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Memories of MET 2016

Via US Weekly - A true Cinderella story! After a long night of cochairing the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala 2016 and dancing the night away with Tom Hiddleston, Taylor Swift hit the afterparty at the Boom Boom Room atop the Standard Hotel. The “New Romantics” singer, 26, arrived at the night’s official afterparty wearing her same sequined, tiered Louis Vuitton mini and black combat boots. Swift came with the Avengers actor Hiddleston, 35, … who ended up being her real-life hero! Following a half-hour long dance sesh with Hiddleston, 35, and Sienna Miller, Swift was ready to put her fierce Louis Vuitton heeled gladiators on again, opting to leave the boots behind. “Taylor laced them up and then stuck her leg all the way up in the air, while sitting, trying to get them to go on,” the source observed. “Hiddleston had to stand up and bang on the bottom of the shoe to get it on.”

And so the love story begins…

anonymous asked:

What are some of your favorite outfits Alex has worn? Not including stage outfits

I’m sorry I’m just answering this now but I started doing it and then forgot about it for awhile and then just remembered it and it’s been in my drafts for so long I’m so sorry!! I’m finally doing this now.

So here are some of my favourite outfits/looks (excluding stage outfits)

White shirt + leather jacket
Whenever he wears a white button down shirt I die a little. Combined with tight black jeans or those amazing grey slacks, black boots and a leather jacket, that’s probably my favourite look.

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Funny thing...

You can tell my mood from my shoes.

Black boots: anxious or overwhelmed (which is most of the time)
Patterned converse: cheerful but quiet
Red high tops: translates to “fuck off”
Dad sandals: tired but mildly content

I’m wearing my dad sandals today.