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The Grammys just made it crystal clear: It values music that is plain, safe and white.

Beyoncé’s Lemonade went into the night a critical favorite by far, but every time it went up against Adele’s 25, it lost. Adele’s “Hello” took best pop solo performance over Beyoncé’s “Hold Up;” it also took song of the year over “Formation,” making for a clean sweep for Adele.

The Lemonade visual album — arguably the most powerful aspect of Beyoncé’s release, and a film widely hailed as one of the most ambitious and profound creations in that medium — was beat out by a Beatles tour documentary for best music film.

We’ve seen this special brand of erasure year in and year out at the Grammys. For the past eight years, white artists have taken the show’s album of the year award over black artists. 

Adele’s win simply reinforces the norm and provides even further proof that Grammy voters have trouble recognizing quality black art. Read more (Opinion)

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Born into a traditional Mexican Catholic family in the 1940s, Graciela Iturbide was expected to become a wife and a mother. And that she did—with a camera in hand. Gifted a camera by her father before leaving home for Catholic boarding school, she began shooting black-and-white film photographs and never stopped.

As a young woman she navigated a brave path, carving through the male-dominated photography scene of the 1970s to become one of the best-known photographers in the world.  

Over her long career Graciela has been both filmmaker and photographer, student and mentor and, as she turns 75 this year, she is both artist and subject in a new a graphic biography—a first for Getty Publications—about her life and her story titled Photographic: The Life of Graciela Iturbide.

Read the behind-the-scenes making of Photographic here. You’ll see Graciela’ neighborhood, her studio, and meet the author and illustrator bringing her story to life.

I do love you. I still love you.
I will never tell you that, though. There’s no use. Our time is over. Telling myself this is most difficult when I see you. When you speak to me. When I see you at that bar neither of us
gave up since our break up or the corner gas station. I hate how small this town is. I love you though.

You’re still so sweet to me. You say hello, with that smile that could melt thin air. Your eyes still look at me the same. Or is it that I only still choose to look at them the same? My heart beats out of my chest, if you looked hard enough you’d see it. You say hello, then we have a short conversation. But my heart knows no boundaries. My words are homesick and miss you being their home. I love you and my heart can’t keep secrets. So when we say goodbye, there’s nothing more my heart wants than to grab your hand and tell you I love you. I miss my lips on your forehead before you’d leave. Remember that?

I can’t say I love you. But I can’t say goodbye.
So instead I cope with this by using any other three word phrase. See you later, take care now, until next time. It’s saying it, without saying it. Those three words, each word replacing the ones I wish I could still use. I’m getting better at it. I’m getting better at loving you from afar.

You looked beautiful tonight,
You were never one to wear white. You’d always wear black. At least with me. You’ve curled your hair in a way I’ve never seen before. A bit more messy, good messy. You looked so alive. I’m glad we’re both still in this small town I hate, running into each other every now and then. Because you make me feel alive too.

“Until next time.”
—  Those Three Words // a.m.g.
Art reminds us. That our plans are meaningless. That help is not on the way. That our children can die in our lifetimes. But I have to say, though his song subject is (as usual) darker than dark, Nick Cave acts here not as a harbinger of doom but of the lightest, noblest message an artist can deliver to us: that the choice to make art is, indeed, an act of blistering revenge against the nonsensical, cold unfairness of this world. Tragedy strikes. We can close down, or we can keep working on finding a frame in which to house all of this confusion. A black frame, or a white one … any frame at all. We have a choice.

A/N:  Sometimes when you’re having debilitating writer’s block, what you need is someone like @melissas173 whispering in your ear, sending you pictures, asking questions, and cheering you on with your feeble attempts to move past the block.  I think Secure is proof that she has a successful formula.  Thank you, Mel!!!!

As always, shoutout to my betas @little-black-dress-24, @niallandharrymakemestrong, and @emulateharry for reading, discussing and giving feedback.  No woman is an island.  Not with friends like this.

“Uhm, Jeffrey? May I, uhm, speak to you, uhm, in private?” my potential new client pulls at his lip while staring meaningfully at his manager.

I don’t flinch at the question. It’s to be expected. Still I tune my ear to their conversation when the office door doesn’t close all of the way.

“Harry,” the manager starts out reasonably, “We talked about new security since Mike is out on paternity leave.”

“Yes, but, uhm….how do I say this?” the celebrity is hesitant, obviously unwilling to voice the opinion I anticipate.

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Hello! This just a small guide for young/beginner artist.

It doesn’t matter what software you use, for me I primarily use Paint tool sai. 

Mario is a good example of a character who has primary colors.

Patrick uses different variants of secondary colors.

Magenta’s color is tertiary because it is between purple and red.

Luigi has a analogous color scheme, color adjacent to each.

Yoshi dominant color is green, red is the direct color opposite from green.

Dipper’s shirt is the red, his hat and jacket serve as (indirect) split complementary colors.

There’s also Traidic color scheme: three colors equally spaces on the color wheel.

 Tetradic color scheme: double complementary. (quite difficult to use)

And Monochromatic: variations of light and saturation of one color,

Value is the lightness and darkness in color.

This shows about 9 values. Value is important because it shows the illusion of light.

