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Hey, I hope this isn't rude, but I'm from WA and I figure this is probably something you'd want to know as someone writing about Seattle-- Its name is Pike Place, without a pluralisation or possessive, and it's definitely a shibboleth for anyone familiar with the area. (and also is inexplicably grating to hear/read, but I think that's just me and my own issues with pedantry, which obvs isn't universal)

FURTHER PROOF OF WHY I NEED AN EDITOR ALWAYS.  lol I know that it’s “Pike Place” but when I’m typing I always write “Pikes Place” because my CO ass is so used to writing “Pikes Peak”

… Pike Place should open up a branch on Pikes Peak just so we can have Pikes Peak Pike Place and everyone can be confused forever.

Family Lore/Seattle Bites Kickstarter Questions!

Hi all! I’m working on the final paperwork/getting my bank card to the right freaking address before launch, and I think right now would be a good time to ask some quick questions so we all get the best deal out of this!

1.  How much do you regard as a fair price for an Ebook, Paperback or Hardcover of each book?  Both books are looking like they’ll be in the 80-100K wordcount range, and will contain illustrations/photos.

2. What rewards would you like to see for Seattle Bites? Character art? World-Building/characterization how-To essays?  Release of a short story set in-universe?  (I tend to write in a very circular fashion with late-stage editing, so I don’t think early release of chapters would be a good idea.) Other ideas?

3. What rewards would you like to see for Family Lore?  Early release of stories? A genealogy map feat. Dubiously Flattering Portraits and Suspect Nick-Names?  Other ideas?

4. I plan on putting in a Minimum pledge tier for people who only have a buck or two but would like to support the projects.  What would be a nice reward to offer?

5. I plan on offering international shipping and both physical and ebook copies.  Don’t want international peeps left out in the cold.  I will also have weekly email updates to keep everyone appraised of progress.   Do you guys have any other questions?

Please reblog!  Help spread the word and help me collect more data to make these projects successful!

“His smile was wonderful,as if  he wandered through a dense forest and suddenly came to a brightly lit clearing.”

for all the honest world to feel (trixya) (2/8) - dare

When your skill set is limited to being a real person around your friends and family and a fake person around random strangers, you’re kind of fucked for being a real person around a basically-stranger.

He texted Katya: ’can’t remember how to interact with ppl when they’re not paying and lining up to meet me. do u know a good therapist.’

(AN: part two! i meant to get this up on monday so it would be one week squarely, but, on the flipside, this is legit twice as long as part one at 8.3k words. whoops? this is for M, who is to blame, because she said “where’s my 100k trixya slowburn fic with bonus adore friendship” and sunk me down this rabbit hole. i don’t quite love u 100k worth, but like, somewhere between 30-40% of that probably. thank u to dandee for reassuring me that this isn’t garbage!)

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Hi!!!! Ok. So like. I found this blog at like 10am this morning and it is now 10pm and I'm like 72 pages into your blog and I don't know what I'm doing. But I am seeing all these posts about Marion and Alex and are you writing something for them? Like a book or a 10,000 page fic or etc? Because I love them. And you. I love you and think you're really rad. And your hilarious fairy/doppleganger stories. Anywho, I'm rambling but I just wanted you to know that I like you and that you are cool.

I love you too nonny!  This is a very sweet message.

“Marion And Alex ruin Seattle” was the ‘working title’ for a novel I’ve been working on about cryptids in modern america.  

The story specifically is about a vampire form the 1890′s and his Human Tax Shelter/Boyfriend, and them navigating things like romance with someone who’s exclusively nocturnal when you’ve always been a morning person, American Imperialism, making a commute work when you have to be invited in places, what is means to be “freakish” or “monstrous”, finding a good diner at 4AM for date night, and what to do when there’s a unicorn in the back garden eating your tomatoes, the little shit.

The Kickstarter should be launching this week with art, samples and a world-building PDF.

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So does Marion have normal peacocks or does he have fancy pure white ones. (Or pure black ones)

Marion only ever owned the one Peacock, becuase Oscar was more than enough.

  • It was from a period earlier in Marion’s afterlife, before “Wanda’s Shelter/Orphanage For Magically-Tainted Animals” was more crowded and she hadn’t started doing interviews to place animals yet.  
  • Which is the only way he got Oscar, because Marion was in now way qualified to own this Animal.
  • He was not prepared for the noise, mess or moodiness and was close to returning him when Oscar kicked the shit out of/lightly toasted the aggressive rottweiler his neighbors let roam so that he’d crap in other people’s yards.
  • That was when Marion fell in love with Oscar and set about learning how to care for him properly
  • Oscar was mostly Green Peafowl, instead of the more common Blue.
  • The rest of his heritage was highly suspect, becuase under his feathers, he has a small pair of clawed, scaly hands, and he would cough out sparks and shimmer ominously when upset.
  • Marion eventually also getting half a dozen chickens to keep Oscar company, and for a while thing were good.
  • Oscar was with him for 15 years, and the only signs of aging were the fact that he was getting Ominously Big for a peafowl, and had developed a hacking, sparking cough lately.
  • Marion was visiting a friend in Los Angeles when Oscar escaped from the car and bolted for the Hills, shrieking furiously.
  • Marion searched for him for weeks, but never found Oscar.
  • There have been a frankly suspicious number of wildfires in the area since then.

