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My grandfather always served an extra plate

by reddit user shiloh667

My grandfather died two weeks ago. After the funeral, my family sat around my grandmother’s living room, talking about the nice memories we had with him. All of us grandchildren mentioned how he always spoke in different voices when reading, even if it was just the newspaper. We spoke of the stories he used to tell us about his childhood.

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This is Prissy. She likes to nap in crazy positions and bite anyone that tries to pet her more than 3 times consecutively. We love her anyways. She rules the second story of our house and bites the ankles of anyone who attempts to walk up our spiral staircase that she’s formally accepted as her throne.

To clip or, not to clip?

Birds are designed for flight, with advanced body systems - their respiratory system takes in far more oxygen than mammals, their feathers are designed individually to serve a purpose on their bodies, they have hollow bones and a unique muscular structure.

As a highly debatable subject i will say; this post is my opinion for keeping FLIGHTED companion birds.
I will underline why people do clip and how, in theory (as i can’t vouch for every single pet bird case there is in regards to illness or certain situations) i like to work my way around these opinions.

Learning how to fly is basic for a birds mental health.
If a bird has never had any experience in taking the first important leap into flying, how is it supposed to know what reaching boundaries are all about?
A flegling learns what life is about through learning how to fly.
What surfaces are safe to land on through trial and error, confidence building, and puzzle solving.

“Fledgling parrots have to learn how to fly, they aren’t given those skills instinctually and just like humans, learning how to run and walk, baby birds need time to practice and learn these skills. Parrots are FULLY capable of learning how to avoid glass doors and windows. Even in new environments they can see glass even better then we can. Most baby birds don’t know how to slow down and or turn around in time before they reach the glass, therefore smashing into it. It is very important before you take a bird into a room with glass, let it learn to fly, properly! First off, in a small, secure room so they cannot gain a lot of speed, and they can learn these necessary skills. Then taking your bird in a small room with a glass door or window. Taking your bird up to a glass door or win. Just like humans learning how to walk - baby birds need time to practice and learn these skills” (Lauren Hinds, bird enthusiast and free flight trainer)

Birds need to understand limitations, especially in a household environment to avoid any chance of injury.
“If flighted territorial/aggressive birds are allowed free range through the house they’ll bite every one that isn’t their bonded human.” I hear this statement quite often as an excuse for clipping.
This isn’t a behaviour that can be solved through taking away a birds ability to fly, this where teaching your bird limits and training comes into play - before this behaviour escalates to become a problem and harder to solve. This is especially important when teaching the bird which rooms are safe and which rooms they can’t go in, etc.
Keeping your bird stimulated and showing them where they can and can’t be without supervision through various ways such as having playstands with toys, shredding materials, flight paths and recall training, socialisation, training equipment, diet enrichment when outside (and in) their cage.
Birds are prey animals, therefore they have a strong instinct to avoid situations by flying away if they feel uncomfortable, especially when it is relying soley on people to get around. Taking that if you’d like, independance away from them, and forcing them to be with you can cause behavioural problems with confidence, fear and/or agression.
Having a bird that is entertained and learning should give no reason to bite the first person that comes in the room. Not to mention fussy eaters who haven’t had the freedom of flight will increase appetite once they regain their power to fly and in return, will likely try new foods.

Another reason people clip (and a good reason) is because their birds crash into walls, windows, mirrors.

When i first let Av out of her cage for a fly she done just that. Same with Lou but it only happen one time until he got his barings.
How i helped her learn to overcome that situation swiftly was pre training in her cage with target training.
Taking her out straight onto a hand held perch was a safe place and really helped with getting her to land safely and get back in her cage.
Whenever she made a mistake with hitting a wall, the best way to get over it is take the perch over to her, get her on it and place her back into the cage with no fuss and a soft quiet calming voice to lower stress.
Straight away i encourage a flight route around the room to and forth her cage. This helped her navigate safely and get a handle on where she could and couldn’t go.
Even though she wouldn’t let me touch her she knew it was safe to be around me and how to navigate through a human environment.
So what I’m trying to say is this reason for clipping CAN be helped and i deeply encourage owners to try this.