This is one of the mistakes a lot of young/beginner artists make. Unless the drawing is in grey-scale, black and white as shadow and light is wrong to use. 

I use Luminosity and multiply, of course their are other modes to use, like shade for shading. screen or overlay for light. (paint tool sai user) light is not always necessary btw.  

Never be afraid of using a warm color as a shadow and a cool color as light etc.

Always experiment with your art, try new things, and figure what’s best for you!

Let me know if any of this helped you, and thanks for reading!

Now go start drawing!  


Do you dare to summon the Master of Masters, the Deliverer of Darkness, the Shogun of Sorrow, Aku?

Now you can! Here’s the template I made for the Aku Papercraft toy! (Again, I didn’t do any double sided printing but you could always color in the white on the inside of the shoulders/back of the head horns with a black marker) 

If you make one please tag me! :) I’d love to see it!


Something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately when it comes to drafting images is mark making.  On a really basic level you have your traditional Draftsmanship 101 concepts like “drawing through” a shape instead of simply tracing its outline.  This refers to practicing the ability to retain a shape in your mind’s eye and imagine it twisting and turning about in 3d so that you can draw it as a whole.  

You’ve also got your basic idea of emphasizing the containing contour rather than the interior lines in order to give the object more of a unified feel.  However, I’ve often been told that the next step of linear image making is “cross hatching” and I’m beginning to suspect that “cross hatching is….wait for it…BULLSHIT.

Traditional cross hatching that merely traces the form of an object is hella ugly and I maintain that it is BULLSHIT.  

Is it really a rule that you must make your ink strokes at exactly 45 or 90 degrees of one another?  Nahhhhhhhhh.  I disagree. 

Instead, I’ve been trying to think of linework as “expressive shadow mark-making.”  Expressive shadow mark making may sometimes break all the rules you’ve learned that cross hatching “should” follow.  Sometimes expressive shadow markmaking even follows ALONG with the form instead of ACROSS the form! *gasp*  Sometimes it results in inky pools of black and barely-there bright edges of white. It’s bold and confident and quite lovely. 

Some of the most proficient masters of this form of expressive shadow markmaking I’ve come across are artists I greatly admire such as Charles Dana Gibson, Bernie Wrightson (sad to hear of his recent passing) and Even Aumundsen.  

anonymous asked:

trying to figure out why you keep coming for gigi's wig cap when you stan liam "racially confused" payne who acts like he also goes by dr. dre. you and all your creepy ziam cronies are so transparent, it's pathetic.

trying to figure out why your bitchass is hiding on anon trying to come for liam payne. last time i checked, JT and eminem are one of the most successful artists out there who have shown appreciation for black culture and are regarded as talented icons. you are fucking delusional if you think that well-known black producers like pharell would waste their time on some confused white boy they thought was going to end up making a fool of himself. if they are working with liam payne like they have chosen to work with JT and eminem, it’s because they see his potential and talent and believe in his abilities.

now let’s talk about dumbass racist as fuck queen joobjoob who apparently can do no wrong because you creepy ziglets live so far up her ass you take the time to write essays to defend her inexcusable actions. how fucking moronic can you guys be to drag perrie for using known sacred symbols of native american culture but remain silent every time queen goliath does the same?

and now let’s list one by one all the offensive and dumb shit that your queen has done:

1. she appropriated black culture not once but twice. first with her vogue cover with all those afros she wore. and second, with those dreads she wore during the marc jacobs runway fashion show. and you would think that she would have learned her lesson the first time because she received a shitload of backlash for it but no, her ass had to go and do it again because clearly she does not give a fuck

2. little miss dumb dumb who is supposedly dating zayn but does not know where he is from because her dumbass couldn’t locate pakistan on a fucking map to save her life or even palestine for that matter. clearly zayn is “middle eastern” lmao

3. queen jeejuz who is white passing and lives like a malibu barbie only started acknowledging her palestinian roots when zayn showed so much pride in being half asian. additionally like the opportunistic rat that she is, she conveniently started using it to promote her products in dubai and appeal to her people when she never gave a fuck before and disrespected meaningful palestinian symbols in the past

4. goliath trying to sound woke like all you dumbass creepy ziglets and making a fool of herself once again with her comment about the women’s march. all she wanted to do yet again was draw attention to herself but her dumbass couldn’t even pull it off. the women’s march was about coming together to celebrate diversity in terms of ethnicity, race, gender, religion etc and not despite those things. so how the fuck are women supposed to put these things aside goliath?

5. queen jeejuz sitting on her high throne in hollywood saying how we should give trump a chance and later regretting it lmao

6. joobjoob making fun of asians which her “boyfriend” happens to be but clearly she is too dumb to figure out geography again. and just the pure blatant racism shown by her acting like a dumbass yet again

so next time you want to come in my inbox to act a fool, just don’t or i will block your dumbass

anonymous asked:

You blocked a whole bunch of black Latinos who had concerns of representation for characters created for them and now you're laughing about it. Anyway nothing you said was factually correct and the range of skin tones for established black characters is indicative of racism of the artists which any black fan (including Latino ones) know about. No representation that takes from another is good representation and you showed how privileged you are in a Latino context.

I blocked people who were calling me a faggot, white, and a bitch. 

