the bit bucket

the rough times of the day


Another wave on sickness rushed through Bendy as the last bit of his last meal was again rejected by his body now laying in the bucket before him which he was gripping for dear life. Tears where starting to collect them self’s at the edges on his eyes and the bitter sting left behind by the thick black liquid dripping down his chin made him want to throw up again but there was nothing to throw out anymore.

“come on Bendy big breaths” his brother said in a soft voice, gently petting his back to help him through the pulsing pain wreaking his body.

Bendy gripped the bucket a bit tighter feeling something all too familiar slowly crawl its way into his senses sticking his nerves with a fear of what’s about to come next

“oh no”

Boris pulled his hand back a little so it was hovering above Bendy’s back but not touching him.


A scream ripped itself from Bendy’s throat, a hot shot of crippling pain wreaking through his abandon as if his body was rejecting its own stomach. His arms shot out to his lower body gripping into his own skin so tight that if he wasn’t crippling under the pressure of his disease slowly destroying his body, he would have feared he tear open his skin.

Bendy was vaguely aware of the bucket tipping over and falling out of his lap, spilling the black stuff everywhere and leaving behind an gut wrenching sour smell.


Boris quickly placed his hand back on Bendy’s lower back and let the other find its way to the others knee, little tear welled up in his eyes, not being able to bear looking at his brother in so much pain.

“n-no Bendy don’t say that be strong oke, you’ll be oke.. j-just hold on”

Another scream was forced out Bendy, still gripping into his stomach, the red hot pain ripping both his mind and will apart like it was a piece of paper.


Bendy sobbed, it was too much to handle. The heat it was too much he was losing his damn mind, He couldn’t he just couldn’t.


A pair of arms wrapped themselves around Bendy’s shoulders, pulling him quickly but gently against Boris chest that was shacking from the sobs and hiccups going through him.

“please it’ll be oke brother just don’t lose hope please”

Boris held Bendy closer to himself like his was trying to squeeze away the illness that was wreaking his brother. 

Bendy breathing picked up some more, swallowing big gulps of air like he never had taken a breath in his life. trying to shut it out the feeling of his nerves burning and screaming out in bloody murder. Trying to push through and passed the crippling hot pain and the feeling his lungs where getting skinned alive.

If not for himself he was trying for somebody who still needed him, the person he cared about most in the world, “for Boris” he told himself .

Slowly ever so slowly relaxed even if it was just a tiny bit, the pain died down enough for him to regular his breathing and lean against Boris, too exhausted  to move.   

“it’s oke”

Boris squeezed Bendy a little closer to him, tears now freely going down his face.

“it’ll always be oke, I know you’re strong enough Bendy”

A little smile showed itself on Bendy’s lips when Boris started wiggling his tail happily, glad that his brother was more or less oke now.

“I’m not strong” Bendy said with a weak voice that was still tuckered out from all that screaming. “you’re the only reason I keep fighting Boris” he said with a soft sigh, now relaxing fulling against the other, leaning his head against Boris chest.


i tried 

you probaly get a fuck ton of these already but meh i thought you might like this one

(sorry i’m a shitty writer)

anyhow this is based on that little comic when bendy was pretty much dying but not quite

welp here you go have fun with it 

fic by idk-likesomeone

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thank you for this awesome fic! 

actually I didn’t get any fanfic about this AU; you’re the first bruh!

I added a little art if you don’t mind ^^

@everyone dragging Lucio into the Mercy discourse: goddammit he’s a bard get it right



Chicago seems to be in the midst of another musical renaissance these days as young, raw talent such as Chance The Rapper and NONAME are breaking into the music scene with an unwavering force. Part of the new school Chicago pack comes rapper, Saba, who quickly caught our eyes (and ears) this past spring while dominating the House Of Vans stage at SXSW. This young tenacious ball of talent has some major chops to work with, not to mention a contagious amount of energy that fires up the crowd like no other, so you can imagine how excited we were to catch up with him before he took the House Of Vans Brooklyn stage. We’re talking about everything from his humble beginnings mumbling unintelligible lyrics into old cassette tapes, to his first car that inspired an entire album. Get to know Saba after the jump..

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guys, remember that one fanfic idea i had a while ago, involving 80s!got7 and jaebum being the new kid in town who shows jinyoung the world? i made a trailer for it. 

summary: park jinyoung has a monotone life and is on the edge of a depression episode when, in the 1987 new year’s eve party, one of his best friends’ cousin from the big city, im jaebum, comes to the town. at first, everyone is fascinated by the fearless way the new kid carries his life, meanwhile jaebum couldn’t be more bored. and from the deepth of his boredom, jaebum comes up with an idea that would make his stay in the city a bit more interesting: a bucket list. he makes his cousin’s group of friends write down all the things they always wanted to experience but are too afraid to do it, promising that, with his help, by the end of that year, they’d have accomplished all the items in their list.