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Hi! I just wanted drop a quick note to tell you how much I love your "family lore" stories. You really do have a fantastic writing voice. I rarely laugh out loud, but your posts had me cackling like a villain for a solid hour. Thinking about that peach tree, I am still smiling. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for sharing some of your family history with us and that I will be looking forward to pre-ordering your book in October.

Thank you thank you thank you!

ACTUALLY, your chance to pre-order will come sooner than that!  As soon as the bank sends me my new card, I’ll be launching the kickstarter for “Family Lore” and “Seattle Bites” (the cryptid book).  it supposed to be coming this week so hopefully by Friday I’ll be hawking it for all of you!

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for top 4 characters you like: if they were desserts, what desserts would they be?! (BONUS: FULL 3 COURSE MENU)

You konw what? I;m gonna do my OCs, becuase I don’t talk about them enough.  Also, this is a great question, though I;m gonna modify it to their ideal meal)

Marion Charleston:
So when my mom was in grad school, the head of the psychology department had this weird obsession with cheesecake and would make the most ridiculously ornate cheesecakes- were’ talking liquor-infused, towered, structurally complex cheesecakes with things like spun-sugar cages over them that had to be broken with a small special hammer before they could be served.  World-class cheesecakes.

She learned how to do this pretty much entirely becuase the first time she went to a PTA meeting, she brought store-bought brownies, and the other PTA moms told her “Well, we understand you’re a Working Woman, but we really expect some Effort here.”

So Marion, who is pretty much the living incarnation of “The best revenge is living well”, is a stupidly fancy, spiteful cheesecake.

Alex B. Chesterson:
If Alex were a dessert, he’s one of those sundaes you make at 4AM in a fit of Mania with ice cream, cool whip, the last dregs of chocolate sauce, coco puffs, mini marshmallows, oreos and like, six cherries becuase FUCK YOU I’M AN ADULT.

Geist is the fucking bizarre but inevitably delicious chocolate things my prospective mother-in-law makes.  She used to be a choclatier at Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory, and kind of accidentally stole the melting machine and recpie book on the way out, so now she makes these bark desserts that are like… chex mix and mini marshmallows in chocolate ganache and covered in a whie chocolate/pretzel coating.  

Howard Phillips:
Howard is one of those unholy artifical fruit candies that LOOKS like it’s goign to be sopur but it’s not.  It’s an off-orange color and tastes almost exactly, but not entirely unlike grapes.  They’re kind of squishy and you have to be in exactly the right mood for them but when  you are they’re the most disgustingly satisfying thing ever.

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A: makes the most dramatic [arrivals]., F: is the worst at making [friends]., L: loves [learning] the most., and T: should not be [trusted]. for the OC meme?

(All answers are gonna be for Seattle Bites)

A: makes the most dramatic [arrivals]. :  Absolutly NOBODY can flounce into a room like Elena.  She’s  a Siren and a veteran of the stage- she’ll kick in doors with a C sharp and a handful of glitter, just to makes sure everyone know’s she’s there.

In runner-up though, Marion tends to arrive quietly thenif the occasion should arise Make His Presence Known In True Vampiric Fashion-  Someone says something rude or starts getting handsy with the cast or crew and Suddenly there’s Fog and creeping shadows and the general implication of fangs right by their jugular as Marion politely indicates that it’s getting late and perhaps they have somewhere else to be.

F: is the worst at making [friends] :  Stephanie.  It’s not HER fault- humanoids are weird and skittish and just get real nervous around nine-foot-tall clawed insectiod monstrosities.  You can’t even offer them a nice snack of deer heart without them flipping out on you!  So rude!

her BFF Eliot is a close second though. For an (alleged) human, she’s distinctly off-putting.  Not blinking enough, sudden and bizarre conversational changes, and a weird obsession with baked goods.  Like, you’ll get roped into a one-sided conversation about the merits of various brands of baking powder if you don’t get away fast enough.

They’ve got each other though.

L: loves [learning] the most. :  Li has been passing herself off as a Very Short Adult for about a century now, and is working on her fifth masters right now, going to different universities.  She’s got degrees in chemistry, law, sociology, music and and is working on one in math, along with learning several schools of dance, rock-climbing and tai chi.  She’s like batman, if batman was an immortal 11-year-old with a glittery Lisa frank aesthetic instead of broody mcgrimdark.

T: should not be [trusted]. :  Alexander Cruysson Sr. is a shady manipulative bitch who can’t be trusted with a ham sandwich.  Hence why Jr is the most painfully honest bab alive.

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D, h, m for the OC letter ask thing :)

D: reads too deeply into their [dreams] : THE ELVES.  for being a bunch of Actually-Magical-Mystic beings they LOOOOOVE all that human-oriented occult shit.  Maybe it’s true for them , maybe it’s not, but they’re uncertain and capricious creatures and “I saw it in a dream” is as good a reason as any other to stab someone’s eyes out.

H:  uses [hyperbole] the most often. : Elena and Marion are both Dramatic Theater people who will Literally Die If not allowed to occasionally engage in grand dramatics. 

Everyone THINKS Elliot is being hyperbolic with “I had an order for 516 jalapeno waffles and a coke today” but their life really is that weird.

M: is the most [mysterious]. :   It’s a tie between Alex jr.  who has gone out of his way to disconnect himself from his past as much as possible, and Elliot, who will answer any and all questions but the answers never make a lick of sense.  it;s speculated that Alex did something shady in Afghanistan, but Elliot is suspected to have emerged, fully-formed, from the void.