the bite of the ant

Reggie x Reader: Fingers and thumbs, baby.

So I realized that the Reggie tag is dry afand since Reggie Mantle own’s this ass I decided to write a lil’ something. Forgive for the grammatical errors, English is not my first language. This is basically just the intro of the story? So, part 2?Enjoy :)

The one where you are in love with your best friend but is in complete denial, and that will be your downfall but not if your red headed bestfriend, Cheryl, can help it.

Plot: When Reggie and (Y/N) have been bestfriends their whole lives but the universe had other plans.

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Make Tea, Not War.
If it weren’t for the sturdy construction of a late 2008 MacBook—yes, white (well, more like off-dingy-white) shell and all—and the soft, fluffy rug—a housewarming gift from your mother–that covered your hardwood floors, the computer would have been shattered when you vaulted from the couch after the article—sent from a friend that was in desperate need of a lesson in softening the blow–loaded on the screen.

“Fuck!” you cursed, haphazardly picking your laptop up by the corner and tossing it on the sofa. “Shit, fuck!” Snatching your not-yet-empty wine glass from its perch, you stomped into your flat’s little kitchenette and uncorked the bottle of red while downing what remained in your glass. You poured and downed another.

“Really?!” you screamed at the pocket pig calendar hanging opposite you, a bit of spittle and wine flying from your mouth.

Poor Darius; he and his little cowboy hat didn’t deserve any of this.

You tried to calm yourself, really you did, but after a few huffing breaths that were anything but calming, you gave up and grabbed the bottle of wine before heading back to the couch. Your phone was at your ear, number selected and dialed, before the blankets and pillows had even settled from the force of your entire body weight slamming dramatically into them.

“Honey, are you alright?” Despite the hint of worry in her tone, your mum’s voice managed to calm you a bit; suddenly air wasn’t being forced in and out of your lungs as a more natural rhythm took hold.

“No,” you answered tartly before taking another swig of wine. It was silent as you both waited for the other to speak.

“Well are you going to tell me or can I get back to bed?” Mum was always impatient when it came close to bedtime; she was a solid eight-hour sleeper—nothing more and nothing less—and she coordinated her bedtime and wakeup time perfectly so she always got the right amount of sleep.

“He’s…engaged,” you said bitterly, lips puckering around the words, a sour taste left in your mouth at the admission; it didn’t feel right coming off your tongue. And it wasn’t jealousy—or at least you didn’t want to admit it was—because you weren’t entirely sure that if He were replaced with We you would be left with the same sour feeling.

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the blacklist // aesthetics: aram “i’m from delaware” mojtabai

Where I come from, fear is the only deterrent.”
”I’m from Delaware. No, I’m- I’m just saying. I’m actually half Jewish. Well, a quarter, really. Half Muslim, too, so… but… who’s counting?”

Your Move

The nine times Simon and Baz prank each other and the one time they don’t

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10

March 23


We’re not supposed to have food in our rooms.  It’s one of Watford’s most ignored rules.  It’s never enforced, and if the rooms themselves have anything to say about it, they tend to keep their mouths shut.

           Nearly everyone I’ve talked to has some sort of stash in their wardrobe or under their bed.  Agatha loves her sherbet lemons, and Penny has a seemingly endless supply of licorice hidden in a locked cupboard.  Only she knows the whereabouts of the key, assuming she’s telling the truth and there is a key at all.  As for me, I keep at least two mint Aero bars tucked away at all times, though it seems no matter where I hide them, Baz always manages to find them.  Further evidence of vampiric senses, if you ask me.

           Baz is more of a bring-food-from-the-dining-hall-into-the-room kind of person than a secret stash person, at least I’ve never seen any evidence of a stash.  I have to wonder what sort of things Baz would keep hidden away.  Rats maybe, still alive to keep their blood warm for when he gets peckish.  But then again, I would probably have noticed something like that.

           I don’t know how he always manages to get food up to the room unnoticed, but I also know he’s on a first-name basis with Cook Pritchard, so maybe he gets special privileges.

           When he appears in the door this evening, tall and silent as ever, he’s holding a steaming mug of tea.  I don’t say anything about it, I know better at this point. He’ll just snap at me.

           He crosses the room and sets the mug down on his nightstand, dropping down to his bed and uncurling to his back.  I raise an eyebrow at him, stretched out like a cat. “What’s with you?” I muse.

           He throws a glance my way.  “What?”

           “I dunno, you’re just being… weird.”

           “Thank you for your opinion, Snow, it’s entirely uncalled for as usual.”

           I roll my eyes.  “Forget I said anything.”

           “I already have.”

           I turn back to my textbook with a scowl.  Serves me right for trying to start casual conversation, though maybe I was a bit rude about it.  At least I can say I tried.

           Baz lays there on his bed for another moment or so, staring up at the ceiling, breathing slowly and deeply like this is the first time he’s properly filled his lungs in weeks.  I glance at my watch.  I’m supposed to meet Penny in the library to study in half an hour, I don’t need to go just yet.

           When Baz stands, he takes a detour on his way to the bathroom to reach over and flip my book out of my hands.

           “What the hell is wrong with you?” I call after him, but he responds simply by slamming the door in my face.

           Classic Baz.  Simple, stupid, but effective.  Like a playground bully.

           I wonder if he gets any actual joy out of it.

           The heat of my anger is already fading, but it still frustrates me that he’s been getting away with this kind of abuse all our lives and nothing I do ever seems to deter him.  It’s like he’s a giant and I’m a pissed-off ant, biting and crawling and trying to hurt him, only to be flicked away by a giant indifferent finger.

           His mug on the bedside table catches my eye, steam still curling off the tea.  He hasn’t taken a sip yet, which is surprising.  Usually he drinks the stuff practically straight out of the kettle, like it isn’t scalding his entire throat on the way down.  Maybe it’s not, maybe that’s some obscure vampire thing. Or maybe he’s just a prat that wants to look tough.

           The lightbulb that goes off in my head is almost audible as I watch the steam dance above the mug.

           Grabbing my wand from the sheets beside me, I stand from my bed as quietly as I can and tiptoe across to Baz’s nightstand, wincing with every creak from the floorboards.  The tea is that perfect smooth colour, brown and soft with cream and sugar.  Sparing a fleeting glance at the bathroom door, I dip my wand down so that the tip just barely breaks the surface of the tea, sending ripples floating away from the intrusion.

           Needs more salt,” I murmur in as soft a voice as I can manage, pushing the crackle of magic from the base of my neck down through my wand arm and into the tea.

           “What was that, Snow?” Baz calls from the other side of the door.  There’s a sudden splash of the sink.

           “I didn’t say anything, twat,” I call back, carefully bringing my wand over my mouth and letting the stream of droplets fall onto my tongue.  It’s flowers and cream and… salt.  Definitely salt.

           I smirk as I return to my bed.  Mission accomplished.

