the birth of the asylum

name:  sabrina spellman.
age:  seventeen.
specialty:  vitalum vitalis.
level:  8.
gender:  female.
sexual orientation:  bisexual.
zodiac:  libra.
postive traits:  adventurous,  open-minded,  dynamic,  easy going,  generous,  hardworking,  helpful,  honorous,  intelligent,  persistant,  powerful,  witty,  sociable,  warmhearted,  understanding.
negative traits:  agressive,  changeable,  impulsive,  dishonest,  finicky,  fussy,  impatient,  jealous,  lazy,  obsessive,  overemotional,  overcritical,  posessive
powers:  general spellcasting / spellmaking,  potion making,  simple english spells,  moderate element control  +  vitalum vitalis.
background:  sabrina grew up in a coven family,  born to edward theodore spellman and diana sawyer,  making her half mortal,  half witch.  she was raised by her aunts,  though;  her mother being but in an insane asylum ever since her birth,  her father cursed into being a tree until his death  –  yet sabrina knows  NONE  of this information.  instead,  she’s loyal to the coven that her aunts have raised her in;  she’s had practice in magic all seventeen years of her life on earth.  it’s not until her boyfriend,  HARVEY KINKLE  dies,  that she cuts ties with the coven,  due to the work of her coven.  instead of just brooding,  in which she does do,  she relocates to  RIVERDALE  in the year 2018.  there she begins to form her own coven;  and though unconventional,  at the very least,  they’re a very diverse group of people  –  human,  witch,  werewolf  –  and they’re made to  last.

@atlassouled gets a semi pre plotted starter with harleen / the master

          “It’s all right, Charlie,” the therapist’s words cut through the dull echo that was the permanent accompaniment to any and every sound that was birthed within the walls of the Asylum. “I’ve got it from here.” A gentle touch to an upper arm, a flash of a smile and Harleen was slipping past, into the interview room where her patient awaited.  Patient, it seemed such a cold and distant description, especially in a place as cold and unfeeling as Arkham.  The dull clank of the door closing, locking behind her gave her not a moment’s pause, followed by the sharp clack of heels against metal as she crossed to the table in the center of the room where he was sat.  “I wanted to offer an apology for postponing our earlier session,” she spoke, her sparkling gaze seeking out that of the man bundled and trussed on one side of the table.  “The dailies said you hadn’t been eating – I thought I might bring you something a little more enjoyable than the meals here, and –”  A smile, flickering, faint, hesitant, the edge of nervousness still young and fresh in her small defiance.  “It’s always easier to bend the rules with less eyes watching, right?” 

      The hard plastic cooler she carried was set down in the center of the table, and she hurried to set out the meal that she’d pieced together, setting it out in front of him before moving to unlock his manacles - she had no fear, not when it came to him, not with the trust that they’d worked so hard to build in their time together.  “It’s nothing much,” she deferred.  “Chicken cordon bleu, a side salad with a raspberry vinaigrette, some fresh rolls, and wine – “  A small laugh.  “Well, sparkling cider,” she corrected.  “I thought it might help pique your appetite, maybe bring a little something nice into the gloom and doom that seems so prevalent here!”  The silverware and serving dishes were only plastic ware, even she wasn’t brazen enough to try and sneak in metal past the security checks.  

The Arkham Knight’s age

I know that Arkham’s timeline thanks to the games that contradict the comics and the comics that contradict the games, make this assumption very difficult to make, but I’ll try nonetheless using the info we have on the Arkhamverse:

Year 0: Batman Arkham Origins - Initiation 

Year 2: Batman Arkham Origins

Year 9: Batman/Suicide Squad Assault on Arkham

Year 10: 

Age 15: Jason Peter Todd becomes Robin (stated by the comics)

We’re not told how long he was Robin, but since there isn’t a visible growth or other changes, let’s assume he was Robin for a few months to a year.

Age 15/16 (approximately) : Jason get’s captured by the Joker.

6 months later: Tim becomes Robin, mentioned in game that he became Robin 6 months after Jason’s capture so it likely occurred in the same year

Batgirl: a Matter of Family - Tim is a very new Robin in this likely only just starting his career.

Age 16/17: Jason is ‘killed’ by the Joker after being imprisoned for over a year 

Year 11: 

July- Batman: Arkham Asylum happens 

Age: 17/18:  assuming Jason’s birth is still on August 16th. 

Year 12: 

January 15th: Batman Arkham City happens

Age 18/19: again assuming his birthday is in August.

October 31st: Batman Arkham Knight

Age Assumption: The Arkham Knight is about 18 to 19 years old

ooookay high time i spoke a bit more of who murdoc niccals is since people seem to be confused or just don’t get how complex he really is (Warning: rape, abuse, and other trigger warnings)

first of all his birth was an accident. june 6th, 1966. his father sebastian jacob niccals was a very notorious violent drunk, and pretty much had “fun” in every single possible way he could think of. the girl which was fated to become murdoc’s mother was most likely a prostitute who was not mentally stable, gave birth to him in a mental asylum called belphagor sanatorium. and that’s where he got his name from. 

he was dumped in front of his father’s doorstep in a black cradle, his little tiny hand sticking out trying to reach a crow which was sitting right next to him. crows are a symbol of death and darkness, and that already pretty much summed up how he was going to turn out.

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billclintonporn-deactivated2015  asked:

Hey I'm a little confused... I have no idea how Harley REALLY started. Most say she was Joker's nurse in the Arkham Asylum, and I think that's right, but the insanity part is confusing. Did she just crack or did he do something??