Muscle atrophy is another issue that concerns me with clipped birds.
Basically when a bird flies they strengthen their chest/breast muscles which in turn provide fitness and optimal oxygen and blood flow through their body. Birds need to use these areas of their body to stay healthy and a clipped bird getting ‘wing exercise’ via staying perched and flapping is not a way to do so as this does not use those muscles as they’re supposed to. Therefore ceased use of muscles turn into muscle wastage and they then break down if not used.

“Clipped birds won’t escape through open windows or doors, and there is a higher chance of flighted birds flying away thorugh open doors windows.“
This is a total myth. I can’t express this enough.
I feel like in some instances this can create a false sense of security with having a clipped bird, unless you have a heavily clipped bird (not reccomened as they can’t glide or get any lift) lightly trimmed wings will still get lift in windy situations.
This means they can still make it out side through opened doors and windows.
Now, in my opinion having a bird that is grounded and can’t gain lift to take off from predators, cats and dogs, wild birds and more susceptible to injury through being on the ground.
Flighted birds however can escape these sitations and have the option to fly back to you or a nearby person or secure place.
This is also another reason why i encourage taking your bird securely outside on a harness or in a travel cage so they get used to being outdoors. Also be familiar with recall training and descent landing, so they can likely land on you from flying down out of a tree with confidence. Even clipped birds should be taught this technique as they should still be able to glide their way down to you.

Like I said before, illness or situations where perhaps clipping could be necessary when trying to get a hold on solving certain behavioural issues such as repeated self injury is the only time i’d get a birds wings clipped.
Keeping in mind, after a fully flighted bird has been suddenly grounded from flying - their main form of movement - this can cause insecurities, lethargy, depression and just general decreased happiness.

Whether you clip your birds wings or keep them flighted is up to the indivdual owner.
I haven’t outlined every aspect of pros and cons here and this is a purely opinionated post but, i just hope you can think of the bigger picture here that is the wellbeing of your birds.
Keeping parrots as companion animals does wonders for our lives, but would you really want to take away the thing that makes a bird, a bird - A happy balanced individual.

Can we please talk about that Welcome to the Madness extra bluray video and how Otabek just rips off Yurio’s glove with his teeth -like he could’ve bitten off his fingers and hurt the poor boy this is the most worrysome scene in anime history keep your doors locked people or Otabek will come into your house and bite your fingers off while you’re sleeping

This is my me and my sister’s foster puppy Major. He’s 6 months old and has never had any training before. Interests include: play biting, peeing in the house and crying in the crate. We’re working on it

You’ll get there with him. A little positive reinforcement works wonders.

A Favor Part 8

Characters: eventual Reader x Sam, Crowley, Dean

Words: 1216

Summary: Crowley takes the reader somewhere safe, and the reader and Sam try to live a normal life without the other. 

Warnings: angst

Read Part 1 here, Part 2 here, Part 3 here, Part 4 here, Part 5 herePart 6 here, and Part 7 here.

Finally getting some momentum back for this series. Remember- I love you all. Just remember that.

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Houses as Annoying Things

Slytherin: Stubbing your toe, getting something stuck in your eye, randomly getting a cramp in your neck, getting grass stains on our new jeans, getting a sliver, a run in your stockings, when a ring gets stuck on your finger, people with bad breath talking too close.

Ravenclaw: Papercuts, an annoying noise when you’re trying to sleep, bad hair days, someone tapping on their desk during a test, being left on “read”, somebody who keeps making typos while texting you, “OMIGOD you’re such a cute lil nerd!! But don’t do that nerdy thing it’s not cool”.

Hufflepuff: When a photo won’t load on your phone, stepping in water with socks on, cutting your tongue while trying to seal a letter, double-booking yourself and having to cancel plans, opening our phone in the night to full brightness, paint that won’t come out of your hair.