           When Baz re-emerges, I pull my textbook closer so he can’t knock it away again.  I try to look appropriately engrossed.  He doesn’t pause at the door, just goes straight back to his bed, and though I can’t see his face in my periphery, it seems as though he doesn’t suspect anything.

           Needs more salt isn’t a proper spell, per say.  More of a charm.  Penny says that spells occur when the words play the biggest role.  They are usually well-known sayings or lyrics, things that carry a little bit of their own magic, which makes them the easiest for beginning mages to master.  Charms are different, harder to control.  The power of a charm doesn’t lie in the words but in the intent.  The magic comes entirely from the mage.  Often charms come out as accidents, when something is said with so much feeling that magic simply slips in.

           Penny is quite good at charms, at putting magic into whichever words she chooses.  She insists that anything can be a charm with enough magic.

           As Baz reaches for his tea, I can’t help but watch.

           I sure hope Penny is right.

           Baz raises the mug to his lips and takes the first sip.

           His features freeze like he isn’t quite sure how to arrange them.

           After a beat he lowers the cup and stares at it like it’s a puzzle, his brow beginning to furrow.

           He takes another thoughtful sip, and this time the tiny curl of his lip betrays a hint of disgust.

           I make sure to be staring back down at my book when he turns his gaze on me.  I feel it burn into the top of my head, and the burn spreads to my cheeks as I try not to crack.

           I can still feel his eyes on me as he takes a long, pointed drink from the mug.


           I glance back at my watch.  It’s still too early, but Penny will probably be in the library already, and I don’t know how long I can handle Baz’s stare.

           I close my book and stuff it in my bag, wearing what I hope is a neutral expression and not a beet-red blush.  I stand from my bed and slip into my shoes. I see him take another sip.  When I look at him, he’s still watching me, and his face is surprisingly clear for someone drinking salted tea out of spite.

           I’m not fully sure which one of us is the winner here.

           I’m halfway out the door when I decide to break the tension.

           “April Fool’s,” I state like it’s a simple good-bye before I shut the door.

           I’m two stairs down as he yells “IT’S NOT EVEN FUCKING APRIL YOU TWAT!”

the signs as random snapchats my friends have sent me
  • aries: i'm barely awake and my sister said "clean the damn house" bitch clean ya damn vagina im tired fuck outta my face
  • taurus: *picture of herself with the headband on & a blank face* i realized too late that i was playing headbandz and now i know what i am wow
  • gemini: you ever notice that the inside of your mouth looks like the inside of your vagina wait actually idk what the inside of my vagina looks like
  • cancer: *picture of her teary eyed* i nearly started crying because i realized plankton and karen don't have kids because she's a computer so they can't have sex
  • leo: *picture of her with her hair tied around her chin like a beard* who needs men? i'm my own man
  • virgo: *picture of her looking down at the camera at an awkward angle* me trying to figure out how to record without using my hands
  • libra: *at 2 am* in other countries when they eat hot dogs or something do they call it "american food" like how we call china's food "chinese food" #latenightthoughts
  • scorpio: *picture of herself on the toilet with her legs scribbled out* woah why tf am i constipated (my dick not showin, just my legs)
  • sagittarius: while i was chewing i bit down on something chewy IT WAS A BUG I THINK PLEASE HELP
  • capricorn: *blurry picture of her looking terrified* tell me why i dropped my phone in the fucking brownie mix i hate everything
  • aquarius: *blurry picture of herself* i kicked an ant bed and i think some of the ants went in my pants and are biting me
  • pisces: *picture of her crying* me realizing maddie isn't even real. or maybe liv isn't real. idk they just aren't actually twins. they're the same girl. and she doesn't have some unique connection to her twin sister who'd she do anything for because she doesn't have one.

Anonymous asked whoistaehyung: 

Hello~ could u write a smutty scenerio with namjoon or hoseok where it’s a really intimate moment with overstimulation and tears of pleasure??? 😫🙈 ah~ i feel so embarrassed.

omg this took me 48 years to finish lmao. It may not satisfy your thirst but I did my best! This is like my first ever smut please have mercy lmao. Hope you like it honeybunch <3 

Reviews are greatly appreciated!

Namjoon x Reader Werewolf! AU

Genre: Smut and sappy shit

Word count: 5506

The moment he walked through the metal doors of the manor, you could already feel the intensity of his presence waft through the whole room like furious waves that could annihilate anything in its wake, and despite being knelt down to your knees, with your head almost touching the ground, you could feel yourself drooling at the delicious scent that emitted from him.

You inhaled as quietly as you can, trying to take in as much of his scent that made you see stars behind your eyelids and made your inner wolf go mad with blind pleasure albeit the inability to have a glimpse of the being who effused such mouth watering fragrance.

“Welcome Alpha Namjoon. It’s been such a long time.” You heard your master, Jaebum, address, as you pictured him bowing down to him. You felt shivers run through your form in fear as you realized that the holder of the scent was the pack’s Alpha, who was known for surpassing the strongest pack warriors when it comes to strength and intelligence. If he had caught a low life omega like you basking in his fragrance, you never know what kind of punishment you’d receive.

And yet even with such a dangerous scenario played out in clear details in your head, you couldn’t help but feel aroused at the thought.

“Here are all the Omegas that have the highest ratings. Omegas, lift your heads.” Master Jaebum ordered, and on instinct all of you lifted your heads at the same time, eyes casted straight ahead, without meeting the eyes of the Alpha. You felt your breath become uneven as you met the Alpha’s ripped form, and it took all your self control to stop yourself from raking your eyes all over his body and instead opting on indulging yourself on the sight of his toned six pack that were practically seen through his tight white shirt.

However, at the corner of your eye you could see a female form holding onto his arm tightly, and you almost let a possessive growl escape from your throat.

Namjoon felt your eyes on his toned abdomen, and he smirked slightly, pleased at the thought of his mate awed at the sight. It fed his ego, and he licked his lips as he took in your small yet curvy figure, gaze traveling your face until he noticed a feral look pass through your features as your eyes shifted to the arm that held his own. He almost groaned out loud as he felt himself slowly getting hard at the possessive look you had, and he silently thanked the heavens that his shirt was long enough to cover himself.

“You may choose now, Alpha-”

“Babe do we really have to do this?” Namjoon looked at the woman latched onto him, and raised a questioning brow. Seol Im had her eyebrows creased together in annoyance, with painted lips pursed in a pout that could make any man weak. She was the daughter of the previous Alpha, who had made him promise that Namjoon had to take Seol Im as his Luna if he won’t find his mate in a few months.

“I don’t want another bitch all over you” Seol Im whined, hands running over Namjoon’s abdomen sensually, and your eyes widen in fury. Namjoon let out an annoyed growl, and shrugged her away harshly, which made her let out a stunned gasp.

“Jaebum you were saying something?” Namjoon asked, ignoring Seol Im’s previous question, and instead focused on your now tightly clenched fists that were itching for some contact. Sensing the situation, Jaebum was quick to regain his stature, clearing his throat before continuing.