There were several people who I took aside and had one-on-one conversation with about the topic over private message. I’m not gonna sit here though and entertain people who wanna label me a certain way because of a knee-jerk reaction on their part to take what I said and make it something anti-black. 

I literally have, time and again, said that there’s a difference between something not being perfect and something being trash - tumblr doesn’t recognize that difference though. 

The comments, by and large, have been about (1) How I’m white or a faggot or racist, (2) how Blu Hunt doesn’t look Native American enough and (3) how the actors chosen for the roles of Sunspot and Dr. Reyes are white. At that point, I’m done. Race is not a spectrum or a binary of white and black. A Latina or Latino that is more indigenous than black or more asian than indigenous is not moving along a black/white scale because none of those ethnic groups are in fact fucking white. I don’t have the patience or the interest to engage in discourse that constantly undermines and erases indigenous or indigenous-mixed Latino identity as “white.” It’s a level of cultural incompetence that isn’t  going to be overcome by something I say in a short statement and, quite frankly, I just don’t feel like fucking having a debate on the merits of whether my ethnic identity is valid or not. I just don’t.

As for the conversation of colorism, I acknowledged that it would have been better if Dr. Reyes specifically had been cast as a Afro-Latina, but saying that something would have been better and something is bad is two very different things. Again, I’ll ask the question that I asked originally which is - when is the last time anyone has seen a Latina like Alice Braga lead, or even  be included in, a big budget Marvel movie? Do I understand the frustration that it was a missed opportunity? Sure. But that’s very different than simply wiping your ass with the film as a whole and acting like because a specific role doesn’t represent you that it has no worthwhile impact on the people it does represent. As for Henry Zaga, his mother is Afro-Latina, but I guess it doesn’t show enough on him so people keep calling him white when he’s actually mixed because he doesn’t look like what I guess mixed Latinos should look like to Tumblr. 

At the end of the day, you can have whatever qualms you want about my decision to block people or what I said, that’s fine, but I’ve decided that I’m simply not going to engage with a brand of social justice discourse that doesn’t respect, understand, or acknowledge the experiences of Latinos and the overwhelming lack of representation for Latinos that look like Henry Zaga and look like Alice Braga in mainstream media. I think Latinos generally tend to take a back seat in social justice discourse and in this case, it’s just not something I feel like entertaining and I don’t respect the people who are doing it enough to sit here and have a conversation with them about it. So yes, they get blocked and I move on, it’s not my job to sit here and get brow-beaten by hysterical teenagers on the internet, it’s just not. 

A letter from former Artistic Director, Dominic Dromgoole

A letter to the next Artistic Director.

Dear Fearless, and Fortunate soul,

Twenty years ago, Mark Rylance and Lennie James led a company in a modern dress production of Two Gentlemen of Verona, the first production in the new Globe.  Much scholarship went into the show, and twice as much free-wheeling invention. Happily, exhilaratingly, no-one knew entirely what they were doing, and they and the audience joined to discover a new language for making theatre. An adventure was launched, which led to twenty continuous years of chance-taking, boldness and surprise. Six people in pyjamas doing Cymbeline; scrupulous Original Practice work; throwing a roof on the building for Titus Andronicus; building rose gardens in the yard for Merry Wives; and yes, phantasmagorias of light and sound for last year’s Dream; and brute urbanising for Imogen. Shakespeare done with freedom and a curiosity to match the audience’s. 

That is the Globe tradition. It was new, and it is still new. A newness that begins again every afternoon and every evening when the audience come in and draw their breath at the sun, the wood, the colour, the swirl of it all, and each other. Newness is not easy for everyone. The bile towards the Globe was there at the beginning, was felt keenly by Mark, was ever-present in my time, and spilled out last autumn hideously from those both pro- and anti-Emma Rice. It goes with the territory. The Globe is forever breaking moulds, that inspires fear, and fear can lead to loathing. The rush of energy that accompanies the new, and the roar of approval from those happy to climb on board is more than ample compensation. Dear Fearless and Fortunate Soul, above all else keep the Globe new.

From the very start, the Globe pushed the boundaries on BAME casting, an action which we continued in my time with the natural joy of walking into a brighter room. Emma has carried that torch. Globe gender-bending began with Shakespeare, and Mark extended it with Vanessa Redgrave as Prospero, and with three all-female companies, including Phyllida Lloyd’s first Shakespeare with a female company, a seedling which grew into a spectacular tree. We carried this on, and were proud to transfer two successful plays by women writers to the West End in my last year. Emma extended this experiment much further, and she was right to. Carry on pushing these envelopes.

Mark experimented with new plays, a risk that grew fast as we presented countless big new public works. New writing beside a Shakespeare is a constant reminder that Shakespeare himself was once new, and the energy of the former electrifies the latter. Emma has carried that on, and, for me, it should remain at the heart of the Globe.

The Globe’s youth creates endless opportunities. It fits no particular mould – neither subsidised nor truly commercial – so is still free to invent itself. Over the last twenty years, it has freestyled different ways of playing Shakespeare; created a small-scale touring network, both national and international; built a new theatre, the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse; held a huge International Festival, and created a filming programme and a VOD platform. Contrary to some bizarre lies which have been circulating, all done within its unsubsidised means. Emma came in with a host of new directions, of new ways to facilitate artists, and with a large-scale intervention into how shows are staged.

