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Favorite scene in Megamind?

My favorite scene is the part where the whole movie

Just kidding, I like a lot of super little scenes/details that do the story-telling for the characters better than the story-telling does. Like Megamind trying to apologize to Warden through the glass with shaking hands, and the brainbots running into each other with a tiny “tink” in the beginning of the Black Mamba sequence, and Megamind and Minion bickering at each other like bratty kids/siblings and pouting and ugh. Basically I like everything that tells us more than the movie intended to tell us without force-feeding it. Show, don’t tell, was done perfectly here. It made the characters so likable!

I also like the whole part of Button of Doom with Megamind hiding in the Invisible Car, to the tip of his cape hanging out the door and ripping off, to his squirreling around the car, to the Mega-Megamind Bot making chicken noises with “bok bok bok” scrolling across the mouth.

Za snake izz looze: VENOM review

A German terrorist (Klaus Kinski) and a couple of kidnappers (Susan George and a bleary-eyed Oliver Reed) try to kidnap a wealthy boy for ransom. It’s supposed to be the perfect crime – but they didn’t count on the boy’s unexpected houseguest; a venomous snake! It turns out that the spoiled, little brat collects exotic animals, and the morons at the pet store accidentally gave him a Black Mamba! And so it begins; The deadly snake (it’s even more deadly than Kinski) gets loose and begins to kill people one by one, and the kidnappers mess up and get trapped in the boy’s home. Given that, their chances of survival are very low indeed. Movies about snakes are fun, everyone knows this. But Venom is not just another campy snake movie.

Although the beautiful Susan George has one of the coolest death scenes ever in this film, Venom doesn’t just revolve around snakes and biting. It’s more like a hostage thriller. And speaking of the cast, Oliver Reed and Klaus Kinski in the same film! This is most certainly essential viewing! Seriously, when Oliver Reed and Klaus Kinski died, the testosterone on the planet was reduced by 70%. However, the famously drunk Reed and the intense Kinski reportedly hated each other on set. Reed would constantly provoke Kinski until he would lose his temper. Which is great for the film, because their characters hate each other too. Reed referred to him as a Nazi and stuff. Jeeze, the snake was probably the nicest person on the set. Kinski and a couple of cast members even ganged up on director Tobe Hooper, got him fired and replaced him with Piers Haggard. Anyway, very good film.

Release year: 1981
Country: UK
Director: Piers Haggard, Tobe Hooper (uncredited)
Starring: Klaus Kinski, Oliver Reed, Susan George