“That’s right. You may choose anyone except the omega right across you, for she is already claimed.” Jaebum added. Namjoon felt his stomach clench in both rage and insatiable envy, as the words processed in his brain, ripping out a ferocious growl from his throat which bounced off the walls like the eruption of a sleeping volcano. You swore you felt the ground shake beneath your skin at the animalistic sound, as gasps of fear from the other omegas met your ears.

“Who the fuck is it?” He snarled, his dark voice dropping an octave. Jaebum lowered his head, pupils shaking vigorously as he hesitated. Beads of sweat fell down the sides of his face, Namjoon’s gaze almost physically painful against his skin, and he decided that lying would only fuel the werewolf’s wrath. And so with a weak voice, he spoke out.

“It is me, Alpha” In a split second, Namjoon had Jaebum pinned on the wall, his hand tight against his neck, as Jaebum struggled against his hold. Color was leaving Jaebum’s face too fast, making your heart hammer against your ribcage wildly as you feared for the life of the master whom you’ve come to care for, for the past two years.

The look on Namjoon’s face was animalistic, as Jaebum clawed on the back of his fists in a failed attempt to loosen its hold, drawing red claw marks on the tan skin which only felt like ant bites to the tall man. The atmosphere became heavier as seconds passed, only the ragged breathing of Jaebum and the small gasps of alarm from the other omegas heard in the midst of the grievous air that covered the place.

It took about exactly two minutes before Namjoon had somewhat calmed down, his eyes now a tad bit softer, and his grip on the were’s neck now loose yet firm against his skin.

She’s mine. Only fucking mine, and you better get that through your thick head. Show yourself to me again and I swear that your head will be mine.” He growled ferociously, throwing Jaebum across the room when he nodded, an agonizing groan following the loud crash at the impact. You yearned to run to Jaebum’s side and see his condition, but assessing the situation you knew you were in no place to do so, considering that you were the main reason for the pain your master was feeling.

Your eyes met Namjoon’s and you immediately felt shivers run through your spine at the intensity of his gaze. It gave you a very strong urge to look anywhere else but him, however, you couldn’t seem to tear your eyes away, not when you were finally given the chance to look at him fully, and you marveled at the sharpness of his features and how evenly the sun has kissed his skin. His eyes were dark and full of emotions you were unable to decipher, and held an unknown universe you would kill to get a glimpse of. They say the eyes are the window to a person’s soul, and if that was true then his soul must have been made with endless stars and enchanting galaxies that pulled you in into a beautiful dream full of wonder and fantasies.

You were pulled out from your mini daydream, when the unknown girl suddenly weaved her arms around Namjoon’s arm, pushing her chest against his biceps aggressively while biting her lips at him to seduce him. Your eyes flashed a bright yellow, pupils narrowed to slits as you watch her entice your mate, claws digging into your flesh as it grew longer as seconds passed by.

“Jagiya~ Let’s just get out of here, you don’t need her. After all you’ve got me, I’m gonna make you feel so good tonight babe” she purred, lips brushing against Namjoon’s ear, making him shiver in disgust.  

That was the last straw.

You let out a feral growl as you sprung to your feet and grabbed a fistful of her hair eliciting a screech. You pinned her to the ground with her stomach against the marble floor, yanking her hair backwards, causing a gasp to escape from her mouth at the force. She opened her eyes, and immediately sneered as she saw you, growling at you to let her go before she rips out your throat. With your inner wolf taking over, you felt your self control start to slip from your grasp, and a cackle left your mouth at her helpless screams as you wrapped your nimble fingers around her slender neck, filled with dark red hickies that only fueled the jealousy that burned in your chest.

Just before you could tighten your hold, you felt strong arms lift you up and away from the woman and into a hard and muscular chest. You felt sparks fly at the skin contact, and in an instant, your nerves died down, settling yourself into a jittery and adrenaline filled state as you relaxed against his embrace.

Your eyes fell on the almost unconscious Seol Im and you were about to beg for her forgiveness when you were suddenly dragged by the wrist by the non other than Kim Namjoon. You struggled to catch up to his long strides, almost tripping a few times and practically staggering all the way to where Namjoon was planning to go, breathing heavily when he stopped after entering a large bedroom which you assumed was his.

You inhaled deeply, eyes scanning the room as you struggled to catch your breath. You moaned mentally at the strong scent of Namjoon that filled in the whole place, eyes rolling back, completely intoxicated. Your eyes landed on Namjoon who was eyeing you carefully, and memories of what you had done flashed in front of your eyes, making your heart pound twice harder as the weight of your transgression finally registered. You just after all, beat up the pack Alpha’s bitch.

With shaking limbs you fell to your knees, forehead touching the ground as you gulped in fear.

“I-I’m sorry Alpha. please f-forgive me.. I-I’ll do anything – I’ll take any punishment… J-just please – I beg of you please spare me my life – ” You plead, voice crack ever so slightly. The quivering of your body was relentless, and you couldn’t stop the small droplets of tears that fell down your cheeks. Namjoon’s eyes widened, and he promptly shook his head in panic, kneeling down in front of you, and taking your face into his large hands.

“What? No, no I’m not mad at you for that. Calm down babe.” He said, lifting your face up to meet his. His heart clenched as he saw the stray tears that fell on your face, and he wiped them with his thumb affectionately. Tingles ran over the spot he touched and the loud beating of your heart was ringing in your ears like heavy drums. The pet name made blood rush to your cheeks, painting a beautiful red hue in contrast to its color.

Namjoon bit his lip.

“What’s your name beautiful?” He asked, making your face redder than it already was.

“Y/n” You answer timidly, fiddling on the hem of your ivory colored dress which Omegas were obliged to wear. Namjoon whispered your name under his breath, and you never thought your name would ever sound so beautiful in your entire life. You were suddenly hit by a negative feeling of anxiety, in which you doubted ever being good enough for someone as divine as he was. Namjoon was a great Alpha looked upon and respected by everybody, and you, were just a lowly Omega who was born to please their masters.

“I don’t deserve you” You blurted out unconsciously, making your hands fly up to your mouth in shock. Namjoon froze.

“What did you just say?” You hung your head.

“I’m sorry – ”

“Tell me” You flinched at his authoritative tone. You bit your lip nervously, knowing full well that you cannot possibly refuse him. His grip on your arm was starting to tense, and you shut your eyes as you hesitantly answered him.

“I don’t deserve you, Alpha. I’m merely an Omega, and I cannot meet the people’s expectations, more so yours. M-My only purpose is to serve and please my current master well, until I am passed to another one. I am dirty and absolutely unworthy of the title of Luna.  

"You deserve someone intelligent and pure. Someone whom the people will love, someone who can lead the pack beside you, someone who hasn’t ever been touched by another man-”

You let out a screech when he suddenly threw a strong punch on the wall beside you, forming a huge dent. Your wide eyes met his pitch black ones, and you gasped as you noticed that his fangs were out. He was trembling furiously, muscles bulging as if he was about to shift and your heart skipped a bit when you noticed that he was only centimeters away, his minty breath fanning against your face.

