back, hitting the large windows along the wall as your eyes met those of the man who had incapacitated you earlier. He was standing just before you, hands clasped together in front of him, looking as confident as ever. Green eyes trailed over your form, as if he was studying your every feature and logging it in his mind.

“W-Where did you…?”

You held a hand over your heart, clutching at it as if that would settle the rapid beat. It was almost unsettling how quiet he was, and you had to wonder how he even managed to sneak up on you. You didn’t recall the sound of doors opening or footsteps.

He scoffed, lips curling up into a smirk as he edged closer to you. With every inch of distance he closed, you stepped further back, trying to sink into the window like that would save you from his menacing presence. With a swift glance over your body, he moved his gaze to the outside view, a proud expression on his face.



His chest was mere centimeters from your own, and you were far too flustered by the proximity to process his words.

“Is that not what you earthlings call it?”

He seemed unimpressed with your silence, and he looked you over with a glint of annoyance in his eyes. For some reason, that alone was enough for you to find some courage and respond to him.

“You mean to tell me I’m on another planet….?”

You look back outside, an overwhelming feeling taking over as your gaze roamed along the refinery. How was any of this even possible? A day ago you were leaving your simple part time job at a coffee shop, and you wake up on Jupiter. How exactly does one explain that?

“That can’t be-”

“Have you lived your life believing your own kind to be all that exists?”

Balem leaned down, whispering softly as you trembled before him.

“It is better to accept this, than to pretend it isn’t true.”

He moved away from you, giving you a disgusted look before turning quickly on his heel. His cape created a soft breeze as he walked away, and you stood against the corner, gripping the glass as best you could in your moment of panic.

“Change your clothes, the ones you have on are hideous.”

You looked after him, scowling deeply at his insult.



His tone was even, finished, and before you could argue back you saw him lift a steady hand and click something behind his ear before he seemed to teleport away in a mass of blue and gray.

He left you there, even more confused than before. As if he simply told you the time of day and expected you to be okay with it. You walked towards the bed, touching the soft material of the outfit left behind for you. You weren’t sure what game this Balem, at least that’s what others seem to be calling him, was playing with you. However, you weren’t too keen on being part of whatever it was. He appeared to be far more intrigued by you than expected, and judging by the lizard creature from the dungeons that captured you, being able to keep your life seemed to be a rarity around a man like him.

You picked up the dress, raising an eyebrow in disapproval at it. It was long, black of course, and the bottom half was a coarse, transparent material that allowed anyone to see the bodysuit and your legs underneath. The top, though ornate, was far too revealing for your tastes, and the long sleeves were made up of designs of leaves and flowers. It was beautiful, that wasn’t debatable, but this was not something you were even close to use to wearing. The V neck didn’t leave much to the imagination, you had to guess, but after seeing the outfits he wore these people seemed to value their fashion far more than their hospitality.

“Definitely not.” You dropped the dress back on the bed, scoffing at it. You are quite content with your sweater and leggings at this point, and you had no interest in extending your stay here. Moreover, did he truly expect you to flaunt about in a revealing outfit? Not to mention it might be for his own sick pleasure.

“Oh my god, am I sex slave?”

You slapped your cheeks with your hands, pursing your lips in deep thought. He could’ve certainly taken advantage already if he truly wanted to. He was far stronger than you, and even possessed abilities beyond the scope of normal. So, if he intended to have you, he was certainly taking his time. You guessed that was at least a decent thing he could do.

The doors opened just then, and you looked up to see two women, clad in very loud outfits of you said so yourself, coming towards you.


“Lord Balem has asked that we make sure you clean yourself up.”

“Clean myself up? That jerk…”

You whispered the last part, not wanting anyone getting the word out that you had just insulted their king, or emperor, whatever he was to them.

“That’s not necessary.”

You tried waving them off, but they simply looked at one another with smiles before continuing their pace towards you. You quickly rose from the bed, debating whether running off was a good idea, but they instantly grabbed the dress and with some odd device waved it over you. You gasped when the leggings and sweater disappeared, leaving you naked before these two women like it was nothing.

You moved to cover yourself, but with another movement of the device the black dress was now so elegantly clung around your body.


One of the girls bowed to you, smiling and softly clapping her hands together as the other one nodded.

“Lord Balem will be pleased.”

“What is wrong with you-”

Before you could get your insults and annoyances out, they turned gracefully around and headed back outside, leaving you there tugging on the dress and attempting to get out of it.

You looked up to see them bowing to someone, and with your hands clutching the upper half of the outfit, you saw Balem enter the room again, this time screaming his head off at that mousey looking man.

“I did not ask for your opinion, Mr.Night! I-”

Balem’s gaze fell upon you, hiding behind one of his bed posts with a blush on your face. It was obvious you weren’t comfortable being so ‘on display’ for people, but as he turned more towards you, he could see the dress perfectly from his point of view.

The V neck dipped beautifully over your chest, revealing just enough to gain his complete attention, and the bottom revealed your long legs to his wandering eyes. It was a sight he wouldn’t soon forget, and with a single movement he pushed the clipboard into Mr.Night’s hands roughly, his dark, silky voice echoing in the room.

“Leave us.”

“Yes, my Lord.”

Without hesitation, probably from being scolded earlier, Mr.Night scurried out of the chambers, giving his Lord one last nervous glance before shutting the doors, and bowing.



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Stop Treating Black Women Like We Exist To Be Mammies For A White Woman’s Mixed Children

Whenever one of y'all get some free time, go tell White women that Black dick comes with responsibility. 
Because I am about tired of White women thinking it’s the duty of Black women to teach White mothers how to raise bi-racial children.
 Basically they want us to be mammies as always.
 They will lay up in bed with Black men and the two of them will bash Black women their whole relationship.
 About how loud, trashy, unattractive, and unpleasant Black women are.
 He will tell her all about how much more suitable she is than any Black woman.
 But as soon as they have a child together,
 she will be right back on Facebook talking about, “Hey Black Women. Any tips on how to tame my baby’s hair? It’s frustrating me. Hahaha My baby’s naps are just too much. I’m tempted to relax it.”