The fact that Emma has been stopped in fulfilling her ambitions is heart-breaking. It is also wrong. The spirit of a theatre is that it should follow the lead of its artistic director. And an artistic director cannot usefully be anyone but themselves. The fact of your contract is also that, unless otherwise specified, you are free to invent as you wish. The only people who have the moral strength to get rid of you are the audience. No-one else, not the board, not your supposed colleagues, not the vulture punditry, just the audience. Emma had lost a little of the Globe audience, but all the evidence is that she had gained some as well. Please remember, F, and F Soul, that your first responsibility is to yourself, and to them.

At the heart of the Globe are, for me, two things. First the £5 ticket for the yard. Over the last twenty years that single fact has given over five million people an extraordinary experience for less than a sandwich costs. They have seen Mark in his pomp, Gemma Arterton’s Rosaline, Gugu Mbatha Raw’s Nell Gwynn, Roger Allam’s Falstaff, Eve Best’s Beatrice and Cleopatra, and countless others for only £5. It is a miracle. For all the talk of accessibility elsewhere, there is nothing equivalent to touch it. It makes many uneasy, many who espouse accessibility write with a shameful snobbery about tourists and students as if they were a sub-human species. There was also a steady pressure internally to raise that price, a pressure which Mark and I and Emma resisted. The £5 ticket is at the heart of the Globe’s success, you must fight for its survival.

The second thing at the heart of the Globe, for me, is playing in a shared light. A democratic space where a story unfolds as an imaginative agreement between text, actors and audience. It is this that Emma experimented to change, and which is at the heart of her disagreements with colleagues and the board. For me, shared light was the unique Globe tool, which subverted the orthodoxies of director’s and critic’s theatre, and which handed back to the actors and the audiences the capacity to collaborate together freely on making an imaginative experience occur. Taking away that uniqueness doesn’t strike me as radical, it strikes me as conformist. Every theatre has light and sound, the Globe didn’t. This uniqueness matters to me, and for me, F and F Soul, it is important to preserve.

However Emma didn’t come in to emulate myself, or Mark, she came in to be herself, and so she triumphantly was. As an Artistic Director myself, I respect Emma’s choice in doing so, and I cannot respect the blocking of her choice. No-one, not committees, not cabals, not connivers, no-one can set this policy but the AD. They have to make these choices with passion and conviction for the whole of the rest of a theatre to make sense.  Early on in your time, you will find it invaluable to listen to the many experienced voices around you, and also invaluable to be exceptionally wary of those who do not want to advise but who want to influence. Everybody wants to be Artistic Director. They can’t all be. Only you can. It is vital, Dear F and F S, that you ring-fence with iron and steel your own freedom and ability to make choices. This must be put down in black and white, and made public, and it must be adhered to. With an ear to what the audience wants, and with an eye for where to take them, no-one should set artistic policy but the Artistic Director.

Now that Emma has carried out her experiments with light and sound, it is pointless to pretend she hasn’t. What has happened, can’t unhappen. Many felt alienated by it, many loved it. To write it out of the Globe story and say it can’t happen ever again is fundamentalist, and as daft as any form of fundamentalism. Emma’s experiment should be folded into the Globe’s story as gleefully as all the other experiments have been; new work, internationalism, modernising, design interventions. For me, the majority of the work should be in a shared light, and with natural sound, but to make it that and that only, just doesn’t add up. Dear F and F Soul, fight to keep room for manoeuvre.

You will notice, Dear F and F Soul, that some of my comments have alluded to negative energy. It would be foolish to pretend it isn’t there. The Globe has its enemies without - many don’t like the freedom of the place, its open-ness and its warmth. Some simply can’t cope with its happiness. Our culture and its commentators often prefer the shrivelled sausage to the plump one, and the Globe is fat and juicy. The degree of bile can be disabling. I have just had my own and my family’s Easter wrecked by some pathological viciousness, and I’ve been gone a year. Emma has had to put up with much worse.

Sadly the negativity doesn’t only come from without, there is also a fair sum within. There are structural problems, there are personality problems, there is too much fighting for territory, and there are too many who feel free to comment on work without ever taking the risk of making it. It is absurd that out of the mess of last year, the only person to be suffering the consequences is Emma. However the Globe is taking steps to address the problems, you have an excellent CEO in Neil Constable, who has copped too much of the blame for last year’s imbroglio while doing all he could to avoid it, and you have the best theatre department in the country. The fact that the Globe has gone on making excellent work through summer and winter, with so much distraction, is testament to their excellence. Dear F and F Soul, you will have to be prepared for tough decisions, you will have to be strong and independent, but you will have some of the best around you.

Above and beyond all else, Dear F and F Soul, if you inhabit the same office which Mark, I and Emma were blessed to sit in, every day through the long summer, you will hear at 1 o’clock, and at 6.30, a bubbling hubbub of excited chatter, and standing to look out you will see a snaking queue of four or five hundred people, eager to charge through the doors, and jostle their way to the best positions in the yard. The quality of their excitement and anticipation, of their sheer appetite for a great afternoon or evening, of their big human hope - there is no price that can be put on that. It is one of the biggest privileges in the world of theatre to be able to join with it.