“You were touched by another man?” He asked dangerously, eyes narrowed to slits. You blushed hotly in shame, and you bit your lip and nodded, eliciting an animalistic growl from him.

“Who? Who is it?! Tell me who the motherfucker is!” You swallowed.

“Alpha… I – I am a pleasure slave.” You choke out, screwing your eyes shut as you braced yourself for his rejection. Namjoon froze in shock, as images of you being fucked by different werewolves played in his mind like an endless nightmare. Envy and possessiveness clawed on his skin, as he seethed in rage. The thought that another man had heard your screams of pleasure and tasted your essence, made him go crazy in blinding jealousy.  

He was livid.

You were expected a growl, a roar or even a slap from him, but none of those happened. Instead, you felt his lips crash to yours in a feverish kiss that snatched your breath away. His fangs dug on your bottom lip, making you wince and he took the opportunity to slip his tongue in to collide with yours sensually, eliciting a moan from you. He growled in approval and pulled your body closer to him, lifting you up until you were sitting on his lap. His tongue explored every crevice of your mouth, moaning at the delicious taste you possessed. You moaned against his mouth, and you expertly caught his tongue between your teeth and sucked hard, making a loud groan escape from the back of his throat.

You knew what you were doing was wrong, but the moment his lips met yours, all thought of defying him flew out of your head before you even knew it.

You squirmed on his lap as you felt yourself getting wetter at the sounds he made, making Namjoon’s grip tighten on your hips as he bucked into you. You pulled away and gasped as you felt his erection press against your core, your eyes rolling to the back of your head. Feeling bold, you grinded hard against his erection, making the two of you moan in pleasure at the friction. You continued rolling your hips against his, breathing uneven as you buried your face into his neck.

“You’re so beautiful – fuck Y/n don’t stop” he cursed, hands guiding your hips as he bucked his hips in time with yours making the pleasure increase twofold. Your eyes were glued to his pale neck, and your blood boiled in jealousy when your eyes found a dark red hickey on the dip of his neck. You latched onto his neck, peppering kisses until you find a spot that had him breath irregularly, licking amiably on the sensitive skin before sucking mercilessly. Namjoon moaned loudly as you bit as hard as you can on the spot, momentarily stopping his grinds as he focused on the feeling of you marking him.

You grabbed a fistful of his hair and pulled backwards, making him bend his head, providing you with much more access to his neck as you licked and sucked on every spot you can find. He moaned shamelessly loud, hands moving down to grope your ass roughly as you sucked roughly and skillfully.  

“Mine” You muttered as you pulled back and smiled at your work, his once clear neck now showered with purple blotches. The look on his face was carnal as he eyed your neck which was covered by your turtleneck dress. He looked at your eyes as if asking for permission, hands running over your covered abdomen, to fumble with the buttons of your dress.  

“Can I?” He asked, voice husky and low. You bit your lip and nodded.  

Bed please” he didn’t need to be told twice. He lifted you up easily, almost as if you weighed nothing, and walked you towards the bed as fast as he could, dropping you against the soft mattress and climbing over you. He struggled with the buttons for a few seconds before his patience wore out, grabbing the fabric and ripping it apart, the sound making your breath hitch. His eyes darkened as he raked over your naked torso, watching as your nipples perk because of the cold air. The way Namjoon’s eyes stared at you made you squirm in self consciousness, and you internally screamed at yourself for eating that one piece of chocolate the other day.  

Namjoon’s eyes travelled to your neck, and all of a sudden, his lustful look was replaced with an enraged one, making you confused. You analyzed the spot that he was glaring at and your eyes widened in realization.

The hickeys that Jaebum left probably hasn’t disappeared yet.

Your arms sprung to cover them up, but then Namjoon was already growling as he grabbed your wrists and pinned them above you with one hand, the other grabbing your breast and squeezing, making you arch your back in pleasure.  

“I am going to fucking kill him” he snarled, burying his head into your neck and sucking every spot he could find. The sensation of his tongue on your skin and the way his long fingers expertly tugged on your perked bud was maddening. The hand that held your wrists settled on your hips and you moaned loudly as you thread your fingers into his hair and pulled. His kisses travelled lower and you breathed heavily as he peppered kisses around your perked bud. You whined at the teasing, and was about to speak when all thought left your head as he took one bud into his mouth, sucking harshly.

You unconsciously moaned his name loudly, making Namjoon halt his actions. His eyes looked at you lustfully, and you moaned at the sight, urging him to continue.

“Say it again” he commanded, and you blushed, hesitantly calling out to him.  

“Alpha” His eye twitched, actions still not resumed, making you squirm in frustration.

“Say it again. My name.” he ordered, and you groaned.

“Namjoon” you moaned in desperation, arching your back to get his lips back on your breast. This time, he let out a loud groan and you gasped as he attached his mouth back into your breast and sucked harder than before, shifting to the other breast and giving it equal attention. He trailed butterfly kisses down your torso, and you couldn’t help but flush at the intimacy. You weren’t used to gentle touches, only having rough masters your whole life, and so this was a whole new world to you. However, you couldn’t have it any other way.

His fingers tugged on your skirt, Namjoon looking up at you and smiling as you nodded a little bit too enthusiastically. He pulled the dress off of you fully and the way his breath hitched didn’t go unnoticed by you. His breathing was ragged as he pulled away to admire you almost fully naked beneath him, sweat glistening over your skin, and legs pressed together in order to get some type of fiction to lessen the tension between your legs.  

Namjoon’s mouth watered as he noticed the wet spot on your panties, his eyes darkening even more if that was possible as you mewled beneath him. He grabbed your knees, pulling them apart as wide as he could as he positioned himself between your legs, eyeing your core hungrily like how a wild animal hunts down its prey.

You gasped and let out a loud moan as he cupped your clothed center, his palm digging into your clit making waves of pleasure wash over you. Namjoon inhaled deeply, your scent almost driving him crazy as he was inches away from your heat.

Fuck you smell so good” he groaned, rubbing your clit in an eight figure motion, which had you gasping for air. He rubbed on the insides of your thighs, breath fanning against your core, making you spread your legs wider for him as he attached his lips on your thighs, tongue darting out to lick the sensitive skin aggressively. You whimpered desperately, your hands finding its way to his hair and tugging, silently urging him to give you the relief you needed.

“Hm? What do you want me to do? Tell me” He muttered lowly, narrowed eyes meeting yours as he tauntingly moved closer to your heat. You tried to buck into his mouth, but he was fast to move away, making you buck into nothing. You whined, opening your eyes to find him smirking at you.

“N-Namjoon… please.”

“Please what, princess?” You screwed your eyes shut, as you summoned all the courage you have to answer him.

Please fuck me with your mouth” You whispered so quietly, Namjoon barely heard. His pupils dilated, his irises flashing a bright gold, which indicates either extreme rage, or lust.  