Bitch, you finna relax a baby’s hair?
 Somebody should have told you that Black dick comes with responsibilities. 
You can’t raise no bi-racial child like you would raise a White child.
 Yeah, bi-racial children have curly hair. You thought their shit was gon’ be limp, thin, and stringy like yours? No.
 You need to get your ass on the internet and research how to maintenance Black hair.
 Do not ever disrespect me by thinking I am about to ride right on over there to your house and teach you everything that Black mothers do while Black mothers get bashed just for existing and you will be treated like a trophy mom because “Aww, look at her learning how to do Black hair. The world needs more of this.” Umm, no. Disgraceful.
 There are plenty resources out there for you to learn how to raise biracial children.
 And don’t stop at just hair.
 Actually consider the fact that your biracial child will have a much different life than you.
Your child will have to deal with anti-Blackness, and you know nothing about that so it is important for you to be open to understand instead of getting all in your feelings because you want your biracial child to be more “considerate” of their White side.

“Oh Mommy loves you baby so all White people can’t be bad people, right?”

Bitch, false. You can be racist all while with a Black man and having a biracial child. With your secret Trump supporting ass.

“Don’t ever forget your White culture, baby. You’re not just Black.”

WHAT IS WHITE CULTURE? I’m gon sit down for this one because I would love to know!
 You so busy trying to make sure your child will identify with your Whiteness that you are robbing them of the full experience of embracing and learning how to navigate through their Blackness.
 They will never experience racism because of their White side so calm your unnecessarily whiny ass down.
If you are going to be the White mother of a biracial child then take your White feelings out of the equation for a change. Got your children running around talking about, “UGH I’M NOT BLACK! I’M BARELY EVEN MIXED! MY MOM IS WHITE!!!!!”

And Black men are pathetic for even letting it get that far. Y'all are supposed to be so damn anti-racism but y'all don’t mind White women raising your biracial children to be anti-Black. 
As long as you are having sex with Becky, you are fine with that.

Ol’ “Carry on my legacy” head asses.. but you will drop your legacy in a heartbeat once Becky says you can live underneath her roof.
 This shit is trash.
Y'all hate Black women but y'all want Black women to teach White mothers how to be great so that y'all can turn around and say, “DAMN BLACK MOTHERS, WHITE MOTHERS ARE RAISING BLACK CHILDREN BETTER THAN YALL. WATCH OUT.”

I feel sorry for these biracial children that have to deal with all of this chaos. They are the only ones I feel sympathy for in this.

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Opposites Attracts

Summary: Phil is a punk boy, now a senior who found out his dorm roommate is a freshman pastel soft looking boy, Dan. the innocent boy drives Phil crazy and it doesn’t take long for him to act on it. They end up making love on their first shared night in the dorm room.

Genre: Smut

Word count: 1,406

Triggers/ warnings: FLUFF, daddy kink, pastel!dan, punk!phil, virginity loss, love making, buttsex, dirty talking, uni AU

A/N: This is probably not as good as the others although i did love what i did with it. i overall feel kinda proud of it and of course feedback and comments are more than welcomed.

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FOR YOU I WILL. So previously we have The Shirogane House, so now let’s take a tour at Grandpa Zarkon’s Residence. Zarkon is the CEO of The Galra Enterprise. Rich man and all that. What exactly is his business? Hmmmm, it will all be revealed in time, but today is not that day.

Zarkon’s house is IN FRONT of Shiro and Keith’s house. But his is bigger than theirs. I mean, just look at that, THEY HAVE A FRIGGIN FISH TANK! Most likely filled with Koi fishes because only expensive fishes can swim in his most likely also expensive fish tank. Zarkon wakes up every morning drinking his morning coffee, throwing some fish food like he has nothing better to do, no papers to sign, no proposals of sending weapons to some country to approve of. No, he takes his time in the morning to appreciate the fishes because he paid for them and god dammit he will look at them.

More under the cut of course as we tour this house. Buckle up.

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Undertale Oneshot: Gaster’s Demise
Author’s Note:-
This is just a headcanon one-shot that I’ve been meaning to do for a while, ever since I drew a fanart to go with it. It’s one of two theories I have about Gaster’s demise, the other one is wildly different but proably not that much nicer n_n’ I still don’t know what to believe about what happened to him, but this seemed like as good an explanation as any.
I hope you like reading this, and please reblog or comment if you do. Thank you :)


Gasp! It was the middle of the night, and the child Sans was suddenly awoken by a horrible feeling. Oh, God… He felt so sick. Ugh…
“dad…?” Sans mumbled weakly, and achingly turned over in bed as the most vile feeling overcame him. It was like he’d swallowed a knife, and it was cutting him from the inside. He was bleeding… wasn’t he? It felt like the very fibres of his being were breaking apart. “arg…” He gagged, and retched. Instinctively Sans put his head over the side of the mattress, pointing his face at the floor. He was going to puke. Ugh. He knew he wouldn’t make it to the bathroom in time. He’d have to do it here. He felt a rush of vomit sweeping up from the bottom of his soul, and then… oh. Nothing. Nothing came… the feeling was going. Okay… Okay… “ff.” Sans hissed through his agony. Was it over? No… wait. He felt dizzy. Really… really light-headed… He felt hot. Then cold. Then sweaty… His vision went black for a brief moment. He closed his eyes to try and reset it, and he felt a heaviness pulling him in. it wasn’t sleep. It was unconsciousness. He had to… he had to open… Open his… Sans opened his eyes, to see that he was still staring at his bedroom floor. It was barely visible in the darkness of the night. Or… was it Sans…? Was it even night-time? He was so confused. So sick… He felt like he was dying. “d…” Sans attempted to call for his father again, when a sudden horrific feeling stopped him. He felt… sharp. Like someone had taken that knife and stabbed it right through his soul. He felt afraid. Deadly afraid. Terrified – whatever! Oh, no… No, no. “pap!” Sans breathed, his magical heart suddenly pounding against his bones. Something was wrong with Papy. He knew it. Papy was dying! “papyrus!” Sans screamed as he leapt out of bed, so fast he tripped over his own bedding. He desperately scrambled to his feet, and bolted out of his room.