Relish, enjoy, make their hopes and yours real.

All the best,
Dominic Dromgoole

oh and also, carey? the artist? has a history of making Certain Characters™ brown or black. so UH if you really think she was trying to be courteous here and caring? you’re wrong lmfao.

proof: (sloane and hurley are dead, and sloane was the ‘bad guy’ of the arc let’s make her brown! also Far bigger than hurley, who looks fucking 12!) (lucas straight up owned slaves, let’s make him brown! oh, and his moms dead! let’s make her brown too!) (boyland, the character on the far left, straight up dies and all the PC’s hate him. let’s make him brown!) (avi, character on the right, hardly ever shows up and his role is literally Door Greater let make him… you get the point.) (i shouldn’t even need to explain this one but UH lucretia is one of the only canonically described characters when it comes to her appearance and griffin has said she is a Dark Skinned woman, so hey! let’s give her light brown skin! close enough! oh and, i’ll give her the benefit of the doubt since this was made FAR before this arc was even thought into existence, but johann? on the right? straight up fucking dies. again. so there’s that. And the fact that he’s a bard and one of the darkest characters on this list? hm.) (jess the beheader on the left is a woman warrier/fighter in the fantasy wwe and is accused of murder in the arc she is present for. let’s make her black! Graham on the other hand, the character with the beard, has a robe with the word “juicy” printed on the butt. i’m Most Likely just reading far too into that because i’m a Triggered Snowflake but it’s still a Little, lmfao)

and finally, thb themselves:

(the only one whose white is taako, even if the others are like, very VERY light brown it’s still like…..???????)

my point with this is not to say “no one should make brown or black characters Ever” but it Is to say that carey has pretty Specific choices for who she makes brown and black and we as artists need to watch out for this unconscious stereotyping. it’s Important for light skinned or white artists to have characters of colour in their stories, that is With Out Doubt. but it’s important that we, as light skinned or white artists, also take care to make sure we aren’t feeding into stereotypes that have been in place since the beginning of fiction and storytelling and, well, since the beginning of Time.

black and brown people deserve to be represented by Everyone positively. and that’s just the truth. there’s no ifs ands or buts about that. but note that i said Positively. and that includes Respectively. without white washing, as much as a white person can do that without teetering into stereotype territory. it’s a thin line to balance, but we’ve got to. we all have to. 


I make Tumblr themes now! Check them out. They all have lots of color and customization options. (Good news to RPers: they all support side images!)

Top: Terminal

It features a monospace font and one-color coloring reminiscent of 80’s computers coexisting with modern easy-to-use design. 

Customization: Main color, Background color (black or white), Background pattern (12 options), Post width, Font size, Avatar display, Tag transformation (Regular Tags or url+safe+tags).

Middle: Duotonous

A  minimally colored, customizable theme for designers, artists, and just people who love color coordination.

Customization: Color scheme, Title font, Text font, Font size, Sidebar position, Avatar view, Side image view, Corner rounding radius.

Bottom: Up to Data

Inspired by 2000’s operation systems and browsers. Some transparent PNG tricks give the theme a little extra pizzazz. Very, very customizable!

Colors: Background, Header (Gradient), Post Header, Post Background, Text, Link
Fonts: Title Font, Text Font
Switches: Disable Header Pattern, Plain Header Color, Dark Background (inverts some elements to make them visible in darker backgrounds), Checkerboard Background, Disable Background Scroll, “Random Post” Button
Text: Side Image URL, Notes, Pagenav, Font Size

“La La Land is racist though because Jazz was made by black people and Ryan Gosling is white”


First of all, yes, Jazz was made by Black people but that doesn’t mean Jazz can only be enjoyed and played by Black people. As a Black artist myself I can assure no one gives a fuck about White people being passionate about Jazz because art is meant to be shared and enjoyed by everyone, not by only the people who created it.

“But it demonizes John Legend’s character and makes Ryan Gosling a white savior!”


John Legend’s character is never demonized in the movie, he’s just has a different opinion than Gosling’s character. Legend’s character believes Jazz music needs to evolve and change while Gosling whats to preserve the tradition of Jazz. There is never a moment in this movie when either idea is shown to be the “right” option. It’s explained that Legend’s idea is wrong for Gosling’s character but that’s because being on tour is stopping him from opening his jazz bar.

“But they act like white people invented Jazz!”


There is literally a line when Gosling’s character explains the origins and birth of Jazz. It is acknowledge that black people created Jazz in fact most of the Jazz musicians in this movie are black.

Like if you didn’t like La La Land that’s fine but this criticism of it being racist just isn’t true. And like if you watch the movie and come to a different conclusion than me that’s fine, but I really don’t see a problem with the way Jazz is treated in this movie, especially considering it’s not about Jazz. It’s about passion artist and Gosling’s character just happens to be passionate about Jazz.