Agonizing seconds passed, and you were convinced that he didn’t hear, until you felt his tongue swipe a hard stripe against your slit, evoking a high pitched scream to leave your throat as you arched your back. You smacked a hand over your mouth as the pleasure became overwhelming, and despite the number of men you’ve slept with, nobody has made you feel as much pleasure as Namjoon did. His smooth control over his licks, the way vibrations pressed against your sex at his moans, and the way his hold on your thighs tightened to keep you in place, everything he did made you writhe in pleasure beneath him and it didn’t take you very long before you had your first orgasm.

Namjoon’s senses kicked in when a strong wave of your intoxicating scent hit him as you came, almost knocking him out if he wasn’t careful enough.

He lapped on your juices ravenously, moaning at the taste of your essence and making sure there wasn’t a drop left. You were panting fast and unevenly, wincing as you felt Namjoon not stopping his kitten licks on your oversensitive sex, the sensation almost physically painful. You tried to pry him away, by tugging on his hair, but he was having none of it, too intoxicated by your scent and your taste to pull away. You gasped as you felt his finger tease your clit, slowly easing in and out of your sensitive entrance.

“N-Namjoon please… I-I can’t anymore” you begged, moaning when he responded with a hard lick on your clit. You tried to push him away with your legs, but the his grip on your hips were too tight, leaving you in no choice but to let him ravish you until he was satisfied.

You were starting to feel weak, and fatigue was starting to take its toll on you as you felt your third orgasm boiling at the pit of your stomach. Your vision was starting to blur with tears of pleasure and overstimulation, and yet you couldn’t hold back the pathetic mewl that escaped when Namjoon sucked harshly on your swollen slit.

“Come on babe, come for me. I need to taste you… one last time.. fuck please” He urged you, curling his fingers inside you and making your muscles clench when he hit your g-spot. You felt yourself reach orgasm, and in an instant, Namjoon had his mouth clamped over your core to not let any of your juices escape. He moaned against your skin, panting as he climbed up to you and pulled you into a hot kiss, giving you a taste of yourself which made you recoil in disgust.

“How were you able to swallow that? That was quite disgusting” You commented, crunching your nose disapprovingly. He chuckled at your cute expression.

“Are you kidding me? You taste fucking divine. I could eat you out for hours and I wouldn’t get sick of it.” He replied, nuzzling his head in your neck affectionately, licking the sensitive skin. You giggled and your eyes landed on his form which was still fully clothed. You frowned at this, and tugged at the hem of his white shirt. Taking the hint, Namjoon pulled away to take it off, and your mouth watered at the sight of his prominent six pack and bulging muscles. Wetness was starting to pool on your lower region, and Namjoon’s breath hitched as your scent started to skyrocket.

Fuck babygirl you got wet just by seeing me half naked?” He growled, hands positioned on the sides of your head as he pinned you to the bed with his hips. You ran a shy hand over his toned torso, tracing the ridges of his abdomen with utmost awe and you bit your lip as you felt the muscles tense beneath your touch. A large bulge that strained against his tight jeans caught your attention, and you moaned as you took in his size.

Namjoon smirked.

“Like what you see – oh fuck!” He moaned out loud, his elbows bucking as he felt you palm him through his pants. You squeezed him generously, moving your hand up and down his hardness as you eyed him carefully, his eyes rolled back to his head as you massaged him, growling lowly at the pleasure. You let out a deep breath as you felt him rock into your hand in time to your strokes, your mind going blank as the scent of his arousal became overwhelming.

“Let me suck you… I promise I’ll be good” you swore, and it didn’t take too long before Namjoon hissed and grabbed your hips, switching your positions, with him on his back and with you sitting on his thighs. You immediately undid his jeans, pulling the garment down with his help, and you immediately positioned yourself between his legs, licking a short stripe on his erection through his boxers. Namjoon’s hands flew to your hair as he groaned loudly, thighs tensing in anticipation. Your hands went to pull down his boxers, making his rod spring free and smack against his lower abdomen.

You wet your lips as you stared at his dick which was in a violet shade of pink, precum leaking through the tip which you gladly took into your mouth. You moaned at his taste, and you finally understood Namjoon’s position of when he ate you out. You gripped the base with your right hand, lightly pumping him in a smooth rhythm as you licked a long stripe from the tip to the base. You flattened your tongue against the tip and wrapped your lips around him, giving him a hard suck that made him buck his hips. His hold on your hair tightened and breathing ragged at your ministrations.

“Fuck Y/n… Don’t stop.. Fuck that feels so good” he encouraged, and hollowed your cheeks as you took him in as much as you can, your hand accommodating the remaining. You started moving up and down on his length, grazing your teeth against the skin occasionally. Namjoon moaned loudly, fisting your hair so hard it stung a bit, making you moan into his dick. The vibrations sent Namjoon into a frenzy, his thighs trembling and his hips bucking up to you suddenly, making tears sprung into your eyes at the sudden intrusion. He noticed your discomfort, and worry started to show on his face.

Shit babe, sorry… are you okay?” He asked, sitting up and trying to pull his dick out of you, but you weren’t having it. You gripped the base tighter and sucked him harshly, making him fall back to the bed, groaning as he threw his head back to the mattress. Curses flew out of his mouth like a spell, as you increased your pace, his hips now following your mouth as you did.

You massaged his balls with your other hand, and you could feel him twitch inside your mouth. His breathing was getting faster, and the shaking of his thighs became more evident than before, signaling his upcoming orgasm. He growled animalistically as he came, and you gladly swallowed every bit of him, refusing to let even a single drop of his cum escape.  

Namjoon pulled you up, shoving his tongue into your mouth in an aggressive kiss that took your breath away. He held your hips tightly, hovering your entrance over his tip teasingly. You groaned, pulling away with a heavy breath escaping your lips.  

“P-Please…” You begged him desperately, nails digging into his skin desperately.  

Namjoon slid into you with ease, and the two of you let out a growl at the immense pleasure that shot through your bodies like electric shocks. He was long and thick, filling you up deliciously and you rake your nails on his back at the feeling. Namjoon didn’t waste any time and pounded into you fast and hard, and you were left with a blank mind as pleasure swallowed you whole. Your hands latched onto his body feverishly, nails leaving marks as he rolled his hips into yours. He buried his face into your neck, lapping on your sensitive spot while you rock in time to his thrusts. The moment was sensual and intimate, and the happiness that bubbled in your stomach was almost as strong as the lust that blinded you. It was as if you’ve found the one thing that finally made you complete, and the thing that would make your days brighter no matter what comes.  

The nights you’ve spent with tears of loneliness and self pity, it was as if it was all being washed away, and was being replaced with a happier and brighter future with him, and you were unable to stop yourself from thinking of the moment as a dream. However, you were repeatedly reminded that it was reality, when pleasure strikes whenever he thrusted into you, and the tears that fell for once, didn’t hurt you in any way.

