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Today in Japan, it is October 26th and Miura Kairi’s (Yamaguchi Tadashi)’s birthday~!!!

Happy 20th birthday, Kairi-kun!!!  He’s finally an adult now!

You can wish him a happy birthday on his Twitter (x)!  
He’ll appreciate knowing he has western fans so feel free to leave a message in English, but if you’d like to say Happy Birthday in Japanese, just copy paste

hyperkaos  asked:

Picture of Buckley? Please?

I hope you don’t mind, but I had to include a couple shots of my puppy too. <3

Hands up if you’re still bitter about a legacy character like Robert not having his 30th birthday celebrated onscreen when a newbie like Rebecca did (even it was purely for plot reasons and another excuse for a cattish feud.)

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sin eater, part 2 (between heaven & hell)

Part Two of my birthday fic for @kliomuse! Set in the world of BH&H, this is my attempt at 1920s New Orleans, voodoo, jazz, and bathtub gin! Only on Tumblr for now, will post on and AO3 when complete.

Summary: A desperate young woman seeks a deal with the devil, but in the city of sinners and saints called New Orleans anything can happen, and while a demons answers, an angel listens and the souls of two young lovers hang in the balance between heaven and hell.

Part One

Part Two

New Orleans, 1923

The urge to flee was almost overwhelming, to scramble to her feet and run away from the daemon she had just summoned with fire and blood. She could see him more clearly with each second that ticked past, dressed in a suit that would not be out of place on Canal Street among the fine tailors’ shops and department stores with white-gloved shopgirls that sold the latest fashions from Europe, his shoes polished to a high shine and hands adorned with heavy rings, a gold signet on one finger and the other with a square-cut ruby that was so dark it was nearly black. His face was still shadowed, features obscured and indistinct, but white teeth shone like the wolf’s in the old tale of a girl in a red hood. She wished desperately that she had listened to her own grandmère and never opened the door, but it was too late now and the only thing separating her from the creature she had summoned was the carefully poured salt. He came even closer, the gleaming tips of his shoes almost touching the white line on the ground.

“Bonsoir, mademoiselle. A fine evening to make a deal now, isn’t it? First things first, you obviously know my name, but I do not know yours. Let’s rectify that, shall we?”

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Hey everyone, since it’s my birthday today I decided to do a follow forever as its been ages since my last one and I’ve followed loads of new people. I just wanted to thank all the blogs I follow for lighting up my dash with content everyday.

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YAAAAAY It’s Katy’s Birthday! :D 

 There are some years now that october 25 has become a important day for me, because it’s the day to celebrate this amazing woman called Katy Perry. So it doesn’t matter where I am or what I’m doing I always stop for a moment to send good wishes to this lady. I would love that Katy read my messages to her on day. I hope she tag herself and find this lol 

 Katheryn, I’m extremely grateful to have you in my life. You give us so many happiness with your weirdness, jokes, smiles and mainly your songs. And today is the day to say thank you to all these stuff that you’ve made for us. I would like give you a hug today, but I can’t. So I stay here send good energy to you, and wishing wonderfull things in your life. Thank you, for everything. Congratulations! 

 Happy Birthday, Katheryn ❤ October 25, 1984

Our healer smile and mountain main, Yuta-san! 

Please continue healing our hearts with your beautiful smile and make us laugh at your savage actions…you are the most sincere and purest man ever, that’s why you are dearly loved! 

The world needs more beautiful and honest people like you! 

You, better continue to stay healthy and awesome like you were till now!

Never change!!!

♡ Happy birthday love!  ♡ Happy birthday Nakamoto Yuta!