*dusts off copy of Mad Love*

Harleen Quinzel (Harley’s birth name) was a young psychiatric intern at Arkham Asylum when she met Joker. A recent graduate of Gotham University, she received high grades as a student in the university’s psychology department, although she gained them via sexual interaction with her professors rather than studying. That particular bit of Harley’s backstory is often overlooked, which I find frustrating…but that’s a subject that deserves a post of its own.

Her reasons for interning at Arkham were more ambitious than altruistic. She had dreams of a career in pop-psychology (think Dr. Phil and self-help books) and penning a series of bestsellers—and what better place to start than with a tell-all novel on the man widely considered to be Batman’s greatest enemy? Joker expresses an interest in her, going so far as to leave a rose in her office, and hints that she’s the kind of person he’d be willing to entrust with all his most private secrets. Their therapy sessions begin three months later, and Harley’s fate is sealed. 

Joker spins a tale of childhood abuse and a father that he desperately wanted to make laugh. Harley buys the story without question, laughing and crying along with him. It soon becomes clear to her that Joker is a misunderstood victim, a man craving love and acceptance, whose simple desire to bring a smile to the world’s face is often thwarted by the great bully known as Batman. 

Soon, Harley finds herself deeply in love with Joker, and their therapy sessions take a romantic turn. 

After harrowing week when Joker escapes from Arkham and is carted back bruised and bloodied by Batman, Harley takes drastic action. She steals a costume and a variety of comedy props, sneaks into Arkham and takes out several guards, and frees Joker from his cell. 

And just like that, the villain known as Harley Quinn is born.

Harley didn’t exactly “crack” so much as she was slowly manipulated and unraveled over a period of time. When she first begins her internship, she casually mentions a level of attraction towards the villainous lifestyle, referring to it as “glamorous”—it’s likely that this interest indicates a darker, suppressed part of Harleen that Joker was able to tap into. There’s a scene in an episode of Batman: The Animated Series called Harlequinade where Harley says that she used to listen to everyone’s problems, but Joker listens to hers and makes everything fun. And that’s what their relationship comes down to, I think—that element of fun and those moments of attention, no matter how fleeting. 

I hope I explained this well—the comic Mad Love and and the The New Batman Adventures episode of the same name do a far better job than I ever could.

Freakshow is probably my least favorite season and I think the reason is because I don’t know what it’s all supposed to be leading up to. Every season has had an end game of some sort. Murderhouse: the birth of the babies, Asylum: Briarcliff being exposed/ everyone escaping, and Coven: finding out who the supreme was. But like there’s no goal here, nothing that it’s all leading up to. So I’m not really sure what the end is even going to be and I’m not sure I really care.

Speculations  Arrow Episode 5x06 “So It Begins”- Sins of the Father

I read  the synopsis of Arrow 5x06  and I noticed  that “So it begins” has the subtitle “Sins of the Father” .

If you remember Arrow 4x13 was titled “Sins of the Father” …Coincidence?

Also, we heard the phrase “The sins of the father, are the sins of the son” from Isabel Rochev when referring to Robert Queen during her reveal to Oliver on episode 2x18…An unforgettable/unforgivable moment… Eeeww!

In the comics, the final issue of the Anarky series is titled “The Sins of the Father”. In the story Anarky returns to Gotham City to find his father. Still reeling from discovering that he was adopted, Anarky has learned his birth father’s whereabouts: He’s a famous inmate at Arkham Asylum![Spoiler: The Joker] 

So…What if Robert had another son or maybe a protégé? Something  like the Anarky comic suggested 

We know Robert was not the most loyal husband] - Ex. Isabel Rochev…Also in the comics, Moira was not very happy…

What if this son or “protégé” felt betrayed or lost everything when Robert died. 

What if he saw that Oliver came back from the Island to dishonor the memory of his father with his behavior (Oliver did not want to work in QC and also showed up drunk on the ground breaking ceremony for his father’s Applied Sciences Center {Ep 1x02 Honor Thy Father] 

What if Oliver-the S1 douchebag’s actions, not the vigilante’s, “created” Prometheus?

American Horror Story Masterpost

normal people scare me…

Season One (Murder House) : [1 Pilot]  [2 Home Invasion]  [3 Murder House]  [4 Halloween: Part 1]  [5 Halloween: Part 2]  [6 Piggy Piggy]  [7 Open House]  [8 Rubber Man]  [9 Spooky Little Girl]  [10 Smoldering Children]  [11 Birth]  [12 Afterbirth]

Season Two (Asylum) : [1 Welcome To Briarcliff]  [2 Tricks and Treats]  [3 Nor’easter]  [4 I am Anne Frank Part 1]  [5 I am Anne Frank Part 2]  [6 The Origins of Monstrosity]  [7 Dark Cousin]  [8 Unholy Night]  [9 The Coat Hanger]  [10 The Name Game]  [11 Spilt Milk]  [12 Continuum]  [13 Madness Ends]

Season Three (Coven) : [1 Bitchcraft]  [2 Boy Parts]  [3 The Replacements]  [4 Fearful Pranks Ensue]  [5 Burn Witch, Burn!]  [6 the Axeman Cometh]  [7 The Dead]  [8 The Sacred Taking]  [9 Head]  [10 The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks]  [11 Protect The Coven]  [12 Go To Hell]  [13 The Seven Wonders]

Try not to cry on some of these also…


♔ random list of nordic films | prinsessa (2010) | finland | based on a true story, the film follows anna lappalainen as she enters a mental hospital in 1940s finland and quickly assumes the identity of prinsessa, a royal princess separated from her true family at birth. with her fellow patients, prinsessa constructs an imaginative life in the asylum that is more bearable than the alternative. [trailer]