the bishops are the greatest family on tv and nothing touches them but emotion and awesome

darktosugar said:

Pretty much.

Peter has been manipulated and deceived by Altlivia. How could he do that to Olivia? Altlivia discovers she’s pregnant with Peter’s child. How Olivia will put up with the news? Peter lose his mind/is influenced by the machine/is under the pressure of destroying two worlds/tries to be active and get information and is going on a killing spree. How could he lied to Olivia once again?

I know it’s been Olivia’s season but I love the three main characters equally and I don’t watch Fringe because it’s the Olivia’s show. I actually think Peter and Walter characters and their relation has been underused this year, they never even get closure on the story behind Peter’s abduction.

I don’t blame anyone to prefer Olivia to any other characters but I think s3 lacked balance between the exposition of the characters and almost all the storylines which didn’t involved Olivia get dropped. And it actually drove some fans away from the show.


There was a good portion of time where I found myself more interested in what was happening to Peter than Olivia– not that I don’t find her, and Anna, fantastic– but the truth is that, to me, the crowning achievement of that show (amongst innumerable achievements) is the beautiful, tormented, and enduring relationship between Walter and Peter, father and son. I love the Bishops, I love them immensely, in all their problems. Whenever something happens to one, you can watch the emotions tear up the other. They’re funny, and touching, and interesting, and half of that is in Peter’s/Joshua’s greatness.

I would keep watching the show if it was just The Bishop Hour.

Astrid can come too.