As he ran towards Papyrus’s bedroom he became annoyed with himself. What was he doing? He was coming to his senses now; he was starting to feel less sick. Enough to know what was going on. He knew where he was, and what time it was. He was at home, and it was the middle of the night. He should be back in bed. He’d had a bad dream. Obviously. He didn’t remember it, but… why else would he be so spooked out? There was nothing wrong with Papyrus. Jeez. That was stupid. What was he doing? Sans stopped outside Papyrus’s room, and asked himself what the hell was going on. Why was he going to check on him? This was crazy. Papyrus was fine. Why wouldn’t he be? If Sans went in that room, Papyrus would wake up and then he’d never go back to sleep, and Gaster would be mad… That was a bad idea. Sans knew it. He should just go back to bed…

No. Sans froze. He didn’t want to. He wanted to go back to his room, and go back to sleep… but something told him not to. He had a horrible sickening feeling, that urged him to check on Papyrus. Go… Go. Why? There was nothing wrong with him. Go… “damn.” Sans growled, trying to shake this unnerving feeling away. Why…? It didn’t even make sense. Go. Go. … … Okay. Fine. Sans didn’t get it. For some reason, he really wanted to check on Papyrus, and that feeling kept getting stronger. He couldn’t make it go away. … If he was really quiet, maybe Papyrus wouldn’t wake up. Okay… Okay. Just five seconds. Just one quick look, really quiet. Sans placed his handle on the door handle, and opened the door as silently as he could.

He stepped into Papyrus’s room, stealthily making his way over to the crib… Oh, crap. If Papyrus woke up, Sans was dead. It always took at least an hour to get Papyrus to go to sleep anyway, and he always woke up at the slightest noise… Why was Sans doing this? Gaster would go crazy if Pap woke up. Okay… Okay. Just be real quiet, real quiet…

Sans stood over Papyrus’s crib, and stared down at his little brother. It was a wonder his footsteps hadn’t been enough to wake Papyrus – as quiet as Sans tried to be, Pap always seemed to be able to hear him. But… he was sleeping. Fast asleep, like he hadn’t slept in weeks. Heh. Sans smiled slightly. Okay… He was fine. He was sleeping a little deeper than usual, but that wasn’t a bad thing. Seriously, the whole house could do with Papyrus having a good long sleep. Sans waited a moment, just to listen to Papyrus’s breathing. … … Okay, it was quieter than normal, but that was okay. It just meant Sans would have to listen really hard. … … … “fuck!” Sans screamed. He wasn’t breathing. Papyrus wasn’t breathing! “no – no no – pap!” Sans yanked the toddler out of his crib and shook him, smacking his back to try to get a response. “papyrus!” All of a sudden an almighty flood of panic rose up within him, shooting through Sans’s soul like gunfire, loud and fast. He breathed frantically, desperately trying to think of what to do. He blew into Papyrus’s face, hoping it would shock the toddler into back breathing. Nothing. He pinched him hard, nothing. “pap!” Sans shouted as loud as he could, hoping to scare Papyrus awake. Nothing. Nothing. “no no…” Sans panted. “dad!” He screamed. He felt sick. He felt cold – his entire body was shaking. Why? Why was this happening? He had to think – did Papyrus eat something? Fuck he was always putting stuff in his mouth, and he was always going into Gaster’s lab – had he swallowed something?

Desperate, and unable to think of anything else to do, Sans tried to make Papyrus vomit. He stuck his fingers into Papyrus’s mouth and tickled the back of his skull, using his magic to try and make Papyrus respond. Splat. Papyrus’s entire body flinched, and coughed up… what the hell was that? It was some kind of foul-smelling thick liquid; Sans couldn’t make out its colour in the dark. Okay… whatever – it was working! Again! “come on, come on!” Sans pleaded desperately, and once again made the unconscious Papyrus throw up onto him. “pap!” Papyrus wasn’t bringing anything else back up, so Sans frantically used his healing magic to the best of his ability, enraged at himself that he wasn’t better at it. Why wasn’t he better? Why didn’t he practice more? Why why why why why!

Hiss. All of a sudden, Sans became flooded with relief. That was Papyrus… He’d taken a breath. “pap?” And another one… another… He was breathing. “oh, thank god.” Sans sobbed, collapsing to the floor with the toddler Papyrus held tightly in his arms. He was covered in Papyrus’s vomit, and whatever the hell it was Papyrus had ingested. He didn’t care. He didn’t seem to notice. He was too busy calming down. “okay…” Sans breathed, closing his eyes. “ssh… it’s okay, bro. you’re okay… can you hear me?” He titled the toddler back to look at his face. “papy?” He was breathing… but his eyes were still closed. “pap?” Sans begged desperately. “pap – wake up!” No… No. Why was this happening? Why wasn’t he waking up? “dad…?” Sans cried weakly. “dad!” He had to find him. Gaster would know what to do – he’d be able to revive him. Sans leapt to his feet, and bolted out of the bedroom door.

He knew where Gaster would be. If he wasn’t at home, he’d be in his lab. Sans raced there as fast as he could, hating himself that even at this speed he still couldn’t move faster. “come on, pap.” He breathed frantically, jerkily rubbing Papyrus’s back in the hope that he’d get a response. “stay with me. stay with me. almost there. dad’ll fix you, just please…” He sobbed. “don’t die. don’t die don’t die don’t die…” He chanted the words over and over, as if Papyrus would leave him if he stopped. “please don’t. please please please…”

He burst through the door of Gaster’s lab, briefly relieved to see Gaster sitting there. In his panicked state Sans didn’t even take the time to notice how off Gaster looked. He was sitting on the floor with his face in his palms, tears on his face. Gaster raised his head at the sound of the door opening, and looked at Sans with wet eyes… Then he smiled.
“Sans…” He spoke, and lowered his gaze to Papyrus. “You found him.”
“yeah, he – dad, he wasn’t breathing!” Sans sobbed, running over to Gaster. “i don’t know, i went to check on him – i think he swallowed something in – i mean why the hell do you leave stuff lying around!” Sans screamed, his face filled with fury as he started hurling accusations at his father. “why don’t you lock the door or – dad help him!” He cried. “please… he won’t wake up.”
“What…?” Gaster uttered.