[23jun17] 239\365: besides showing my film at the opening of this semester’s exhibition, i also made new constellations to hang on the wall. initially i had the idea to just hang one piece besides another, as much as would have fit the wall, making a photo wall so to speak. but my photography teacher said that it would make the hanging too complementary and didactic and suggested to try to make the hanging into a separate work. so i spent some hours playing around with constellations and once i got into the flow it was a really good experience as it actually fits my favourite work method of picking up scattered work, throwing it around and finding something for it that might work. this is what i did when i started this 365 thing last october. and the first work uploaded then is what brought me here, what made this film possible. (you can find my film here:


The final part of the First Meet series, it’s our lil maknae’s turn okay but the thought of Kookie as a piercer is kinda fucking me up rn 

  • Owns this lil piercing shop right across the street from the music store
  • Let me just paint you a picture of piercer!kook real quick
  • He’s got a lip piercing for sure (probably snake bites or spider bites, something along those lines) and he’s definitely got his ears pierced up
  • Probably has an eyebrow piercing too maybe a septum piercing probably a tongue piercing
  • Has a few tattoos
  • They all have meanings though and he can tell a story for each and every one he has
  • Always wears his infamous boots and ripped black skinny jeans and probably a white shirt that’s three sizes too big into work
  • Your friend actually works at his shop so when you tell him you want a piercing he literally just schedules you in without further questioning
  • He tells you Jungkook is really good and makes it painless and shows you all the piercings he’s gotten from the surprisingly young artist
  • You have to admit they look really nice so you agree and show up the next day for your appointment
  • When you walk in the shop it’s honestly actually really cool
  • The floor is this dark red and there are posters of various artists all over the walls
  • You walk over to your friend at the front desk and he can see you’re a bit nervous so he just gives you the same smile he gives to all of the customers and playfully asks for your name
  • It does earn him a smile and he can see your nerves calm down a bit
  • He takes you back to one of the rooms and tells you Jungkook will be in soon
  • The room is just as decorated as the rest of the store and you can see some of the artists you like on the posters and it makes you curious bc your friend always talked about Jungkook (he always threw in a “you’re his type btw and coincidentally he’s yours too, would you look at that?”)
  • In reality it only took Kook like two minutes to come in but to you it felt like an hour
  • When he did come in, you kinda forgot what you were there for tbh
  • The black jeans make his legs look longer and the white shirt accentuates how broad he is and he just looks really warm
  • You can see some of the tattoos he has on his arms and you can see one peeking out of the collar of his shirt and you find yourself wanting to ask him about them
  • But then he smiles and he just looks so innocent and young and you weren’t expecting that from someone who had piercings and tats everywhere
  • He sits down in front of you and introduces himself and his voice is almost melodic and your first thought is “I wanna hear him sing”  
  • You tell him which piercing you want and you ask him if it hurt when he got his and he just laughs and shakes his head 
  • He tells you it doesn’t hurt as much as you think it will and for some reason that calms you down entirely
  • Tbh just being around him is calming bc he seems so confident and you feel like you can trust him
  • He keeps his tone really light and casual and you don’t know if it’s just you or if he’s actually kinda flirting with you ???
  • Like at one point he’s marking your skin for the piercing and he leans in closer to see what he’s doing and he just says “you know, you have really pretty eyes"  
  • Just like Jimin, he’s spring but he’s more of the middle of the night during spring
  • He’s pillow talk while the rain outside your window is muted by the slow soft music he’d started playing, he’s taking late night trips to the store for ice cream and running back home giggling bc the rain officially soaked you both, he’s the cliché of kissing under the rain and then forever teasing you about it bc that’s straight out of a movie but he’s the one who initiated it so he can’t really talk
  • He never stops talking to you and he asks you about your favorite artist and it ends up being his favorite too and his eyes light up and he starts asking you about the artist like what’s your favorite song? Favorite lyric? Favorite video?
  • You’re responding just as enthusiastically and honestly the both of you forget you’re supposed to be getting your piercing done until your friend comes back to check on you bc you’ve been in there for like an hour and Jungkook’s normally done right away
  • He just sees Kook sitting way closer than he would normally sit next to a client
  • He also catches him sending a blatantly flirty comment and he hears you give him an equally flirty response and he just smirks to himself bc he called it
  • He just silently leaves but Kook hears the door shut and is forced to jump back into piercer mode
  • He tells you to just keep your focus on him as he makes sure everything’s prepped
  • "A lot of people find it calming to look at my eyes so you can try that, if it doesn’t work, just think about the amazing dinner I’ll take you to once you’re healed up" 
  • You don’t realize he lowkey just asked you out bc now you’re worrying it’ll hurt
  • His eyes are actually pretty distracting especially when they’re so focused on something
  • You do feel a slight sting before his eyes are looking up at yours and a smile is making its way onto his face
  • "Are my eyes as pretty as yours? You seem fascinated by mine”
  • You just roll your eyes bc now the smile is turning into a smirk and you want to say yes but you’re not about to do that
  • He finishes the piercing up pretty quickly and helps you out of your chair
  • He asks if everything feels okay and he has this genuine look of concern on his face bc he’s never messed up a piercing and he definitely didn’t want his first mistake to be yours bc that’s not a great way to get on someone’s good side
  • You just nod and go over to the mirror to look at your new piercing and it looks amazing and you let your excitement get the best of you and hug him
  • He just laughs bc you’re not the first client to get all excited and hug the first person they saw but you’re definitely his favorite
  • His shoulders are honestly like the perfect place to just rest your head on
  • He walks you out to the counter and waits while you pay
  • Once your focus is back on him he tells you he was serious about taking you out to dinner, if you wanted to join him that is
  • You tell him you’ll only say yes if he tells you the story behind all of his tattoos
  • That lil smile comes back and he just nods his head really quickly and you end up writing your number on the back of one of the business cards
  • I mean you walked into the shop expecting to come out with a piercing but you came out with a piercing and a date so 10/10
Write my love and draw my heart

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Will Solace has always been well liked by everyone who knows him and he has a way of getting along with pretty much everyone, he’s kind, caring, and athletic, so it went without saying that he was very popular.