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So I'm like a silent follower and I love your hard work you're putting in updating everyone with BTS fashion, where to find items and your personal opinions that I really value, you're amazing! ♡♡♡ I saw you did posts about your favourite airport fashion of boys and I love them all, with your comments especially~ I wondered, what are the worst for you though? I'm personally curious about Hoseok, Jimin and Yoongi but will be happy for any member actually :) Thank you for all the work ♡♡♡

ohhh boy this one’s gonna be fun. now none of these are BAD, HORRIBLE, HIDEOUS etc etc … but more like I wouldn’t wear them, this is only my personal opinion.


  • This might have been a bit better without the bucket hat and glasses (x)
  • Not bad but the color combination is throwing me off, It’s too matchy-matchy for me (x)
  • Again not bad, but too bulky. take away those pants, pair it with something more fitted, then depending on what you chose also take away  the Timberlands and you’ll have an amazing outfit (x)
  • …I think we all remember this one (x)
  • I’m not feeling this whole stripe on stripe look (x)
  • It’s not horrible but lol the minion look (x)


  • Couldn’t find any


  • This was in 2013 so I’ll give him a pass but there’s just too many layers, I don’t know where to focus on (x)
  • This could have been a really nice outfit but those sandals…….. (x)


  • These are nice pieces that imo just dont go well together. the khaki pants with that camo top and palm print bucket hat (x)
  • It’s not horrible but It’s just not my favorite outfit on him (x)
  • This one is more about personal prefererance. I don’t really like the color of this denim jacket. Another color would have looked great with those leather pants  (x)
  • well at least he’s gonna be comfortable lol that’s all i have to say  (x)


  • Couldn’t find any


  • Tae is into the whole baggy/oversized look and most of the time he gets it right, this one for was a bit too baggy. the black sweater emphasizes it even more. Another top or sweater might have been a better choice (x)
  • Not bad but would have looked better with another pair of pants, maybe one of his wide-leg pants, the ones that reach his ankles (x)


  • I’m not a big fan of neon green, especially paired with red (x)

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What did you think of the new chapter? I think that Freya’s inner self is testing Iduna. Like, if she doesn’t win this battle she can’t be her eve. But I think regardless of whether Iduna does become her permanent eve or not, Freya will def help her save Shuuhei.

     NGL… I’m a little bit of a salt bucket this chapter–mainly because it was a bit… misleading? The chapter focuses entirely on Shuuhei and Tinker’s history together and why she’s fighting so passionately for his safety, which, ok good. Yah we should know that I guess, but… why was Touma on the cover then if the chapter was all about Tinker battling her inner demons and self doubt/finding her reason to fight??? Wouldn’t having Tinker or Shuuhei on the cover be better?

     On the other hand though, seeing all the background and getting development on these two was really nice. We got to understand more of how deep Shuuhei’s anger really runs, and why Tinker is so compelled to protect him (looks like Shuuhei’s sister had quite the helping hand in that).

     Obviously yes, Tinker is now having the inner battle with Freya and her own will to control her. What I don’t get is how the hell it got to this point? Wrath never sucked her inside like all the other Servamps have done with their Eves (Sloth, Lust, and Greed) she’s just all of a sudden faced with inner Wrath which… um… ok? Maybe I missed something in context I can’t make out at a glance who knows. I like to think TANAKA’s got a good handle on all this, though my fear is growing that Tinker’s going to wind up with her weapon (perhaps symbolized as the small dagger she received) like the other Eves have. That would certainly seem like the contract is more permanent as Mahiru received his weapon AFTER his and Kuro’s contract became permanent. I’m lowkey praying TANAKA hasn’t forgotten about the item rule but… we’ll see.

     In general I really can’t say I’m 100000% on board with the turn this arc is taking, mainly just how Tinker came in almost from nowhere and now is getting a huge character spotlight when none of the others even have their shit resolved? I suppose it does connect to Shuuhei a lot who’s in the midst of his, which helps but… eh… like I said, I’m salty, let me sit in my biased corner and wait for the next chapter to come out.

     Also… even as a huge fan of Tsurugi I gotta say this but–

     ANYONE ELSE READY FOR THIS ARC TO BE DONE ALREADY??? (I’m starting to feel like I’m in the magician’s arc from Magi and we’re spending 500 years here. We’ve spent at least the last 3 volumes on this arc alone; 4 if you count 11 when it releases…) Even loving Tsurugi as much as I do I’m reaching my limit here… I’m ready for the next arc please–can we not be in C3 anymore?

another time pt.14 | alfie solomons


“Holy fuck” you whispered, leaning forward to see through the rain spattered glass. The house had appeared out of nowhere, it seemed, hidden by the high trees from the road. You hadn’t even seen the gate until you were through it. The driver had turned in and there it was. You assumed that was entirely on purpose.