You were close, and you knew he was as well. You felt sharp fangs tickle your neck, and fear flashed into your eyes, but before you could stop him, his fangs had suck into your skin, marking you his for all eternity. You let out a scream at the pain and pleasure that came from the bite, and it made your emotions and the pleasure increase tenfold.

The two of you came at the same time, his hot seed filling you completely tearing a loud moan from both of you. You were filled with euphoria as you came undone, your heartbeat slowing down while Namjoon licked his mark on you affectionately. His weight was all on you, but you were far too happy to care. He pulled out from you, rolling beside you and running a hand through your locks as you met each other’s eyes.

“All mine” he muttered lowly, running a finger over your mark that caused shivers to run down your spine. You blushed hotly, and Namjoon chuckled, pulling you closer to him.  

“What will happen now Alpha - ?”  

“Call me Namjoon, beautiful” You turned redder, looking down shyly.

“What will happen now N-Namjoon?” You stuttered out, relishing the way his name tasted on your tongue. Namjoon grinned widely as you did, his dimples exposed as he pulled away from your neck. For a few minutes you two only stared at each other, eyes filled with nothing but affection for each other. Namjoon pulled you into the softest kiss you’ve ever had in response, the action expressing more than words could ever tell, and although the words never left his lips, you knew the words he wanted to say deep within.

I love you, and I’ll never let you go.

A bull ant, also known as a bulldog ant, scoping its area on a rock. While these ants can be highly vicious, this one didn’t mind having its photo taken. There are many kinds of bull ants, some can even jump similar to a flea… Which I did not find amusing when I got bitten by them as a kid. 

Not only do these ants pack a powerful bite, but they will sting at the same time with their abdomen. It is incredibly painful… Geez was it painful.

They’re a very large ant, ranging from 8mm-40mm. Instead of building their own nest, they’ll invade an already inhabited nest and keep it for their own.

We came across many of these on Mt Gulaga, but they never paid us any attention, luckily. We kept to ourselves and they kept to themselves.

I think they’re magnificent creatures.

Falling (Avengers)

this is a fic that is about the avengers as a group and it was going to be a three part but at this second i’m only confident on one part so expect nothing. thanks.

You grimaced, staring at the white of your thigh. It’s likely very bad that you can’t feel this, can’t feel the searing heat that should be there or the little leaks of blood that’re escaping. Only a couple leaks, luckily. That’s the point of burning the flesh, so the blood doesn’t leak out. Not that you’d been bleeding before you’d been hit with a flamethrower to the thigh at point blank range.

Not the point. What’s also not the point is that you definitely shouldn’t have tried to take on a flamethrower guy on your lonesome, as Steve has so succinctly pointed out over comms at least a dozen times already, but it’s always best to set the scene.

Maybe that’s a bad thing, thinking you’re setting a scene. It’s just your head, and there’s no one else around, nor are you even speaking aloud. And this isn’t a show or movie or book or anything like that. Do burns effect the way a person thinks? Is it like when you go mad with pain? Strange considering you can’t feel any pain. Or not much. There are little shallower burns around the edges but that’s not the point.

And I swear, every time we let you try and fight without a buddy something goes wrong! How- Dammit- How are we supposed to trust you on a mission if you can’t keep yourself from getting wounded to the point of needing time off?” Steve roars in your ear, the twang and screams elicited by his shield as it flies from point to point wherever he is the background to your undressing.

The twang and screams elicited by his shield as it flies from point to point wherever he is the background to your undressing? Now all you can think of is doing a sexy strip tease to a backing track of Steve in battle. A hip bump with every grunt, arms flying high and sliding down your body to the sound of a dying mans scream.

Lay off the kid, you know she’s still learning.” Tony pipes up, his voice sympathetic but you’re barely focused on the conversation right now. An ant is crawling up your hand.

Bullets tear up the earth a few feet from you and you frown at the sight. Why does man have to destroy the earth? What has the earth ever done but feed and clothe us?

Tsunamis, tornados, earth quakes and volcanoes.

“Ha! That’s right.” You giggle, cringing at the high pitched noise of your laugh. Like a keen or a squeak. Hysterical sounding, almost.

What the hell kid? I’m trying to stick up for you.” Tony snaps and you shake your head, trying to refocus on the conversation through the comms.

“Sorry? What?” You mumble, raising a dirty finger and lowering it slow motion toward your burn. Maybe if you prod it, you’ll feel something. A crumb of dirt drops from your palm, landing on the cloth left covering your thigh and someone shouts across the field.

She knows she’s being an idiot, she admitted it.” Steve growls and you blink at the empty field.

Steve, shut up.” Tony snaps, worry in his voice. “Kid, what’re you thinking about right now?”

Steve’s voice starts up again, only to be shushed by Tony once more and radio silence fills your ear.

You rack your brain, what do they want you to say? Are you supposed to provide humour for the group? Is this a sombre moment? You were barely listening.

“It’s strange how geese have teeth. I’m not sure if ducks have teeth but it’s worth looking into, don’t you guys agree? Oh, and there’s an ant and he was on my shin before but he’s on my knee and I think he wants to eat my delicious crispy flesh.”

Please tell me you haven’t eaten any of your burned skin?” Clint begs, the sound of someone gagging coming through the comms.

“No, I haven’t. Should I? Is that… Is that how I’ll be able to feel again cause right now it’s like my leg is… It’s like my leg is dizzy.” You wonder, hearing a soft curse run through the line in your ear.

I’ll see you in one minute, Y/N, and we’re gonna get you on the jet. Where are you?” Tony asks softly, his voice soothing and you yawn at the cadence. Nice.

“Same spot. Never left, I sort of felt vomity so I sat down and then everyone sort of ran off. Probably didn’t want me to be sick on them.” You laugh, only for the sound to die and your eyes to go wide. “Help, guys. Help.”

What? What?”

“The ant is nearly at the wound; it won’t heal good if there’s an ant bite on it. Hurry!”

Oh my god.” Natasha groans and you can’t help softly and bitterly mimicking the sound. A thud sounds as a red and gold robot appears before you.

“Hello, are you real?” You frown, beaming as the bot nods its head. “You’re an AI, you’re so cool!”

“Please be still, Miss.” The automated voice rumbles, kneeling and scooping you into its hard arms. “My scans show you have received third degree burns to two thirds of your left thigh. I have been instructed to take you to the jet, do you object?”

“Nope.” You smile, patting the robots glowing heart happily and trying not to squeak as you’re jostled into the sky.

“You do realize that this could be grounds for you to be taken off the team.” Pietro sighs, and you pout at him. What’s the point of having a beautiful boy on your bed if he’s gonna talk?

“Of all the things I could live without, fighting for my life on a weekly basis- if I’m having a good run, is high on the list.” You shrug, running your fingers through his hair and gazing at him. How is he so pretty? It has to be the hair with his dark eyebrows. Art.

“You’d leave the team?”

