the biscuit fire

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*enters into the hospital room, with a flower bouquet is his hands* Hello, Mr. do you feel today?

he feels like shit, and looks like shit. hes not in a great mood at all, and seems to have given up on everything. (it seems as if he is pushing his friends away from him and seems to try and isolate him as when he woke up he made Boris to with biscuit.)


Jackson Lake State Park 
Orchard, Colorado

Sometimes you just need to get away and be outside. I spent the weekend camping, aka eating and relaxing and it was much needed. 

Things I would have never thought to make over the fire: biscuits, potato skewers, cinnamon rolls, and a giant chocolate chip cookie. 10/10 would recommend all of it. It is so fun trying new things!

Quote of the weekend though was from @seiflife - “I can taste the camping on these.” Despite the chilly weather, this weekend was great. 

I also have a solid list going of what I will eventually need to have the camping basics of my own. So far I have the tent on the left, a chair, and a sleeping bag. 


Honoring Our Heroes: Woman Gives A Biscuit To A Man She Believes Is A Firefighter

The Great British Bake Off:

- Show with a bunch of bakers who also have lives (amateur?). They want to win so they can be the best baker who also has a life.
- There are 2 judges. One of them is a male judge who wants to be Simon Cowell. The other is Mary Berry, old lady extraordinare, great print jackets and cake skills.
- There are 2 hosts. They make lots of jokes about tarts/cream horns/soggy bottoms. One of them is Sue Perkins, I’d be her wife.
- This year was the best year ever. Fireman Matt/Who from Whoville made a biscuit fire engine. Tamal balanced being a sexy doctor who likes sandwiches with great bakes.
- But the best bit was Nadiya.

Nadiya from The Great British Bake Off:

- Perfect pocket size human (4ft11!!!)
- Amazing eyebrows
- Has numerous blogs/think pieces dedicated to her facial expressions
- One time she made this floating pop can and it was amazing
- Didn’t believe in herself at first but then she was like wait no I’m the best and everyone was like, yeah.
- Nadiya won.
- I cried.

The Moose yarn bowl from design to finish. The four separate stages it takes to produce most custom orders. The initial sketch or watercolour sketch that is created to show a customer the idea before work begins ..the constructed bowl which is the combination of a turned thrown earthenware bowl and the modelled Moose applied to it. The modelling as you would expect is what takes the time …usually about six hours. Once the bowl has been biscuit fired it is hand painted in underglaze colours which illustrate the scene. Finally the bowl is glaze sprayed in various chosen colours and kiln fired for a second time. So if you didn’t know how much work goes into just one bowl ….you do now :-)
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“I can see that even as the world plunges into darkness and peril, you two stand around discussing your love lives. Teenagers.”
“What are you doing here?” Simon said, too surprised for a smart comeback.
“Came to see Alec,” Magnus said.
Clary raised her eyebrows at him. “What was that about teenagers?”
Magnus held up a warning finger. “Don’t overstep yourself, biscuit,” he said, and moved past them, disappearing into the crowd around the Portal.
“Biscuit?” said Simon.
“Believe it or not, he’s called me that before,” Clary said.
—  City Of Heavenly Fire - 🌆

after spending the weekend with my southern fam and my northern gma, i’d like to present Jack Zimmermenn Reacting to Very Southern Things.

-apple butter: “but bitty there isn’t any butter in this? why am i putting this on a biscuit?”

-colloquialisms: “shit fire and a red ass mule” or “one straw short of a hay bale” “bitty what does this mean why did you compare her to farming supplies?”

-fried apple pies: “bitty this is a whole new level of unhealthy”