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The scathing review of Capitalism on this week's DW really pissed me off. Like, regardless where viewers actually stand on Capitalism (good or bad), it has to be acknowledged that Moffat and Co ONLY have a platform to opine because they are thriving in a Capitalist market. He's biting the hand that feeds him; if you're going to throw shade at Capitalism, don't do it from the top of the Capitalist ladder, ya know?

With all due respect, where else would one do it from? If you do it from the bottom of the ladder, so to speak, you’re not exactly gonna have the capabilty to get such a message out.

‘The Joy of Movement’

I maxed out the Path of Fire masteries a while ago and kept meaning to take some time to figure out how to pull off the flight maneuvers I saw posted on the subreddit, but didn’t get around to it until today. So I went to the first vertical map that came to mind – Draconis Mons – for some overdue practise with the griffon.

There followed a period of puzzled keybind-checking and keypress-testing while I tried to figure out the order of the controls, then at some point things just sort of… suddenly clicked together.

Before the expansion launched, I’d mostly dismissed the ‘joy of movement’ line that the developers kept using as a kind of frivolous marketing sound-bite. A lot of careful thought was clearly being put into how to implement mounts in GW2, but the line itself read to me (and my cynical mindset) like an over-exaggeration used purely to generate hype. Nothing more.

But that moment when I finally got the hang of how the griffon’s flight controls worked felt genuinely… liberating. People kept saying that it’s not fully free flight, and it isn’t, but it might as well be for how freeing it feels. And that’s coming from someone who used to spend the majority of their time online flying spaceships.

Here’s a video of someone else demonstrating the capabilities of a maxed-mastery griffon to show you what I mean: [x]

I get it now. I get what the developers meant when they used the word ‘joy’ to describe their philosophy on movement. And I hope they’re getting as much of a kick out of watching everyone fall in love with their ‘hidden surprise’ as we’re getting out of our enjoyment of it.

Also, it’s hard for me not to appreciate this particular mount’s endearing idle animations.