“No!” You laugh, the offense and outright amazement in his voice comical. “I’d never leave the team while they’d have me. But I hate running all the time, I hate being so bad at this, I just hate being constantly sick.”

“You love bed rest!” Pietro counters and you laugh, flopping back against the pillow and trying not to visibly wince.

“I love bed rest because I am loved. What I don’t love about bed rest is being in pain. Even lying here with you, mostly still and doing nothing but talking, is utterly exhausting and it feels like someones running lines along my thigh with a dull razor.” You mumble, your eyes drifting around your bed before you push against the mattress, sliding yourself further down the bed and setting your head on your pillow. Pietros eyes meet yours levelly on the other pillow and you avoid his gaze.

“Y/N.” He mumbles softly and you shrug, holding out your hand and interlacing your fingers.


Things that bothers me:

Anime girls looking like they’re about take a big bite out of something they’re eating only to take a very tiny bite instead.

You can’t just wind up for the big bite and then just regret it in the last second taking a bite big enough for an ant-larva.

You either go big or go home.
Shove that entire crêpes into your mouth Madoka.

Marvel Monday (Tony x reader)

Summary: The reader is part of the Avengers and has the power to shape shift. One day Tony is working in his lab and the reader uses their power to bother him.

You had no missions, no assignments to do, and everyone was busy. You were bored. Instead of pulling a Sherlock and shooting the walls, you headed down to the lab where Tony was. Half way there an idea popped in your head. ‘Turn into a mosquito and bite him.’ To make it better you would do a connect the dots of ‘Bored’ on his arm.

You swiftly transformed into the pesky bug and flew down the stair case and into his lab. Scanning the room, you found the inventor sleeping on the work bench. The only difference between you and a real mosquito is that no one feels the bite until five minutes passed. That’s when they get itchy.

You hovered over his arm and began biting out the word. It took a minute per letter. Once you finished the letter ’d’, he began to scratch. Shifting into a humming bird you flew quickly up the steps and into the training room where everyone had gathered for a challenge.

Once you were human again, you sat to watch Steve fight Thor. Half way through the fight there was no damage to either one, but a scream came from the door way “Y/N, WHAT DID YOU DO?”

“I’ve been watching blonde 1 and 2 fight. Why?”

He stuck his arm out which had BORED spelled out in swollen lumps. His skin was red from scratching. Everyone saw the bites and fell over laughing. While Tony was distracted, you changed into an ant and walked away. Tony is probably going to get you back but for now you hide.


Girl Survives Wolf Attack (Caught on Camera) - my ‘pet’ wolf tried to kill me


Wolves and wolfdogs will challenge you. Unless you can remain as calm as I do in this video you will be killed or seriously injured. Ask yourself honestly if you can show no fear and stay calm through this attack. If the answer is no— then wolves and wolfdogs are not for you.

This is reality. This is an educational video. This is not meant to demonize wolves. I have no fear of Lorne and we were playing again by the end of the night– no hard feelings. This is a wild animal. An apex predator. Remain calm, balanced and show no fear– or you are putting your life at risk.
Lorne was stung by a fire ant and re-directed his aggression at me.

He grabbed me by my skull, sunk his teeth into me and dragged me into a corner. He had a good grip on me and I was bleeding profusely and of course in pain. He would have certainly ended my life in a quick second had I not remained calm.

It would not have been his fault. It would not have been my fault. It was miscommunication. Can you handle understanding that? That wolves are wild animals and you cannot change their nature. Are you willing to accept them for who they are? You have to in order to live with one or you are setting yourself up for a disaster.

I love Lorne with all my heart and I repeat: There is no hard feelings and I don’t blame him. Fire ant bites hurt. Could you be this understanding and forgiving?

This video is very old now and Lorne has challenged me since and I love him all the same. Would you still love and keep him after this?

Be honest with yourself and you will know if wolves and wolfdogs are for you.

To have a wolf, you must became a wolf.

I will likely not be answering questions or commenting on this video. I may do a follow up vlog and explain the situation in detail. I am aware this video will get a lot of negative comments questioning my ability as a behaviorist and my ability to handle wolves and wolfdogs in general. I do not care. This video is important for all the reasons I stated above. Thank you again for watching.

Respect the wolf. Always.

Thank you.


I will add also that it is very rare to capture something like this on film and I am putting this up for that purpose alone. Knowledge is power and videos do not lie.

This video is completely unedited and can serve to help others make decisions that are wise and help humans to help wolves better. It is a shame that the camera was knocked from my hands and that as he viciously attacked me it was knocked off at the moment the video cuts out. This is completely unedited.

But you can hear the intensity and I assure you that not many people would have gotten up and walked away from that; only to come back in the evening and play with him.

I am certainly not the only one capable of handling this situation without serious crippling injury and likely death– and you reading this may be one of the rare people who could do what I did.

But again– ask yourself– are you one of the rare few percent that could?

first love with jaemin

dO YOU HEAR ME SCREAMING BEING NA JAEMIN’S FIRST LOVE AND HIM BEING YOURS MY HEArT alright before we start this is my first time making something like this so pls be patient with me

• ok this twerp would definitely be the kind to slyly drop a lot of subtle but not so subtle hints that he likes you before y'all started dating


• like for example he’ll tuck your hair to the back of your ears like its nothing and then flashing you his million dollar smile

• or him telling you some cringey pick up line that is worth punching his beautiful face for poor chenle nearly threw up his lunch when he overheard you both




• donghyuck, jeno and chenle makes sure to film everything down and probably make a meme out of his mishaps

• mark and renjun are probably just there for emotional support

• he’ll probably begin by wiping his sweaty (ew) palms on his trousers and nervously clearing his throat cORNY I KNOW

• you will most probably be like ??!??? at first but then you realise what was going on the second you saw the trash can moved behind jaemin. you knew this was bound to happen so you secretly kept it inside of you knowing too damn well jaemin will appreciate it if you pretend not to know anything for his sake

• this hopeless romantic smh

• “ok so y/n there’s this thing I’ve been trying to tell you all along. this may sound ridiculous but this takes so much courage from the bottom of my heart and the strength of jaehyun and yuta hyung’s fist to knock some senses into me. and if I don’t do this now johnny and ten hyung are going to call me a wimp and I have to buy them pizza later because I proved their point. I–”

• but who the hell said you were good @ keeping your mouth and excitement shut you can’t stand the tension anymore too either so lmaO

• “I like you too jaemin.”

