the black corsair

Kabalite Trueborn with blasters, 2 squads.

Dracons with agonizer/blast pistol.

Kitbashed Kabalites and Black Ark Corsairs to get a suitably unique and impressive look for them.

Still want to sculpt little greenstuff pauldrons for them since they’ve only got the front halves due to how the torsos are joined. And I’m gonna leave them off their bases for ease of painting.

Only the Raider left to build and then I can spray prime everything and get to painting. :D


‘Library’ was really far too grand a word for that cramped, cluttered little upstairs room, stacked with precariously balanced books. What had started life as their mother’s study, with space only for mathematics textbooks and the occasional novel, had quickly grown into a way to indulge their brilliant boys’ peculiar interests.

A childhood had passed in that tiny room. It was where Mycroft absorbed foreign languages and memorised the dates of every king, every battle, every case of political scandal. It was where Sherlock learnt the properties of Molybdenum and first read of the case of Jack the Ripper. It was where Sherlock had first found The Black Corsair, buried underneath a stack of sociology journals, and where Mycroft read Machiavelli, Spinoza and Nietzsche and began to form ideas of a career he could pursue. They gathered books on every topic; apiaries and espionage and linguistics and pharmaceutics. The atlases were covered in annotations. Sherlock cast anything that could not hold his interest down on to the floor, kicking the books beneath the shelves. Mycroft would always retrieve them, but anything deemed tiresome by them both would be hurled out of the window, knocking over their mother’s potted plants in the process. The books climbed up towards the ceiling.

There was never enough space in that small room for the two of them, but they made do.

On the rare days when both of them find themselves back at the family home, they gravitate back towards that room and lose hours in the depths of the pages of a book on some obscure topic.

They still argue over who gets the armchair. They still throw books out of the window.

The My Setup Workspace

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When I started to collected my “Perfectly Happy Outdoor EDC” items, I wanted to make sure not to run into a situation where I might miss anything, but still being able to carry everything around without the need of a wheelbarrow. Decide yourselves if I made it right. Happy to get your feedback, rating and ideas upon how to improve my Outdoor #EDC.


Michaela DePrince 

“There are numerous prima ballerinas from world-class ballets all over the globe that I have admired and attempted to emulate. However, my role models were chosen from among the black ballerinas who attempted to open the doors for kids like me.  These include Lauren Anderson (Houston Ballet, principal), and Heidi Crux (Pennsylvania Ballet, soloist).  Like the civil rights workers of the past, I think that they were very brave in their efforts to change an art form.

United States Marine Corps F4U Corsair fighter-bombers on Tarawa Atoll in the central Pacific. Such was the demand for this plane that Vought, the original manufacturer, was soon being supplemented by Goodyear and Brewster. Eventually the Corsair won a record as the one plane with the longest production run of any piston-engined fighter in U.S. history (1942–53).