the bit bucket


guys, remember that one fanfic idea i had a while ago, involving 80s!got7 and jaebum being the new kid in town who shows jinyoung the world? i made a trailer for it. 

summary: park jinyoung has a monotone life and is on the edge of a depression episode when, in the 1987 new year’s eve party, one of his best friends’ cousin from the big city, im jaebum, comes to the town. at first, everyone is fascinated by the fearless way the new kid carries his life, meanwhile jaebum couldn’t be more bored. and from the deepth of his boredom, jaebum comes up with an idea that would make his stay in the city a bit more interesting: a bucket list. he makes his cousin’s group of friends write down all the things they always wanted to experience but are too afraid to do it, promising that, with his help, by the end of that year, they’d have accomplished all the items in their list.

A little 2 am love note to my girl 💕
Just got out of your bed to get myself a bowl of cereal and realized that today leaves me with just one week left with you until I have to head back to my place 😔 honestly breaks my heart to have to go because I’m leaving my one true home …
The past two weeks have been the most incredible days of my life baby ❤️ everything I got to experience with you and everything I got to see … I would have never done without you :) I got to accomplish quite a bit off my bucket list :)
But to be truthful …. the most amazing part of my trip had nothing to do with the the activities we did or the gifts that I got (even though I LOVE sooooo very much and I hope you know that I totally am spoiled by you my lil otterball) it was spending every day with you :) it was being able to fall asleep with you from that very first night I got here to waking up every morning in your arms and to your absolutely amazing kisses :) it was to see the way you always look at me with that love in your eyes and to feel your hands in mine and to be able to hug you and kiss you whenever I wanted.
Writing this does bring tears to my eyes because I really don’t want to go … but I’ll be back and this is only temporary until we can be together forever :) it’ll make us stronger :) I love you baby girl with all my heart 💕
P.S. you are so beautiful when you sleep ;)


It has been agony to leave it all behind. Stark Industries. Her friends, but most of all Bucky.

They couldn’t keep it together anymore in the end. All of the fighting it was toxic. It was hard to see the man she loved anymore. Maybe coming to terms with his past had just been too much on top of trying to have a relationship. It was hard to tell now. What she did know was that she had walked away with a lot more than a few memories.

The pregnancy had been a complete shock. She was two months settled into her accounting job in a small Tennessee town when she realized that she was. By then it just felt too late. She could do it on her own.

Gwendolyn Annette Potts, two years old with her mom wrapped around her little finger. She dug into the sand and piled a bit into her bucket, smiling at her mom for approval.

The Good Wife Review-The Bit Bucket

I mentioned that I was disappointed with the premiere episode, particularly in comparison to the very strong episodes I’ve seen from practically every show I watch regularly. Unfortunately,  I feel that this episode didn’t do much better, however, it was necessary in order to lay the groundwork for future episodes which look to be very intense. That being said, it would have been nice to have started the season on a stronger note, but I do have no doubt that this season will get better, as we saw this episode lay the foundations for further conflict.

It looks like David Lee may be the one who discovers that Alicia is involved with Cary in leaving to form their own law firm. We’ve already seen some previews of the season, and in that we see a very angry Will having a go at Alicia. The problems with the money seem to have been created so as to provide a way for David to find out, given that they are no longer using company phones.

Having seen a preview which looks at the disintegrating relationship between Will and Diane over something Diane says about him, I was seriously worried about what she would say to the reporter, considering it was a deliberate attempt to get a negative picture of Will from her. It makes me sad that this is the way the show is heading, because I truly find the dynamic between Will and Diane to be one of the best aspects of the Good Wife. As Alicia mentioned in the premiere, it’s great to watch them together, not only in court as they back each other up, but also as the celebrate a win together. And these moments will be sorely missed.

So, of course, I was ecstatic to see that Diane hadn’t said anything to the reporter, but was then worried about what she might do later on. And then, we see the reporter leaving her office at the end of the episode, happy with what Diane has said. It seems that Peter was a little too late in standing his ground, because now it looks as if Diane has gone ahead and discredited Will.

I didn’t much see the point of the case this week, except as a way to pave a major storyline for this season, ie Lockhart Gardner vs NSA. I certainly am intrigued as to how this NSA storyline will pan out, and hopefully it lends a little more depth and mystery to the show, without resulting to be a deeply cliched and flawed plot, as have others in The Good Wife, such as the introduction of Kalinda’s husband.

I really enjoyed the NSA guys, them seemed really interesting and they were funny to watch. Hopefully as this NSA storyline progresses, we see a little bit more of them, because the individuals are much more interesting than the organisation as a whole, which the NSA suits represent. For once, it would be nice to see the individuals within such an organisation, because it is so much easier to sympathise with them.

It looks like things are going to come to a head next episode, particularly between Will and Diane. I can’t wait for this season to get more intense, but at the same time, I hope it doesn’t compromise the integrity of the show, because the last thing we want is to see plots that purely aim to dramatise everything, because this is not why The Good Wife was such a success in it’s early years, and I truly wish we could go back to that, because the show was more interesting then.