Nico di Angelo is the dark and lonely artist type that most people stay clear of because they are a little scared by his dark clothes and quiet personality but most of all his drawings that are always done in red and black ink on stark white paper making the images more dramatic and horrifying.

No one would have ever expected these two to ever have anything in common or to even get along, so imagine the surprise when these two pair up for a class project and get closer than anyone could have guessed.

Senior year had been going pretty well so far, Will was captain of the basketball team, his grades were going well, he had plenty of friends and he thought that he could handle anything that came his way, that was at least until his AP English teacher assigned a project that required partner work and he got paired up with Nico di Angelo, his secret crush. The project was a writing assignment that could include any accompaniment such as artwork, dioramas, video trailers, or dramatic reproductions (read: short plays). Will had some confidence in his writing abilities but he knew that with Nico working with him then they were sure to get an amazing grade if Nico’s artwork was involved.

Will had admired Nico and his artwork for years now, it had all started in freshmen year when Will had been taking a breather after first trying out for the basketball team and had decided to catch his breath over on the bleachers. He had been about to head to the locker room to shower and change before heading home when he thought he heard the sound of music playing faintly somewhere nearby. He stood and looked around and as he got closer to the edge of the bleachers the sound became clearer and when he found the source his heart skipped a beat. Sitting beside and a little behind the bleachers in a small alcove was a boy about his age dressed from head to toe in black with headphones around his neck, the music playing loud enough that Will could hear it from where he stood, the boy seemed too absorbed in what he was working on to notice Will. Will was curious about what he seemed to intent on so he moved closer to get a better look, as he got closer he saw that it was a sketchbook that the boy was holding, and he had his supplies sitting next to him Will noted as he saw a pencil, eraser, and black pen that went with the red one that he was currently using on whatever it was he was working on.

Will loved art and was really interesting what it might be that this boy was drawing with only these two colors so he decided to announce his presence. “Um hey there… what are you working on?” Will felt bad when he saw the boy jump when he heard Will speak to him “Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you like that, I heard your music and saw you drawing something so I was curious.” The boy looked up at him and Will couldn’t believe that he had never noticed this boy before, his eyes looked a little sunken in and had faint dark circles under them like he had lost sleep recently but those same eyes drew Will in even more, they were on the larger side and were so dark he couldn’t tell were iris ended and pupil began, they were like twin pools of shadows that he felt like he could get lost in…

Will snapped himself out of his oddly poetic thoughts when he realized that he was staring and likely making the other uncomfortable as a result. “Sorry I guess I should probably introduce myself or stop bothering you and mind my own business…” he trailed off when he received no response from the other “Sorry I’ll just go and leave you alone now.” He could feel his face burn from his embarrassment as he turned away to head over to the showers like he had planned on doing before.

“It’s okay; you can look at it if you want…” Will stopped dead in his tracks when he heard the other boy speak to him, what really caught his attention was the faint accent that he couldn’t place. Will turned back to see that the boy had set down his pen and was just holding the sketchbook in his lap, he seemed kind of shy though so Will tried his best not to act too excited about getting permission or that the boy had spoken to him so he calmly walked over to where the other sat and took the sketchbook when the boy passed it to him. He looked at the page that it had been open to; he assumed that it was the one that he had just been working on. Will was totally mesmerized by what he saw, the bold outlines, the shark angles, the bright red ink mixed with the black ink and white paper gave the image the illusion of leaving the page. Will was blown away by the level of skill he was seeing and though he wasn’t quite sure what it was that he was looking at exactly he still knew that this was incredible talent.

“Wow you are amazing; I’ve never seen anything so cool. What is this?” he smiled as he looked at the artist sitting in front of him. Apparently this talented artist wasn’t used to receiving such praise because his face turned as red as the ink on the page “A demon…” he said it hesitantly as though he was sure that Will would criticize him for his choice of subject, but Will just looked closer at the drawing and now that he knew what he was supposed to be looking at he was even more blown away by it “Whoa seriously?!” Will smiled even brighter at the boy sitting in front of him, now looking at Will as if he was some kind of strange creature “what?” clearly he was confused by Wills response.

“This is amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this before. It would look so cool in a horror movie or in a video game or something! Do you always draw things like this?” now the other boy was completely speechless and could only nod in answer to Wills question. “Really can I see?” Will was excited to see more of these drawings and the amazing work like this. When the other nodded again Will flipped to another page and saw a drawing of a skull with what seemed to be a single red rose and black thorns encircling the two, again Will couldn’t believe the awesome artistic skill shown on a single page. Will sat down next to the other boy and showed him the page that he was looking at “This is so cool, does it have some sort of meaning behind it?”