He looked at Papyrus more closely, and his pupils widened. “Sans…” He whispered hoarsely. “What have you done…?”
me?” Sans wailed. “i didn’t do anything – would you just fucking help him! why aren’t you helping him you bastard!”
“He’s breathing…” Gaster said, almost mournfully. “Oh, Sans… did you get him breathing?”
“yeah but – but he won’t wake up.” Sans whimpered. “i don’t know how to fix him.”
“With any luck, we aren’t too late.” Gaster stated, and rose to his feet. “It can still be peaceful.” He made his way over to his desk, and wiped the tears from his face. “He doesn’t have to feel any pain.”
“what…?” Sans mumbled. “dad, what are you…?” Then he stopped. This… This didn’t feel right. Why was Gaster crying? He didn’t seem in a rush to help Papyrus at all, and he didn’t seem surprised…
“Now.” Gaster spoke, returning with a vial of liquid. A thick, foul-smelling liquid… “At this point I’d like to inject it straight into his bones, but if he’s breathing there’s a chance he’ll feel it and wake up. I don’t want him to be in any pain.”
“what the hell are you doing!” Sans screamed, pulling away from Gaster. “you psycho! why aren’t you helping him?” He clutched Papyrus tightly in his arms, his heart racing as all this horror started to make sense. Cold, sick sense. It was impossible to think of anything else – it was the only way to explain… No. No, this couldn’t be happening. This was a dream. This was all a horrible, sick dream. Gaster wasn’t doing this. Gaster hadn’t done this. No. No… No…
“Sans.” Gaster groaned. “Please don’t make this harder. I can’t begin to tell you how painful this is for me…” He ran his hand over his skull, his face twisting in grief. “I loved you boys, and I shouldn’t have. You weren’t supposed to exist. I must fix it –”
stay away from me!” Sans roared, using his magic to push Gaster back.

Almost tripping over his own feet he backed away hurriedly, still holding the unconscious Papyrus tightly in his arms. “you tried to kill him!” Sans yelled at the top of his voice, his skull hurting with the sheer volume of his outburst. “murderer!”
“Sans, please!” Gaster protested, and steadily made his way over to the frantic boy. He sniffed back his own tears, and offered Sans a warm smile. “It’s okay, Son. It won’t hurt him. He’s dreaming, he won’t feel a thing. It’ll all be over in a few minutes, and once he’s done we can do you –”
no!” Sans screamed.

He ran for the door, only to have it slammed shut in his face and locked by Gaster’s magic.
“Sans, please.” Gaster woefully begged. “Why are you doing this? Papyrus won’t wake up. Do you really want to keep him in a coma forever?”
“why are you doing this?” Sans wailed, his eye sockets flooded with tears. No… This wasn’t happening. This was too horrible. Papyrus would wake up. He had to wake up.
“It’s done.” Gaster shrugged sorrowfully, his pupils dimmed in dismay. “I’m sure there’s very little left of Papyrus now. He must have gone a few minutes without breathing before you found him – I didn’t leave his room myself until I was sure it was too late.”
“no, no…” Sans sobbed. His knees felt weak. He lowered himself to the floor, before he could collapse onto it. The grief was overwhelming. His shirt was soaked with tears that couldn’t come quick enough. His chest stung viciously, painful and heavy with the sickening weight of this horrific reality. This was too much. Sans ran his hands over his skull in agony, his eyelids scrunched tight, trying his best to wake himself from this devastating nightmare. This wasn’t happening… This wasn’t happening.
“I… I should have stayed, until the end, just to make sure.” Gaster whimpered. “But I couldn’t do it. I just… I love him, Sans. I couldn’t watch him die.”
“please…” Sans prayed softly, wishing harder than he’d ever wished before that this would all go away. That he would just wake up, and this never happened. Please… please…
“But if I’d known you were going to find him, and try to revive him…” Gaster sighed regretfully, and closed his eyes. “You’ve really ruined this, Sans. It was all going to be so quick and peaceful…” He opened his eyes, and looked down at Sans with such sorrow. Such dismay. “I’m not sure if I can forgive you.”

Sans stared back at Gaster, and all of a sudden, in that split second it took him to process Gaster’s words, his grief was replaced with rage. Hot, fiery, burning rage. It made Sans feel sick. It made him hot. It made his head hurt; it made him feel dizzy… His pupils disappeared from his eyes. He couldn’t see. He couldn’t focus. Not on anything, except one thought. One remedy, that would put out the fire of his anger. “you…” Sans hissed. “you… don’t think you can forgive me…?” He set Papyrus down, and climbed to his feet. He looked at Gaster, his eyes glowing in a way they never had before… in a way that was terrifying. Then, he screamed. “you murdered my brother!”
“Argh!” Gaster grunted, winded as the force of Sans’s rage struck him and set him flying back towards his own creations. His spine cracked as he landed harshly against the large metal lining of his latest invention, something even Sans didn’t know about. Sans barely noticed the machine. He paid no attention to his surroundings; he had no idea what he was pushing Gaster against with his magic; he had no idea how many dangerous chemicals and inventions there were in here, all things that Gaster could easily use to end his life. He didn’t care. Papyrus was dying, and it was Gaster’s fault. Other than that… Sans didn’t care. “S-Sans…”

Gaster’s chest heaved as he breathed frantically, his pupils wide with shock as he watched the enraged youth approach him. One of San’s pupils was glowing. Bright blue, so powerful and so charged with emotion that a mist of blue magic has begun to seep from it, his body unable to contain the turmoil in his soul. He was angry. Crazed. He had to be stopped. “Sans, listen to me!” Gaster ordered, using his own magic to push Sans back. Sans let out a cry as Gaster used his magic to lift him up into the air and he squeezed him. He tightened the squeeze on Sans’s bones, trying his best not to become weakened by the screams of pain that emitted from San’s hurting body. “You only have yourself to blame for this!” Gaster barked. He closed his eyes tight, ignoring Sans’s cries. He couldn’t stand this… This wasn’t what he wanted. “I wanted it to be peaceful.” Gaster moaned. “I didn’t want you to feel any pain – I don’t want to have to do this to you.”
“fuck… fuck you!” Sans snarled. He burst out of Gaster’s magical hold, much to Gaster’s surprise and horror. Where was Sans getting all of this strength? What had spurred him to fight so hard? Could it be… Papyrus? They had such a strong bond. That was why Gaster had wanted to end Papyrus first. He thought that with Papyrus gone, Sans wouldn’t fight as hard, or perhaps not even at all. It would be pleasant, and peaceful… Not like this. This was horrific. Sans was putting up a greater fight than Gaster had ever imagined – he would have to end Sans with brute force. Oh, this wasn’t how he wanted it to go… This was the last thing he wanted in the world.
“Sans, please!” Gaster begged, using his magic to once again restrain Sans. “It doesn’t have to be this way. Just drink the serum, and you can be with Papyrus –”
fuck you!”

