the black beauty myth


G O D S . A N D . G O D D E S S E S
celtic pantheon; mórrígan the goddess of war

“She appears as a singular being and the Triple Goddess - maiden, mother and crone. Her role was to not only be a symbol of imminent death, but to also influence the outcome of war. Most often she did this by appearing as a crow flying overhead and would either inspire fear or courage in the hearts of the warriors.”

m o r e . a e s t h e t i c s

Happy Halloween!

The black cat is one of the biggest symbols of Halloween. Here are some facts about this spooky creature!

  • There are 22 breeds of the black cat.
  • The “richest” cat in the world is a black cat who lives in Italy. His name is Tommaso and his owner gave him $13 million when she passed.
  • There are many more male black cats than female.
  • Black cats are signified as good luck in many countries including Germany, Ireland, Scotland, England, and Japan.
  • Their high Melanin content causes the cats to, a lot of the time, have golden colored eyes.

Have a safe and happy Halloween, and adopt a black cat because they are highly unwanted and need homes! Plus, you can tell people you have a mini panther and their fur wont show on your black dress. ;)

Photo by: Chris Yarzab via Flickr