Gryffindor: Spilling a hot drink on your lap, burning your hand while cooking, ripping a new shirt the day you got it, people chewing too loud, construction work outside your house drilling, biting the inside of your cheek by accident, when your coffee is WAY hotter than expected.

aniseandspearmint  asked:

for polyshipping day, Kyouya/Tsuna/Xanxus?

For reference, since ages aren’t mentioned here, Tsuna is 16, Kyouya is 17 and Xanxus is 26.


Getting up in the mornings is easier now than it was before, with the solid weight of Kyouya and Xanxus’ minds against his own. It doesn’t make him any less sleepy to stumble out of bed and downstairs, but its easier. He greets his mother with a nod and a yawn and lays his head on the table, letting his partners’ surface thoughts skim across his own mind. 

Xanxus must be in a meeting of some sort - he’s thinking homicidal thoughts about his teammates again. Kyouya on the other hand, has only been up about an hour maybe, because there’s still that serene sensation on his end that puts the faint taste of green tea in Tsuna’s mouth. 

He licks his lips, and yawns again. “Do we have any coffee, Mom?” Maybe coffee will mellow Xanxus out, even if it disgusts Hibari. It doesn’t matter to him if Xanxus is halfway across the world or not, the man deserves some peace. Tsuna knows some of the aggravation comes from Xanxus’ attempt to kick his alcoholic tendencies, since both Hibari and Tsuna are lightweights, and none of them are particularly eager to see what that means without Xanxus around. 

So he’s been chugging coffee like its alcohol these past few months, and while Tsuna can practically feel Kyouya’s lip curl every time he does it, Tsuna wants to help however he can.

“Here.” Reborn pushes a large Styrofoam cup over to him. He’s one of the few Tsuna’s bothered to tell about Xanxus and Kyouya, so he probably understands better than most would. “It’s from that little place down the street.”

Tsuna gives his tutor a grateful look, and gently blows on the drink before taking a sip. It still burns his tongue, but after a few seconds there’s a downtick in temper from Xanxus’ corner, so Tsuna takes another mouthful.

Stop that, Kyouya orders sharply, when Tsuna takes another, and winces as it burns his mouth. A deep growl on the edge of that tells Tsuna Xanxus definitely knows what’s he’s doing, and isn’t any happier about it than Kyouya is.

Sorry, I just wanted to help, he replies. There’s a shared sense of exasperation between Kyouya and Xanxus, and Tsuna can’t help but laugh. Reborn smiles over the lip of his own coffee, clearly knowing what’s going on. Nana smiles and hums and then greets Futa and the kids as they come in. Lambo all but collapses into Tsuna’s lap, grumbling about stupid school times and torture methods.

Tell the baby sheep if he continues to grumble, I’ll bite him to death before school even starts. There’s a sense of Kyouya flashing his teeth in the message. Tsuna rolls his eyes, but dutifully relays it. Lambo twitches, but doesn’t show any interest in the threat. 

“Stupid loudmouth thinks he’s so strong, but I bet he won’t even do it.”

Tsuna can feel Hibari attach onto the challenge, and knows with dead certainty he’s heading to the house. He bites his lip and drinks some more of the coffee, trying not to let the sensation of a bloodthirsty Kyouya on the march come into play on the emotions on his face. Judging by Reborn’s amused smirk, its not working. Tsuna shares a glance with him, and tips his head towards the window in silent askance. A blink, and the window is open and Reborn is back in his seat like he was never gone. 

Be nice, Tsuna tells Kyouya, but his words are batted aside. He sighs, and smiles to accept the bowl of rice and fish his mother hands him. Do you want Mom to set out an extra plate so you can have breakfast with us?

There’s a faint sense of amusement, but a mental nod to the question. “Mom, can you set out another place? We’ve got incoming.”

“Of course, Tsuna-kun. You should invite that other handsome man of yours over sometime so I can meet him properly.”