Sans threw a wave of magic directly at Gaster. He didn’t mean it to be as powerful as it was; he didn’t mean anything. He was flooded with adrenaline, overcome by emotions and unable to control even the smallest of his own movements. He didn’t mean to hit Gaster that hard… but he did. Gaster threw his hands up to defend himself, one behind the other, in a pitiful effort to try and disperse the beam of magic that Sans had sent flying his way. His efforts were futile. Gaster’s hands were no match for this powerful beam; it burst straight through his open palms as if they were mere air, leaving behind them two great circular holes in his hands. Gaster screamed in agony, his palms flooded with pain as the magic burned his bones to dust, but the pain of having his hands almost destroyed was nothing compared to the overwhelming impact of Sans’s magic hitting his skull.

Crack. It cascaded across him; it hit Gaster right in the middle of his face, with such force it almost knocked him out. He was lucky, though. He was lucky his hands had absorbed most of the attack, otherwise he would certainly be dead. It struck him in the centre of his face, but it didn’t have enough power left to burst through his skull. All it could manage was to leave him fractured. Gaster was almost blinded as the beam of magic burst across his eyes, with such an impact it split his skull in two places. He could taste his own bone marrow. He could feel it dripping from his eye, past his teeth… He knew he had a split there, from his right eye to his mouth. He could feel it. Another one, as well. On the top of his skull. The pain… It was so intense he almost blacked out. His vision disappeared for a moment, and threatened to take Gaster with it, until Gaster managed to fight his way back into consciousness. If this top fracture was only an inch or so deeper, he would be dead. “d… dad?”

The attack seemed to calm him. Sans. Briefly, Sans seemed to come to his senses. He stared at Gaster with wide, bright pupils, trembling in shock. “oh… oh my god.” He choked. He breathed frantically as he stared at what he had done. He’d burned holes in Gaster’s palms; he’d split his skull in two places… God, he could have killed him! How was Gaster not dead? “d-dad!” Sans stammered.
“It… It’s quite alright…” Gaster mumbled, clutching his own skull in what was left of his hands. “I’ll… I’ll be alright.” He stumbled slightly, concussed. He leaned back against the metal machine, and allowed himself a short moment to focus, to regain his balance and his composure.
“this is a dream.” Sans whimpered. He was scared. This wasn’t happening. It couldn’t be. None of this was real. This was too sick. It had to be a dream… “dad, i want to wake up.”
“Hm.” Gaster chuckled, causing Sans to become confused. Why was he laughing…? “Oh… Sans, you aren’t even asleep yet.” Gaster said. He looked up at Sans, and smiled. “Son. Please, let’s end this.” He smoothed. “I don’t want you to endure any more pain.”
“what…?” Sans choked. No… No. It wasn’t still carrying on? It couldn’t be!
“You can go to sleep.” Gaster said. “And it will all be over.”
“no…” Sans shook his head violently. No… please.
“Just drink the serum.” Gaster smiled at Sans, bone marrow leaking from his fractures. It poured from his right eye, down his cheek and onto his clothes; and it poured from the top of his skull, down his half-closed left eye, an eye in which he was now partially blind, down his face, and onto his mouth… “And you can be with Papy.”

Gaster gasped breathlessly as Sans’s rage fled to the surface once more, and Gaster found himself lifted up into the air. “you’re evil!” Sans screamed, his blue pupil returning as he glared up at Gaster. “you killed papyrus!”
“Yes!” Gaster snapped back. “And that isn’t going to change! Please, let me just finish it! Let me make it right!”
why!” Sans yelled.
“You were never supposed to exist!” Gaster protested. “Let me erase you! You have to!”
“you psycho…” Sans hissed. He closed his eyes, desperately trying to contain his own rage. He couldn’t. He had to kill him. Gaster had taken everything away from Sans – he’d murdered a baby! He didn’t deserve to live. He didn’t deserve…
“S-Sans.” The fear in Gaster’s voice caught Sans’s attention. He opened his eyes to see that Gaster was staring below him, looking worried all of a sudden. “Stop.” Gaster begged. “You don’t know what you’re doing.”
“huh…?” Sans followed Gaster’s gaze, and realised he was holding Gaster directly above that machine. What did that thing do anyway? It was always whirring and making noises… What was it for?
“Sans!” Gaster barked. “Sans, put me down! You don’t want it to end like this!”
“… hm.” Sans grunted, and he spitefully let Gaster go.

He wouldn’t have done. If Gaster hadn’t begged him. If he hadn’t been so afraid to be dropped into the machine, Sans wouldn’t have done it. He wanted to hurt Gaster, and that seemed like the easiest way. He didn’t expect him to die. He didn’t know what to expect – he hadn’t even thought about it. It was just a reaction, in the heat of the moment… He didn’t even fully realise there could be any real danger to it until he heard Gaster screaming, and by then it was too late. All at once, Sans came to his senses. The hot wave of fury that had engulfed his soul subsided, and in its place lay a cold, harsh fear. Shit! “dad!” Sans screamed. He threw his hands onto the machine and scrambled up to the top, losing his footing in his hurry. He almost fell but he caught himself, and he made his way up to the top, and looked down… onto glass. What the hell was this? The machine… it had thrown a thick glass barrier across its opening, locking Gaster inside. Like it was devouring him.
Sans!” Gaster snarled, reaching up to the glass from what looked like… nothingness. It was like a whirlwind, but… God, what the hell was this machine? Gaster was… changing. His body was stretching, as if he were being pulled by some unseen force. “Help me!” Gaster cried, his voice barely even audible behind the thick layer of glass. “Son, please!”
“h-how…?” Sans breathed, his pupils wide. He banged on the glass in a feeble attempt to break it, but he couldn’t. Even if he had all the strength in the world, there was no way he could save Gaster now. “i can’t – dad, what is this?” What was this machine even for…? Was it some kind of weapon? Why had Gaster built it? “what were you going to do with this!” Sans demanded, his anger getting the better of him once again. He didn’t know how to feel. His brother was dead. Because of this man, his own father. He shouldn’t help him… He didn’t want to help him.
Help me!” Gaster screamed, his voice becoming more distant as the dark vortex of the machine pulled him in. More distant… and more desperate. “Sans, what are you doing!” His face was changing… He looked angry. “You’re killing me!” He roared. “Sans! This is your doing! You killed me!”
shut up!” Sans screamed, slamming his palms into the glass. “go to hell!” He let out a gasp, his pupils widening as Gaster started to… disperse. Oh, God… what was happening to him? His body was becoming stretched, into pieces – it was like he was teleporting or something, but… not his whole body, not at the same time. “oh my god.” Sans gagged. He felt sick. What the hell was he witnessing? “dad…” Sans choked weakly. “dad –”

Whirr. Sans let out a cry as the machine’s motor started spinning wildly, almost deafening him with its sound. The entire unit started to shake, as if it were about to explode. What was happening! “dad!” Sans screamed, his pupils brightening in fright. What was going on? What was this thing? What was it doing? “dad!”