• “pls do not interrupt me y/n”

• before he could say the three little words he’s been dying to say, he took a deep breath but stopped half way, opening his half lid eyes widely after his mind was able to process

• “wait what”



• “can I come out now???” jisung’s head pops out of the bushes

• long story short jaemin was finally able to claim your heart that day and jisung got ant bites from hiding in the bushes for too long with the bouquet of flowers jaemin planned to give you after his confession

• the dream unit with the exception of jaemin also found their new source of entertainment from the video they got that day



• he’ll get you small lil gifts of whatever reminds you of him


• he’d even turn up at your house at 2am with fried chicken if you text him at night saying you’re hungry GOALS YALL


• I call him dropping by your classroom during snack breaks/lunch breaks with food with him, knowing so damn well about your horrible habit of skipping on your meals

• he would force you to eat with him or at least take a few bites from the food he specially prepared/bought for you


• and didn’t he say he enjoys cooking in the dorm too?? imAGINE HIS HOME COOKED FOOD MADE WITH HIS LOVE

• I’m crying blood


• “say ahh, y/n”

• “jaemin I said I’m not hungry”

• “stop lying through your food deprived mouth and eat!!!”

• “jAEMIN!!”





• but lbr it’s either that really cute BF material kind of smile he be giving you through the window or that weird derpy smile he always has when he’s being dumb

• either way you’re embarrassed by this goofball

• and to add on to your embarrassment, he knows that some of your classmates may be watching the two of you so he’d blow kisses/make kissy faces at you

• he just absolutely loves to see you blush because it’s just so cute to him and he loves cute things especially you you’re his favorite cute thing and he wants to keep you by his side forever




• because jaemin has been receiving lessons from his hyungs on dating it isn’t surprising that he brought you to the movies on your first date not because it highly suggested by his hyungs…

• you both agreed to meet outside the movie theatre and he was there an hour early and boy was he nervous as heck

• the older members were also there for a little while to prep him up aw how supportive

• sO after giving him half an hour long of prep talk and re-styling his hair (for running through them anxiously mULTIPLE OF TIME) ITS FINALLY TIME



• pls excuse me for a moment here oh my god na jaemin is seriously one of the most attractive 16 years olds I’ve ever seen f U CK CALMD DJOWN

• ok lets get back







• “aigoo, my beautiful girlfriend looks even more beautiful than usual tonight. did you dress up especially for me?”

• I want to kms

• you’d just smack his arm and walk away, trying to hide your face. “let’s go buy the tickets before the show starts, you twerp…”

• the smile on his face would just become wider and he’d catch up with you, naturally reaching out for your hand and intertwining them together

• where the fuck did that nervous dipshit go and where the fuck did he find such confidence to become such a cheesy little shit

• jaemin also bought popcorn and drinks for the both of you and being the cheesy lil shit insist y'all share the drink with two straws while giving the excuse “i wouldnt be able to finish mine if we bought two” 

 • “I can buy my share myself” 

 • “nonono it’s too late for that now the movie is about to start and the line for the snacks is now really long lets go babe you don’t wanna miss out the beginning of the movie”

 • he holds your hand and leads you both inside the theatre and to your seats • “what are we watching again” 

 • “the conjuring 2” 


 • “hmm,, ok… wAIT WHAT” 

 • you stared at him wide eyed and jaemin suddenly looked remorseful and he regrets everything especially listening to his hyungs who probably learnt all their “techniques” and “moves” from watching too much corny chick flick and kdrama 

 • “sorry, I should’ve asked you. do you want to leave right now? I can get tickets to see another movie.” 



 • but your cheapskate ass just grabs him and pulled him back down in his seat but not letting go of his hand 

 • “its fine jaemin, ive seen the trailer and my friends say it’s pretty good. let’s enjoy this movie shall we? haha.”

• though your face say yes but heart say no, jaemin was reluctant but eventually decided to sit back down when the lights went off

• “but if the movie gets too scary and you dont feel like watching it anymore you can always tell me, ok y/n? we could have dinner early or something, i’ll bring you some place nice.”

• instead of watching in the beginning of the movie, jaemin was watching you the entire time with a stupid smile of his face despite worrying over the fact that you might be scarred for life

• eventually you caught him and you had to forcefully make him stare ahead at the big screen instead. at first he was pretending but soon enough he was immersed in it

• this dipshit istg

• when the climax of the movie came, you knew what was going to happen and you immediately grabbed jaemin’s hand while following your instincts and hid behind his shoulder

• he was caught off guard at first lmao since he was too immersed in the movie that he nearly forgot that hes on a date 

• after realising you had grabbed his hand and possibly squeeze it for as long as the climax part of the movie lasted, he blushed and tries to bite back a smile from forming on his face

• and when he turned to look at you, seeing that you’ve curled up in the seat, ears covered with your other hand and eyes squeezed shut, he was this close into melting into a puddle of goo because you looked so cute and squishy and he just wants to hold you 

• and he did 

• i am trying not to scream as i type this 

• he skillfully wrapped his arm around your shoulders and pulled you into his embrace, stroking your hair as he teases you “aigoo my big baby i told you we should’ve watched something else instead.”

• you both went on to watch the movie like that, you clinging onto him like your life depended on it and him enjoying every second of it and lowkey wishes the movie to be longer

• when the creepy music in the background began to play as the second climax arrive, you were already gripping onto jaemin’s arm. being the perfect boyfriend material he is, he covered your ears. (BASICALLY JUST LIKE THE WAY SUNGJAE DID TO JOYIN WGM WHILE THEY WERE WATCHING A MOVIE I MISS THEM SO MUCH)

• but as soon as it was over (after all that exorcism and shit and everything becomes brighter), you’ll just look up and blush in embarrassment cos jaemin was staring back at you with a smug look on his face tHIS LITTL E SHIT

• you also notice that there are red marks on his arm from where you were grabbing him so you gasped and began apologizing for nearly tearing his arm apart during the movie while gently stroking his arm while rambling on and on about how sorry you are and also complimenting how he’s practically hairless 

• apparently you were rambling on too much that he couldn’t take it??? not in a bad wAY BUT it wasn’t just your rambles that was driving him crazy 

• it was your moving lips



• he kissed you 

• to shut you up 

• and to also finally man up and kiss you like how he should’ve 3 weeks ago when you both started dating

• mmMm gotta get me a guy like jaemin A++

• you were too stunned to kiss him back so you just stared at him wide eyed when he pulled away

• “i-what-huh-wait, jaemin-what-” you poor confused child

• “how did you know peach was my favorite flavor.” he wipes the corner of his lips as he said that with a shit eating grin, causing you to turn crimson.

• “what are you kids still doing here? the movie is over; leave.” 

• whoops 

• so basically that was how jaemin found his confidence and that was just only the beginning of this cute relationship and he just adores the heck out of you and loves you to bits you guys are practially engaged in his head and he hopes that not only you’ll be his first love you’ll also be his last iTSNT THAT THE CUTEST THING EVER

• i am crying blooODdd i hope you guys enjoyed this like how i enjoyed torturing myself ㅠㅠ

I haven’t talked about this before but the most difficult part of taking care of the chickens lately is dealing with LEAFCUTTER ANTS. They are a Texas native species that usually feeds on leaves, but instead they have discovered my chickens food and ATTACK IT. I literally cannot have one crumb of their chicken food anywhere or a hoard of ants will come. I just got finished barricading the coop so they cant get in and bite my chickens and eat all their food. Im literally covered in ants right now. Pl eas e. help