Alfie cleared his throat next to you, waiting with the open door in hand.

“Yeah, it’s alright, ain’t it?” he replied, fixing his hat to hide his face from the last sputters of rain.

You stepped out and tried not to go flying on the slick stone beneath your heels. That vintage film star grace that tinged your understanding of this age unfortunately wasn’t something you could borrow from Esther’s cupboards. Alfie hovered his hand around you elbow just in case you tipped. He slammed the door after you and sniffed, letting you admire the view.

“What the fuck, Alfie?” you spat after a few moments, eyes trailing over the windows in succession.

“Yeah” He agreed in a proud voice, his own eyes trailing over the building.

“You live here?”


“Some…times. Sorry, did I miss-are you an Earl of somewhere?”

He chuckled, bringing his hand back up to the small of your back this time, leading you towards the building.

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The Sparky Chronicles: Pranks

Time cannot erase, the sorrow and pain we feel,

Nor can it make things better, or force our hearts to heal.

Time is now a measure, of the days since you’ve been gone,

Of getting by the best we can, and trying to be strong.

Time should mend a broken heart, that is what they say,

But time will never change the fact that you have gone away.

       Celestia and Gentle had just returned from a trip to Saddle Arabia. It was always fun, and the ponies there a joy to talk to. Gentle smiled as he stopped at Sparky’s room, the door slightly ajar, looking forward to see his son. “Hey Sparky… we’re hom-”

       As soon as he pushed the door open a bucket of water landed on his head. Gentle was a bit shocked, the bucket staying on his head as he slipped, landing at the tail of his son. Solar was in full laughter mode, tearing up as he watched his Dad perform a slapstick act for his amusement. Gentle used his wings to remove the bucket.

       "Sparky…“ Solar finally got to his hooves and gave his dad an innocent look. "Yes?” Gentle could almost see the halo. “We just get back… and somepony wants to be grounded…?” Sparky giggled.

       "C'mon dad it was funny!“ Celestia had come to see what had happened and was laughing a bit as well. Gentle couldn’t be too mad at them as he finally managed to get to his hooves. "Alright alright… you’re getting off easy this time…”

       Celestia giggled a bit more as she went to their room to change out of her formal attire. The door opened and large plastic spider dropped and dangled in front of her face. She screamed and slipped in her panic, falling into the wall upside down. Two guards came running.

       "Your majesty! Are you alright?!“ Tia sighed, not amused, as Solar was once again in a fit of glee.

       "I am fine. Go back to your duties.” they saluted and left. Sparky continued to laugh as a yellow glow surrounded him. “Whoa, mom, it was just a prank! Calm down!”

       Gentle slowly helped her up as she brought her son over to her. He was trapped and knew what was coming. Gentle pulled two feathers from his wings, Celestia taking them both and then started to tickle their son mercilessly. “No! Mom! Stop! I’m sorry!” he was laughing so hard, trying to get out of the spell, but nothing doing.

       After a few minutes she set him down and released him. “I think that’s enough punishment for that… Well, actually…” Solar looked up to Celestia confused. She smiled, a vicious smile, that only a mom could unleash. “I think the kitchen staff need a break from their nightly cleaning.” Sparky’s eyes widened.

       "NOOO! Mom, c'mon! That’s just mean!!“ She smiled and suddenly hugged him to her, giving him a kiss of the cheek. "Gotcha.” He sighed in relief and nuzzled into her. “I really just missed you and dad. It’s always so boring around here. The guards are no fun, and the kitchen staff are big ol’ meanie heads.”

       Gentle smiled as he walked up next to them. “We’ll see what we can do… to maybe bring you next time…” Celestia frowned, some of the places they traveled were a bit dangerous for a child. Her face then lit up. “How about next time we ask your aunty Twi and Lulu to watch you. You always have fun with them.”

       Solar’s eyes widened as he smiled big, nuzzling into his big mom some more. “That would be great! They are so much fun and I can play with Pterus too!!” Gentle smiled. “Well we have to go out of town again… next week I believe… so I think that’s plenty of time to get the okay from them…” He started running around, jumping and giggling.

       "It’s gonna be so much fun!“ Then he stopped yawned loudly. Gentle smiled and picked him up onto his back. "Bed time… how about you snuggle with us tonight… buddy…?” Sparky wrapped his legs around his dad’s neck and nuzzled him, Celestia smiling warmly. “I guess that’s a yes.”