Then nothing. All of a sudden, the motor stopped. The machine stopped moving, and all the lights in the lab went out. Every electrical device that was on suddenly switched off. Maybe the machine had blown a fuse. It seemed broken, anyway. Broken… with Gaster still on the inside? “dad…?” Sans uttered weakly. He pressed his skull against the glass, trying to make out… anything at all. There was nothing. Nothing that he could see, anyway. Gaster wasn’t there. Sans was sure of it. Somehow, he was sure. Gaster was gone. This… this thing… it had taken him. He knew it. He didn’t even know what the hell this was, but… he knew that Gaster was gone. … It was Sans’s fault. He’d dropped him into this machine. He’d made it take Gaster. … Truth be told, he didn’t even feel bad. He didn’t… feel anything. But he didn’t need to. This wasn’t real, right? It wasn’t really happening? No. it wasn’t real. It wasn’t real. It was all just a dream. “wake up.” Sans whispered to himself, his skull grinding against the glass as if he were trying to bury his way into reality. “wake up.” He whispered more harshly, more fiercely. “wake up.” His nails scratched against the glass, so much so that it hurt. He banged his knees into the harsh metal of the machine, he would break his kneecaps if he had to. If that was what it took for him to wake up. To get the hell out of here, and back in his bed with dad and Papy, everybody safe and unharmed. Please… please. “wake up.” Sans sobbed. “wake up! wake up! what’s wrong with you? stop being so lazy, wake up!” He let out a loud moan, rolling onto his back in agony as he begged with all his might to be taken away from here. Away – anywhere. Anywhere away from here! “wake up!” He pounded his palms against the glass, his feet kicking against the metal of the machine. “wake up! wake up!”
“wake up… wake up.” In the middle of the night, in the cold darkness of Gaster’s lab, a weak voice trembled through the blackness. Tears trickling down his face, gliding over the stains where their predecessors had dried, Sans sobbed through his exhaustion. His eyes were hollow. He was dehydrated. He was tired. Tired beyond belief. He just… he just wanted… “papy, please…” Sans whispered. “please wake up.”

Now on the cold floor of the lab, Sans help the unconscious Papyrus in his arms. He rocked back and forth, rubbing the toddler’s back and pinching him as harshly as he could. He begged. He pleaded. He did whatever he could think of to bring Papyrus back to life. He was exhausted. How long had they been here now…? An hour? Two? He didn’t know. He wanted to sleep. He was so drained… He’d spent the last… however long… putting all his energy into Papyrus. He gave Papyrus all the magic he had; he concentrated so hard… He didn’t even know he could concentrate that hard. “please.” Sans whispered, as loud as he could through his fatigue. “please, pap…” He closed his eyes. He couldn’t keep them open anymore. He couldn’t focus… He’d put so much energy into trying to revive Papyrus. He’d never be able to concentrate on anything ever again. He felt sluggish, like he’d lost a part of his soul. It hadn’t been in vain, had it…? Even if he had to sleep forever – even if he felt tired and groggy for the rest of his life, even if he never amounted to anything, and even if he never, ever reached the Surface… if it could just make Papyrus wake up… “wake up.” Sans begged. “papy, please… i… i can’t – i don’t have anything left, bro.” He tried to pour some more magic into Papyrus. He tried to give Papyrus more of his life force… but he couldn’t. He’d drained himself entirely; if he gave any more he would die. He felt like a zombie. He couldn’t think straight. He couldn’t focus. He couldn’t move. He was just tired… So tired. “pap…” Sans whispered. “pap, please…” He started to sob, hanging his head in dismay. “please…”

Sans couldn’t even gasp. It was hard enough just opening his eyes… but he did. He opened them, and he felt joy like he never could imagine when he saw Papyrus staring back at him. Papyrus was awake. Papyrus was awake!
“oh my god.” Sans sobbed, pulling Papyrus into a tight hug. “oh god, thank you. thank you thank you…” He whispered desperately, as if Papyrus would go away again if he didn’t emphasise how truly thankful he was for this moment. Papy was back… Papy was back! “papy.” Sans moaned into Papyrus’s skull, tears streaming down his face. “bro! you’re okay!”
“HURTS.” Papyrus sulked.
“it… it hurts?” Sans pulled away, just far enough to look at him. “from the poison?”

Papyrus just stared at him blankly. He didn’t know what poison was, of course he didn’t! What was Sans thinking?
“DADDY.” Papyrus uttered, unable to think of anything else to say. “DADDY?”
“oh…” Sans choked. Jeez. What the hell was he supposed to say? He didn’t…. He had no idea what had happened. He didn’t know where Gaster was. Was he dead, or…? … He deserved to be. Sans’s soul flickered with rage for a brief moment, before the soft whimpering of Papyrus calmed him down. “it’s okay, papy.” Sans soothed, gently rocking the toddler. “ssh. don’t worry. daddy’s, uh… … he’s on vacation. it’s just you and me for now, okay bro?” He smiled, and closed his eyes. “but it’s okay. i’m gonna take care of you. you’ll be safe…”
“ICKY.” Papyrus said, almost sulking.
“icky?” Sans looked down at him, confused. Papyrus was pointing at his mouth. Oh… “daddy gave you some medicine, huh? didn’t you like it?”
“NO!” Papyrus huffed, shaking his head. “ICKY.”
“heh. well… it’s okay. you don’t have to drink that ever again.” Sans replied, returning to his soothing rocking. It was okay now. He told himself repeatedly, forcing himself to believe it. Things were different now. Horrible stuff had happened… but it was all okay. Papyrus was back. He was safe. That was all that mattered. “you don’t have to drink anything you don’t want to.” Sans smiled. “actually, you can eat and drink whatever you want for the rest of your life.”
“SPETTI!” Papyrus grinned, his pupils lighting up.
“heh you want some spaghetti, bro?” Sans looked down at Papyrus, and watched as the toddler nodded excitedly.
“okay.” Sans sniggered, a warm wave of relief blanketing his soul. Papyrus was back to normal. He was okay. A little confused maybe, but okay. Thank God. Thank God! “come on then, kiddo.” Sans struggled to his feet and leaned against the wall, almost losing his balance in his weakened state. “but… you’re gonna have to share.” He had to eat something. He was about to pass out. He wanted to sleep, so badly… But he was terrified to right now. He wanted to keep an eye on Papyrus. He had to make sure this was real. This part was real. The whole thing had been real… and now Papyrus was alright. Jeez. When he finally felt safe enough to sleep, Sans knew it would be for a long time. He craved it. He’d lost so much energy… but it was worth it. For Papy. He wasn’t going to complain.