Tsuna’s mouth spasms at the no fucking way coming from Xanxus’ corner. “He says he’ll think about it.”

I did fucking not you little shit.

Shush, Tsuna thinks, and gets a snarl for his trouble.

A shadow falls over their table, and Hibari Kyouya stands there looking like a vengeful bat out of hell. “Hello little sheep,” he greets the wide-eyed Lambo. “What was that you were saying about me not biting you to death?”

Lambo screams and flees the room, while Tsuna turns and glowers at Hibari. “I told you to be nice,” he says. “Now you might as well kiss today goodbye as far as him going to school.”

“Oh, he’ll go,” Reborn says smugly. “I’ll make sure of it.”

Which amounts to I did something horrible to his room so he’ll want to go to school instead of staying. Tsuna sighs, and once again wonders what he did to deserve this kind of life, where he’s in the head of two of the most terrifying individuals he’s ever met, they’re in his head, and he’s in charge of a mafia syndicate. Or well, will be here soon. As soon as December rolls around, he’s off to Italy with Kyouya and Hayato while the others stick back and finish up their training and schooling. 

Probably should have just let me win, Xanxus snarks. Tsuna gets the feeling he’s moving now. It’s your problem now.

Yes, but if I’d let you win we might not be here, Tsuna tells him patiently. And then, because the realization has just dawned on him. It’s been three years already, huh? Wow, time really flies by fast.

There’s a pause on either end, and then the rough sensation against his mind like Bester’s decided to rub against him. It’s the closest thing to affection Xanxus ever gives him, and he gives it rarely. Don’t sweat it, the man tells him. 

Kyouya decides to be bolder than Xanxus is, probably because he’s already in the room, and he gets jealous for attention easily between the three of them. He plops himself into Tsuna’s lap, and demands, “Feed me.”

“Oi,” Tsuna says, blushing as Reborn grins over his coffee cup and his mom giggles. “There’s a chair right here,” he points to the seat beside him. 

Kyouya looks at the chair, and kicks it over with a foot. “Now there isn’t,” he says. “Feed me.”

Tsuna can see his mother pressing a hand to her mouth to hide her laughter, but her shaking shoulders are giving her away, and Reborn’s suddenly found the window much more interesting. Sighing, Tsuna picks up the chopsticks and offers one of his partners a bite of rice.

Hm, maybe I will show up after all, Xanxus thinks, and Tsuna’s grip on his chopsticks tightens. An image flashes before his eyes, of Xanxus in Hibari’s place. Hibari immediately nips at his fingers, eyes flashing. “More,” he demands.

“Your arms aren’t broken you know,” Tsuna snarks. It wouldn’t work. There’s only one of me and two of you. And you two compete. 

Oh, I’m sure we’d figure something out. There’s a suggestiveness to his words, and a new image comes into Tsuna’s head, of Xanxus sitting down first, pulling Tsuna into his lap, and then Hibari climbing on top, trapping Tsuna neatly between his partners. Tsuna can practically see their plans now, and if the way Hibari smiles is any indication, so does he.

“Absolutely not,” he says, both mentally and out loud. “I am not going to be your chair. Xanxus, if you show up, learn to use one or bring your own, I don’t care which.”

Not even if I bring the throne?

That brings Tsuna up short, mainly because they’ve done things on that throne, and the idea of it sitting in his mother’s kitchen…

“Don’t you dare,” he hisses, cheeks red. “Xanxus, so help me God–”

But there’s no answer. The connection goes curiously muffled, with a vague sense of smugness echoed by Hibari that has Tsuna wanting to grab his  partners by their shirts and shake them. 

He stands, dislodging Hibari, and snaps, “I’m going for a walk.”

“School, herbivore,” Hibari says. 

“Walk, carnivore,” Tsuna snarks, and ignores the shot of arousal that goes through their bond as he stalks off. He’ll pay for that later, but right now he needs to get out and walk before his head explodes.

Really, some days he wonders what he did to deserve this.


Winona Ryder 1986 / 2015