the black book of buried secrets

Sneaky Cat (Cedric Diggory x Reader)

Fandom: Harry Potter, Cedric Diggory

Warnings: SMUT, a little fluff, silly kitty

Word count: 1127

Song: N/A

Request: I wanted to ask if you could write some ideas I have for a imagine/smut/fluff #>3<# I’m a hufflepuff in my sixth year, and my cat got lost and got stuck in the dormitory of the boys of course where my crush sleeps. So he and I have some history but nothing more than some talking between lessons and secretly stalking each other as he is having quidditch practice and when I’m studying in the library. Then he confesses he likes me as well and then, well, smut and stuff haha 

You were wondering around the Hogwarts halls. You were in your 6th year at Hogwarts thus you knew the halls quite well. However, you were not concentrating on where you were going, you were concentrating on finding your sneaky cat, who had gone walkies. You had a black cat and she had vanished. You hated when she walked off, because only you could find her.

“Lumos…” you whispered, and the end of your wand ignited. It sparked a bright white light. You continued to walk down the halls and into rooms you thought your pesky cat could have walked into. You were making the strangest noises to try to tempt your cat out from where she was lurking. You got to the Hufflepuff basement and heard a faint meow. You looked around and without realising where you were you pushed a door open and saw two cat eyes staring at you from the middle of the room. You walked in and grabbed your kitty. Suddenly, you heard your name. You stayed glued to the spot. You were terrified you’d be in so much trouble for being out so late and… You looked around. You were in the boys dorm, Hufflepuff’s boys dorms as well. You, slowly, turned to see who had mumbled your name, hoping it was non of the teachers. You turned and was faced with him. 

Cedric Diggory.

He was sleeping, lightly, sprawled across his bed. He made you smile and lightly blush. You looked around, again. No teachers. No students. Everyone was fast asleep. Who said your name? All of a sudden, a few of the students were stirring and you looked down at your beaming wand and panicked, a little, whilst your cat was, gently, licking the side of your cheek.  

“Nox” you whispered, and the burst of glaring light, which was disturbing the Badger boys, ended. You walked out of the dormitory and went to your own dormitory across the way because you were, also, Hufflepuff.

You were lay in bed with your small, black cat curled up next to your stomach. You head was buried in the soft, plump pillow and you began to dream about him. Cedric Diggory. You two had history. And by history, you thought about it. You had only really spoke briefly and you had the secret shame of stalking him. You used to watch him whilst he played quidditch and you’d discreetly watch him from a book in the library. He was so attractive but you were too shy to ever say anything to him. As you thought about all the small talk and secret stalking, you drifted off into a deep slumber.

The next day you were in the Hufflepuff common room. Thinking. You were reading a book but your mind was set aback to the previous night and the stranger, who mumbled your name. What if someone was awake? Would they tell Pomona Sprout? Or worse Dumbledore? Millions of thoughts were racing through your mind before a shadow fell over you. You looked up. Cedric Diggory. You, instantly, felt your cheeks go crimson and you stuttered a greeting.

“Is anyone sat here?” he asked, politely, whilst pointing towards the seat opposite yours. You nodded, in awe. “So, Y/N, I see you around a lot… And you… Are the most beautiful human in existence. I see you in the library reading and I can see your alluring Y/E/C eyes trace the words and your lips respond to the words you’ve just read and it makes my heart ache for you. I always look out for you at my quidditch practice because I want to see those gorgeous eyes focus on me. I need you, Y/N, I’ve needed you for a long time…”

His words were so kind and well thought out. You were blinking and still because you didn’t know what to say or do. Your crush was stood before you confessing his love and attraction for you. This only happens in films, you were watching his lips move, which were delicately complimenting your features. You listened to his voice and the way he spoke your name. What? You had the sudden realisation on who it was. Who spoke your name in the boys dorms? It was Cedric. Without another thought, you placed your lips on his and kissed deeply. He pushed further into the kiss and started pushing his tongue, carefully, into your mouth. You both pulled away for breathe and he smiled at you, slightly biting his lip. 

“You wanna come to my dorms?” he asked and you nodded, eagerly. You had crushed on Cedric forever so this was your dreams coming true, he poured his heart out to you, how could you resist him?

He picked you up and carried you bridal style. It was time for lesson so the dorms were silent. You smiled as he placed you on his bed. He closed the door and leaped on you attacking you with kisses, everywhere. You giggled and allowed him to. You both shared a very, passionate kiss and he stared into your eyes.

“Do you want to do this?” he asked, his cheeks glowing pink. You nodded and giggled, slightly, over the pale red his cheeks had gone. Before you knew it Cedric was on top of you sucking at your skin around your neck and jaw. You breathed out heavy. He lifted up your school shirt and lightly pressed on your breasts while kissing you. You felt his fingers stroking your nipples, lightly, and it caused your back to arch, slightly. He lifted of his jumper and you unbuttoned his shirt as he had done the same for you. He kissed down your chest and down your stomach until coming to the top of your skirt. He pushed your skirt up and stroked down you. You were already wet from the close connection and heated romance you had both shared. He blushed and unbuttoned his trousers and pushed his boxers down. He looked at you, for your approval, and you nodded. He entered you and began thrusting deep and slow. You let out a breathy moan. This was what you’d always dreamed about. You were in Utopia. He was thrusting in slow and deep and letting out small moans, your moans were louder but this caused him to smirk. The sex was passionate. He pushed into you one more time before you both let out.