Sans made his way towards the laboratory door, with the conscious Papyrus in his arms. He opened the door, and he left the lab… and he locked the door behind them. He didn’t look back once. He left the machine in darkness.

And Then There Were Three

Epilogue to the Adlock ficlet “And Four To Go…” Part 1/3

Set post-TFP

There is a black car parked in front of Baker Street when they return, and he doesn’t know how it’s possible, but his heart lifts and sinks at the same time.

He does not look at the Woman. Instead, he looks up at the building he calls home. 

It looks like hell.

The walls are black and scorched from the explosion and he can see unrecognizable debris through the broken windows. The police and firemen have come and gone in their absence, leaving a hollow, blackened, smoldering mess behind. 

The bedrooms are probably intact, but God knows what state they’re in now, and the sitting room with all of his research artifacts and mementos from old cases, and the kitchen with all his experiments are no doubt ruined.

Still, the light burns ever on in Mrs. Hudson’s kitchen.

Kate is waiting for them at the table where Mrs. Hudson has served her tea and biscuits. There is another empty seat at the table across from Mrs. Hudson’s with a small pile of cushions on the chair, as though its absent occupant was too short to reach the table. Instead of tea, there is a half-empty glass of milk sitting in front of this chair. The two plates beside it are empty with nothing left but a few crumbs as though the occupant had consumed the biscuits ravenously and asked for more. 

He’s not surprised. The boy loves Ginger Nuts.

At the sight of the Woman, Kate rises and points in the direction of the sitting room.

The Woman pushes past him, past the kitchen and into Mrs. Hudson’s sitting room where there is a small bundle of blankets curled up on the lumpy sofa.

He can hear the boy’s light, whiffling snore and he can see the blankets moving up and down gently in time to his son’s deep breathing… and something is released in his chest, like a Gordian knot suddenly cut loose. The relief that floods through his system is so profound, he feels almost light-headed and he has to hold onto the door’s frame to keep himself upright.

It doesn’t matter that the boy was never in actual physical danger, that he knew the explosion on the phone this morning was fake. Seeing that the boy – his son – is alive and whole, innocently sleeping on Mrs. Hudson’s couch, and blissfully unaware of the events of this wretched day… it … he can’t… 

He has no words for the what he is feeling right now.

He wants to fall to his knees beside the Woman, who is brushing back the mop of dark curls from the boy’s forehead, the rich voice that sends shivers of lust and fear in equal measure down the spines of greater men now murmuring sweet endearments into the boy’s ear. 

He wants to feel the boy’s sturdy little limbs as she does, to make sure he is still real, still whole – still his Nero – after all that has happened today.

But he doesn’t.

Instead, he stands stiffly at the door, holding himself tightly, because if he moves — if he moves, he doesn’t know what he will do. If he speaks, he doesn’t know what he will say. What this tremendous, inexplicable relief will pull out of him. 

And so he keeps the outpouring behind a tight, impenetrable dam inside him.

Vaguely, he can hear Lestrade, Mycroft and John crowd in behind him. Kate and Mrs. Hudson are close behind. He can feel their curiosity burning as they see the boy, but he ignores them all. The boy’s blue eyes – so like his mother’s – open blurrily and their sleepy blue gaze focuses on the Woman.

“Mummy?” Nero’s voice is thick with sleep, but he can hear the delight in it as the boy sees his mother. “Mummy! You’re back!”

The Woman smiles at the boy beatifically – the kind of smile that would otherwise be foreign and strange on her cold, marble face, but around the boy, it occurs naturally and spontaneously. The boy reaches out and puts his arms around her neck. 

She rises from her kneeling position on the floor and lifts him easily along with her. No mean feat, as Sherlock can see that the boy has gained at least four pounds and grown three inches since the last time he saw him.

“I found all the clues, Mummy.” The boy snuffles into the Woman’s shoulder with a contented sound, clinging to his mother like a limpet. His words are muffled by her dress and his lisp. “I’m a detectiff like Daddy.”

“Well done, my darling. You were so good today.” He can hear her murmur into the boy’s ear so that only the three of them can hear, but she gives Sherlock a sly look over the boy’s shoulder to let him know exactly what she thinks of their son being a detective.

The others behind him are silent, watching their exchange : Mycroft with quiet, barely disguised surprise, John with shock and something akin to morbid fascination, Lestrade with an expression similar to that of a man having a heart attack, and Mrs. Hudson with an entirely too-knowing look. 

As the boy settles sleepily into her side, the Woman’s mask slips back on and her eyes are cold and impersonal again when she turns in the direction of the small crowd in the kitchen. 

“Kate.” She commands imperiously, and the other woman nods, needing no further instruction. Kate retreats from the table and heads for the door.

He knows where she’s going, and he feels an almost tangible panic begin to close around his throat. The Woman heads towards him, to the door, and he knows she’s leaving. 

She’s leaving, and she’s taking the boy with her, and while this is nothing new – she never stays in one place for long – this time… this time he feels an inexplicable fear that tastes like bile in the back of his throat at the thought of her walking out the door.

Maybe it’s the events of this wretched day. Maybe it’s the all-consuming relief at seeing his son alive and well. Maybe it’s the thought that something could happen to them out there and he would be too late – too late, like he almost was tonight – to stop it. Maybe it’s seeing her again after months of separation, and being in her addictive presence that always makes him crave more…

Whatever it is, it grabs hold of him and claws its way from his chest to his throat, spurring him into action. As she brushes by him, he takes hold of her wrist, the one cradling his son. His fingers settle over her pulse.


His voice is ragged and hoarse, the dam cracks, and the word chokes out of him before he can take it back. His mind cringes at the blatant emotion in that one word, but it is out there and he knows she will do with it what she wishes… 

She has him, and the boy has him too. But he will not have either of them once she walks out that door.

“Just for tonight.” That’s all he’s asking. Just one night when he can have her and the boy, to keep him sane, to keep him whole – a touchstone when everything around him, the very life he’s lived, has been called into question.

