the bizzaros


“I was raised in the streets of Gotham. Buildings so tall, so close together, it felt like nighttime even during the day. It was easy to hate the world when I only knew a small part of it.” -Jason Todd, Red Hood and the Outlaws: Rebirth #7

squirreltastic  asked:

I was trying to sleep and then BAM I had a thought, what on earth or, rather,htrae, would bizzaro scarecrow be like???

Oh my god, can we just take a minute to imagine how amazing this could be?

  • He’d spread courage instead of fear
  • That means “courage antidote” would be a thing
  • Instead of being unsightly in appearance, he’s actually very attractive. (but because it’s bizzaro world, he’s made fun of for his beauty)
  • Was one of the most respected psychology professors at Gotham University, and was even offered tenure.
  • He refused the tenure in favor of spending his life as hero, and took on the name of “Bizzarcrow” 

Great, now I need some fanart of “Bizzarcrow” hahah