He lay next to you in his bed, out of breathe, and wrapped you up in the yellow sheets. You smiled and he kissed your nose.

“Y/N, will you be mine?” he, finally, asked after a minute of embracing you. You looked up and smiled at him.

“Yes, I will”

This is waaaaaaaay overdue (I AM SOOOOOO SORRY) as it was a request from @dorkiepie

White Team and the Lunar Eclipse

(This is a collaboration between myself and @linkspooky and is as much her work as mine, both in ideas and in making them flow together into a cohesive whole.) 

In the latest chapter of Tokyo Ghoul, you could easily be mistaken into thinking things are setting up for the final arc. However, there are a few discrepancies people have been noticing. Characters seem to be letting go of old grudges too easily, Kaneki might have returned to Anteiku far too soon for what was, the final objective of the last series. While these might set some readers at ease who expect Tokyo Ghoul to be a much tighter written series, these flaws within the current group structure might be intentional.

As we are in the arc of the moon. With the arc just beginning, tensions and unease on the surface is an essential part of the moon card. Moreover, this arc seeming like it’s final, but in truth only being penultimate, as well as the conflicts that might show up in this arc, have been set up in the manga before this.

What the moon Tarot card depicts is a lunar eclipse. The revelations of the star allow the fool to grow too confident in his journey and be lost in the illusion. Just as Kaneki right now seems to be ready to embark on an idealistic end to Arima’s request for him. Finally, always lost and ever confused Kaneki seems to have found his ultimate purpose. However, the moon depicts a lunar eclipse, the light which you see has been blocked out by the moon in front of it. An eclipse not only focuses on an overlying of opposites, light and dark, moon and sun, but the ultimate result of an eclipse is a shadow cast down on those below. The moon card plays heavily with this jungian idea of the ‘shadow’ or repressed desires that exist beneath the surface.

The symbolism of the eclipse has already been invoked before. The Tsukiyama building was known as “Lunar Eclipse” and Tsuki itself is a character which stands for moon. [x]

The phrase White Rainbow, which was used on the same chapter that depicted Kaneki’s mental world finally clearing also carries the Idiom ‘White Rainbow’ which considers White Rainbows as a bad omen, that something bad will happen to the king or a rebellion will occur. [x]

Now this could be all well and good with Kaneki’s new rebellion against the CCG’s order, but rebellions tend to run in circles.

Even without the invoking of the moon card, eclipses and white rainbows are both bad omens to be following Kaneki around.

Then look to the imagery even used in this chapter alone. An organization led by a white king is going to be named black goat, while alternatively they fight an organization led by a black king, consisting of white doves. White overlaid on black is an eclipse.

Kaneki names his team “the Black Goats” after “the Black Goat’s Egg,” following the metaphor of the world as an egg that Eto uses during the flashback in Cochlea. The plot of the book, and it’s primary conflict are of a son who has these deep, subconscious urges that mirror those of his violent serial killer mother. And he tries to deny them, but he cannot. As the novel goes on, he can no longer repress the parts of him until he, too, becomes a killer.

The novel is fundamentally a Moon Arc conflict, of the subconscious asserting itself - surfacing and refusing to stay buried no matter how hard the ego, the conscious mind, desires not to act on it.

These characters repressing their true urges and secret or not so secret desires in order to work together, while they simmer under the surface - that’s the plot of the Black Goat’s Egg. And in the book, like its set up in the chapter, like it should happen in the Moon arc, these repressed desires break free spectacularly and violently.

Therefore what exists between these characters right now is not true cooperation brought about by Kaneki having the kind of discussions he wishes to have, addressing his true feelings, but rather the appearance of cooperation. Stragglers with a vague common goal all trying to unite under the banner of the One Eyed King, but almost every single named character has an as of yet unresolved conflict.

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anonymous asked:

wizard hansol

  • 100% an alchemist wizard 
  • is always buried up to his nose in old books that he buys through “interesting” source a.k.a. black magic market dealer scoups
  • obsessed with the secret to immortality, keeps trying to cast spells upon himself to make him immortal but none of them work. one turned his hair green for a week
  • doesn’t really have a pet cat, the cat just wandered into his house one day so he lets it hang around. affectionately refers to it as “whiskers” because he couldn’t think of a more creative name for a cat 
  • wears a long velvet cloak of black and like silver jewelry that’s said to have magical energies confided in the metal. 
  • has succeed in only bringing small animals back to life, but not humans
  • when people ask him why he wants to live forever he usually brushes them off but the real answer is he wants to be sure he can protect his sister until the end of time
  • uses a wand sometimes but disguises it as a pen he wears behind his ear