“I want…” He chokes and his chest tightens painfully, because she’s not meeting his eye, and hers are glacial and unyielding. She lifts her chin and refuses to look at him, her gaze hard and focused forward, her battle mask firmly in place. “I need to know you’re both safe.”

This is him begging. 

He has begged many times in her presence, in many ways, not just with words – it is part of the Game they play, the limits she stretches – but never in the presence of others, and as cruel as she may be, it is an unspoken agreement between them that she will not force him into it, will not tear the pride he wears so close to his skin. Not because she can’t or indeed, won’t, but because whatever this is, it stays between them – it is not to be shared. 

But this time, he is begging – in front of his friends and family – and she knows it. They are all watching him in silent surprise, but he doesn’t care. His hold on her wrist tightens.


She stills.

He moves closer to her, closer to the boy, and to the utter shock of the others in the room, he bends down and leans his forehead against her temple, his lips almost at her ear. He has no doubt she can hear the raggedness of his breathing, the desperation of it. She hears it, and she goes as still as stone. “Please.”

I would have you until you begged for mercy twice.

How utterly right she had been.

The boy watches them both sleepily, and she turns her head slightly toward his. He draws back just enough to meet her eye, his gaze clear, and he sees something in hers shift, a crack in the ice wall. 

Her gaze softens, like it does when she looks at their son — the chemical defect that had the audacity to turn into an actual human being — and she looks away. Looks at Kate with a nod.

He breathes a sigh of profound relief.

The other woman nods back in understanding and disappears through the door. Ten seconds later, he hears the driver’s side door of the black car parked out front open and close. The engine starts and the car drives away. He knows it will be back. 

But not tonight.


By SorrowsFlower

For everybody who enjoyed ‘And Four to Go…’ (here) and left such lovely comments and feedback, thank you!

I swear, I love these two (well, three), but I hate them sometimes. Cooperate, guys! Part 3 is done, but Part 2 is giving me problems. Hopefully, it’ll be ready soon! Shout-out to the awesome @elinorx for her help in this… thing.

Secrets Pt2

Word Count: 1773

    A/N: it took awhile but I finally wrote the second part to Secrets! The song I linked ( Tame Impala- Feels Like We Only Go Backwards ) to this story is the one I used for this story, and it’s been my favourite song for the past few days! I will be writing the third part quicker this time!

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Thee rak (Part Three)

Wordcount: 4.188

Genre: Fluff / Slice of Life

BamBam x Reader
Description: BamBam changes hair colour as much as he does with girls or clothes. However, there’s one thing that will never change: for him, you’ll always be his “Thee rak”.


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Now, the most important thing: I’ve finally changed title as I’ve received the confirmation that actually “Khon dii” doesn’t mean “My love” (I’ll miss it so much  T.T); on the dictionary I found “Thee rak”, wrote like this, so I’ll go on with this one as it won’t give me any problem in the plot. So, vickyxmelonlove, thanks again with all my heart for your help! You’ve been really kind to pass me that website!

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The time you understood how big was the world beyond his shallowness, BamBam’s hair was reddish.

Shaved on the left side, pulled up on the right, it perfectly matched with the black shirt he was wearing that night of mid-May and a little brunette was toying with his bangs while he tightened her wrist and laughed high, leaning on the elevator’s wall.

You walked in in a mixture of annoyance and anxiousness while tightening to your breast your books, a bit because even if it was 11:00 pm already you had to study for an exam and a bit because, jeez, how come you had to always run into him when he was glued to a girl?!

Ugh, well, he was always with a girl, so…

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Attending The Yule Ball With Draco Would Include...
  • Him asking you in the most impressive way 
  • He’d buy nearly half the stock of Honeydukes and signed copies of all of your favourite books 
  • He’d give it all to you at dinner in the Great Hall where everyone can see so that he can show off he’s yours 
  • “Y/N, I love you so much, will you do me the great honour of attending the Ball with me?" 
  • Him being extremely confident on the outside but knowing he’s probably on the verge of a mental breakdown 
  • "Of course, love." 
  • The smile on his face when you say yes 
  • Draco taking you to the astronomy tower later that night and telling you all about how scared he was but also telling you how much he loves you 
  • "The stars remind me of your eyes." 
  • "You can stop being soppy now Draco." 
  • Narcissa insisting she goes dress shopping with your mum so they can both pick out ‘killer’ outfits 
  • Snape giving you your dress box at the end of a potions lesson 
  • "Miss Y/L/N this is your Yule Ball dress. Your mother gave it to me to give to you." 
  • "Look Seamus, Professor Snape bought Y/N her Yule Ball dress! Recon he hand stitched it himself?" 
  • "Detention, Mr Thomas." 
  • Opening the box when you get back to your common room and staring in awe at the red and black sequins 
  • Wondering how much it cost 
  • Draco complaining that his suit isn’t green or completely black 
  • "You should be happy that we’ll be looking glamorous at all, Draco!" 
  • "Love, I look glamorous all the time anyway." 
  • Draco waiting for you at the entrance to the Great Hall on the night 
  • Watching his mouth drop open and then a proud smirk form on his face when he sees you 
  • Draco wearing a black suit with red collars and a black button down shirt with a red tie 
  • Draco’s hair not being slicked back (for once) and falling slightly in light curls at the sides of his face 
  • Draco kissing your hand and then presenting you with a green bracelet when you finally reach him 
  • Kissing him after putting the bracelet on with everyone staring at the two of you because of how great you both look 
  • Narcissa having hired a professional photographer to take pictures of the two of you all night 
  • Draco muttering profanities as Harry enters with his date 
  • "Potter, pretending he’s all that. Ugh, look at him! He doesn’t even know how to dance…" 
  • "Draco you look a million times hotter than Harry, I don’t get why you’re worrying!" 
  • "Love, I know - I always do." 
  • Dancing with Draco, the two of you showing off your prestigious status and noting how well the two of you can dance 
  • Draco creeping his hand down lower than it needs to be 
  • Feeling him smile into your hair as you tell him everyone can see 
  • Draco doing it again 
  • Both sneaking off to the Black Lake after the ball 
  • Dancing in the moonlight 
  • Tracing your hand over the curves of Draco’s face
  • Draco slowly taking off your dress and you slowly undoing his shirt 
  • Losing your virginity to Draco 
  • Sneaking off back to your dorms and kissing each other night 
  • "Tonight was… amazing." 
  • "I know, I love you Draco." 
  • "I love you too, beautiful." 
  • Receiving a letter a few days later from Narcissa expressing how amazing the two of you looked