the black corsair

“A Marine forward air-observer team guides a Marine Corsair in for a strike on an enemy-held hill. The ‘Black Sheep Corsairs’ were highly praised by Army and Marines alike for their precision strikes on targets and their extremely close support of forward units. The close air support provided to the 1st Marine Division by their own aircraft was unique and envied by their Army counterparts.”


submitted by Martin

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When I started to collected my “Perfectly Happy Outdoor EDC” items, I wanted to make sure not to run into a situation where I might miss anything, but still being able to carry everything around without the need of a wheelbarrow. Decide yourselves if I made it right. Happy to get your feedback, rating and ideas upon how to improve my Outdoor #EDC.

La regina dei caraibi  è il secondo romanzo del ciclo dei corsari delle Antille, è il seguito del Corsaro Nero.

Così il Corsaro Nero: “Pareva un genio del mare, sorto dagli abissi del Gran Golfo, per misurare le proprie forze contro quelle della natura scatenata. I suoi marinai (…) lo guardavano con superstizioso terrore e si chiedevano se davvero quell'uomo era un mortale al pari  di loro o un essere soprannaturale, che né le mitraglie, né le spade, né gli uragani potevano abbattere”