the black lounge


Oh look, actual bae.


This oneshot was inspired by @rboz Fall artwork. Enjoy :)

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“Levs, we’re goin’ camping.”

 Levy paused, turning to face where the deep voice came from and raising a well groomed eyebrow, “Camping? I mean, that sounds great but what brought this on?”

 Strolling forward, Gajeel shoved a folded up brochure into his wife’s hands, beaming from one pierced ear to the other.  “I found this the other day and I think we’d enjoy ourselves. You, Lily, and me, let’s go this weekend!”

 Unfolding the brochure Levy glanced through the various activities Oak Town National Forest held for them; hiking trails, a hot springs, mountain views and a lusciously wooded camping area just beckoning visitors to its grounds.

 “This looks wonderful, and last I heard the weather should be good this weekend.” Levy twisted to face the large black shepherd lounging lazily on his oversized dog bed, “Lily! Do you want to go camping?”

 Her reply came in the form of a loud bark and a tail wagging with enough force to knock over the end table. Levy laughed as she quickly caught the table, righting it on all fours before turning back to her husband.

 “Camping it is!” She cheered.

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Homes: Pedro Reyes House
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Pedro Reyes House

The Mexico City home and studio of Mexican sculptor Pedro Reyes and his fashion-designer wife Carla Fernandez features crazy paving floors, as well as a staircase and double-height library rendered in coarse concrete.

The building, named Pedro Reyes House, is made primarily from concrete, applied in varying degrees of coarseness. It provides a workplace and home for the couple and their two young children.

The design takes its cues from Mexico City’s modernist and brutalist building.  

The bookcase spans one wall of the lounge and its uppermost shelves are accessed by a board-marked concrete staircase. It features cantilevering steps and leads up to a narrow gallery overlooking the lounge.

The house is furnished with pieces made by the couple, including a pair of Reyes’ Mano-Sillas chairs and a geodesic light fitting, as well as a mid-century classic – a black Eames Lounge chair.

Source: Denzeen