But then he remembered being told that an artist’s sketchbook could be the same as a diary or journal and therefore should be treated as such “Oh sorry, I guess that’s probably personal. But really you have so much talent! Oh and by the way my name is Will, nice to meet you.” He held out the sketchbook to hand back to its owner. “Nico.” Well now he had a name to go with the face. But before Will could say anything more the coach blew his whistle and signaled that tryouts were over and that it was time to head home for the day “Well I guess it’s time to go, I’ll see you around Nico.” Will said as he stood up and headed over to head to the showers. He hoped that he’d get the chance to talk with Nico again sometime.

Over the next few years following their first encounter Will and Nico had sat together and talked from time to time, Nico liked to sit in that same spot and draw whenever he found the time, he claimed that it was secluded enough that people other than Will that is, wouldn’t bother him there. It also meant that when Will finished with practice he’d have a bit of time to talk to Nico and see more of his artwork. You might be able to call it a friendship but they didn’t talk much other during these times or spend time together any other time. Will blamed it on the fact that he was always busy with something or always taking to someone and couldn’t get close to Nico, but his heart soared when in his final year he walked into his AP English class and saw that Nico was in his class. He hoped ever since for a chance to spend more time with Nico and get to know him better.

When their teacher announced this writing assignment Will saw it as a gift from above. “And the best story and accompaniment will be displayed in the upcoming school wide showcase so I want all of you to put your best effort into this with that in mind.” Well that was unexpected but Will wasn’t worried, as long as he could convince Nico to draw some illustrations to go with the story that they come up with then they were sure to do well.

The bell rang and the class let out for lunch. Will quickly packed up his things and headed out to meet Nico by his locker, it was close to the gym which Will had learned one day after leaving practice and finding Nico standing at his locker grabbing a pencil case before heading back to where he had left his sketchbook at his usual spot.

Will was glad to see that Nico was still by his locker when he finally made his way over to him “Hey Nico!” Will called cheerfully, causing a few curious passersby turn and look at the two of them, as far as anyone else knew these two were as different as night and day so seeing them talking to one another was an odd sight. Nico turned when he heard Will call out to him “Oh hey Will, is this about the English assignment?” even after four years Will still loved hearing that slight accent when Nico spoke, it had taken some time but Will had eventually learned that it was Italian, though what with Nico’s last name it was no surprize. “Huh? Oh yeah!” Will chided himself for getting distracted again but he always got distracted when talking to Nico.

“So I was thinking that we could come up with the story together and you could add some drawings to go along with it, I’m sure that whatever we come up with your drawings would be incredible!” but Nico didn’t seem as sure about it as Will did. “You’re the only one who would think that Will.” Nico said as he grabbed his bag from his locker, it was only lunch but Nico looked like he was getting ready to leave school for the day. “But it’s the truth, your art is so amazing I’m sure it could really help bring our story to life better than anything else could.” Will tried his best to sound convincing.

Nico still didn’t seem willing to go along with it though “I don’t know Will, but could we talk about this some other time? I have somewhere to go this afternoon so I won’t be here after lunch, good luck in your game later.” Will was a bit surprized by that last part but then again Nico’s favorite spot was in the gym so it should come as no surprize that he knew that Will had a game today after school… “Huh? Oh right thanks.” But before Nico could walk away an idea came to Will and he pulled out a pen and reached out for Nico’s hand stopping him as he was about to leave and Will wrote his cell number on Nico’s arm “There, this way you can text me later after you’ve had some time to think things over, no rush though. Just brainstorm some ideas for our story if you want.” he gave Nico a bright cheerful smile before turning and heading to his own locker.


19k words

Amazing art by @hoalysmoaks​ and an incredible video by @proudstydiot​!!
Betad by @seren-mercury​, to whom I owe a huge thank you, you have been so patient and kind and I am endlessly appreciative of your feedback.
This fic was written for the Stydia Big Bang: shout out to the lovely admins @stydiamonth​, thanks so much for organising this event, and to @songof-light for creating the beautiful title card!
You can also read this fic on Ao3!!

Inspired by a lot of songs, but mainly Leona Lewis’s cover of Colorblind.
I also need to thank @hamabee​ and @imnotsureyetactually​ for reading over the fic and helping to keep me motivated, you guys are greater than I deserve.

Stiles Stilinski is in third grade when he falls in love with Lydia Martin.

And he knows it’s love, he really does, because when she briefly meets his eye across the playground one innocuous Tuesday the world around him blossoms into color.

He sees the shade of her hair for the first time, not quite red in the way that he’d imagined from his parent’s descriptions, but definitely red-ish. Maybe it’s closer to orange, or maybe even blonde, he thinks, but he won’t know for sure until he gets to see yellow, too, and it’s super rare to get more than one color at once. Red is enough for now, though.

The new color layers over his previously grayscale world and Stiles can see Lydia’s red hair, the light pink blush of her cheeks and the deeper pink of her lips. Stiles looks at Lydia and sees color, and it is beautiful.

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